Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1158 – Recovery of the Spirit Osta Fortress

Chapter 1157 – Annihilation of the Golden Bones Race

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The white jade phalanx bone pierced the defensive boundary of the Vajra Rulers and stabbed towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng pointed with his hand, and the Bead of Time suddenly appeared. A torrent of time swept towards the white jade phalanx bone.

The torrent of time, which can interfere with the flow of time of Great Holies, has no affect on the white jade phalanx bone, which seems to exist in the past, present, and future.

“This must be the remains of an Eternal Sovereign or an existence above the Eternal Sovereign realm! As expected, the golden bones race has a profound foundation! Fortunately, I was prudent enough not to set foot on the Golden Bones Sacred Mountain!”

A dignified ray flashed in Yang Fengs eyes. The Xi Shen Armor entered its second form, and the Kunmo Stone embedded in its core poured a tremendous energy into him, making him step into the Great Holy realm. Yang Feng brandished the Green Yang Halberd with all his strength, and 10 suns emerged, condensed into one, and slashed the white jade phalanx bone.


With an earth-shaking sound, the Green Yang Halberd in Yang Fengs hand was blasted away, the Xi Shen Armor of his body cracked, his bones fractured, and his soul was severely shocked. The person himself seems like hes about to die.

“What a pity!”

A look of regret in his eyes, the Golden Noble Great Holy sighed, and then trembled and turned into ashes and disappeared.

The white jade phalanx bone remained suspended in the void.

Greedy wills reverberated in the void. Ripples rose in the void, and a giant hand extended from the void and shot towards the jade phalanx bone.

“You want to steal my spoils! Do you want to die?”

With a fierce shade in his eyes, Yang Feng brandished the Green Yang Halberd, slashed the large hand, and operated the law of karma. His attack extended along the hands arm, crossed a great distance, and slammed into a Holy with ox horns hidden on a celestial body tens of thousands of light-years away.


The ox-horned Holy screamed miserably. He was split in two, and terrifying green sunfire broke out all over his body, madly burning him.

“The ox-horned Holy was quelled!”

“The law of karma!”

“How fierce!”


The Holies wills hidden in the void pervaded with dread. No one dared to compete for the white jade phalanx bone anymore.

Even if a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse attacked Yang Feng from across hundreds of thousands of light-years, they would only suffer a setback.

Yang Feng grabbed the white jade phalanx bone, and countless runes poured into it and sealed it.

Now that the Golden Noble Great Holy died, the Golden Bones Sacred Mountain no longer has the power to resist.

On the Golden Bones Sacred Mountain, the two Holies fought with all their might and used all kinds of trump cards. After destroying about 10 million 6th generation battle robots, they were finally slayed by the endless sea of battle robots.

Standing outside the Golden Bones Sacred Mountain, Yang Feng and his subordinated Holies cast secret methods, sealed the escape routes of the Golden Bones Sacred Mountain, and finally killed all the powerhouses of the Golden Bones Sacred Mountain.

“From today on, I, Firmament Holy, will take over all the forces of the golden bones race! If you dont agree, you can come and fight me!”

After the last golden bones race powerhouse on the Golden Bones Sacred Mountain was killed by the 6th generation battle robots, Yang Feng cast a spell to peek at the other race Holies and spoke indifferently.

With that, under the escort of the almost endless mechanical legion, Yang Feng stepped onto the broken Golden Bones Sacred Mountain.

“The golden bones race was annihilated!”

“From today on, the human race will become one of the Tai Yuan Starfields three empyrean race!”

“The whole golden bones race has been destroyed, how savage.”

“Three Great Holies have already died at the Firmament Holys hands!”


All the forces in the Tai Yuan Starfield were alarmed.

The Tai Yuan Star, the Silver Brilliant Manor.

The Zhenxu Divine Son sighed: “He didnt let a single golden bones race person escape, the Firmament Holy is really vicious and cruel!”

Yinshe Xingkong uttered slowly, “The winner is king, the loser an outlaw. If the Firmament Holy was the one who lost, then the ending of his forces would probably be no better than that of the golden bones race. The humans would probably have been all eliminated. However, from today on, no one in the Tai Yuan Starfield will dare to provoke him as they wish.”

The Lightless Sacred Daughters beautiful eyes shimmered with enigmatic light, and she asked: “Satellite Holy, can you introduce me to the Firmament Holy?”

Yinshe Xingkong smiled and said in reply, “No problem. After a while, Ill invite him to the Tai Yuan Star.”

The Tai Yuan Star, the Cloud Sea.

The Cloud Dragon Great Holys eyes flashed with a dignified color, and he said slowly, “I didnt anticipate that the Firmament Holy would be able to defeat the golden bones race. Its really beyond my expectation.”

