Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1154 – Battling the Golden Bones Race

Chapter 1153 – Empyrean Corpse

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“I have something else to do! Ill take my leave first, everyone!”

A Holy spoke a few words, and then turned into a stream of light and disappeared.

The Holies standing in the void blurred and disappeared one after another.

The cloud dragon race and silver brilliant snake race Holies disappeared, as well.

Only the Golden Noble Great Holy and a few golden bones races ally Holies remained in the void.

“Firmament Holy, if you want to fight, then the golden bone race will fight you to the death!”

After panicking for a moment, the Golden Noble Great Holys eyes flashed with a dignified and decisive shade. His figure fluttered, and he flew away with the other Holies.

“Holies, I am the Silver Brilliant Manors young master Yinshe Xingkong. I wonder what to call you two and where you come from?”

With a flash of light, Yinshe Xingkong appeared in front of the two Holies who came with the Moonshatter Great Holy and made a salute.

The beautiful Holy with long black hair smiled and said, “I am the Lightless Seas Lightless Sacred Maiden. This is my friend, the zhenxu races divine son.”

Yinshe Xingkong narrowed his eyes and uttered with a mild smile, “So its Your Highnesses the Lightless Seas Lightless Sacred Maiden and the zhenxu races divine son. Excuse me for my lack of manners.”

The Lightless Sea and the zhenxu race are a force comparable to an eternal empyrean race and an eternal empyrean race respectively. The sacred daughter and the divine son are prodigies of these two major forces with the greatest potential and comparable to Great Holies of the central starfield.

The Zhenxu Divine Son uttered haughtily, “Im here because of the Abaddon Emperor Palace.”

Yinshe Xingkong smiled and asked, “Would the two of you like to come to the Silver Brilliant Manor to have a talk?”

The Lightless Sacred Daughter smiled and said, “Then Ill have to trouble you.”

The three Holies disappeared along with flashes of light.

After Yang Fengs mechanical legion captured 10 celestial bodies, countless engineering robots entered the 10 celestial bodies and began to madly transform them and collect all kinds of resources.

In addition, in the Jue Yuan Mountains Holy gathering, Yang Feng got four celestial bodies. A total of 16 life celestial bodies with rich resources fell into his hands.

Booming sounds of machinery rose on the 16 life celestial bodies as countless engineering robots excavated minerals. At the same time, the 16 celestial bodies were shrouded in a thick fog, making it impossible to see whats going on there.

The Tai Yuan Starfields Holies cast spells to monitor the 16 celestial bodies. They are aware that the golden bones race wont leave the matter at that.

One day later, brilliant golden light shone, and a golden spirit mountain engraved with countless mysterious runes flew out of the Tai Yuan Star.

“On the move! The golden bone race is on the move!”

“So decisive. Thats the Golden Bones Sacred Mountain, a sacred land where the golden bones race has resided for 10,000 years. The golden bones race has mobilized all its strength! Its going to launch a fierce offensive!”

“The fight between the two will determine which race will be the third empyrean race of the Tai Yuan Starfield. The defeated side will sink into a hopeless situation.”


When the Holies detected the movement on the Tai Yuan Star, excitement flashed in their eyes, and they cast various spells in an attempt to spy on the golden bone race.

As soon as the Golden Bones Sacred Mountain left the Tai Yuan Star, ripples appeared around it, and it entered the ripples and disappeared.

Even though the Holies used all kinds of spells, they cant find any traces of the Golden Bone Sacred Mountain.

Silver Brilliant Manor, in a garden.

The Zhenxu Divine Son took a glass of wine, took a sip, and asked with a faint smile: “The golden bones race finally took action! Young manor master, which side do you think has a better chance of winning this war?”

Yinshe Xingkong answered, “The Firmament Holy has a higher chance of winning.”

The Zhenxu Divine Son uttered, “Oh? The Firmament Holy has only a few Holies under him. The golden bones race is an empyrean race of the Tai Yuan Starfield. It has existed for hundreds of thousands of years and has a terrifying underlying strength. Yet it still has slim odds against the Firmament Holy, who just recently arrived from the main world? In addition to a Great Holy rank starry direbeast, what other tricks does the Firmament Holy have up his sleeve?”

Yinshe Xingkong uttered, “I dont know!”

The Zhenxu Divine Son smiled and uttered, “Okay, lets make a bet! I bet that the golden bones race will be able to defeat the Firmament Holy. If I win, youll give me a Spring of Immortality and vice-versa. Are you in?”

Yinshe Xingkong replied after contemplating for a moment, “Alright!”

The Tai Yuan Star, the Cloud Sea.

The Dragon Cloud Queen asked, “Father, who do you think will win this war?”

A profound glimmer of wisdom streaked across the Cloud Dragon Great Holys eyes, and he replied slowly, “It should be the golden bones race! After all, as one of the three empyrean races of the Tai Yuan Starfield, the golden bones race has profound underlying strength. They previously explored the treasure-troves of two Empyreans. The Firmament Holy can fight the golden bones race to a draw at most. But the final victor is bond to be the golden bones race.”

