Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1176 - Wager

Chapter 1175 – He Is the Firmament Holy

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Angelina frowned, but she didnt stop the other party.

The aristocrats from the central starfield standing aside sneered.

In the Eternal Ancient Road, humans have been wiped out in many starfields. In a peripheral starfield such as the Tai Yuan Starfield, humans could only survive on one celestial body. And even then they were almost wiped out.

The reason why humans have nearly disappeared in the central starfield is because several eternal empyrean races hate the to the bone. Consequently Arrent didnt have any qualms to attack Yang Feng.

“Brazen! A lowly thing such as yourself dares to attack my lord, youre courting death!”

Ruslanas beautiful eyes flashed coldly. She erupted with countless runes, shouted, instantly broke out with advanced Infinity Warlock rank aura, and, as if a beautiful and sexy female leopard followed by a black afterimage, unleashed a kick containing endless killing intent.


Angelinas countenance suddenly changed drastically, and she barked. Three golden fox tails extended behind her. She broke out with advanced Infinity Warlock rank aura and clawed at Ruslanas fair leg.

Ruslanas fair leg seems to be a stream of dark light. In an instant, it slammed into Arrent, smashed his defensive force field, and blasted him into bloody pieces.

After Ruslana killed Arrent with one blow, a brand shone on her back, and a giant, mechanical hand extended and slapped Angelina 100 meters away.

“You dare commit murder here! What gal! This starship is a warship of our golden jade fox race, yet you dare commit murder here. No matter who you are, youre dead.”

Angelinas beautiful eyes flashed coldly, and she stared at Ruslana with frigid killing intent and shook a bell.

Two Warlock Monarch rank auras rose from within the warship at once.

Each warship traveling across starfields must have Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses standing guard, or else it may be crushed by powerhouses it encounters along the way.

“No, older sister Angelina, dont… he is…”

Glorias face suddenly paled, and she shouted. But before she could finish, her words became stuck in her throat. She glanced at Yang Feng and saw him look back at her with an enigmatic smile. As a result, she could only sigh and stand quietly aside. She desperately sent Angelina signals with her eyes.

With a cold expression on her face, Angelina didnt spare Gloria another glance.

“Who dares to commit murder on our Ardemol?”

Ripples rose, and a tall and sturdy powerhouse with a pair of fox ears and a fox tail appeared and gazed at Yang Feng and his part indifferently.

“The Scarlet Fox Monarch, thats one of the golden jade fox races ten Monarchs with the greatest potential to advance to the Holy rank!”

“The Scarlet Fox Monarch is a fearsome powerhouse who personally slayed a quasi-Holy rank starry direbeast!”

“Since the Scarlet Fox Monarch stepped in, that human powerhouse is dead.”


As soon as the Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse appeared, everyone present showed looks of awe in their eyes.

Angelinas pretty eyes surged with killing intent, and she pointed to Yang Feng and his party: “Scarlet Fox Monarch, they killed Arrent!”

The Scarlet Fox Monarchs eyes flickered with killing intent, and he said icily, “A smelly human? Take your own lives! Or else, I will let you have a taste of pain worse than death.”

Yang Feng uttered flatly, “You wont ask for the reason? That guy called Arrent wanted to kill me and thus was killed by my person instead. This is self-defense, isnt it?”

The Scarlet Fox Monarchs eyes shimmered with killing intent, and he said with a contemptuous smile: “Lowly humans are but inferior slaves. Anyone can kill them. If a person of the golden jade fox race wants to kill you, then you should obediently let yourself be killed. Do you understand?”

Yang Fengs eyes flickered frigidly, and he asked with a smile, “In other words, the golden jade fox race wants to be a mortal enemy of myself?”

The Scarlet Fox Monarch replied with a cold smile, “Thats right! Even if you escape to the ends of the world, you will be killed by the golden jade fox race! No one can save you! Even your friends and family will be killed.”

“For a human vermin to dare offend the golden jade fox race, it is a great crime!”

“Smelly human, you should accept the Scarlet Fox Monarchs grace and take your own life!”


Aboard the warship, dozens of aristocrats from the central starfield mocked and ridiculed one after another.

“Firmament Holy!”

At this time, a voice of surprise came from the side, and the Jade Sound Music Holy, whose enchanting voice can move Great Holies, walked over.

Beside the Jade Sound Music Holy, there are two dashing men with fox ears and sparkling skin.

“Greetings, Ink Fox Holy!”

All the people present except Yang Feng saluted the dashing man.

