Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1155 – Slaying Great Holies

Chapter 1154 – Battling the Golden Bones Race

Translator: Xaiomoge

When the Empyrean corpse appeared, the torrent of light fired by the Chattem Star disappeared.

On the Chattem Star, apart from the Holy Slaying Artillery and the Celestial Body Destruction Fortress Cannon, few weapons can pose a threat to the Empyrean corpse. Instead of harming the Empyrean corpse, the other weapons will nourish it.

A junior Great Holy and 6 Holies of the golden bones race emerged and flew out from behind the Transcendent rank powerhouses of the golden bones race and its allies.

A 1,000-kilometer-long starry scorpion, a 3,000-kilometer-long starfire snake, a 100,000-meter-long starry ghost ship shrouded in distorted ghosts, a 1,000-kilometer-tall demonic mountain radiating golden light, a 3,000-kilometer-long starcraft fish snake beast with the head of a fish and the body of a snake, a three-headed ogre lion with three lion head and an ogre horn on each head suddenly appeared, emanating Holy rank fluctuations of power.

The six Holy rank existences are Holy grade weapons the golden bones race has cultivated over the past hundreds of thousands of years. They are no weaker than actual Holy Spirit Warlocks.

An Empyrean corpse, a golden bones Great Holy, and 12 Holy Spirit Warlock rank existences, with the exception of the other two the empyrean races, this fearsome force can crash almost all forces of the Tai Yuan Starfield. This underlying strength of the golden bones race shocked the Tai Yuan Starfield.

The Empyrean corpse, the Great Holy, and the 12 Holy Spirit Warlock rank existences tore the firmament and flew towards the Chattem Star.

There arent too many treasures that can quell Great Holies. Consequently, the golden bones race doesnt believe that there is a treasure that can quell Great Holies on the Chattem Star.

On the Chattem Star, 18 Holy Slaying Artillery suddenly appeared, shone, and fired 18 light beams that can slay Holies barreling towards the golden bones Holies.

Following flashes of distorted light, the Holies flew 100 kilometers away in one go and easily evaded the light beams.

“Humph, you want to harm us by using attacks that dont contain the law of karma? Dream on!”

The golden bones Great Holy snorted coldly and spread the fingers of his hand, and golden bone spikes stabbed towards the 18 Holy Slaying Artillery like meteors.


Along with loud noise, the golden bone spikes pierced through the 18 Holy Slaying Artillery, and the artillery exploded and set off fearsome mushroom clouds.

On the Chattem Star, the earth cracked in various places, and swarms of 6th generation battle robots poured out like an ocean, blotted out the sky, and rushed towards the golden bones race powerhouses.

“A bunch of ants!”

The golden bones Great Holy snorted, extended his hand, extracted the energies of the heaven and earth, and formed a 1,000-meter-long golden hand slapping towards the battle robots.

10 million Dazzling Light Units resonated with Dazzling Rulers and fired their artillery. Resplendent light beams formed a torrent of light, slammed into the giant golden hand, and smashed it.

Practically in the next moment, the almost endless sea of 6th generation battle robots engaged with the golden bones races Holies.

The starry scorpion spat out countless rays of starlight that bombarded the battle robots, crushing them one by one.

The starfire snake belched a pillar of fire that ignited the 6th generation battle robots in its wake and burned them into ashes, including the core chips.

While ignoring the vast majority of the attacks, the Empyrean corpse crushed hundreds of 6th generation of battle robots with every attack.

Under the protection of the 12 Holies, the golden bones race and its allies stimulated powerful treasures and cast all kinds of formidable spells, destroying 6th generation battle robots one after another.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The sound of huge explosions rose incessantly. The place where the golden bones race is located seems to have become a giant flesh millstone. Countless battle robots attacked it, and then were torn to pieces and destroyed.

Located in the center of the flesh millstone, the Empyrean corpses perfect grade immortal body is being bombarded by all kinds energy light beams. Instead of dealing it damage, the light beams are helping it to heal its wounds. Only attacks performed by Blade Rulers can cut its skin, but only by a small fraction.

“The Firmament Holy only amounts to this much!”

On the Golden Bones Sacred Mountain, while gazing at the Chattem Star, the the Golden Noble Great Holy smiled coldly.

The Golden Noble Great Holy intends to focus the power of the golden bones race on the celestial bodies occupied by Yang Feng one after another, squeeze out his living space bit by bit, and finally quell his forces at the Ansara Star.

