Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1171 – Suppression of the Abaddon Emperor

Chapter 1170 – Defeating the Abaddon Great Holy

Translator: Xaiomoge

The Abaddon Great Holy grabbed the Blue Ridge Great Holy like a chicken, gazed at the void, and shouted: “Firmament Holy, stop your attack for three days, or else I will kill the Blue Ridge Great Holy!”

A glint of worry streaked across the Blue Ridge Sacred Daughters beautiful eyes, and she said, “Lord, the Blue Ridge Great Holy is my father. Please try your best to rescue him.”

“Alright! Lets show the Tai Yuan Starfields Holies how truly scary I can be!”

Yang Feng pondered for a moment, and then smiled and pointed with his hand. Ripples suddenly rose in the void.

Ten 1,000-kilometer-long battleships suddenly flew out. Each battleship is equipped with nine Holy Slaying Artillery.

The ten warships are weapons Yang Feng refined by combining the technologies of the xizu, the Shidna civilization, and the world of Warlocks. He named them Holy Spirit Battlestars.

The ten Holy Spirit Battlestars are weapons Yang Feng produced using level-6 strongholds after he plundered the treasuries of the golden bones race and its vassals. The ten Holy Spirit Battlestars are a new trump card Yang Feng obtained after defeating the golden bones race.

Light beams that can serious wound Great Holies shot towards the Abaddon Emperor Palace like raindrops.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Under the bombardment of the frightening light beams, the palaces of the Abaddon Emperor Palace were turned into ashes one after another.

The Abaddon Emperor Palaces boundaries finally collapsed, exposing the abaddon powerhouses to Yang Fengs mechanical legion.

Followed by afterimages, Blade Rulers pounced into the midst of the abaddon powerhouses and brandished their blades.

The abaddon powerhouses, who are mostly in the Moonlight Warlock realm, released all kinds of spells and attacked the Blade Rulers, but they couldnt even break their energy shields. In turn, the Blade Rulers can easily slice the enemy to pieces.

Without the protection of the Abaddon Emperor Palaces boundaries, the abaddon powerhouses suffered disastrous casualties. The mechanical legion crushed the abaddon powerhouses in its way.

18 Holy Slaying Artillery beams barreled towards the altar in the center of the Abaddon Emperor Palace.

The Abaddon Great Holys countenance changed dramatically, and he pointed at the sky with the staff in his hand.

Countless strange runes suddenly emerged and formed a black boundary in the void.

When the 18 Holy Slaying Artillery beams slammed into the black boundary, they blasted the boundary apart, and then a terrifying energy shock spread in all directions.

Numerous Void Assassins jumped out of the void, brandished their alloy daggers that can penetrate anything, and stabbed at the Abaddon Great Holy from different directions.

Almost at the same time, countless Void Assassins jumped out of the void and madly attacked the abaddon powerhouses around the altar.

The Bead of Time suddenly appeared in the void, emanated immortal Empyrean might, and erupted with countless runes, and a torrent of time gushed out and swept towards the Abaddon Great Holy.

Under the scour of the torrent of time, the flow of time around the Abaddon Great Holy was disturbed for only a moment. A black sledgehammer suddenly emerged, radiated immortal Empyrean might, shook slightly, and shattered the torrent of time.

The black sledgehammer shook again, and a terrifying fluctuation spread in all directions with the Abaddon Great Holy as the center.

Shrouded by the fluctuation, the thousands of Void Assassins nearby were shattered into broken pieces.

When he saw the black hammer, Yang Feng narrowed his eyes: “Empyrean grade secret treasure the Abaddon Blast Hammer! The unparalleled Empyrean grade secret treasure the Abaddon Emperor used back in the day.”

A Void Assassin suddenly erupted with flames, turned into a stream of light, and stabbed at the Abaddon Great Holy with the Night Dagger.

“A mere assassin wants to harm me, thats simply a pipe dream!”

The Abaddon Great Holy smiled coldly and slashed with his finger, and an intense purple ray sliced the Blue Ridge Sacred Daughters incarnation of a Void Assassin in two.

“That was a decoy! Here comes the real attack!”

A black hole suddenly emerged and swallowed the Abaddon Great Holy almost in an instant.

Terrifying devour force suddenly broke out and frantically devoured the Abaddon Great Holys life origin.

“Essence of devour? Thats a really powerful essence! Unfortunately, youre too weak! Youre not qualified to devour me!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, the Abaddon Great Holy slammed the Abaddon Blast Hammer into the black hole and shatter it.

