Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1169 – Sweeping

Chapter 1168 – Sacrifice

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The Cloud Dragon Great Holy smiled coldly and uttered, “You want to make the five of us stay here with the help of the Abaddon Emperor Palaces boundaries?”

The Cloud Dragon Great Holy is an advanced Great Holy, a peerless powerhouse ranked in the top two of the Tai Yuan Starfield. No matter what era he is placed in, he will be regarded as a first-rate powerhouse.

Furthermore, with the cloud dragon races profound underlying strength, no Holy rank powerhouse can defeat the Cloud Dragon Great Holy. Even though this is within the boundaries of the Abaddon Emperor Palace, the Cloud Dragon Great Holy is sure that he can tear them apart and escape from here.

Moyuan Zhenyu uttered with a faint smile, “I am indeed no your opponent. However, do you feel any discomfort?”

The Cloud Dragon Great Holy detected that he has difficulty mobilizing his power. Wisps of strange, chilly curse force have sealed his power.

The figures of the Cloud Dragon Queen and the other three Holies shook slightly, and they collapsed on the floor, unable to muster any strength.

The Cloud Dragon Great Holys countenance changed dramatically, and he stared at Moyuan Zhenyu and asked coldly, “When did you curse us?”

“The stone statues you fought have the curse Spirit Slumber from the Eternal Sovereign age sealed inside. A stone statues Spirit Slumber doesnt has the power to seal a Holy or arouse their vigilance. But the Spirit Slumber hidden in the whole stone statue army can poison even an Empyrean and have them slumber for three months.”

“In addition, the Abaddon Mist covering the Abaddon Emperor Palace can strengthen and stimulate the Spirit Slumber. Even a Great Holy like you cant resist the power of the Spirit Slumber!” Moyuan Zhenyu uttered with a smile.

The chilly force shrouded the insides of the Cloud Dragon Great Holy and tried to erode him.

An ancient tortoise shell suddenly flew out of the Cloud Dragon Great Holy, and a true spirit level direbeast cloud dragon snake tortoise with a dragon head and a snake body suddenly emerged. A defensive boundary that looks like tortoise shells stacked together suddenly emerged and guarded the cloud dragon race powerhouses.

The ancient tortoise shell is the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Cloud Dragon Snake Tortoise Shell refined from the remains of a true spirit level direbeast cloud dragon snake tortoise born in primordial times as a Warlock Emperor rank existence. In terms of defensive strength, it is ranked first in the Tai Yuan Starfield.

When Moyuan Zhenyu saw the Cloud Dragon Snake Tortoise Shell, excitement flashed in his eyes, and he said with a carefree smile: “Empyrean grade secret treasure! Luck is on the side of the abaddon race.”

Empyrean grade secret treasures possesses earth-shaking power and can enable Infinity Warlocks to severely injure Holies. In the hands of Holies, they can display even more terrifying power.

The reason why Yang Feng can slay Great Holies is because he has the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Bead of Time, which enables him to freely manipulate the flow of time and interfere with the flow of time around Great Holies. Otherwise, he wouldnt have been able to slay the Moonshatter Great Holy.

In the Tai Yuan Starfield, only the cloud dragon race, the golden bones race, and the silver brilliance snake race possess an Empyrean grade secret treasure. With the help of their Empyrean grade secret treasures, they have defeated countless strong opponents and plundered countless resources. Thanks to this, they have become the three empyrean races with countless experts.

“But secret treasures are only secret treasures, after all. In the universe, there are only unparalleled people, there are no unparalleled secret treasures. Despite how powerful the Empyrean grade secret treasure is, how long will it be able to protect you guys?”

Moyuan Zhenyu smiled coldly and waved his hand, and countless abaddon race powerhouses suddenly appeared, cast all kinds of powerful secrets methods, and bombarded the Cloud Dragon Snake Tortoise Shells boundary.

The Cloud Dragon Snake Tortoise Shells boundary is extremely powerful. No matter how the abaddon race powerhouses attacked, it didnt break.

The Cloud Dragon Great Holy said, “Moyuan Zhenyu, let us go. Otherwise, if that person comes, we will all become his captives, become a stepping stone for his evolution.”

Moyuan Zhenyu replied with a derisive smile, “In the Abaddon Emperor Palace, the abaddon race is the overlord. Even if the person you speak of is a Great Holy, if he enters the Abaddon Emperor Palace, he will be slaughtered all the same.”

“That person is called Firmament Holy and hes from the main world outside the Eternal Ancient Road. In less than a year, he established his own faction, and it has become one of the three empyrean races of the Tai Yuan Starfield. Furthermore, he has at least two Empyrean grade secret treasures. He slayed Great Holy rank powerhouses while in the Holy Spirit Warlock realm. If such a character comes prepared, theres no way the Abaddon Emperor Palace will be able to entrap him.”

