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Chapter 1162 – Emperorslayer Forum

Chapter 1161 – Malice

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“So strong! So this is the Firmament Holy! As expected of an outrageously strong powerhouse who slayed Great Holies while in the Holy Spirit Warlock realm!”

Seeing Yang Feng easily slay the three Holies, the eyes of the Jade Sound Music Holy flashed with shock. She walked up to Yang Feng and greeted him respectfully, a fragrance wafting out from her: “Jade Sound Music Holy greets sir Firmament Holy!”

Yang Feng carefully looked at the Jade Sound Music Holy, his eyes filled with appreciation, and he said with a smile, “Im the Firmament Holy. Nice to meet you, Jade Sound Music Holy. Im looking forward to your concert.”

The Jade Sound Music Holy smiled sweetly, filled with confidence: “I wont let you down.”

“Lets go back!”

Yang Feng smiled, and ripples appeared all over his body.

Inside the starship, ripples rose and condensed to form Yang Fengs true body.

“Greetings, sir Firmament Holy. I didnt know your identity before. If I offended you in any way, please forgive me, sir Firmament Holy. If this isnt enough to appease you, then I am willing to offer you my life to quell your anger, sir Firmament Holy.”

Andy immediately came forward, knelt on the floor, and kowtowed without hesitation, and blood appeared on his head. He doesnt dare to heal his head. He is aware that so long as Yang Feng wants to kill him, he will die no matter where he escapes to.

Shana prostrated herself on the floor and, as if a believer worshiping a god, uttered respectfully: “I didnt know your identity before. Please forgive me, sir Firmament Holy. I am willing to serve you as a servant so as to atone for my crime. Please accept me, sir Firmament Holy.”

Yang Feng glanced at Andy and Shana and said indifferently, “Get up!”

“Thank you, sir!”

Andy and Shana got up and gazed at Yang Feng with worried expressions.

Ruslanas beautiful eyes surged with a peculiar glint, and she pointed at Shana and asked, “Lord, I like her. Can I have her as my maid?”

Yang Feng glanced at Shana and uttered flatly, “Shana, what do you think?”

Shanas eyes flashed with the shade of disappointment, and she answered respectfully, “It would be an honor to become this ladys maid.”

Yang Feng glanced at the Tai Yuan Stars aristocrats around him and said indifferently, “I dont want to meet those people. Stop them.”

With Yang Fengs current status, even a Warlock Monarch can only barely be qualified to say a few words to him. These aristocrats of the Tai Yuan Star are just juniors who arent qualified to talk to him at all.

“Yes! Sir Firmament Holy!”

Andy respectfully saluted Yang Feng, and then stopped these aristocrats, who are eager to meet Yang Feng.

Yang Feng said unhurriedly, a sharp look in his eyes, “Jade Sound Music Holy, have you come to the Tai Yuan Starfield because of the Abaddon Emperor Palace?”

The Abaddon Emperor Palace is a great secret for ordinary people. But for the Tai Yuan Starfields Holies, it is no secret at all. The location and the opening time of the Abaddon Emperor Palace have already been calculated by the Holies.

The Jade Sound Music Holy smiled and said, “The Abaddon Emperor Palace, the heavenly palace of the Abaddon Emperor? Im not interested. Im just here for the concert. Countless geniuses and experts flock to places such as the Abaddon Emperor Palace. With my strength, if I were to go there, I would likely bring upon my own destruction.”

The Jade Sound Music Holy is a gorgeous and unique female Holy adored by countless Holies of the Eternal Ancient Road. However, in places such as the Abaddon Emperor Palace, where Holies compete for resources by hook or by crook, no matter how beautiful the Jade Sound Music Holy is, she will be in grave danger once she provokes a strong enemy.

Although Yang Feng has a favorable impression of her, but if the Jade Sound Music Holy competes with him for the treasures in the Abaddon Emperor Palace, he will kill her without hesitation.

The Jade Sound Music Holy smiled and said, “Firmament Holy, thank you very much for your help this time. If it wasnt for you, I would have been captured by the Divine Imperators underlings and brought back to the Myriad Flowers Divine Mountain.”

Yang Feng asked curiously: “To act against you, isnt the Divine Imperator afraid of causing public outrage?”

The Jade Sound Music Holy is one of the ten peerless music Holies of the Eternal Ancient Road. She has many friends all over the Eternal Ancient Road, including more than 100 Holies.

If it becomes known that he sent people to capture the Jade Sound Music Holy, the Divine Imperator will make countless enemies.

The Jade Sound Music Holy sighed faintly: “The Divine Imperator is a peerless powerhouse with the making of an Empyrean. According to legend, he is the reincarnation of an Empyrean. Not long ago, he slayed a Great Holy while in the pinnacle Holy rank. In addition, he is the crown prince of the eternal empyrean race the blue spirit divine race. Even if I had more friends that I already have, how could I contend against an eternal immortal race?”

Yang Feng nodded.

Unless it is an adoring spouse or a really close friend, no Holy would be willing to become an enemy of an eternal empyrean race for the sake of the Jade Sound Music Holy.