The Cloud Dragon Queen sighed: “Its regrettable, but if the golden bones race still existed, we could join forces and be barely able to curb his development. However, he found a pretext to eliminate the golden bones race. Now that things have played out like this, we can no longer put him in check.”

If the golden bones race still existed, the three empyrean races would barely be able to contain Yang Feng. But now that Yang Feng destroyed the golden bones race, even if the cloud dragon race and the silver brilliant snake race join forces, they may not be the opponent of Yang Fengs mechanical legion.

Furthermore, the silver brilliant snake race is on good terms with Yang Feng. The two sides can join hands and stifle the cloud dragon race.

The Cloud Dragon Great Holy uttered, “If you cant defeat them, join them. Doesnt he like beauties? Choose the most outstanding beauty from the cloud dragon races younger generation and offer her to him.”

The Cloud Dragon Queen contemplated for a while before replying reluctantly, “Fine!”

There are many beautiful women in the cloud dragon race, including a large amount of stunningly beautiful women. However, since the cloud dragon race is one of the Tai Yuan Starfields three empyrean races, its beautiful women are goddesses being pursued by other races. This is the first time that the cloud dragon race has taken the initiative to marry one of their own into to another race.

The Tano Star.

Ripples rose in the void, and a huge fleet suddenly appeared. Acheson flew out from the fleet, looked at the Tano Star, and barked, “I am Acheson, a subordinate of the Firmament Holy! The Tano Stars star master, come out and greet me!”

A quasi-Holy rank aura rose from the Tano Star, and a 100-meter-tall giant with a dragon tail and purple runes engraved all over his body flew out and respectfully greeted Acheson: “The Tano Stars star master greets sir Acheson.”

Acheson spoke with an air of arrogance: “From today on, the Tano Star belongs to sir Firmament Holy. Your race has two choices, either immediately leave the Tano Star, or become a vassal of sir Firmament Holy. If you chose the latter, you must obey all orders of sir Firmament Holy.”

Since he is a Holy Spirit Warlock and the Tano Stars star master is just a quasi-Holy that hasnt formed an immortal body, Acheson can slay the other party. It is not surprising that he is being arrogant.

The Tano Stars star master replied respectfully, “The violetcore race is willing to serve sir Firmament Holy and fully obey his orders. Furthermore, the violetcore race is willing to give sir Firmament Holy free access to the races treasury.”

Acheson uttered flatly, “Great!”

Countless 6th generation battle robots flew out from the fleet, entered the Tano Star, and began to transform the celestial body. With the cooperation of the Tano Stars star master, Yang Feng quickly took control of the Tano Star.

As soon as the golden bones race was wiped out, Yang Feng dispatched Acheson with a fleet to take control of one celestial body after another, easily taking hold of the golden bones races forces.

After the golden bones race was wiped out, its vassal races have prepared to join Yang Fengs camp. Except for a few races who like to kill humans, all the other vassal races joined Yang Fengs camp. The races who joined Yang Fengs camp caught all the people of their race who liked to kill humans and sent them to Yang Feng to deal with.

In just 10 days, 372 life celestial bodies controlled by the golden bones race fell into Yang Fengs hands.

The major forces of the Tai Yuan Starfield all covet the forces of the golden bones race. But since Yang Feng said that he was going to take over the forces of the golden bones race, the major forces could only retreat, not daring to compete with Yang Feng.

After Yang Fengs mechanical legion occupied the forces of the golden bones race, it stopped its expansion.

Countless engineering robots were produced and began to collect the resources of the 372 life celestial bodies.

Countless explorers searched for mineral celestial bodies in the areas under the golden bones races control.

Every day, 10,000 units of 6th generation battle robots were produced and added to Yang Fengs mechanical legion, replenishing the mechanical legions strength.

The leaders of vassal forces went to the Ansara Star to greet Yang Feng.

The Ansara Star, on the summit of the Golden Bones Sacred Mountain that Yang Feng captured.

“What a great harvest!”

Sitting at the edge of a pool formed from life magic energy, Yang Feng checked his spoils of war and raised the corners of his mouth into a carefree smile.

Yang Feng seized 372 Springs of immortality from the golden bones race and obtained 53 Springs of Immortality from its vassal races. In addition, Yang Feng also found three materials necessary to manufacture the level-7 stronghold and countless precious resources in the treasuries of the golden bones race and its vassal races.

In the treasury of the golden bones race, there were countless treasures of heaven and earth, among which there were no less than 30 treasures that can enable the soul aptitude of Warlocks to break through the level-7 wall and advance to level-8.

So long as Yang Feng wants to, he can cultivate a waste with level-1 soul aptitude into a peerless genius with level-8 soul aptitude. Of course, an astronomical amount of resources will have to be consumed in order to achieve that.

If it wasnt for the fact that Yang Feng wants to build a solid foundation, he could advance to a Great Holy with the help of the resources he obtained from this war.

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