Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1167 – Trap

Chapter 1166 – Abaddon Emperor Palace

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Many assassins on the Holy Assassination List are the protectors of a race like Tianyi Ye, or the leaders of a large assassin organization.

When an assassin on the Holy Assassination List dies, the race under their protection or the assassin organization they belong to will have to face extinction.

The reason why Tianyi Ye so decisively chose to submit to Yang Feng is that she wants to protect the night ant race. Once she dies, the night ant race will no longer have a Holy guarding it. It will drop to the ranks of lesser races and become prey for other races.

There are less than 100 assassins on the Holy Assassination List. Yang Feng suppressed five of them, which is more than one-twentieth of the Holy Assassination List. This naturally caused huge billows.

The zhenxu divine races bounty became a hot potato that everyone avoids.

“Assassinate the Firmament Holy. Reward: 1 Zhenxu God Tree fruit.”

Before long, a message appeared on the Emperorslayer Forum and caused a great sensation again.

“Zhenxu God Tree fruit, how extravagant! The zhenxu divine race seems really angry!”

“Zhenxu God Tree fruit, that is the fruit of the eternal divine tree the Zhenxu God Tree. The Zhenxu God Tree blooms and bears fruit every 60,000 years. Each time, the Zhenxu God Tree only bears four Zhenxu God Tree fruits. A Zhenxu God Tree fruit has the miraculous effect of rebuilding the body and sublimating the soul.”

“The Zhenxu God Tree fruit is a peerless treasure that can enable human Warlocks to break through the god-man boundary and attain level-9 soul aptitude. It can drive people crazy.”

“Even Great Holies will probably be tempted by the Zhenxu God Tree fruit!”


In the Emperorslayer Forum, countless top assassins stared at the bounty with excitement in their eyes.

Soul aptitude is a term invented by human Warlocks. With the advent of the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race and the subsequent suppression of countless races, the standards of human Warlocks spread all over the universe.

Other race powerhouses already know that in order to promote to the Warlock Emperor realm, one of the conditions you have to meet is to break through the god-man boundary and attain level-9 soul aptitude.

The Holy rank assassins on the Holy Assassination List stared at the bounty, yet not one of them dared to accept the mission.

Its no different from how no one dares to attack the zhenxu divine race despite knowing that it has Zhenxu God Tree fruits. The assassins on the Holy Assassination List are apprehensive of Yang Fengs strength. In addition, the Blue Ridge Sacred Daughter ranked tenth and Tianyi Ye ranked thirty fifth on the Holy Assassination List have become Yang Fengs guards, making the other assassins even more wary.

“Someone accepted it. Its Hand of Death ranked second on the Holy Assassination List.”

“It is said that a Great Holy perished at their hands. Only they would dare to assassinate a monster like the Firmament Holy.”

“Another person accepted it. Its Twin Dark ranked the third on the Holy Assassination List. The Rotring Great Holy died at their hands.”

“Ranked first, Eye of Dreams ranked first on the Holy Assassination List. Thats a terrifying monster who assassinated two Great Holies.”

“The top three monsters on the Holy Assassination List have all accepted the mission. It seems that the Firmament Holy is done for!”

“With these three monsters working together, even Great Holies can be easily assassinated. The Firmament Holy is finished!”


In the Emperorslayer Forum, the eyes of top assassins shimmered with excitement when they saw that the top three assassins accepted the mission, and they commented spiritedly.

In the Tai Yuan Starfield, there is a place called Haywire Star River with countless meteorites floating about. In the middle of the meteorites, there are all kinds of starry direbeasts.

Along with flashes of light, Holies flew over from afar and came to the deepest part of the Haywire Star River.

The starry direbeasts that can tear Infinity Warlocks to pieces were suppressed by the Holies and turned into materials.

A few days later, this area of the Haywire Star River has been razed by the Holies. Now it is an empty field without meteorites or starry direbeasts in sight.

In the center of the Haywire Star River, there is terrifying dark wind that blows all year round. The dark wind is full of erosion force. When hit by the dark wind, even if its an Infinity Warlock, their life force field will collapse, and they will be eroded to death.

Inside the terrifying dark wind, there are Holies standing everywhere. The dark wind cannot harm the Holies.

A 3,000-kilometer-long silver snake tore the void, arrived here, and emanated silver light that dispelled the dark wind.

“The empyrean race the silver brilliance snake race!”

Gazes of vigilance fell on the giant silver snake.

The projection of a sea of clouds appeared in the void, and then changed from illusory to real. There are cloud dragon race Holies hiding in the abyss of the sea of clouds, which obscures their appearance.

