Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1163 – Jade Sound Music Holy

Chapter 1162 – Emperorslayer Forum

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The Zhenxu Divine Son snorted coldly, “Lightless Sacred Daughter, lets go!”

The Lightless Sacred Daughter smiled faintly: “Your highness divine son, I want to stay a while longer.”


The Zhenxu Divine Sons expression darkened, and he erupted with countless runes, turned into smoke, and disappeared.

After the Zhenxu Divine Son left, the banquet went on for a while, and then concluded.

The Tai Yuan Star, the Cloud Sea.

A ray of light silently fell into a palace in the Cloud Sea, and then the figure of the Zhenxu Divine Son was revealed.

The Cloud Dragon Queens beautiful eyes shone, and she asked indifferently, “Your Highness Zhenxu Divine Son, for you to come in secret, what can the cloud dragon race do for you?”

The Zhenxu Divine Son uttered with a faint smile, “Your Highness Cloud Dragon Queen, is the cloud dragon race interested in the white jade phalanx bone in the Firmament Holys hands?”

The Cloud Dragon Queen smiled lightly and said, “The human race is one of the three empyrean races of the Tai Yuan Starfield. Your highness divine son, do you understand what I mean?”

The white jade phalanx bone is a peerless treasure. Even Warlock Emperors would be tempted if they heard about it. However, Yang Fengs fighting strength is incredible. He can slay Great Holies. Furthermore, his mechanical legion legion has wiped out the golden bones race. As one of the Tai Yuan Stars three empyrean races, the human has the power to protect the white jade phalanx bone.

The cloud dragon race wont take the great risk of fighting Yang Feng. Otherwise, if it is defeated, the whole race will be destroyed.

In these turbulent times, powerhouses eager to advance to the Warlock Emperor realm will seize all opportunities and compete for all available resources.

As one of the Tai Yuan Starfields three empyrean races, the cloud dragon race has accumulated countless wealth and has the protection of more than ten Holies. For Yang Feng, this peerless powerhouses who is eager to attack the Warlock Emperor realm, it is prey. If he is given an excuse, he wont be lenient.

The Zhenxu Divine Son said, “Of course, I naturally dont mean for the cloud dragon race to deal with him. I just want you to turn a blind eye at a certain time and let things happen.”

The Cloud Dragon Queen pondered for a while before saying faintly, “Your highness divine son, please go back. We will carefully consider your proposal.”

The Zhenxu Divine Son smiled, and then turned into light and disappeared.

The Cloud Dragon Great Holys voice sounded: “What do you plan to do?”

The Cloud Dragon Queen sighed faintly: “The Firmament Holy has the making of an Empyrean. Im afraid he will become the ninth Warlock Emperor of the human race in the future. I dont want to be his enemy. However, the humans have great influence in the Tai Yuan Starfield, which is not in line with the interests of the cloud dragon race.”

Yang Feng destroyed the golden bones race in a short time, making the human race one of the Tai Yuan Starfields three empyrean races. This brought great pressure to the cloud dragon race and the silver brilliant snake race.

Silence enveloped the palace.

After the Zhenxu Divine Son left the Cloud Sea, he spread the fingers of his hand, and a rhomboid crystal appeared in the void.

That rhomboid crystal is a Holy grade secret treasure that can access the magic network connecting the Eternal Ancient Roads known starfields.

The Zhenxu Divine Son surfed in the magic network. After going through many verifications, he finally entered a mysterious forum — Emperorslayer Forum.

The Emperorslayer Forum is a large assassin forum, members of which include assassin organizations from all starfields of the Eternal Ancient Road.

As long as you pay the appropriate price, assassin organizations from all over the Eternal Ancient Road will flock to kill the target.

The number of Holies who died by assassins from the Emperorslayer Forum has exceeded 50, including three Great Holies.

“Firmament Holy, human, advanced Holy Spirit Warlock, killed the Moonshatter Great Holy, currently located in the Tai Yuan Starfield, leader of the human race of the Tai Yuan Stars three empyrean races. Reward: 159 Spring of Immortality and access to the Zhenxu Divine Pool for a year.”

A bounty appeared in the Emperorslayer Forum.

“Firmament Holy, who is that? Someone offered a reward of 159 Springs of Immortality to claim his life?”

“159 Springs of Immortality and access to the Zhenxu Divine Pool for a year, how grand!”

“Tai Yuan Star!”

“If I kill him, I will have enough resources to promote to a Great Holy!”


Top assassins from all over the Eternal Ancient Road were excited when they saw the bounty on the Emperorslayer Forum, and a heated discussion ensued.

Ordinary Holy Spirit Warlocks only have one or two Springs of Immortality at most. Taking out 159 Springs of Immortality at one time is equivalent to the wealth accumulated by a small- to medium-sized force for tens of thousands of years. This is enough to make people go crazy.

