Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1150 – Fighting a Great Holy

Chapter 1149 – Vanquishing the Void Golden Eye Tiger Holy

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A tall and burly Holy with a king character rune on his head and an overbearing aura strutted down, heading towards the Hall of Holies.

“Void Golden Eye Tiger Holy, why did he come? Didnt he go to the central starfield?”

“Didnt he join the central starfields eternal empyrean race the cosmic eyes tiger race? Why is he back?”


When the Holies in the Hall of Holies saw the Holy that just arrived, their expression flickered. At the same time, they looked at the void and saw a Great Holy hidden in the void. This Great Holy obviously came together with the Void Golden Eyes Tiger Holy.

Yinshe Xingkong stared at the Holy in the sky radiating an overbearing aura and said slowly, “Void Golden Eyes Tiger Holy was the most outstanding genius of the Tai Yuan Starfield 3,000 years ago, invincible in the same realm. He slayed more than slayed 5 Holies. Later he raped and murdered a female Holy of the cloud dragon race. Chased by the cloud dragon race, he fled into the central starfield and joined the eternal empyrean race the cosmic eyes tiger race.”

In the Eternal Ancient Road, the strongest races are called empyrean races. In the central starfield, the strongest empyrean races are called eternal empyrean races.

Eternal empyrean races either have the blood of Eternal Sovereigns flow inside them, or are races created by Eternal Sovereigns using various secret methods. In any case, they possess incredible fighting strength, which is far above that of other powerhouses of the same rank.

The golden bones race, the cloud dragon race, and the silver brilliant snake race are the three empyrean races of the Tai Yuan Starfield. But compared with the eternal empyrean races of the central starfield, they are much weaker. The silver brilliant snake race only has 3 Great Holies standing guard. As for the central starfields eternal empyrean races, none of them has less than 9 Great Holies.

There are two people standing beside the Void Golden Eyes Tiger Holy. One is a devastating beauty dressed in white with shoulder length black hair, snow-white, glossy skin, and extraordinary temperament. The other is a very handsome man with two golden horns on the forehead, extraordinary temperament, and unique charm that is fatal to men and women alike.

The two people beside the Void Golden Eyes Tiger Holy exude an aloof temperament, looking like emperors who descended to this world.

When the Cloud Dragon Queen saw the Void Golden Eyes Tiger Holy, wisps of killing intent welled up in her beautiful eyes.

The hatred the cloud dragon race has for the Void Golden Eyes Tiger Holy is as deep as the sea. But the Void Golden Eyes Tiger Holy has taken refuge with the cosmic eyes tiger race, and there is a Great Holy following him. The Cloud Dragon Queen cant do anything to him.

“So you are the Firmament Holy from outside the Eternal Ancient Road? A mere human dares to act wildly in the Tai Yuan starfield, what audacity! Kneel and be my slave, and I will spare your pitiful life! Otherwise, today is the day you die!”

The Void Golden Eyes Tiger Holy, took a step, the void twisted, and pinnacle Holy rank immortal Holy might spread in all directions.

Under the crushing immortal Holy might, the complexion of the waiters changed dramatically, and it became difficult for them to breathe.

When Holies are furious, heaven falls and earth rends.

When subjected to Holy rank pressure, intelligent life forms whose cultivation base hasnt reached the Infinity Warlock realm will freeze instinctively, unable to move.

Glorias beautiful eyes shimmered with dread and shock: “So this Holy! How terrifying!”

“Ive heard that the Void Golden Eyes Tiger Holy is full of malice towards humans, and it seems to be true!”

“I think he wants to take the opportunity to kill the Firmament Holy.”

“Right, since the Firmament Holy has left his nest that is full of traps and come here alone, hes at his most vulnerable!”


The Holies in the Hall of Holies watched this scene with schadenfreude in their eyes.

Yang Fengs display moments ago was extremely overbearing, forcing the Cloud Dragon Queen to take a step back. Now that the Void Golden Eyes Tiger Holy, who is even more domineering than him, appeared, the Holies in the Hall of Holies are naturally filled with schadenfreude.

“You dare provoke me! Then use your life as atonement for your sin!”

The Green Yang Halberd appeared in Yang Fengs hand, tore the firmament, radiated terrifying immortal Empyrean might, erupted with 10 suns, and stabbed towards the Void Golden Eyes Tiger Holy with endless killing intent.

“Empyrean grade secret treasure!”

The Void Golden Eyes Tiger Holys face fell. He opened his mouth, and an ancient golden shield suddenly emerged in front of him and evolved into a world.

In that world, there are billions of tiger powerhouses. Those billions of tiger powerhouses recited incantations and condensed their power into one, forming 36 golden boundaries.

As if cutting through butter, the Green Yang Halberds green halberd ray sliced through the 36 golden boundaries one by one.

