Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1151 – Suppressing the Moonshatter Great Holy

Chapter 1150 – Fighting a Great Holy

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The Hall of Hollies suddenly became empty, with only the waiters remaining.

In the eyes of ordinary people, the aristocratic waiters from the Tai Yuan Starfields major families, who possess noble blood and cultivation base above the Moonlight Warlock rank, are all powerful Transcendent rank powerhouses. However, in the fight between a Holy and a Great Holy, the aftermath alone is enough to slay them. As such, they dont dare to go near the Holy battlefield.

Jingji Yu, the tar thorny races little princess, shook Yinshe Kongyins arm and asked cutesy, “Older sister Kongyin, this is a rare fight that hasnt been witnessed for tens of thousands of years. Can you come up with a way to let us broaden our horizons?”

Since Jingji Yu and Yinshe Kongyin are best friends, she can act cutesy in front of Yinshe Kongyin.

Many aristocratic waiters in the hall focused expectant gazes on Yinshe Kongyin, eager to see the most anticipated fight of the Tai Yuan Starfield in the past tens of thousands of years. Whether it is the Moonshatter Great Holy who slays the insufferably arrogant Firmament Holy Yang Feng, or the insufferably arrogant Yang Feng who defeats the Moonshatter Great Holy, this is a major event that will shake the Tai Yuan Starfield.


Yinshe Kongyin smiled sweetly and waved her lily-white hand, and a disc inlaid with a Holy eye suddenly flew out.

When the Holy eye opened, countless mysterious runes appeared, and wisps of immortal Holy might diffused. The Holy eyes gaze crossed the firmament and locked on the outer space who knows how many light-years away.

The disc emanated light that formed a holographic projection of the scene on the Holy battlefield in the Hall of Holies.

Each Holy Spirit Warlock has unparalleled strength and is the protector of a race. As long as they use magic power and operate secret methods, they can even detect what is happening tens of thousands of light-years away.

The disc inlaid with the Holy eye can simulate part of a Holy Spirit Warlocks abilities.

Outer space, Holy battlefield.

Two lights flashed, and the Moonshatter Great Holy and Yang Feng appeared in this still, empty, devoid of life space.

Lights shone, and Holies appeared thousands of light-years away from the two.

Once Holies get within 100 light-years, there are all kinds of secret methods they can use to interfere with the battle. Once such a Holy appears, they will be regarded as a mortal enemy. This is the unspoken rule of Holy battles.

“Firmament Holy, you dare kill a Holy of the cosmic eyes tiger race! Go to hell!”

With a vicious glint in his yes, the Moonshatter Great Holy erupted with countless runes and brandished the Holy grade secret treasure the Moonshatter Sword.

In an instant, shrouded by the essence of space, the void collapsed inch by inch. Spatial blades that can slay Holies locked the void and slashed towards Yang Feng.

The cosmic eyes tiger race can innately master the law of space, while outstanding individuals of the race can master the essence of space. The Moonshatter Great Holy is a peerless prodigy of the cosmic eyes tiger race, a genius that can hardly be encountered once in 10,000 years. In terms of mastery of the essence of space, he is ranked in the top of the cosmic eyes tiger race.

“The essence of space!”

Yang Fengs eyes flickered slightly. He spread the fingers of a hand and erupted with countless runes, and a spatial portal that seems to span countless light-years and to be located in a different space suddenly appeared.

Spatial gates emerged in front of the space portal, opened, and connected to a mysterious space.

When the spatial blades slashed the spatial gates, they were drawn into a mysterious space and disappeared.

“Are you also proficient in the essence of space? Unfortunately, in this world, no one can compete with the cosmic eyes tiger race in terms of mastery of the essence of space. Break!”

The Moonshatter Great Holys eyes flashed fiercely, countless runes emerged, and then a cosmic eyes tiger 1 million meters long appeared. With the space around it distorted, the cosmic eyes tiger looks like the embodiment of the universe origin that wields the power of space.

When the extremely overbearing cosmic eyes tiger that looks like it stands for universe origin appeared, it roared, and fearsome spatial ripples spread in all directions.

The void within 10,000 kilometers shattered.

The spatial portal formed from Yang Fengs essence of space collapsed.

The countless spatial blades that can slay Holies locked the void and slashed towards Yang Feng.

“As expected of an eternal empyrean race Great Holy! His control of the essence of space is indeed better than mine!”

Yang Fengs eyes erupted with countless runes, and he quietly stared at the Moonshatter Great Holy and exclaimed in admiration.

The cosmic eyes tiger race is a race that can innately master the law of space. There are few peerless powerhouses who can compete with this race in terms of the essence of space. Although Yang Feng is extremely outstanding, but he is not included in that list. After all, his path is not based on the essence of space.

All of a sudden, a black hole appeared, erupted with terrifying devour force, and swallowed the spatial blades one after another.

