Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1148 – 1000 Years Is too Long! I Need to Seize Every Moment!

Chapter 1147 – Holies Gather

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Yinshe Xingkong said with a grave expression: “According to prophecy, this is the last time that the Eternal Ancient Road will open and is the beginning of the universe great tribulation. What is happening in the main world? Firmament Holy, please clear up our confusion.”

In the Eternal Ancient Road, there are many Eternal Sovereign relic sites. It is said that they have given birth to quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses. At the same time, there are also races proficient in prophecy here. Naturally, the people of the Eternal Ancient Road are also aware of the universe great tribulation.

The gazes of the three silver brilliant snake race Holies focused on Yang Feng, full of curiosity.

Yang Feng replied, “A universe with 3 Eternal Sovereigns and 17 Warlock Emperors has begun to invade our universe.”

“3 Eternal Sovereigns and 17 Warlock Emperors!”

As soon as he said this, the countenance of everyone present changed greatly, and their eyes flashed with horror.

A Warlock Emperor can suppress everything in this era devoid of Warlock Emperors. The Gumana Universe has 3 Eternal Sovereigns and 17 Warlock Emperors, which is a despairing force.

If an Eternal Sovereign comes to the world of Warlocks now, they will be able to suppress the whole universe and quell all enemies. Even Holy Spirit Warlocks will be nothing but ants in front of them.

Yinshe Xingkong smiled bitterly and said, “Thats the universe great tribulation for you, its really despairing.”

Yang Feng uttered indifferently, “However, the universe great tribulation is both a crisis and an opportunity! This is the only opportunity for Empyreans to advance to the Eternal Sovereign realm in this universe.”

In the long history of the world of Warlocks, countless amazing and tyrannical beings were born. But ever since the Eternal Sovereign age ended, no Eternal Sovereigns have been born.

One of the most important reasons why this is the case is that the energy level of the universe is not high enough and the resources are not enough to give birth to an Eternal Sovereign.

The universe great tribulation, the devouring between the Gumana Universe and the world of Warlocks, this will definitely stimulate the potential of the two universes and give birth to a group of top-level powerhouses. This is the only chance for Warlock Emperors to advance to the Eternal Sovereign realm.

Each one of the three Eternal Sovereigns of the Gumana Universe has reached the pinnacle during a universe great tribulation.

Yinshe Xingkong sighed, saying, “Advance to the Eternal Sovereign realm? Just advancing to the Empyrean realm takes who knows how many battles and the death of who knows how many Hollies!”

The three silver brilliant snake race Holies also sighed, feeling distressed.

To reach the Warlock Emperor rank, you have to step on countless Holy rank corpses. If Yang Feng didnt use the essence of devour to devour the essence of Holies, he would not have been able to promote to the advanced Holy rank this fast.

In this era, countless powerhouses will fight to promote to the Warlock Emperor rank. Powerhouses who advance to the Warlock Emperor rank in this era will receive the favor of the universe and have somewhat of a edge over Warlock Emperors who awoke from slumber.

Yinshe Xingkong asked, “Firmament Holy, have you heard of the Abaddon Emperor Palace?”

Yang Feng asked in return, “Abaddon Emperor Palace? Is it the heavenly palace of the Abaddon Emperor?”

The Abaddon Emperor was an unparalleled overlord level Warlock emperor of the archgod era. After he ascended to the Empyrean rank, he killed two Warlock Emperors.

Yinshe Xingkong uttered, “Yes, it is. We found the whereabouts of the Abaddon Emperor Palace. The Abaddon Emperor Palace will appear in less than a month. How about we explore it together?”

Yang Feng pondered for a while before saying in reply, “Alright!”


A few days later, at the top of the Jue Yun Mountain.

“Gloria, it took me a lot of effort to make you a maid at this Holy gathering. You mustnt neglect any Holy. Once they get mad, not only you, but also your family will be implicated.”

In a side chamber, there are hundreds of beautiful maids with extraordinary temperament. Each maid possesses cultivation base above the Moonlight Warlock rank and a noble bloodline. A rather mature-looking blonde beauty is lecturing.

The mature-looking blonde is Vera, one of the vice-managers of the Jue Yun Mountain and she possesses Infinity Warlock rank cultivation base.

Gloria and Alina are shockingly among them as ordinary maids.

At the Holy gathering, only aristocratic girls are qualified to become ordinary maids. Moreover, many families have racked their brains about how to offer their daughters as maids. Once they are favored by a Holy, the family will see a meteoric rise and gain great glory and status, with no one daring to provoke it.

Gloria and the other aristocratic girls uttered respectfully, “Yes, lady Vera, we understand.”