At the Jue Yun Mountain, the reason why the Cloud Dragon Queen gave in to Yang Feng was that she was unwilling to make an enemy of him for no reason. But that doesnt mean that she fears him.

Previously, the Cloud Dragon Great Holy didnt assume a severe stance against Yang Feng because he doesnt want to make an enemy of him, not because he thinks that the cloud dragon race is weaker than him.

The Cloud Dragon Queen sighed: “I also think that the golden bones race will win. However, there is a voice in my heart saying that the Firmament Holy will be the final victor.”

The Cloud Dragon Great Holy smiled faintly and said, “Your hunch isnt wrong. The Firmament Holy, who slayed a Great Holy while in the advanced Holy Spirit Warlock realm, possesses tremendous potential. Even if he is defeated in this war, as long as he lives, he will be able to defeat the golden bones race in the future. If he doesnt die in this war, he will be the final victor in the future.”

The Cloud Dragon Queen nodded and waved her fair hand, and the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Dragon Cloud Mirror shrouded in a cloud suddenly flew out and radiated brilliant light.

Cloud eyes emerged in various places of the Tai Yuan Starfield, searching for the golden bone races Golden Bones Sacred Mountain and Yang Fengs interstellar fleet.

A starfield is extremely vast, hundred times wider than the Milky Way Galaxy. Although Holy rank powerhouses can cast secret methods to peek into an area hundreds of thousands of light-years away, but compared to the whole starfield, said area is only the size of a grain of dust.

Holies such as the Cloud Dragon Queen are unable to find the traces of the golden bones races Golden Bones Sacred Mountain and Yang Fengs interstellar fleet.

In the Chattem Stars outer space, spatial ripples rose, and the Golden Bones Sacred Mountain emerged.

“There it is! At the Chattem Star!”

“The golden bones races target is the Chattem Star!”


As soon as the Golden Bones Sacred Mountain appeared, the Holies paying attention to this place immediately relayed the information to their friends. The wills of Holies converged on this place from all over the Tai Yuan Starfield.


A tyrannical voice came from the Golden Bones Sacred Mountain.

Two giant golden bones hands emitting Great Holy rank fluctuations of power tore the firmament and extended towards the Chattem Star.

The two giant golden bones hands have a length of 10,000 kilometers each. Everywhere they pass, the void collapses and the core chips of the formless Mist Rulers shatter.

On the Chattem Star, mechanical towers suddenly emerged, and countless runes shone and converged on the central tower.

A mechanical flower occupying an area tens of kilometers in radius bloomed, revealing a 100-meter-long conical spike engraved with numerous mysterious runes.

The mechanical flower is one of the strongest offensive weapons of the xizu and is called the Celestial Body Destruction Fortress Cannon. This is a terrifying weapon that is based on a formidable celestial body and draws the power of the celestial body. In terms of power alone, a full strength blow can deal serious damage even to quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses.

Only a celestial body that can accommodate a Holy battle can be used as the foundation of such a terrifying weapon like the Celestial Body Destruction Fortress Cannon.

The power of the entire Chattem Star converged into one. In an instant, a cyan light beam tore the sky, slammed into the two giant golden bones hands, and ran through, and then barreled towards the Golden Bones Sacred Mountain.


A roar of disbelief of the Golden Noble Great Holy came from the Golden Bones Sacred Mountain.

The Golden Piercing Horn flew out of the Golden Bones Sacred Mountain, and a true spirit level direbeast golden horn rhinoceros projection suddenly appeared, radiated golden light from its hooves that formed a golden bridge underneath it, and galloped towards the cyan light beam.


A heaven-shaking blare rose as the cyan light beam and the golden horn rhinoceros collided, intertwined, and extinguished.

Countless artillery extended on the Chattem Star, and a rain of light barreled towards the Golden Sacred Mountain like a tide.

All of a sudden, lights shone, and a worn-out, pitch-black corpse emitting an aura of decay, with an ogre horn, a ferocious face, and one eye dug out, emanating wisps of immortal Empyrean might, appeared, erupted with countless strange runes, and blocked in front of the Golden Bones Sacred Mountain.

When the torrent of light coming from the Chattem Star reached the Empyrean corpse, it was absorbed by the Empyrean corpse, unable to harm it.

Even if only a soulless body remains from a Warlock Emperor, it is still very difficult for Infinity Warlock rank power to harm them.

“- Empyrean corpse! So this is the underlying strength of the golden bones race!”

“As expected of one of the Tai Yuan Starfields three empyrean races, their underlying strength is profound. Once the golden bones race makes a move, it strikes with such strength that you basically wont be able to fight back.”


When the spectating Holies saw the Empyrean corpse, shock flashed in their eyes.

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