Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1153 – Empyrean Corpse

Chapter 1152 – Quelling 10 Celestial Bodies in a Row

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Yang Feng glanced at the Cloud Dragon Great Holy and asked coldly, “Does the cloud dragon race wants to be my enemy?”

The Cloud Dragon Great Holys aura is like a sea, like a bottomless sea and his strength is unfathomable, far above that of the Golden Bones Holy.

Although Yang Feng is able to slay the Moonshatter Great Holy, but he is aware that he is still not the opponent of the Cloud Dragon Great Holy. However, with the Empyrean grade secret treasures that he has on his person, if he wants to escape, then the Cloud Dragon Great Holy might not be able to make him stay.

6 celestial bodies with abundant resources have fallen into Yang Fengs hands. Thanks to the resources of these 6 celestial bodies, a steady stream of battle robots will be manufactured.

Even if the cloud dragon race and the golden bones race join forces, Yang Feng is confident in his ability to defeat them.

When the Cloud Dragon Great Holy appeared, the Golden Noble Great Holy stopped attacking and quietly looked at the scene in front of him.

The Cloud Dragon Great Holy replied, “Firmament Holy, the cloud dragon race doesnt intend to be your enemy! However, the Tai Yuan Star is our home celestial body. Please be understanding and dont use such powerful weapons here.”

With their power, Holy Slaying Artillery can slay Holies and severely injure Great Holies. They can wipe out a low grade celestial body with one strike.

The Tai Yuan Star is a high grade celestial body that can withstand fights between Holies. However, Holy Slaying Artillery can still cast devastating damage to this celestial body and harm its plane origin.

Yang Feng smiled coldly, looked at the Golden Noble Holy, and uttered icily: “Fine, Ill give you face, Cloud Dragon Great Holy. Golden Noble Great Holy, you dared to attack me during the duel. Hand over 20 life celestial bodies. Otherwise, I will sweep the celestial bodies of the golden bones races vassals and eliminate them one by one!”

Yinshe Xingkong smiled helplessly: “I see, so the golden bones race was his target all along. In this way, we cant stop him from dealing with the golden bones race.”

The Cloud Dragon Holy frowned and sighed, yet remained silent.

Originally, Yang Feng, an outsider from the main world, was secretly resisted by the Tai Yuan Starfields powerhouses. Originally, Yang Feng obtaining 10 life celestial bodies was already the limit. The Tai Yuan Starfields Holies wouldnt tolerate any more than that.

However, Yang Feng slayed a Great Holy by himself. Coupled with the Golden Noble Great Holy interference in the duel, it gave him the best excuse. At this time, no one can oppose Yang Fengs revenge, or else they will become his enemy. No one is willing to stand against an unequaled prodigy who slayed a Great Holy while in the Holy Spirit Warlock realm.

The Golden Noble Great Holys face flushed from anger. He swept the Holies at the scene with his gaze, seeking the support of allies.

Under the Golden Noble Great Holys gaze, the Holies lowered their heads one by one, as if they hadnt seen the Golden Noble Great Holy.

Yang Feng said indifferently, “Golden Noble Great Holy, will you hand them over or not? If you dont, then well have a full-scale war, where only one side will be able to survive!”

By slaying the Moonshatter Great Holy, Yang Feng pulled off an awe-inspiring feat. Consequently, even the allies of the golden bones race were deterred by Yang Fengs power, not daring to be his enemies. The Tai Yuan Starfields neutral Holies are even more so reluctant to be enemies with such an unparalleled prodigy like Yang Feng.

“20 life celestial bodies! If we hand over 20 life celestial bodies, the golden bones race will no longer be able to hold its position as one of the Tai Yuan Starfields three empyrean races! Firmament Holy, if you want war, then well go to war with you! The golden bones race will fight you to the bitter end!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, the Golden Bones Great Holy pointed with a finger, and the Golden Piercing Horn shone. The true spirit level direbeast golden horn rhinoceros projection appeared, radiated endless golden light, and rushed towards Yang Feng.

“Great, since the golden bones race wants to be exterminated, then Ill give you guys a hand!”

All of a sudden, the Bead of Time appeared, a river of time surrounded Yang Feng, and the flow of time around him accelerated hundred-fold. His figure fluttered, and he turned into a stream of light and flew into the distance.

The Empyrean grade secret treasure the Bead of Time is far below other Empyrean grade secret treasures in terms of offense and defense. However, its ability to manipulate time can be rated as heaven-defying. In an instant, Yang Feng disappeared along with it.

The Golden Noble Great Holy, who is the second strongest powerhouse of the golden bones race, has intermediate Great Holy rank cultivation base. Within the scope of the Tai Yuan Star, he can obtain a boost in strength from his race. Yang Feng naturally chose not to fight him here.

The Golden Noble Great Holy looked around and said, “Everyone, the Firmament Holy is really arrogant and domineering! Would you like to join hands with me and destroy this human bastard?”