Yang Feng continued to sit in his chair.

Looking like an obedient old servant, the Anchaman Great Holy didnt even lift his eyelids, as if the dashing man is transparent.

Upon seeing Yang Feng, the Ink Fox Holy narrowed his eyes and said politely, “Firmament Holy, so you are the Firmament Holy who established the Tai Yuan Starfields third empyrean race? I am the golden jade fox races Ink Fox Holy! Well met, Firmament Holy!”

Angelina turned pale and shivered: “Firmament Holy? He is a Holy?”

“Holy, he is actually a Holy!”

“I just insulted a Holy. Its over, Im screwed.”


The surrounding dozens of aristocrats from the central starfield turned pale, a look of despair in their eyes.

Even prodigies who come from eternal empyrean races dont dare to easily insult Holies. Otherwise, even if they are killed by the Holies, the eternal empyrean races wont blame the other party.

The surrounding aristocrats come from Infinity Warlock rank families at most. Holies can destroy their families with one blow. Naturally, it is impossible for their families to protect them.

The Scarlet Fox Monarchs complexion changed greatly, and he broke out in a cold sweat from his back: “Holy, hes actually a Holy. Sh*t.”

Yang Feng looked at the Ink Fox Holy with an enigmatic smile and said, “I heard that the golden jade fox race wants to be a mortal enemy of myself? Should I kill you here and have the golden jade fox race lose some strength? In this way, when the time comes for me to destroy the golden jade fox race, I will have to spend less effort.”

The Ink Fox Holys countenance suddenly changed dramatically.

The Jade Sound Music Holy frowned and sighed, saying: “Firmament Holy, can you give me face and let the Ink Fox Holy apologize to you? Why dont we leave it at that?”

Yang Feng glanced at the Jade Sound Music Holy and uttered coldly, “Jade Sound Music Holy, dont interfere in this matter.”

Upon detecting the impatience in Yang Fengs words, the Jade Sound Music Holy could only respond softly and retreat: “Okay!”

The Ink Fox Holy uttered with a reluctant smile, “Firmament Holy, the golden jade fox race doesnt wish to be your enemy. This should be a misunderstanding.”

Not long ago, the Ink Fox Holy talked with the Jade Sound Music Holy about the Tai Yuan Starfield. He is aware that a human god of death appeared in the Tai Yuan Starfield and slayed three Great Holies, suppressed countless races, and established an empyrean race.

The Ink Fox Holy doesnt wish to be the enemy for such a terrifying being.

Yang Feng said with an enigmatic smile, “Oh? How come its different from what I heard? This Scarlet Fox Monarch said it himself that the golden jade fox race wants to be an enemy of myself, that my friends and family will be killed?”

When she heard those words, the Jade Sound Music Holy sighed. She became even more unwilling to butt it. Yang Feng is a fierce character who slayed the Zhenxu Divine Son and wiped out the golden bones race. If she continues to intervene in this matter, she herself may be implicated.

The Scarlet Fox Monarch kowtowed towards Yang Feng, his back drenched in sweat: “Previously, I didnt know of sir Firmament Holys identity and thus slighted sir. If sir is offended by this, please forgive me.”

With a cold smile on his face, Yang Feng quietly watched as the Scarlet Fox Monarch broke his head and blood flowed out.

Yang Feng said flatly, “I dont like to leave seeds of future danger behind. Since the golden jade fox race offended me, you have to pay a price. Alright, if the golden jade fox race has the Golden Fox Great Holy serve me as a slave for 10,000 years and opens its treasury for me to use freely, then Ill leave it at that.”

When they heard that, everyones expression became strange.

The Ink Fox Holys face fell, and he said coldly, “Firmament Holy, I have already taken several steps back. Do you really want to be a mortal enemy of the golden jade fox race? Furthermore, the golden jade fox race is being backed by the skycrack wolf race! Becoming an enemy of the golden jade fox race is the same as becoming an enemy of the skycrack wolf race and the seven greater races subordinated to it.

Yang Feng uttered coldly, “You dare threaten me. It looks like you missed the last chance I gave you. Little An, go ahead!”

“Yes! Lord!”

Standing behind Yang Feng like an ordinary kind, old servant, the Anchaman Great Holy burst out with a fierce shade from his eyes, erupted with Great Holy rank aura, and spread the fingers of his hand, and a giant hand full of demonic eyes tore the firmament, suppressed the void, and extended towards the Ink Fox Holy!”

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