The Zhenxu Divine Pool is an Eternal Sovereign relic site controlled by the zhenxu divine race. It has the magical properties of rebuilding the body, recasting the foundation, and sublimating the soul. Even Great Holies long to practice cultivation in the Zhenxu Divine Pool and consolidate their foundation anew.

“Night Fang, ranked tenth on the Holy Assassination List, accepted this mission!”

“Night Fang has assassinated five Holies and even seriously wounded a Great Holy. Hes incredibly strong, probably even as strong as the top five on the Holy Assassination List. Since he accepted it, Im afraid that the human Firmament Holy is done for.”

“Once the Dark Fang accepts a mission, the target is all but guaranteed to die. The Firmament Holy is dead!”


A commotion suddenly rose on the Emperorslayer Forum.

The Holy Assassination List is a list of assassins on the Emperorslayer Forum. Every assassin on the Holy Assassination List has assassinated at least one Holy. The top ten assassins on the list possess mysterious backgrounds. They have assassinated multiple Holies, and their strength far exceeds that of the lower ranked assassins.

The assassins on the Holy Assassination List who are close to the Tai Yuan Starfield accepted the mission on the Emperor Slayer Forum and rushed to the Tai Yuan Starfield.

Many assassins on the Holy Assassination List only have junior Holy rank cultivation base because of unstable foundation. If they can go to the Zhenxu Divine Pool and recast their foundation, and then use 159 Springs of Immortality, they will be able to break the shackles binding them and advance further. Furthermore, if they successfully assassinate Yang Feng, they will be able to get a huge fortune from him. All this is what drives the assassins to flock towards the Tai Yuan Starfield.

Watching the development on the Emperorslayer Forum, Zhenxu Divine Son smiled coldly, and his eyes flickered with ridicule: “Bunch of lowlife fools, youre just cannon fodder.”

The Emperorslayer Forum has a profound background. It has the support of several ancient assassin organizations and is rapt in mystery. The Zhenxu Divine Son doesnt intend to renege on his promise. However, if he himself accepts the assassination mission, deals Yang Feng the final blow, and robs his body, all the rewards will belong to him. The ancient assassin organizations that preside over the Emperorslayer Forum wont say much about it.

The Tai Yuan Sacred Concert Hall is the greatest music holy land of the Tai Yuan Star. Only great musicians with the highest attainments in music are eligible to hold a performance in the Tai Yuan Sacred Concert Hall.

The Taiyuan Sacred Concert Hall opens once every 100 years on average. Each time it opens, it is a major event on the Tai Yuan Star. It is difficult to get a ticket to enter the Tai Yuan Sacred Concert Hall. Only aristocrats at the grand duke level and above can get tickets to enter the Tai Yuan Sacred Concert Hall.

Luxurious carriages pulled by various extraordinary creatures such as flood dragons, rocs, stone wolves, dragons, pegasi, unicorns, and so on are parked in a garage.

If an ordinary person approaches the garage, they will be directly shocked to death by the life force fields emitted by these fearsome extraordinary life forms.

“Were finally in!”

Inside the Tai Yuan Sacred Concert Hall, in a most remote corner, there stand several young men and women, including Alina, Mott, and Gloria.

A aristocratic youth complained, “Alina, why did you only got standing tickets?”

At this time, the outside of the Tai Yuan Sacred Concert Hall is a sea of people, making the heirs of large aristocratic families feel really uncomfortable.

Alina glanced at the aristocratic youth and uttered, “Borg, it took me a lot of effort to get these tickets. I even asked a princesses of the silver brilliant snake race for a favor. If youre not satisfied, you can always leave. This is a concert of the Jade Sound Music Holy. There are many people waiting outside, hoping to get a standing ticket! If I sell the ticket, I will be able to get 100,000 top magic crystals for it. Do you want to try it?”

Borg hurriedly said, “Theres no need, Ill stay. Anyway, Alina, to be able to get these tickets, you are really remarkable. My older brother couldnt get any tickets despite being the first successor of a marquis manor. Youre amazing.”

Alina feels proud of herself. When she entered the Jue Yun Mountain as a maid to serve Holies, she made friends with a princess of the silver brilliant snake race. It took a lot of magic crystals to get a few tickets. Furthermore, she now owes the other party big time.

“The Firmament Hole has come!”

A cry sounded in the Tai Yuan Sacred Concert Hall. Light shone and swept the people crowding at the entrance aside, clearing a path wide enough for ten people walking side by side to pass through.

Yang Feng accompanied by the Zhou sisters and Ruslana strolled in through the path.

“So thats the Firmament Holy, the human Firmament Holy”

“The founder of an empyrean race is really amazing.”

“The Firmament Holy is really a great individual!”


Bursts of admiration reverberated in the Tai Yuan Sacred Concert Hall. No matter what the aristocrats of the Tai Yuan Star may think, none of them dares to speak ill of him.

A beautiful and sexy aristocratic girl with long, chestnut hair, snow-white skin, and blue eyes sighed in envy: “Ruslana is really enviable. If only I were the one beside the Firmament Holy. I wouldnt even mind being his servant girl.”

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