The Tai Yuan Starfields Holies remained silent. They lowered their heads, unwilling to get themselves involved in the war between the humans and the golden bones race.

“Golden Bones Great Holy, let me give you a gift!”

Yang Fengs voice suddenly rose in the void. A metal sphere emerged, opened, and ejected light that formed a projection in the void.

A screen depicting a celestial body appeared in the void. In the outer space outside the celestial body, ripples rose, and a huge interstellar fleet appeared.

In an instant, countless light beams poured down on the celestial body like a tide and destroyed the celestial bodys cities one after another.

Countless level-6 battle robots turned into a torrent of steel and flew towards the celestial body.

“Chattem Star!”

“So decisive and fast!”

“To act so soon, thats so vicious!”


When the Holies saw this, their complexion changed dramatically. The Holies believed that Yang Feng needed to prepare for at least 10 days before he could launch an attack. They didnt expect that Yang Feng would be so fierce. As soon as he left, he began to attack the golden bones races vassals.

Hundreds of thousands of Transcendent rank powerhouses with human head and snake body flew out from the Chattem Star.

The mechanical legion, which is filled with Bright World Warlock rank robots, plunged into the swarm of Transcendent rank powerhouses and, as if cutting through butter, easily slayed the Transcendent rank powerhouses.

Countless lights rained down on the Transcendent rank powerhouses with human head and snake body and erased them from this world, turning them into countless fragments.

“So strong! What terrifying mechanical golem legion!”

“Awesome! Even the mechanical golem legion of legend of the 6th Warlock Emperor, the Dawn Lord, may not have been this powerful!”


When the Holies saw this scene, they inhaled a breath of cold air.

In front of these Holies, Infinity Warlock rank powerhouses are nothing but ants that they can slay with a casual strike. If they go all out, they can even slay 100 Infinity Warlocks in one blow.

However, the number of Infinity Warlock rank battle robots attacking the Chattem Star is 10 million. Before such a force, even these Holies would feel their skull go numb and would retreat.

The dreadful mechanical legion descended on the Chattem Star and wiped out the golden bones races staunch allies.

“The Chattem Star is finished!”

“What a ferocious method!”


The Holies sighed when they saw the mechanical legion descend of the Chattem Star.

The Golden Noble Great Holy was so angry that he started trembling and his eyes became shot with blood.

The mechanical sphere flickered, lights shone, and nine projections depicting nine celestial bodies suddenly emerged.

In the outer space outside the nine celestial bodies, the space rippled, and nine huge interstellar fleets suddenly appeared and attacked the nine celestial bodies.

Light rained down on the nine celestial bodies and blasted apart the headquarters of the golden bones races vassals, and then a huge number of battle robots shot towards the nine celestial bodies like tides.

Countless Transcendent rank powerhouses emerged from the nine celestial bodies and engaged with Yang Fengs mechanical legion.

The Transcendent rank powerhouses were easily cut into countless pieces.

After smashing dozens of battle robots, other race Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses were slayed and became evolution nutrients of the mechanical legion.

Under this complete suppression, the 10 celestial bodies that can give birth to Holy Spirit Warlocks were occupied by Yang Feng and became his territory.

“How fierce! The Firmament Holy is so fierce!”

“10 celestial bodies were quelled just like that! Thats really vicious!”

“The Firmament Holy is really dreadful. I should make sure to never become his enemy!”


When the Holies saw these scenes, their expressions became extremely unsightly.

The golden bones races 10 life celestial bodies were easily captured and their Transcendents were slaughtered and reduced to materials. Of the celestial bodies protected by Holies, few can withstand such a fearsome attack.

The most frightening thing is that Yang Fengs mechanical legion is practically endless. Once he captures a celestial body, it will be impossible to get it back.

The Cloud Dragon Great Holys eyes shimmered with regret, “How dreadful! The Firmament Holy Yang Feng is really dreadful! I shouldnt have given the Golden Noble Great Holy a chance to attack just now!”

The Golden Noble Great Holy attacked Yang Feng with the tacit approval of the Tai Yuan Starfields Holies. They didnt want to see Yang Feng devour the Moonshatter Great Holy and become more powerful.

However, the Tai Yuan Starfields Holies didnt expect that Yang Feng would take this opportunity to completely fall out with the golden bones race and occupy 10 celestial bodies in a row.

Now even the silver brilliant snake race doesnt dare to stand in front of Yang Fengs crusade against the golden bones race, or else Yang Feng will regard it as a mortal enemy and attack and annihilate it.

“Curses! What do I do? What do I do now?”

Seeing this scene, the Golden Noble Great Holy felt cold all over his body, as if he fell into an ice cave. He broke out in a cold sweat from his back. He doesnt know what to do.

The golden bones race doesnt fear Yang Feng, whose true body can be regarded as a Great Holy. However, the same is not true for the endless mechanical legion under his command. It is a most feared existence for the golden bones race.

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