“Essence of devour! You are proficient in two kinds of essences! You are worthy of being a peerless prodigy from the main world! Unfortunately, your greatest mistake was to become an enemy of the cosmic eyes tiger race! Now you are doomed to be slain by me!”

The Moonshatter Great Holys eyes surged with killing intent, countless runes emerged, and golden battle armor enveloped him. He took a step, crossed a great distance, appeared in front of Yang Fend, and slashed at him.

A cosmic eyes tiger, which seems to have been born in primordial times, suddenly emerged and extended a giant claw towards Yang Feng.

This sword strike is the crystallization of the Moonshatter Great Holys lifetime of bitter cultivation and wisdom and can even seriously injure Great Holies. Back in the day, a Great Holy that wasnt from an empyrean race was heavily wounded by this sword strike of the Moonshatter Great Holy. As a result, for the past 30,000 years, said Great Holy didnt dare to oppose the cosmic eyes tiger race.

“What a powerful sword strike! Youre just right to be my whetstone. Take a look at how strong I am!”

Yang Fengs eyes flickered with a scorching shade, feeling elated instead of shocked. He operated the Eternal Imperishable Body, and a torrent of time appeared and surrounded him and a spatial portal emerged. In the spatial portal, there are a star and a black hole suspended.

Yang Feng sent a fist flying, and the torrent of time, the spatial portal, the star, and the black hole, the four visions condensed into one and blasted towards the peerless sword ray that can extinguish Holies.


The whole void shook as a terrifying force broke out and burst.

The Moonshatter Great Holy was blaster thousands of kilometers away and spewed out a mouthful of blood.

Yang Feng was blasted 10,000 kilometers away. Additionally, there is a gash containing spatial fluctuations extending along his right chest, nearly splitting him in two.

“He hurt the Moon Shatter Great Holy!”

“To be able to compete with a Great Holy, what a terrible monster!”

“Such a scary monster. Its an eternal empyrean race Great Holy, who is far stronger that an ordinary junior Great Holy, yet he actually hurt him!”


Seeing this scene, the countenance of many Holies changed greatly, and raging billows rose inside their hearts.

As an eternal empyrean race Great Holy, the Moonshatter Great Holy is far stronger than powerhouses of the same rank. Yet he was injured by a human advanced Holy Spirit Warlock, which is beyond shocking.

The Cloud Dragon Queen sighed faintly: “Thats the Firmament Holy for you. Although he is ferocious and domineering, but he has the strength to back it up. Hes comparable to an ordinary Great Holy in terms of fighting strength.”

The Tricolor Holy stared at the blood-soaked Yang Feng with expectation in her beautiful eyes: “Awesome, the Firmament Holy enjoys a well-deserved reputation. He is indeed a top peerless prodigy in the world. To be able to contend against a Great Holy while in the advanced Holy Spirit Warlock rank, this is something that only Empyreans could accomplish back in their day.”

Yinshe Xingkongs eyes twinkled with the shade of delight, “How dreadful! The Firmament Holy Yang Feng is really dreadful. Fortunately, I forged a relationship of friendship with him.”

Yinshe Xingkong has entertained the idea of getting rid of Yang Feng. But after weighing things again and again, he chose to cooperate with Yang Feng instead. Now he is elated with his choice.

Yinshe Kongyin gazed at Yang Fengs figure with a look of expectation in her beautiful eyes: “The Firmament Holy is incredible! Thats an eternal Empyrean Great Holy, yet he surprisingly wounded him. Thats beyond incredible! The Firmament Holy has the makings of an Empyrean!”

Any given Warlock Emperor has oppressed countless planes and has been worshiped by countless races. If one can become his woman, it wont be difficult to advance to the Holy Spirit Warlock realm. At the same time, one will be worshiped by myriad races.

“Shes so lucky!”

Gloria looked at Ruslana with jealousy and envy in her eyes. If she could follow Yang Feng, she would be willing to even become a petty maid.

“Firmament Holy, is that your full strength? Its indeed impressive! However, thats all the more reason why you have to die here today!”

The eyes of the Moonshatter Great Holy flickered with endless killing intent. Yang Feng is really powerful as is. But once he promotes to a Great Holy, how many people in the world will be his opponents? Since they are already enemies, the Moonshatter Great Holy will do his best to kill Yang Feng.

Countless runes appeared, and the Moonshatter Great Holy blurred and turned into a 100,000-meter-long cosmic eyes tiger surrounded by distorted space, looking like the manifestation of the law of space.

The Moonshatter Great Holy opened his mouth, and 36 full moons suddenly appeared. An endless amount of moonlight formed into a moonlight spear containing certain hit karma, tore the firmament, and stabbed towards Yang Feng

The moonlight spear is a trump card the Moonshatter Great Holy forged from moon origin, to refine which he spent 30,000 years and used 36 full moons, his own blood essence, and formidable secret methods. The moonlight spear can slay Great Holies.

Every time he uses the moonlight spear, the Moonshatter Great Holy has to consume 1,000 years of his lifespan.

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