“Even though the Abaddon Emperor Palaces boundaries are powerful, but millions of years have passed already. It is no longer as mighty as it used to be. Otherwise, would you have let us destroy the stone statue army? After all, the stone statue army can be used to plot against an Empyrean. If you had complete control of the Abaddon Emperor Palaces boundaries, you would have directly suppressed us. Would there be a need to lose such a trump card?” The Cloud Dragon Great Holy spoke flatly.

Moyuan Zhenyu smiled confidently, saying, “As expected of a Great Holy! Your intellect is extraordinary. The Abaddon Emperor Palaces boundaries have indeed been weakened a lot. However, they are still more than enough to suppress a Great Holy. If not for the fact that too many Holies have come this time, we wouldnt have needed to use the stone statue army to plot against you. No matter how strong the Firmament Holy is, he is just one person. As long as he enters the Abaddon Emperor Palace, only death will await him.”

Moyuan Zhenyu waved his hand, a dark light shrouded the Cloud Dragon Great Holy and his party.

In an instant, the Cloud Dragon Great Holy and his party were teleported to a square.

In the center of the square, there is a 1,000-meter-tall altar with a golden coffin.

The golden coffin oozes demonic qi and emanates terrifying Empyrean might. If a being below the Infinity Warlock rank is contaminated by a wisp of the demonic qi, they will be demonized and transformed into an abaddon.

Around the altar, there are Holies and Great Holies from the Tai Yuan Starfield lying paralyzed on the floor. They are being watched by abaddon powerhouses.

A silver spear similar to a spine is suspended in the void; a true spirit level direbeast silver brilliance skyrender scorpion projection with a ferocious aura, shrouded in silver light, is guarding the silver snake race powerhouses.

Standing in front of the altar, a person surging with demonic qi and emanating intermediate Great Holy rank fluctuations of power is coldly watching as Holies appear in the surroundings one after another, a satisfied look in his eyes. This Great Holy is the Abaddon Great Holy, the sole Great Holy of the abaddon race.

The Abaddon Great Holy glanced at the captured Blue Ridge Great Holy the Anchaman Great Holy, the Twinkle Eye Great Holy, the Spirit Illumination Holy, the Silver Brilliance Great Holy, and the Cloud Dragon Great Holy, and his eyes shimmered with the shade of derision.

Each one of the six Great Holies is a peerless prodigy and the protector of a race. Ordinarily, the Abaddon Great Holy could at most beat the Twinkle Eye Great Holy and the Spirit Illumination Holy. But now the six Great Holies have fallen at his feet. Excitement and a feeling of accomplishment washed over him.

Countless mysterious runes appeared in the eyes of the Abaddon Great Holy. With the support of the stone eye in his hand, he gazed at the entire Abaddon Emperor Palace.

“All the offerings are in place! Begin the sacrifice!”

At the command of the Abaddon Great Holy, a Holy of the Tai Yuan Starfield was dragged onto the altar.

Moyuan Zhenyu brandished a sword, sliced the Holy in two, and threw him onto the altar.

Countless mysterious runes appeared on the altar, and bloody radiance rose from the altar and poured into the golden coffin.

The Holys aura of life disappeared.


“What do you want?”

“Do you want to become an enemy of all the races of the Tai Yuan Starfield?”


When the Holies saw this, their comlexion changed greatly, and they shouted.

The Abaddon Great Holy sneered, “What if we become an enemy of all the races of the Tai Yuan Starfield? As long as our lord comes back to life, a mere Tai Yuan Starfield can only become the backyard of the abaddon race!”

“What? The Abaddon Emperor is going to revive?”

“The Abaddon Great Emperor is going to come back from the dead?”

“Didnt the Abaddon Great Holy die millions of years ago? How can he revive?”


The Holies of the Tai Yuan Starfield became deathly pale, and fear welled up inside them.

If the Abaddon Emperor can revive, all the Holies present will probably become sacrifices for his revival. Each Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse has integrated with a certain law in the universe and has become a part of said law, which gives them boundless power. Similarly, for them to revive, massive power and resources are required.

Because of this, the world of Warlocks Empyrean rank powerhouses are hiding in the river of time, where they can absorb power and slowly awaken. At the time, Shi Xue woke up prematurely and suffered a great backlash.

No matter what method is used, the Abaddon Emperor needs to absorb a large amount of power in order to revive. The Holies of the Tai Yuan Starfield are the perfect nutrients for his revival.

“The Abaddon Emperor wants to revive in advance? I cant accept that! He should continue to slumber!”

Yang Fengs voice suddenly sounded in the area.

The Cloud Dragon Great Holys face flickered and his eyes shimmered with a complicated shade: “Firmament Holy, he came!”

“Firmament Holy!”

“Firmament Holy has come!”

“Hes here!”


When the Holies of the Tai Yuan Starfield around the altar heard the voice, their expression flickered and their eyes flashed with complex emotions.

The eyes of the Silver Brilliance Great Holy shimmered with a complicated shade, and he sighed, “The Firmament Holy has come! I really dont know if I should be glad that he came or not?”

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