Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1164 – Assassination

Chapter 1163 – Jade Sound Music Holy

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Gloria looked at the radiant Ruslana with envy and jealousy in her beautiful eyes: “Curses, she isnt as beautiful as me, yet she can stand beside him. How enviable.”

The girl with long, chestnut hair watched Yang Feng and his party enter a floating private room emanating immortal Holy might with envy in her eyes: “Thats the Hymn Chamber, a place where immortal Holy might is boosted. A place that only the most noble Holies can enter. There are only five such chambers in the whole Tai Yuan Sacred Concert Hall. If I could enter it once and listen to the Jade Sound Music Holy sing, then even if I would have to die immediately after, it would be worth it.”

The Tai Yuan Stars aristocratic youngsters looked at the crystal Hymn Chamber with envy in their eyes.

The crystal Hymn Chamber is a special place for Holies. Except for some attendants, only Holies and prodigies of the three empyrean races like Yinshe Kongyin can book it.

The crystal Hymn Chamber itself is also a Holy grade secret treasure. Its only function is to adjust and embellish the various music effects of the Tai Yuan Sacred Concert Halls center stage to the extreme.

“The Zhenxu Divine Son and the Lightless Sacred Daughter have arrived.”

A cry sounded, and then the Zhenxu Divine Son and the Lightless Sacred Daughter stepped into the concert hall and entered a crystal Hymn Chamber together.

“The Cloud Dragon Great Holy and the Cloud Dragon Queen have arrived!”

A cry sounded, and then the Cloud Dragon Great Holy and the Cloud Dragon Queen stepped into the concert hall.

“The Cloud Dragon Great Holy!”

“He came, as well!”

“So thats the Cloud Dragon Great Holy!”


In the concert hall, the gazes of countless aristocrats of the Tai Yuan Star focused on the Cloud Dragon Great Holy. The Cloud Dragon Great Holy is the strongest powerhouse of the cloud dragon race. While his daughter, the Cloud Dragon Queen, is also a Holy. Its extremely rare to have two Holies in one family in the Tai Yuan Starfield. The power of the cloud dragon race is concentrated in the hands of this father-daughter pair.

The Cloud Dragon Great Holy has always been an elusive character. As such, it is not surprising for him to attract the attention of many people.

“The Cloud Dragon Great Holy is here, too? It seems that the beauty of the Jade Sound Music Holys music must be beyond my expectation.”

When Yang Feng saw the Cloud Dragon Great Holy enter the concert hall, he showed a look of surprise on his face, and his eyes flashed with expectation.

As one of the bigwigs of the Human Supreme Council, Yang Feng has enjoyed most of the things there are to enjoy in the world of Warlocks. In the place where he resides, there is also a group composed of beautiful singers from various races famous for their beautiful voices and countless musicians from various races.

At this time, Yang Feng has already promoted to a Holy Spirit Warlock, and his body and soul contain a trace of immortality. The extraordinary powers of those races can affect the perception of people and make them feel happy, yet they have little effect on him. He doesnt have much interest in music. He just came out to relax with the Zhou sisters.

For the Cloud Dragon Great Holy to pay so much attention to the Jade Sound Music Holys concert, this naturally made Yang Feng look forward to it.

“Silver Brilliant Great Holy, Silver Wind Great Holy, Satellite Holy, Light Holy, Sea Holy have arrived!”

A cry sounded, and then five Holies of the silver brilliant snake race entered the concert hall together.

” So that is the Silver Brilliant Great Holy, the No. 1 expert of the silver brilliant snake race.”

Yang Feng eyes fell on a dashing youngster of the Silver Brilliant Manor in a silver robe, and his eyes constricted.

That dashing youngster, who looks younger than Yinshe Xingkong, is the silver brilliant snake races No. 1 expert, the Silver Brilliant Great Holy. He is a peerless powerhouse that competes with the Cloud Dragon Great Holy for the position of the Tai Yuan Stars No. 1 expert.

The Silver Brilliant Great Holy detected Yang Fengs gaze, and then turned his head and smiled kindly.

Yang Feng showed a polite smile in turn.

“Blue Ridge Great Holy, Blue Ridge Sacred Daughter have arrived!”

A cry rang out, and then a burly Great Holy with three dragon heads and a human-shaped body, exuding an overbearing aura walked into the concert hall.

Beside the Blue Ridge Great Holy, there is a beautiful woman with a pair of dragon horns, long, wavy, ash silver hair, and a sexy figure, exuding a noble temperament.

The Blue Ridge Great Holy is the No.1 expert of the blue ridge dragon race, which is second only to the Tai Yuan Starfields three empyrean races. The Blue Ridge Sacred Daughter is the most gifted female Holy of the blue ridge race.

The Blue Ridge Great Holy and the Blue Ridge Sacred Daughter also entered a crystal Hymn Chamber.

