Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1160 – He is the Firmament Holy

Chapter 1159 – Jade Sound Music Holy

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“Lord, this is an invitation letter from the Silver Brilliant Manors young master. Hes inviting you to go to the Tai Yuan Star to listen to a concert. The central starfields Jade Sound Music Holy has come to the Tai Yuan Starfield to hold a concert.”

Zhou Ruoyu handed Yang Feng a golden invitation.

“Jade Sound Music Holy! Ruoyu, Ruoling, if its her, you cannot miss this concert.”

Ruslanas beautiful eyes brightened, and she snatched the golden invitation from Yang Feng, played with it fondly, and then looked at the confused Zhou Ruoyu and Zhou Ruoling and explained: “The Jade Sound Music Holy is one of the ten music Holies of the central starfield. Her singing is not only most beautiful music in the world, but it can also soothe your soul and nurse your body.”

“Listening to her singing is a most wonderful enjoyment in the world. Of the ten music Holies, five only sing for eternal empyrean races and two only sing for Holies. Only three music Holies travel the universe and hold concerts from time to time. Anyone can listen to their singing as long as they have an invitation. The Jade Song Music Holy is one of these three music Holies. Her concerts are extremely hard to come by, much more harder than meeting a Great Holy. Even if its in the central starfield, it is extremely difficult to get to listen her singing. Only top aristocrats can listen to her singing.”

Zhou Ruoling hugged Yang Fengs arm and said cutesy in a sweet voice, “Lord, I want to go. Take me with you! After practicing cultivation all this time, Im fatigued! Take me with you! Take it as a reward for my hard work, okay?”

Zhou Ruoling is an extremely rare talent that is rarely seen once in 1 trillion people. In order to cultivate her into an expert, Yang Feng put a tight leash on her and had her practice cultivation nonstop.

Zhou Ruoling, who is a somewhat lively character, finds it boring to practice cultivation all day long. Now that she heard that a concert that only Holies have the opportunity to attend to will be held in the Tai Yuan Star, it immediately attracted her attention.

Yang Feng looked aside and saw Zhou Ruoyu gazing at him eagerly. As a result, he smiled and said, “Alright, lets go together.”

Inside a lavish starship flying towards the Tai Yuan Star.

A space boundary is installed inside the lavish starship, forming a space with an are of thousands of square kilometers. Inside the vast space, there are mountains, a lake, a forest, and a snowfield. The scenery here is picturesque and beautiful. Those who can ride the lavish starship are wealthy aristocrats of the Tai Yuan Starfield.

While sitting in a chair and tasting fine wine, Yang Feng is quietly watching Ruslana and the other two girls playing in the lake with a smile on his face.

Yang Feng does his best when practicing cultivation. But in ordinary times, he is someone who likes to enjoy life.

“Its really strange to meet a Holy here.”

Yang Feng suddenly looked aside.

He saw a peerless beauty with fair, sparkling skin, a perfect figure, black, shoulder length hair, and extraordinary temperament, wearing a white one-piece swimsuit and a pair of large sunglasses, swimming in the lake.

With a flash of faint light, thin mist rose from the peerless beauty wearing large sunglasses as the water covering her body evaporated. She comfortably reclined on a deck chair and quietly basked in the artificial sun.

Female Holies are basically guaranteed to be extremely beautiful. Even if they were originally ugly, as long as they adjust their body, they can definitely become devastatingly beautiful. Only disposition and temperament are hard to change.

Although the peerless beautys eyes are covered by the large sunglasses, but her temperament alone is extraordinary and extremely attractive.

As if sensing Yang Fengs undisguised gaze, the extremely beautiful Holy glanced in his direction, and then stopped paying him any more attention.

Yang Feng used a secret method to restrain his Holy might, looking just like an ordinary Infinity Warlock.

An ordinary Infinity Warlock is akin to an ant in front of a Holy. As such, it is not surprising that she wont spare him a second glance.

The extremely beautiful Holy has also used a secret method to restrain her Holy might. However, with his sharp senses, Yang Feng was able to see through her true strength at a glance.

“Hello, beautiful lady, Im Andy, the third successor of the Tai Yuan Stars Curixis Monarch Manor. Can I sit here?”

A handsome blonde man with two antennas on his head and an abstruse rune engraved on his forehead came up to the beautiful Holy and asked enthusiastically, a perfect smile on his face.

Several young men and women with outstanding appearances and temperament, who obviously come from prestigious families, are standing not far away and looking this way with a smile on their faces.