If its willing to pay the price, an eternal empyrean race can pursue a Holy to the ends of the world.

Yang Feng offended the Divine Imperator before. This time, he directly killed the three Holies dispatched by the Divine Imperator, weakening his power.

Since the Jade Sound Music Holy has traveled all the major starfields of the Eternal Ancient Road, she is familiar with the situation of the major starfields. While chatting with her, Yang Feng learned many secrets and the circumstances of major races.

After the disturbance cause by the three Holies, the starship had a peaceful journey all the way till it reached the Tai Yuan Star and landed in a star harbor.

“Firmament Holy, youre here at last!”

As soon as Yang Feng walked out of the starship, Yinshe Xingkong welcomed him with a smile on his face.

Behind Yinshe Xingkong, there is Yinshe Kongyin and a large number of beauties with extraordinary temperaments of the silver brilliant snake race standing quietly, painting a beautiful picture.

“Thats the Satellite Holy, the Silver Brilliant Manors young master. He came to welcome him in person. Thats the Firmament Holy for you!”

“Thats Yinshe Kongyin, the little princess of the silver brilliant snake race. She came as well!”

“Thats Yinshe Qianyue, a genius princess of the silver brilliant snake race. She also came!”


The aristocrats of the Tai Yuan Star that alighted the starship were stunned when they saw the beautiful girls of the silver brilliant snake race. Each of the girls standing behind Yinshe Xingkong like maids has a much higher status than them.

When Yinshe Xingkong saw the Jade Sound Music Holy beside Yang Feng, his eyes brightened, and he asked with an elegant smile: “Isnt this the Jade Sound Music Holy? We met 3,000 years ago, I wonder if you still remember me?”

The Jade Sound Music Holy answered with a smile, “Of course I remember! Youre Yinshe Xingkong, the Silver Brilliant Manors young master. Youre such a remarkable character, theres no way I would forget you.”

Yinshe Kongyin looked at Yang Feng with a complex shade in her beautiful eyes.

The last time he came, Yang Feng was just a powerful Holy. This time, however, Yang Feng is the leader of the human race, one of the Tai Yuan Starfields three empyrean races. He has 372 life celestial bodies and numerous auxiliary mineral celestial bodies under his control, and his prestige has surpassed even that of the silver brilliant snake race, making Yinshe Kongyin feel envious.

After an exchange of greetings, Yinshe Xingkong beckoned with his hand, and a silver bridge flew over from afar and landed at the feet of Yang Feng and company.

Yang Feng and company set foot on the silver bridge and went directly to the Jue Yun Mountain.

The Jue Yun Mountain, in a palace.

Yinshe Xingkong made an enthusiastic introduction: “Firmament Holy, let me introduce you. This is the Lightless Seas Lightless Sacred Daughter, and this is the zhenxu divine races Zhenxu Divine Son. Your highness sacred daughter, your highness divine son, this is the Firmament Holy, and the person beside him is the Jade Sound Music Holy.”

The eyes of the Zhenxu Divine Son flickered with the shade of admiration, and he uttered with an elegant smile, “Jade Sound Music Holy, youre really beautiful! Its my pleasure to meet you.”

The Jade Sound Music Holy showed a perfect smile and said in reply, “its my pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

The Zhenxu Divine Son asked with a smile, “Firmament Holy, Im interested in the white jade phalanx bone. Would you mind taking it out for everyone to admire it?”

Yinshe Xingkong frowned slightly. He detected veiled malice from the Zhenxu Divine. At the same time, his gaze fell on Yang Feng.

The Lightless Sacred Daughter looked at Yang Feng with expectation in her beautiful eyes.

The golden bones races trump card, the white jade phalanx bone, is shockingly powerful. It can slay Great Holy rank powerhouses. Despite how strong Yang Feng is, he was almost killed by the white jade phalanx bone.

Virtually all Holies of the Tai Yuan Starfield are curious about the origin of the white jade phalanx bone.

If it wasnt for Yang Fengs fierce display when dealing with the golden divine bones race, numerous powerhouses would have already come to him to fight over the white jade phalanx bone.

Yang Feng said flatly, “I lost it.”

The Zhenxu Divine Son snorted coldly and said icily, “You lost it? Who are you lying to? Its a treasure not inferior to Empyrean grade secret treasures, how could you have lost it? Youre clearly looking down on us and dont regard us as friends.”

“Your highness divine son, youre being too harsh.”

Yinshe Xingkongs countenance suddenly changed dramatically, and he looked at Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed fiercely and surged with cold killing intent aimed at the Zhenxu Divine Son: “So what if I look down on you, you trash? Do you want to fight me? Say, if I were to kill you here, will the zhenxu divine race go to war with me, or will it reach a compromise with me and choose a new divine son?”

The Zhenxu Divine Son is so angry that his eyes shot with blood and his body trembled. He never expected Yang Feng to turn hostile due to a disagreement, rendering his speaking skills useless.

Yinshe Xingkong said helplessly, a bitter smile on his face: “Firmament Holy, please calm down. This is territory under the Silver Brilliant Mansions influence. Please give me face and let this matter rest.”

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