Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1177 – Defeating the Golden Fox Great Holy

Chapter 1176 – Wager

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“Great Holy! His servant is actually a Great Holy!”

“A Great Holy, hes actually using a Great Holy as his servant! Who the hell is he?”

“To make a Great Holy his servant, how fierce.”


When the central starfields aristocrats aboard the starship felt the Anchaman Great Holys suffocating Great Holy rank pressure, they turned pale. They activated all kinds of magic shields to resist the pressure.

The Jade Sound Music Holys beautiful eyes flashed with shock: “Great Holy, when did he take a Great Holy as a servant?”

After the concert, the Jade Sound Music Holy left the Tai Yuan Starfield and continued with her travels since she wasnt interested in the Abaddon Emperor Palace. She naturally doesnt know that Yang Feng subdued many Holies in the Abaddon Emperor Palace, unified the Tai Yuan Starfield, and become the master of the Tai Yuan Starfield.

“Great Holy! Damn it, what sort of monster is this Firmament Holy? For even a Great Holy to become his servant. Im afraid this Great Holy is much stronger than the golden jade fox races Golden Fox Great Holy. Why would that fool Scarlet Fox Monarch provoke such a monster?!”

The Ink Fox Holys eyes revealed the shade of shock. He broke out with countless runes, and a dark fog filled the area and obstructed all perception, turning the area into a restricted area that even Holies cannot pry into.

“A mere junior Holy that isnt strengthened by their races power. If I let you escape, how will I show my face before the lord?”

The Anchaman Great Holy smiled ferociously, and demonic eyes on the giant hand opened and radiated demonic light, dispersing the dark fog. The giant hand ran through the starship, crossed many spaces, and grabbed at the Ink Fox Holy.

Golden fox tails appeared on the Ink Fox Holy, and then the whole person strangely distorted. Amid those distortions, the Ink Fox Holy strangely disappeared.

Consequently, the Anchaman Great Holy grabbed empty air. His face turned ashen and his eyes flashed with a ferocious gleam.

“An interesting spell!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and pointed with his hand. The Bead of Time suddenly appeared and flickered with countless runes, and a river of time appeared and rolled out towards the void.

In the void, as if time flowed back, the Ink Fox Holy strangely reappeared and returned to his original position.

Seizing this opportunity, the Anchaman Great Holy extended his hand towards the Ink Fox Holy.

The Ink Fox Holys face fell. He silently recited incantations, and a magic boundary with 36 superimposed layers appeared in front of him.

When the Anchaman Great Holys hand slammed into the magic boundary, it pierced through the 36 layers one by one, and then smashed into the Ink Fox Holy himself. The Anchaman Great Holy crashed all his resistance, sealed him, brought him to Yang Feng, and said deferentially: “This old slave failed to suppress the other party by himself and thus the lord had to intervene. This old slave asks the lord to forgive this mistake.”


Yang Feng waved his hand, and the Anchaman Great Holy stood behind him and restrained his aura, looking like an ordinary kind, old servant.

“The Ink Fox Holy was suppressed just like that!”

“Firmament Holy, whos that?”

“This Firmament Holy is really domineering and dangerous!”


The central starfields aristocrats stared at the Ink Fox Holy lying on the floor with shock in their eyes.

When Angelina saw that the Ink Fox Holy was thrown in front of Yang Feng like a dead dog, her face turned pale and her delicate body trembled. She finally understood Glorias previous signals: “The Ink Fox Holy was suppressed just like this. Curses, how could I have provoked such a terrifying character.”

Yang Feng extended his hand, and his right hand crossed the void and pulled out a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse with an ogre horn.

“Take me to the golden jade fox race, or die!”

Yang Feng threw the Warlock Monarch on the floor and said coldly.

Strange runes appeared from the void, easily smashed all of the Warlock Monarchs resistance, and disappeared into his body.

The Warlock Monarch smiled bitterly and responded respectfully, “Yes! Sir!”

Since even a Holy was so easily suppressed, the Warlock Monarch wouldnt be so foolish as to disobey Yang Fengs order.

The Ink Fox Holy smiled wryly and uttered helplessly, “Firmament Holy, you arent someone who established an empyrean race in the Tai Yuan Starfield for no reason. If my death can vent your anger, then I will die willingly. I wonder if you can spare the golden jade fox race?”

Yang Feng said indifferently, “Since you offended me, you have to pay the price.”

In the Eternal Ancient Roads central starfield, there are countless experts and powerhouses. After entering the central star domain, Yang Feng wants to establish a foothold.

Since the gold jade fox race made such a mistake and gave him this opportunity, he naturally cant miss it.

The golden jade fox race only has one Great Holy and three Holies. The Golden Fox Great Holy only has junior Great Holy rank cultivation base. Furthermore, the golden jade fox race doesnt have the protection of an Empyrean grade secret treasure. It is an optimal prey for Yang Feng to target

Helpless, the Ink Fox Holy could only glare at the Scarlet Fox Monarch, his eyes nearly spouting out flames of anger. If he could, he would really like to kill the Scarlet Fox Monarch with a slap.

