Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 115 – Mining

Chapter 114 – Sharan Village

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Rose Garden, Savage Claw and Black Dragon Tower, the circumstances of these three great forces were anything but reassuring. They abandoned their footholds in the under world at the first opportunity and withdrew to the surface world. They assembled a heavy defense, barely keeping the front.

The under world was the home field of dark elves and many other races as well as the place where they could display terrifying battle prowess. Moreover, the battle prowess of humans in the under world would be greatly weakened.

Warlock College Antalya, White Elephant Ivory and Eyes of Justice, these three great forces repelled the under worlds allied forces by relying on their forts in the under world and inflicted tremendous damages to them. While Rose Garden, Savage Claw and Black Dragon Tower had chosen to concentrate their forces regardless of the civilian well being and defend the important towns and cities of the surface world against the offensive of the under worlds allied forces.

Warlock College Antalya, White Elephant Ivory and Eyes of Justice had suffered frantic attacks in the under world before finally being forced to choose and retreat to the surface world.

The under worlds allied forces killed their way out of the under world. They wantonly burned, killed and pillaged in the surface world, venting their anger with humans as well as their beastly desires, greatly harming the humans in Turandot Subcontinent.

This catastrophe had affected half of Turandot Subcontinent, with large amounts of humans dying almost every day. The rogue Warlock groups that were originally scattered in nooks and crannies didnt had any choice but to spend great costs and depend on large Warlock groups time and again while struggling on deaths doors.

Sharan Village was a small village within Satsuma Marquisdom. Although it was called a small village, but its population had reached up to 100,000 people. The reason why Sharan Villages population could reach such heights was because there were quite a few huge magic stones veins in the vicinity.

The magic stone veins belonged to the Warlock family known as Berankom Family. Even though the Berankom Family wasnt one of Black Dragon Empires thirty six black dragon bloodline families, but they were a black dragon serpent bloodline family only second to the black dragon bloodline families. Experts in the Berankom Family were as common as clouds, with at least three level-3 Warlocks being among them. They were one of the royal families of Black Dragon Empire.

Sharan Village was filled with miners that mined the magic stone veins, merchants that came to purchase magic stones as well as a variety of prostitutes and mercenaries.

Cavalries wearing heavy armor and riding demonic wildebeests were galloping from afar.

“Halt, who are you?”

Four warriors from Sharan Village stepped forward to bar the way of the cavalries riding the demonic wildebeests and said loudly.

Budd, the leader of the cavalries, casually took out a document with an identity token and threw it at the four warriors before ordering: “We are people of Lord Rex and this is our proof of identity!”

The eyes of the captain of the warriors flashed with a touch of scorn before trampling on the document with his foot and saying with a sneer: “Lord Rex? Satsuma Marquisdom belongs to Lord Johan as far as Im aware. Whats this matter with Lord Rex? This is the territory of the Berankom Family! Youre not welcome here, scram!”

The other three warriors also sneered coldly repeatedly and looked scornfully at Budd and the cavalries behind him.

Berankom Family was backed by Johan and it was one of the royal families of the Black Dragon Empire. The family was very arrogant and naturally didnt care about Yang Feng.

Budds eyebrows rose, his eyes flashed with a touch of viciousness and he said coldly: “Im the envoy sent by Lord Rex. Scram and call the village mayor of Sharan Village.”

The captain of the warriors sneered: “Is the village mayor of our Sharan Village somebody that such rubbish lick yourselves can casually meet? Take a hike, youre not welcome here! “

Budd swept the warriors with a cold glance then waved his hand and the whole cavalries immediately turned around and galloped away.

The captain of the warriors spat in Budds direction before saying with a sneer: “Ptew. A bunch of rubbish.”

“Truly, there are fellows of every kind! I actually thought that they would exchange some strikes with us!”

“That Lord Rex doesnt seem like anything special to have rubbish like these as his subordinates!”


The four warriors of the Berankom Family were mocking and laughing outside the entrance to the village.

“What was that?” All of a sudden, a warrior of the Berankom Family pointed forward and said.

The other three warriors looked forward only to see a team of 200 cavalries clad in a layer of black armor galloping in their direction. One couldnt make out their appearances.

The complexion of the changed changed before he roared: “This is the territory of the Berankom Family! Your there, immediately stop!”

The cavalries clad in a layer of black armor were silent and instead urged their demonic wildebeests to rush faster.

“Enemy raid!!” That captain was an elite of the Berankom Family. He immediately took out a cylinder and burst it.

Multicolored radiances instantly shot out into the air from the cylinder and bloomed, into extremely dazzling multi colored radiances.

Incomparably resonant alarms sounded through the entire Sharan Village.

The captain had just finished doing that a moment ago, when a cavalry that was spurring their mount arrived before him.

The cavalry brandished his up to two meters long claymore and ruthlessly hacked at the captain, easily chopping him in two.

Three other cavalries also brandished their claymore and instantly chopped the other three warriors in two.

Like a hurricane, the terrifying cavalries galloped towards Sharan Town after killing the four warriors of the Berankom Family.

There was an up to six meters tall city wall built around Sharan village. 300 completely equipped warriors stood above the city wall.

The two hundred strong cavalries had just a moment ago approached Sharan Village, when several dozens of arrows formed a rain of arrows that immediately shot towards the cavalries from above the city wall.

That two hundred cavalries casually waved, directly pushing the rain of arrows aside.

An Earth Knight rank warrior above the city wall hollered in a stern voice: “Who are you people? This is the territory of the Berankom Family. You even dare to offend the Berankom Family, could it be that you arent afraid of your families being exterminated?”

Berankom Family had deep roots. If it were to leave Black Dragon Empire, then it could establish a small kingdom in a remote nation. With its power, Berankom Family could easily destroy some lesser Warlock families. There werent many people in the entire Black Dragon Empire that dared to provoke them.

The leader of the cavalries clad in black armor jumped and at once erupted with a terrifying life force. He brandished his two meters long claymore and madly chopped at the Earth Knight.

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