The people in this lavish starship are all wealthy and remarkable. But even so, the beautiful Holy still stands out like a crane in a flock of chicken, making it so others want to make friends with her.

The beautiful Holy replied coldly, “Im sorry, but I like to be alone.”

Seeing this scene, Yang Feng showed a smile of derision.

Andy is just an Infinity Warlock. Although he can already be considered to be a genius when taking into account the Tai Yuan Stars younger generation, but in front of a female Holy, he is just an ant. The beautiful Holy is already being rather restrained and polite.

If it was a temperamental female Holy with a tyrannical disposition instead, Andy may have already forfeited his life.

Rejected by the beautiful Holy, Andys eyes flickered with humiliation. When he saw Yang Feng smiling derisively not far away, he became furious and shouted, “What are you smiling for? Whats so funny?”

Yang Feng answered flatly, “Im smiling because I saw a certain fool overestimating himself.”

Andy suppressed the anger burning inside him and asked coldly, “Im Andy, the third successor of the Tai Yuan Stars Curixis Monarch Manor. Who are you?”

Outside the three empyrean races, the Curixis Monarch is a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse ranked in the top 30 of the Tai Yuan Star. Although Andy is confident that no one on this starship can compete with him in terms of background, but he is still cautious.

Yang Feng uttered indifferently, “You dont deserve to know who I am.”

Andys eyes burned with the fire of anger, and he uttered with a cold smile, “I dont deserve to know?”

“Older brother Andy is the third successor of the Curixis Monarch Manor and owns a 30% stake in this starship, making him equivalent to the owner of this starship. If he isnt qualified to ask about your background, then who is?”

A tall, beautiful, sexy girl with long, gray hair and tanned skin color walked over and sneered.

The beautiful, grey-haired, sexy girl is called Shana and is the fifth successor to a grand duke manor. Among the several aristocratic youngsters, she is a most beautiful and capable big sister.

Yang Feng glanced at Andy and answered flatly, “His father is barely qualified to say a few words to me. If your father learns that you dared talk to me like this, he will break your legs or directly kill you so as to apologize to me.”

Andy narrowed his eyes and stared fixedly at Yang Feng, and a sense of vigilance welled up inside him. For Yang Feng to run his mouth despite knowing his identity, if he isnt a madman, then he must have a frightening background. As the third successor of the Curixis Monarch Manor, Andy isnt a pampered young master, but an elite among elites. He regained his composure and quietly looked at Yang Feng, sizing him up.

“Jade Sound Music Holy, please come out and greet us!”

Three Holy Spirit Warlock rank auras rose outside and shrouded the lavish starship, and then a voice reverberated in the starship.

When Andy detected the terrifying fluctuations of power, his face fell: “Holies, three Holies! Why have Holies come here?”

“Holies, what are Holies doing here?”

“What did they come for?”


Everyone in the lavish starship was alarmed.

The strongest powerhouses in the lavish starship are several supreme Infinity Warlocks. In front of Holies, those supreme Infinity Warlocks are no different from ants.

With a slap, these Holies can erase the thousands of people aboard the lavish starship, not even leaving ashes behind.

Even the aftermath of Holies fighting can destroy the lavish starship.

With a slight sigh, the beautiful Holy took off her sunglasses and revealed a devastatingly beautiful face. The peerless appearance matched with extraordinary temperament propelled her charm to the extreme.

When Andy saw the Jade Sound Music Holys appearance, he was shocked art once. His heart was stolen by her. His mouth became dry and his heartbeat accelerated, as if she is his first love: “Jade Sound Music Holy, she is the Jade Sound Music Holy! Shes so beautiful!”

“So beautiful!”

“Shes the embodiment of beauty!”

“Too beautiful!”


When the surrounding aristocratic men saw the Jade Sound Music Holy, they inhaled a breath of cold air, and shock flashed in their eyes.

Yang Fengs eyes brightened and shimmered with admiration, “What a peerless beauty. Shes a notch better than the succubus queen. Of the beauties I have seen so far, she is second only to Xueer!”

The Cloud Dragon Queen and other female Holies are stunningly beautiful. Yet when compared with the Jade Sound Music Holy, they are slightly lacking.

In terms of demeanor, however, the Jade Sound Music Holy is a notch better than Shi Xue, who has the air of an empress.

“Truly beautiful!”

“Beyond beautiful!”

“An incarnation of beauty!”


Zhou Ruoyus group of three girls looked at the Jade Sound Music Holy with admiration in their eyes. Ruslanas eyes flashed with greed, wishing she could gobble the Jade Sound Music Holy up.

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