The Scarlet Fox Monarch begged, a miserable look on his face: “Lord Firmament Holy, this humble one is willing to commit suicide for the previous offense. Lord Firmament Holy, please let off the golden jade fox race.”

Yang Feng sneered, “Its too late for that now!”

From the Scarlet Fox Monarchs words, Yang Feng surmised that the golden jade fox race loathes humans and regards them as ants. He has no qualms with taking action against such a race.

The Ink Fox Holys eyes fell on the Jade Sound Music Holy and revealing the shade of supplication. The golden bones race was an empyrean race with three Great Holies and one Empyrean grade secret treasure, yet it was destroyed by Yang Feng. The golden jade fox race is much weaker than the golden bones race.

The Jade Sound Music Holys eyes shimmered with the shade of shame, and she sighed faintly and lowered her head. She is well aware that a formidable character like Yang Feng is as unyielding as iron and will carry out what he believes without hesitation, crushing anyone in his way. There is indeed a bit of friendship between her and Yang Feng. But once that bit of friendship obstructs his path, Yang Feng will crush it into pieces.

The Golden Jade Star is a giant celestial body with a diameter of more than 100 million kilometers and is the home celestial body of the golden jade fox race.

All of a sudden, ripples appeared in the starry sky next to the Golden Jade Star, and a warship emerged.

With a flash of light, the Anchaman Great Holy flew out of the warship, and Great Holy rank demonic might swept towards the Golden Jade Star like an avalanche.

“Golden Fox Great Holy, my lord asked for you!”

The Anchaman Great Holys voice echoed on the Golden Jade Star, setting off terrifying hurricanes and vibrations.

A golden light flashed, and a Great Holy with snow-white skin and dazzling blond hair, exuding a charm that is lethal to both men and women alike, making it hard to distinguish whether they are male or female, flew out of the Golden Jade Star while treading on a golden bridge.

The Golden Fox Great Holy glanced at the Anchaman Great Holy, frowned slightly, and said in a voice full of magnetism, “Im the Golden Fox Great Holy. What can I do for you?”

The frowning face of the Golden Fox Great Holy is also really beautiful. If ordinary people witnessed his beauty, both men and women alike would fall in love with it. But it has no effect on a fierce character such as the Anchaman Great Holy.

The Anchaman Great Holy spoke aggressively: “My lord is the Firmament Holy, the sole ruler of the Tai Yuan Starfield! The golden jade fox races Scarlet Fox Monarch claims that you want to be a mortal enemy of lord Firmament Holy. Consequently, we came here to ask the golden jade fox race whether it will submit to my lord or be extinguished?”

The Golden Fox Great Holys heart sank, and he asked with a look of shock on his face, “The sole ruler of the Tai Yuan Starfield! Has the Firmament Holy unified the Tai Yuan Starfield?”

The Anchaman Great Holys eyes surged with killing intent, his blood boiled, and his body filled with excitement: “Thats right. All races of the Tai Yuan Starfield have submitted to my lord. My Lord is lenient and thus is willing to give you a way to live despite the offense. Golden Fox Great Holy, why havent you knelt and expressed your gratitude for the favor yet?”

The Anchaman Great Holy is a cruel, bloodthirsty, cunning, and vicious character. Among the Great Holies Yang Feng subdued, although he is not the strongest, but he is the most belligerent.

When the Golden Fox Great Holy detected the Anchaman Great Holys killing intent and fighting spirit, he understood that the other party isnt joking, but will really wipe out the gold jade fox race.

The Golden Fox Great Holy raised his voice and asked, “Sir Firmament Holy, would you please see me?”

With a flash of golden light, a luxury litter appeared on the warship. Sitting in the luxury litter, Yang Feng has Ruslana in his arms and the Ink Fox Holy thrown at his feet. He looked icily at the Golden Fox Great Holy and said coldly, “If you have anything to say, go ahead and say it!”

The Golden Fox Great Holy uttered: “Sir Firmament Holy, the Scarlet Fox Monarch offending you is solely his fault. The golden jade fox race is willing to hand over all of his next of kin and compensate you with ten Springs of Immortality. Furthermore, we will apologize to you and owe you a favor. What do you think?”

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered with derision, and he asked coldly, “Ten Springs of Immortality? If I destroy the golden jade fox race, wont I be able to get more than that?”

The Golden Fox Great Holys heart sank. He realized that Yang Feng is eyeing the golden jade fox races foundation and is using this matter as a pretext.

Yang Feng uttered indifferently, “However, I will give you a chance. Come to the Holy battlefield with me. If you beat me, todays matter will be swept under the rug. But if you lose, the golden jade fox race will submit to me, and you will serve me for 100,000 years.”

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