Yinshe Kongyins sweet and enchanting voice sounded in this area: “Vera, its time, the Holies are about to arrive, hurry and make preparations.”

Vera replied respectfully, “Yes! Little princess!”

“Go to work!”

With a sentence, Vera sent Gloria and the other aristocratic girls to the Jue Yun Mountains Hall of Holies.

The Hall of Hollies on the top of the Jue Yun Mountain is a star composed of 36 stars. It is shrouded in rich star force, absorbs the life magic energy within 10,000 thousand kilometers, and radiates colorful light, which is touching yet not glaring.

As soon as Gloria and them entered the Hall of Holies, star force permeated them, and they felt comfortable all over. At the same time, their cultivation base progressed.

Glorias beautiful eyes flashed brightly: “So this is the Hall of Holies. Its indeed a sacred land. If I stay here for 1,000 years, I can break through and advance to the Infinity Warlock realm.”

“Thats Mott!”

She looked around and saw a group of handsome waiters walking in in line from one side. In the group, she spotted Mott.

There are also female Holies. Handsome male waiters are specially responsible for serving the female Holies.

Motts eyes shimmered with elation when he saw Gloria and Alina, yet he remained silent and stood still in his position like an ordinary waiter.

This is a gathering of Holies. In front of Holies, aristocrats of the Tai Yuan Star like Gloria and Mott are no different from ants. They must be extremely careful.

Boom! Boom!

Along with booming noise, dark clouds roiled in the void, and a 1,000-meter-long extraordinary life form lightning wings leopard pulling a golden carriage flew out of the clouds and flew here.

In the golden carriage, there sits a Holy with a lion head and a humanoid lower body, engraved with lightning runes all over his body.

Pressure as vast as a sea of stars came down from the sky and swept in all directions. Subjected to the pressure, Gloria and the other waiters breathing became sluggish, they trembled, and fear coming from their soul rose.

Glorias expression flickered: “So this is the power of a Holy. The pressure alone is enough to make it hard to resist.”

Mott trembled involuntarily, but his eyes flashed with a burning color: “Holy! One day, I, Mott, will become a Holy, as well!”

A tremendous voice sounded outside: “Omnilightning Holy has arrived!”

The frightening Holy might vanished, and the lion-headed Omnilightning Holy stepped out from the void, entered the Hall of Holies, and sat down.

Multicolored light formed from red, yellow, and green lights flew over from afar, and a beautiful female Holy with extraordinary temperament, dressed in multicolored clothing, walked out from the light.

“Tricolor Holy has arrived!”

Along with a tremendous voice, the Tricolor Holy step into the Hall of Holies.

“Shes so beautiful! There is actually such a beautiful woman in the world!”

As soon as the Tricolor Holy entered the Hall of Holies, the male waiters were struck dumb, unable to avert their gazes. This is the first time they have seen such a beautiful woman.

“Green Smoke Holy has arrived!”

“Great Boulder Holy has arrived!”


Loud voices sounded outside one after another as Holies slowly appeared and entered the Hall of Holies.

Among the many Holies, one looks like a boulder, another one appears to be an agglomeration of green smoke, yet another one takes the form of ripples, serving as an eyeopener for the aristocratic waiters of the Tai Yuan Star. However, the waiters didnt dare to neglect anything and served the Holies respectfully.

No matter their form, a word from a Holies is enough to throw these aristocratic waiters into hell.

When the Holies entered the Hall of Holies, they formed small groups and chatted among themselves. Many Holies are guardians of major forces. They either practice closed door cultivation, or travel the starry sky in the search for opportunities to break through. Consequently, they rarely meet. This gathering is a good opportunity for them to communicate among themselves.

“Cloud Dragon Queen has arrived!”

A voice sounded, and the hall of Holies turned quiet at once.

When the cloud dragon races prodigy Cloud Dragon Queen stepped into the hall, her radiance eclipsed the light of the Tricolor Holy and the other female Holies.

“Greetings, your majesty!”

In the hall, nearly one-fifth of Holies saluted the Cloud Dragon Queen.

The Cloud Dragon Queen is a most outstanding genius in the Tai Yuan Starfield region and the future ruler of the cloud dragon empyrean race. As long as there is enough time, she can advance to a Great Holy.

The cloud dragon races allied Holies naturally dare not slight the Cloud Dragon Queen.

Gloria looked at the shining Cloud Dragon Queen with envy in her eyes: “Salutation from Holies, if only I could receive such treatment one day.”

The Cloud Dragon Queen nodded, went to a dais with four golden thrones, and sat down.

“Golden Bones Sacred Son has arrived!”

A voice sounded, and a handsome, newly-elected Golden Bones Sacred Son entered the hall.

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