Every time a golden boundary was sliced apart, 100 million tiger powerhouses burst into mists of blood.

After the 36 golden boundaries collapsed, 3.6 billion tiger powerhouses were extinguished.

Without any decrease in power, the green halberd ray slashed towards the Void Golden Eyes Tiger Holy and sliced him in two.

A black hole suddenly emerged, swallowed the Void Golden Eyes Tiger Holy, and frantically devoured his life origin.

Before the eyes of the Holies, the previously insufferably arrogant Void Golden Eyes Tiger Holy had his life origin extracted and gradually turned into a desiccated corpse.

“How savage! So thats the Firmament Holy!”

“Thats really scary! This is a true fierce character!”


The Holies in the Hall of Holies were stupefied when they saw this scene, and their eyes flashed with astonishment. The Void Golden Eyes Tiger Holy is a fierce character who slayed several Holies. Besides, he is only a step shy of the Great Holy rank in terms of cultivation base. For such a fierce character to be vanquished by Yang Feng, this is simply appalling.


A furious voice sounded in the void, and a golden tiger claw tore the firmament, emanated Great Holy rank fluctuations of power, and shot towards the black hole.

“Old codger, if you want to die, then Ill oblige you!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, Yang Feng suddenly equipped the Xi Shen Armor, and the armor erupted with countless runes. He brandished the Green Yang Halberd, broke out with 10 suns, and slashed the golden tiger claw, cutting into it, and a large amount of golden blood dripped down on the earth from the tiger claw.

With a step, Yang Feng appeared in the void and confronted a heroic-looking, tall, and sturdy powerhouse with a king character rune on the head and exuding Great Holy rank fluctuations of power.

The Great Holys eyes flickered viciously, and he issued an ultimatum, “Firmament Holy, hand over the Void Golden Eyes Tiger Holy! If you refuse, you will become a mortal enemy of the cosmic eyes tiger race!”

The Void Golden Eyes Tiger Holy is a tiger powerhouse with the potential to promote to a Great Holy. As such, he isnt someone that the cosmic eyes tiger race can easily abandon.

Yang Feng swept the Great Holy with his eyes full of killing intent and said coldly, “Kneel and apologize, and then compensate me with 30 Springs of Immortality. If you do that, then I can let bygones be bygones. If you dont, then go to hell!”

“The Firmament Holy is provoking a Great Holy!”

“Thats a cosmic eyes tiger race Great Holy!”

“The Firmament Holy dares to offend the cosmic eyes tiger race, is he crazy?”


The eyes of the spectating Holies in the Hall of Holies flashed with incredulity.

The Cloud Dragon Queens eyes flashed with a queer shade, feeling elated: “If this guy isnt a madman, then hes an extremely scary individual. He doesnt even hesitate to offend the cosmic eyes tiger race. Fortunately, I took a steps back just now!”

The cosmic eyes tiger race is a number of times more powerful than the cloud dragon race. Since Yang Feng offended the cosmic eyes tiger race without hesitation, then hes naturally not afraid to offend the cloud dragon race.

Glorias pretty eyes shimmered with shock, and a myriad of thoughts swirled in her head, “Thats a Great Holy! He dares to provoke a Great Holy! Is he crazy?”

The eyes of the new Golden Bones Sacred Son shimmered with elation, “Firmament Holy, to dare to offend the cosmic eyes tiger race, youre dead this time! No one can save you!”

“For a mere Holy to challenge me, Moonshatter Great Holy, what gall. Then so be it, Ill grant you death, and then uproot the forces youll leave behind and wipe out the humans in the Tai Yuan Starfield!”

The Moonshatter Great Holys eyes shimmered menacingly, and he broke out with countless runes and erupted with Great Holy rank fluctuations of power, ready to take action at any time.

“This is the Tai Yuan Star, its not a place that can bear the battle between you two. Please go to the outer space to fight!”

Great Holy rank auras came from various parts of the Tai Yuan Star, and a neither servile nor overbearing voice echoed in the void.

Holy rank battle can cause disastrous damage to the surrounding environment.

Although the Tai Yuan Star can withstand Holy rank battle, but who knows how many lives will be lost in the aftermath. These powerhouses naturally dont want to see Yang Feng and the Moonshatter Great Holy fighting here.

“Come on, lets go to the outer space!”

The Moonshatter Great Holys figure fluttered, and he took a step and left.

Yang Feng smiled calmly, took a step, and flew to the outer space.

Lights shone in the Hall of Holies, as the Holies flew towards the outer space one after another.

A Holy challenging a Great Holy, this is something that hasnt happened in the past hundreds of thousands of years. If Yang Feng can defeat the Moonshatter Great Holy, he will become the No. 1 powerhouse below the Great Holy realm in the Tai Yuan Starfield, and even be on an equal footing with Great Holies.

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