“The Anchaman Great Holy has arrived!”

A fierce-looking Great Holy enveloped by demonic qi, which circles around him like flood dragons, engraved with countless mysterious runes on his skin, exuding a tyrannical aura stepped into the concert hall.

The Anchaman Great Holy looked at the five crystal Hymn Chambers, his face sank, and he snorted and sat in the front row of the concert hall.

The five crystal Hymn Chambers are occupied by an empyrean eternal race and the Tai Yuan Starfields four major forces. Despite how rebellious and domineering the Anchaman Great Holy is, he doesnt want to provoke the powerhouses in the crystal Hymn Chambers at this time.

“The Twinkle Eye Great Holy!”

“The Cyan Fang Holy!”

“The Spirit Illumination Holy!”


One after another, Great Holies and Holies entered the concert hall and filled the front row. The aristocrats of the Tai Yuan Starfield were filled with excitement as they watched the rarely seen Great Holies and Holies appear one after another.

Gloria looked at the crystal Hymn Chamber where Yang Feng is located with regret: “Even among the Holies, he is a most powerful and superior existence!”

While watching the Holies gather, Yang Feng mused: “Holies gather! So this is the charm of a music Holy. It seems that I underestimated the value and influence of music Holies in the Eternal Ancient Road.”

After all the Holies entered, soft light filled the concert hall.

All the aristocrats became quiet.

Along with a hazy mist, the gorgeous Jade Sound Music Holy dressed in a white dress appeared in the center of the stage.

The Jade Sound Music Holy snapped her fingers, and runes appeared.

Drums, piano, violin, cello, and other musical instruments that Yang Feng had and hadnt seen appeared in the center of the stage.

The musical instrument are Monarch grade secret treasure, and there are even three Holy grade secret treasures among them.

Next to the musical instruments, there sit beautiful women, who are avatars of the Jade Sound Music Holy.

When the Jade Sound Music Holys pink lips parted, countless runes shone, and the musical instruments radiated beautiful light. Wonderful music rose, turned into music notes that can awe the soul, and echoed in the concert hall.

“Its wonderful and comfortable! So this is the power of a music Holy, amazing!”

Yang Feng closed his eyes and immersed himself in the wonderful music, feeling extremely comfortable.

Yang Fengs soul seemed to be baptized and purified by the wonderful music, and almost imperceptible soul injuries covering his soul disappeared.

Affected by the wonderful music, the life origin of the numerous Holies Yang Feng devoured transformed, sublimated, and was completely absorbed by him, strengthening his soul origin.

One after another, frightening auras filled the concert hall. Many aristocrats of the Tai Yuan Starfield broke through a bottleneck thanks to the beautiful music and advanced to a higher level at one stroke.

After who knows how long, the wonderful music disappear.

Still immersed in the aftertaste of the wonderful music, Yang Feng is shining with countless runes. His aura was strengthened.

“So thats one of the Eternal Ancient Roads ten music Holies. This was the most beautiful music Ive ever heard. Furthermore, the music has magic power and can nourish the soul of Holies. No wonder the Divine Imperator was willing to send three Holies to capture her.”

Yang Feng opened his eyes, and they radiated bright light. When his eyes fell on the central stage, the magnificent Jade Sound Music Holy flashed with inscrutable light.

The Jade Sound Music Holy detected Yang Fengs gaze and showed him a bright and beautiful smile.

Yang Feng looked at the pure smile that can purify the darkness in peoples hearts and smiled: “Forget it! The singing has eliminated the tiny hidden damage in my body. If I want to hear her singing again, Ill invite her over.”

“Sir Firmament Holy, the Jade Sound Music Holy invites you to meet her.”

A sweet voice sounded outside the crystal Hymn Chamber.

Yang Feng got up, pushed open the door of the crystal Hymn Chamber, and walked out.

Standing outside the door is a beautiful girl dressed in cyan, with skin as sparkling as snow, picturesque eyebrows, beautiful eyes, shoulder length, black hair, pure and refined temperament, and Infinity Warlock rank cultivation base.

Yang Feng replied faintly, “Take me to her!”

“Yes! Sir Firmament Holy!”

The girl in cyan lowered her head, and her eyes shimmered with an enigmatic shade. In an instant, advanced Holy rank fluctuations of power broke out, and a black diagram flew out, expanded, and sealed the area, forming a terrifying domain full of darkness that can sever the senses of Holies.

A black mirror suddenly flew out and emitted wisps of strange aura, and a female face with one eye and numerous pupils in the eye immediately appeared, revealed a creepy smile, and fired a queer light beam that can freeze the soul of Holies.

At the moment when the light beam hit him, Yang Feng felt cold all over. As if his soul has been frozen and time has stagnated, his thinking slowed down by 10,000 times at that moment.

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