If he can slay Yang Feng, that would be for the best. If he cant, the Golden Noble Great Holy will take the golden bones race to the central starfield and contend against Yang Feng with the help of an eternal empyrean race.

“In the end, the golden bones race will come out on top!”

“The underlying strength of the Firmament Holy is too shallow.”

“The golden bones races gamble paid off. Except for the Ansara Star, the Firmament Holy cannot contend against the golden bones race from the other life celestial bodies under his control.


Complicated emotions welled up inside the Holies spying on the Chattem Star.

The Tai Yuan Star, the Silver Brilliant Manor.

The Zhenxu Divine Son smiled and said, “The Firmament Holy is going to lose this war!”

Yinshe Xingkong frowned and remained silent.

The Tai Yuan Star, the Cloud Sea.

The Cloud Dragon Great Holys eyes flickered with the shade of graveness, “After this defeat, the Firmament Holys main force will be annihilated. By then, he wont have the strength to contend against the golden bones race. The outcome is clear. After all, the golden bones race is stronger. The golden bones race possesses an Empyrean corpse and has refined it into a weapon, what a surprise.”

The Cloud Dragon Queens beautiful eyes flashed with a dignified shade, and she uttered slowly: “The golden bones race has successfully refined the Empyrean corpse, thats incredible!”

The Empyrean corpse has a perfect grade immortal body, which possesses all kinds of mysterious and abstruse powers. Once the Empyrean corpse is refined into a weapon, it will be comparable to a Great Holy rank weapon.

The Cloud Dragon Great Holy said: “Its not so simple. The golden bones race has only mobilized part of the Empyrean corpses power. If it is perfectly refined, it will be able to display pinnacle Great Holy rank power. By then, even this father may not be its opponent.”

A thick mist formed from Mist Rulers suddenly appeared and covered the Chattem Star, obstructing the sight of the Holies spying on the Chattem Star.


The Golden Noble Great Holy had an ominous premonition in his heart.

At this time, ripples rose in the void, and countless 6 generation battle robots poured out from the abandoned celestial bodies around the Chattem Star and attacked the Golden Bones Sacred Mountain.

A rain of light fired from the abandoned celestial bodies turned into torrents of light that can rip Holies apart and blasted towards the Golden Bones Sacred Mountain.

The Golden Bone Sacred Mountain erupted with countless golden runes, which evolved into a golden boundary that blocked the torrents of light.

The swarms of 6th generation battle robots turned into a terrifying mechanical torrent and frantically attacked the Golden Bones Sacred Mountain.


With a fierce flash in his eyes, the Golden Noble Great Holy used the power of his race to stimulated the Golden Piercing Horn, and a true spirit level direbeast golden horn rhinoceros projection suddenly appeared, radiated brilliant golden light, and rushed towards the 6th generation battle robots.

The primary artillery of the 30 million Dazzling Light Units shone and, under the resonance of 36 Warlock Monarch rank Dazzling Rulers, fired light beams that converged into one and slammed into the golden horn rhinoceros projection.

The two powerful forces intertwined, collapsed, and disappeared, and terrifying shock waves tore the void to pieces.

The golden horn rhinoceros projection collapsed and disappeared.

The Golden Piercing Horn darkened. It needs to recover for a period of time before it can be used again.

Three Holies and the Golden Noble Great Holy flew out from the Golden Bones Sacred Mountain, cast secret methods, and engaged the countless battle robots.

Explosions sounded incessantly as the three Holies, one Great Holy, and numerous golden bones race powerhouses blasted 6th generation battle robots to pieces.

On the Chattem Star, a sea churned, and the nine-headed starry dragon scorpion emperor beast appeared and fired nine venomous beams barreling towards the golden bones race powerhouses.

With a dull look in its eyes, the Empyrean corpse unleashed a punch and smashed six venomous beams one by one.

The three remaining venomous beams slammed into the Empyrean corpse, and a terrifying venom corroded the Empyrean corpse. Its flesh ulcerated and emitted a foul stench.

As a Great Holy rank direbeast, the venomous beams fired by the nine-headed starry dragon scorpion emperor beast are extremely vicious. They can poison Great Holies to death. Naturally, they can corrode the flesh of Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses.

In the sky, a gale rose, and large windblades containing the essence of wind dropped down from the sky and slashed towards a golden bones race Holy.

A 10,000-meter-tall pale ogre appeared, erupted with countless runes in his eyes, stimulated his ogre horn, and fired a cyan light beam barreling towards the golden bones race Holy.

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