A green halberd ray slashed down and cut off the Abaddon Great Holys right hand with which he held the Blue Ridge Great Holy, and then a spatial portal suddenly appeared and drew the Blue Ridge Great Holy inside.

The Abaddon Great Holy broke away from the black hole and coldly gazed at the void. He saw Yang Feng standing quietly in the void outside the Abaddon Emperor Palace.

Yang Feng said coldly, “Surrender, Abaddon Great Holy! If the abaddons are willing to serve me, I will treat you well.”

“Firmament Holy, so long as I kill you, the danger the abaddon race is facing today can be solved! To expose your true body for the sake of a womans father, youre really stupid. Today is the day you die!”

The Abaddon Great Holys eyes flickered with a ferocious shade, and he took a step, changed into a 10,000-meter-tall giant in an instant, and slammed the Abaddon Blast Hammer towards Yang Feng.

A giant hammer projection suddenly appeared, swallowed the energies within millions upon millions of kilometers, and, while emitting ripples of extinction, slammed towards Yang Feng.

“Im not by myself!”

There was a flash of ridicule in Yang Fengs eyes. The flagship behind him shone, and 36 Holy Slaying Artillery beams shot towards the giant hammer projection.

When the 36 Holy Slaying Artillery beams knocked into the hammer projection, the hammer projection shook and dimmed by a fraction.

Each Holy Slaying Artillery beam is equivalent to a Great Holy rank full strength attack in terms of power. For 36 Great Warlock rank full strength attacks to not be able to defeat the hammer projection, this shows how mighty the Abaddon Blast Hammer is.

Yang Fengs Xi Shen Armor shone and changed to its second form, and then a flow of power poured into him from the Kunmo Stone embedded in the Xi Shen Armors core and propelled him to the Great Holy realm.

Yang Feng brandished the Green Yang Halberd, and a green halberd ray sliced apart the hammer projection, and then slammed into the Abaddon Great Holy, leaving a giant gash on his body.

Hiding in the void, as if a beautiful viper, the invisible Tianyi Ye stabbed with the God Slayer Dagger at the Abaddon Great Holy.

The Abaddon Great Holy just suffered serious damage from Yang Feng and thus his reaction was momentarily slower than usual. He tried to twist his body, yet he was still stabbed in the right abdomen by the God Slayer Dagger.

Countless runes emerged from the God Slayer Dagger and extended towards the Abaddon Great Holys body.

The Abaddon Great Holy decisively clawed at his abdomen with a hand and blasted his right abdomen together with the God Slayer Dagger away.

The Blue Ridge Sacred Daughter very strangely appeared behind the Abaddon Great Holy and stabbed a Holy grade dagger into his back.

Acheson, who was a beat slower, sent a blade ray slashing towards the Abaddon Great Holy.

From the surroundings, a swarm of Seal Rulers sent sealing light barreling towards the Abaddon Great Holy from all directions.

The sealing light of each Seal Ruler can only seal a fraction of the Abaddon Great Holys power. However, the sealing light of thousands of Seal Rulers can continuously weaken the Abaddon Great Holy.


With a bellow, the Abaddon Great Holy madly extracted power from his body and brandished the Abaddon Blast Hammer.

Shock ripples spread in all directions, causing serious damage to the Blue Ridge Sacred Daughter and Acheson. The more than 100,000 Seal Rules and more than 200,000 6th generation battle robots nearby were all crushed.

A green halberd ray ripped the shock ripple, and then sliced the Abaddon Great Holy in two.

A black hole suddenly emerged, swallowed the half of the Abaddon Great Holys body without the Abaddon Blast Hammer, and frantically devoured his life origin.

“My lord, save me!”

The Abaddon Great Holy, who only has half of his body remaining, issued miserable screams.

All of a sudden, runes shone on the altar, the coffin opened, and wisps of immortal Empyrean might emanated and spread in all directions.

A right hand with purple scales extended from the coffin, crossed the void, and shot towards Yang Feng in accordance with a mysterious law of karma.

Yang Fengs face fell, and he erupted with countless runes from all over his body and unleashed hundreds of spells in an attempt to sever the law of karma and dodge the hand.

No matter what spell Yang Feng tried, he cant sever the strange law of karma. It seems that he is destined to be captured by the hand.

“Lets see if you have the ability to kill me!”

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered coldly, and he erupted with countless runes from all over his body. He didnt dodge. Instead, he brandished the Green Yang Halberd. Ten suns tore the space, radiated endless green sunlight, and turned into an invincible green halberd ray that slashed towards the giant hand.

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