“The cloud dragon race is here!”

Gazes moved along the sea of clouds, as if trying to see through the things hidden in the sea of clouds.

Ripples rose in the void, and a huge interstellar fleet flew out of the void.

“The human race! The Firmament Holy!”

“As expected, the Firmament Holy has come!”

“The Firmament Holy, things become troublesome whenever he comes!”


With vigilance in their eyes, the Holies focused on the huge interstellar fleet.

Shortly after Yang Feng entered the Eternal Ancient Road, more than ten Holies and a few Great Holies died at his hands. The number of Holies that died at Yang Fengs hands is much greater than the number of Holies that died in the Tai Yuan Starfield in tens of thousands of years. The Holies are naturally apprehensive of him.

Shortly after Yang Feng arrived at the Haywire Star River, a strange rune suddenly appeared.

The strange rune extracted the energies within millions upon millions of kilometers, and then the void distorted. A huge celestial body with a diameter of 100 million kilometers suddenly emerged and suspended in the void.

“Its here!”

“The Abaddon Emperor Palace!”

“Thats the Abaddon Emperor Palace! The heavenly palace of the Abaddon Emperor!”


When the Holies saw the giant celestial body appear, their eyes showed the color of greed, and they turned into streams of light and flew towards the giant celestial body.

“This celestial body is worthy of being the heavenly palace where the Abaddon Emperor used to live! It is actually able to hide itself from my flagships scanning system and suppress its range to an area 100 kilometers in diameter, truly amazing!”

Yang Feng looked at the Abaddon Emperor Palace, and his eyes shimmered with admiration.

With their tremendous soul force, a Holy can scan an area millions upon millions in radius. They can perceive everything in planes below grade 8.

Holies can become omniscient and omnipotent gods in some low-level planes. However, in heavenly palaces where a Warlock Emperor used to reside like the Abaddon Emperor Palace, it is naturally impossible for people to easily pry into things. There are bound to be countless boundaries set up.

In the core area of the Abaddon Emperor Palace, the perception of Holies will be further suppressed to within ten meters, making it impossible to pry into the Empyreans secrets.

The 3,000-kilometer-long silver snake shook slightly and flew into the celestial body with the Abaddon Emperor Palace.

The sea of clouds flew into the celestial body in an instant.

Yang Fengs huge fleet erupted with countless runes and flew into the celestial body, as well.

Once you enter the celestial body, an expanse of green will enter your eyes. Here, 1,000-meter-tall tree can be seen everywhere, and there is even no lack of 10,000-meter-tall trees.

The huge ancient trees are extraordinary plants rarely seen in the universe. They can absorb the universes drifting energies and use them to nourish the celestial body.

Major planes are generally able to instinctively devour the universes drifting energies to carry out their growth and evolution. The huge energy absorbing ancient trees are a kind of rare extraordinary plant that can enable planes to grow and evolve.

In the center of the celestial body, there is a towering, 3,000-kilometer-tall ancient tree. The life magic energy and elemental particles of the whole celestial body are converging towards this giant ancient tree. Obviously, the giant ancient tree is the center of the celestial body.

Ordinary powerhouses may not be able to see the flow of life magic energy. But for Holies, it is easy to see that the celestial bodys life magic energy is flowing towards the center.

Countless 6th generation battle robots and engineering robots flew out of the warships, landed on the celestial body, and began to search for rare resources.

Yang Feng has already discovered the most precious place of this celestial body. However, the celestial body itself is a huge treasury. It naturally deserves for Yang Feng to carefully explore it.

In the center of the Abaddon Emperor Palace, on the 3,000-kilometer-tall ancient tree, there lies a palace complex. The palaces here are resplendent and magnificent.

” So this is the Abaddon Emperor Palace. Since I was the first to arrive, the treasures here belong to me!”

A green ray containing the essence of speed flew over from afar at an incredible speed that exceeds the speed of light, fell from the sky, and revealed a figure. It is a ferocious-looking Holy with bat wings that are engraved with runes containing the essence of speed.

The Holy is from the green bat wing ogre race, which is famous for its speed. In terms of speed the Holy is ranked among the top ten in the Tai Yuan Starfield. Even some Great Holies cant compare with him in this regard.

As soon as the Holy landed in the Abaddon Emperor Palace, countless runes emerged from the Abaddon Emperor Palace and wrapped around him like chains.

A black arrow fired by the Abaddon Emperor Palace crossed the void, hit the Holy, and ran through him.

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