Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 116 – Fire Tower

Chapter 115 – Mining

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That Earth Knights eyes flashed with a touch of astonishment. He aroused all of his power and parried with his fine steel longsword.

The two swords collided. The claymore of the black-armored cavalry at once cut the fine steel longsword of the Earth Knight in two before chopping the Earth Knight from head to toe in two. Blood spurted everywhere.

The other black-armored cavalries jumped onto the huge city wall and rushed into the crowd, massacring left and right like fiends reaping human lives

Sharan Villages warriors were well equipped and well trained. But their strength and equipment were not in the same league as those of the black-armored cavalries. They were easily killed by the black armored cavalries.

After killing all those warriors, the black-armored cavalries opened the gate of Sharan Village before riding on their demonic wildebeests and proceeding towards the residence of Sharan Villages village mayor.

“Who are you people?”

The cavalries had just arrived near the residence of Sharan Villages village mayor, when an incomparably formidable life force erupted in a flash. A gold-haired blue-eyed middle-aged man with a tall and sturdy figure, wearing a white armor and holding a secret treasure claymore in his hand slowly came out. His eyes flashed gravely when he saw the two hundred black-armored cavalries.

Sky Knight Abel was the strongest expert that Berankom Family had left in Sharan Village. He had a full set of secret treasure equipment. Some rogue level-1 Warlocks with lower strength might not be his match.

The leading black-armored cavalry, without any bullshit, instantly erupted with a formidable life force comparable to that of a level-1 Warlock. Dim radiances from magical blessings bloomed all over his body. As swift as a clap of thunder, without giving his opponent time to prepare, the black-armored cavalry darted before Abel and chopped at him.

Abels complexion abruptly changed greatly and he urged his life energy, stimulating his secret treasure armor. Brute Strength, Grace and Acceleration; the three level-1 auxiliary spells at once shrouded his body before his strength rose greatly in a split second. He firmly raised the secret treasure claymore in his hands and parried the claymore of the black-armored cavalry.


Abel was directly jolted back by three or four steps along with a blare. The secret treasure claymore at once spurted a fireball, directly bombarding the black-armored cavalry.

The level-1 secret treasure claymore, Fire Sword, had the level-1 spell Fireball sealed in it. It could cast Fireball once a day. It was Abels strongest killer move which he used for reversing the circumstances of a battle.

Two black-armored cavalries stepped forwards in a split second and raised their shields. Two transparent protective covers appeared before them in a flash.

The fireball blasted against the two transparent protective covers, directly bursting and dissipating one of them.

Six black-armored cavalries stepped forward in a split second and madly stabbed at Abel from six different directions.

A cold radiance flashed past Abels eyes. He howled angrily before brandishing the Fire Sword in a sweeping motion, chopping off the heads of the six black-armored cavalries in a split second.

There was no blood being spurted after the heads of the six black-armored cavalries were chopped off and the six sharp claymores stabbed at Abel in a flash.

The level-1 spell Warping Force Field blessing erupted on Abels secret treasure armor in a split second, deviating the six sharp claymores to the side and avoiding that killing blow.

At that moment, the leading black-armored cavalry brandished his claymore with his full strength in a hacking motion and fiercely chopped at Abel.

Abel hurriedly parried the blow before being forcefully pushed back by six or seven steps by that black-armored cavalry.

The other six black-armored cavalry seized the opportunity to brandish their claymores in horizontal slashed and chopped at Abel, forcefully chopping open his protective armor as well as chopping him into quite a few parts.

The leading black-armored cavalry brandished his claymore in a slash and chopped off Abels head before pointing towards the residence of the village mayor.

Those black-armored cavalries immediately broke into the residence of the village mayor.

Screams were emitted from the residence of Sharan Villages village mayor. Before long, the black-armored cavalries galloped out of the residence of Sharan Villages village mayor while covered in blood and quickly left Sharan Village.

No one in Sharan Village dared to obstruct those fiendish black armored cavalries.

Budd took a team of cavalries and entered Sharan Village shortly after the black-armored cavalries had left.

Once Budd entered Sharan Village, he beheaded several dozen thugs that were looting and burning everywhere before sending people to fetch Sharan Villages bigwigs.

Budd was all smiles as he saw those bigwigs of Sharan Village before saying: “Im Budd, a subordinate of Sir Rex. I came here after pursuing the defeated remnants of dark elves. But its very unfortunate that I arrived just a step to late. I didnt managed to rescue the family of Sharan Villages mayor. According to the orders of Sir Rex, the entire Sharan Village is now under martial law. I have the authority to kill anyone on the spot that violates the orders of Sir Rex. Does any one of you disagree with anything that Ive just said?”

Those bigwigs of Sharan Village had lived here for an unknown amount of time. Many of them had seen Warlock families being destroyed one after another because of the several magic stone veins. Mortals like them had limited wealth and were simply unable to contend against those Warlock groups.

Now that Budd had clearly expressed that his purpose for coming here were the magic stone veins in the vicinity of Sharan Village, those bigwigs naturally didnt dare to go against him.

“The entire Sharan Village welcomes You, Sir Budd”

“Sharan Village is willing to comply with the orders of Sir Rex.”


Sharan Villages bigwigs felt Budds murderous gaze after a moment of silence, before successively plastering flattering smiles on their faces and saying loudly.

Budd swept those bigwigs with a gaze, his eyes flashing with a touch of contempt and amusement. As long as these bigwigs behaved, then the entire Sharan Village would behave.

At night of the same day. Heavy duty trucks forming a huge caravan drove into Sharan Village while dragging all kinds of heavy mining equipment, before heading towards the magic stone veins.

Very quickly, mechanical rumblings were transmitted from those magic stone veins.

Sharan Village had been run by Berankom Family for more than one hundred years. Even if the village was already cleaned up by those black-armored cavalries, but there were still a lot of spies of Berankom Family. They transmitted everything that they saw to Berankom Family via various means.

Yang Fengs methods were as fast as a clap of thunder as he cleaned up Satsuma Maquisdoms magic stone veins that originally belonged to great Warlock families. He completely swallowed those magic stone veins before madly mining them. Every day would yield him at least 5,000,000 low grade magic stones under his desperate mining. In addition, there were still large amounts of mid grade and high grade magic stones as well as a small portion of top grade magic stones.

It raised huge waves after Yang Feng seized those magic stone veins belonging to different Warlock families. Those Warlock families, that were adversely affected by Yang Feng, successively went to the aristocratic senate to make noise; demanding the restoration of the ownership of their ore veins and the punishment of Yang Feng.

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