Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1179 – Zhao Quans Origin

Chapter 1178 – Causing a Stir

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The Hallowed Fox Great Holy sighed and saluted Yang Feng deferentially, saying, “Please treat the golden jade fox race well!”

Yang Feng responded calmly, “Thats only natural!”

Yang Feng has always treated his vassal races equally well. Thats the reason why he was able to easily subdue the major races of the Tai Yuan Starfield. Otherwise, even though they have fallen into Yang Fengs hands, the Holies of the major races wouldnt have submitted that easily.

Lights flickered, and the wills of Holies disappeared one by one.

Once the Golden Fox Great Holy surrendered, the golden jade fox race directly submitted to Yang Feng, and the 23 life celestial bodies belonging to it fell into Yang Fengs hands.

The Eternal Ancient Road cant compare to the main world in terms of the number of life celestial bodies. However, the Eternal Ancient Roads life celestial bodies have the potential to give birth to Holies. It is because of this point that countless formidable powerhouses are birthed in the Eternal Ancient Road.

Yang Feng didnt hurry to enter the central starfields core area. Instead, he placed countless battle robots on the 23 life celestial bodies of the golden jade fox race to collect resources and transform the celestial bodies.

From the golden jade fox races treasury, Yang Feng obtained another top ore that is needed to build a level-7 stronghold.

“The Firmament Holy set foot in the central starfield!”

“The Firmament Holy entered the central starfield and subdued the golden jade fox race!”

“The Firmament Holy unified the Tai Yuan Starfield and became its sole ruler.”

“The Firmament Holy killed the zhenxu races Zhenxu Divine Son.”

“The Firmament Holy slayed the cosmic eyes tiger races Moonshatter Great Holy!”


After the golden jade fox race submitted to Yang Feng, the Holy Forum exploded. When the Holies focused their attention on Yang Feng, they immediately dug up numerous pieces of information about him, which made the forum explode.

The Tai Yuan Starfield is a peripheral starfield. As such, the central starfields Holies dont pay much attention to what happens there. However, when Yang Feng stepped into the central starfield, he immediately subdued the golden jade fox face, causing a great sensation in the central starfield.

Yang Fengs various achievements were dug up by the Holies and thrown into the Holy Forum. The central starfields Holies suddenly realized that a human prodigy with the making of an Empyrean emerged and came to the central starfield.

“The Firmament Holy is just like the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race. Will the humans give birth to another invincible overlord?”

“To suppress the golden jade fox race upon entering the central starfield, how overbearing. Hes more domineering, ruthless, and resolute than the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race.”

“Although the golden jade fox race isnt an eternal empyrean race, but it is still a greater race with the protection of a Great Holy. For the Firmament Holy to subdue such a race on his own, hes really dreadful.”

“Divine Imperator, Ning Jiang, and Zhao Quan, these monsters finally found their match.”

“In the Tai Yuan Starfield, the Firmament Holy slayed the zhenxu divine races divine son and a Great Holy of the cosmic eyes tiger race, offending both eternal empyrean races. I wonder what these two eternal empyrean races will do?”


The central starfields Holies commented spiritedly in the central magic networks Holy Forum.

“Firmament Holy, its really him. To be able to slay Great Holies and suppress a starfield, what a monster.”

The Tyrant Dragon Holy is holed up in a secret room, all scarred and bruised, emanating a foul smell. Terrifying curses have pervaded his wounds, making it so that his wounds cant be healed.

As the Tyrant Dragon Holy browsed the Holy Forum, his eyes flashed with the shade of envy, and he sighed, “The Eternal Ancient Road is fraught with danger, yet hes surprisingly doing so well, to the point of slaying Great Holies. Universe children are really enviable.”

In the main world, the Tyrant Dragon Holy is a famous Holy who left his mark on history. But the Eternal Ancient Road has countless powerhouses. When he fought with a Holy for a treasure of heaven and earth, he was seriously injured. After several months of recuperating, he still hasnt recovered, and his strength has even regressed.

The Eternal Ancient Road holds countless opportunities, countless treasures, and even many precious Eternal Sovereign relic sites. But at the same time, it also holds countless powerhouses. Without enough strength, you wont be able to hold your head high here.

The Tyrant Dragon Holy sighed: “I should find a chance to meet him. Its too difficult for me to wander in the Eternal Ancient Road alone.”

All major races in the central starfield reject humans. As such, human Holies in the central starfield are in dire straits. Only an extremely overbearing and terrifyingly strong powerhouse like Yang Feng can prosper in this place.

The former Magic Note Monarch looked at the news in the Holy Forum and sighed: “Firmament Holy, sure enough, wherever this guy goes, he is dazzling and enviable.”

“As expected of the Firmament Holy!”

“Thats amazing. He unified the Tai Yuan Starfield in such a short time. That was a starfield guarded by three empyrean races. How dreadful!”

“Firmament Holy, what a monster.”

“Thats the most outstanding prodigy of the human race in this era for you!”


When the main worlds Holies in the central starfield saw the information about Yang Feng on the Holy Forum, shock filled their hearts.

The Tai Yuan Starfields three empyrean races are powerful races with at least two Great Holies standing guard and one Empyrean grade secret treasure. In terms of apparent strength, none of the three empyrean races are weaker than the Human Supreme Councils six Warlock Imperial Courts.

Of the three empyrean races, Yang Feng destroyed one and subdued the other two. This kind of accomplishment is simply incredible.

As Feng Xuanzhen looked at the Holy Forum, his eyes shimmered with regret, and he sighed: “The Firmament Holy is really a terrible enemy. What a pity. If it was another time, we might have become good friends.”

In this era, an Empyrean will surely be born, and even an Eternal Sovereign may be born. When it comes to Eternal Sovereigns, even the Gumana Universe can only bear one during a universe great tribulation. This illustrates how precious that opportunity is.

For the sake of this opportunity, many Empyreans of the world of Warlocks used various means to seal themselves and reincarnate.

Both Yang Feng and Feng Xuanzhen are ambitious people. Theres no way they will let this opportunity slip by. This means that there is virtually no room for reconciliation between them. One of them will inevitable topple over in the future.

The Extinction Lightning Star Sea is a danger zone in the Godelot Starfield. In this star sea, countless lightning bolts flicker and roar unceasingly. Even if it is a Holy, if they enter the Extinction Lightning Star Sea, they will be easily blown to pieces by the endless lightning.

A handsome young man stepped into the Extinction Lightning Star Sea.

Lightning dragons, lightning crows, lightning phoenixes, lightning scorpions, and many other lightning beasts that are the manifestation of the law of lightning suddenly emerged and rushed towards the young man.

With a faint smile, the young man took out an ancient golden lamp engraved with countless ancient runes. The light of the ancient golden lamp is formed from blue lightning runes.

A blue radiance suddenly emerged and erupted with brilliant light that absorbed all the lightning beasts.

“Zhenxu Thunder Great Holy, what brings you here?”

A cold voice came from the Extinction Lightning Star Sea. The violent Extinction Lightning Star Sea that appears to be constructed from the law of lightning became calm. The lightning retreated, revealing the abyss of the Extinction Lightning Star Sea.

In the abyss of the Extinction Lightning Star Sea, there is a 10,000-meter-tall lightning giant sitting cross-legged. The lightning giant is constructed from the law of lightning. At its heart, there is a dashing man with long, black hair, a lightning brand on the forehead, and closed eyes, emanating an overbearing temperament, sitting cross-legged.

The Zhenxu Thunder Great Holy responded, “Zhao Quan, I came to ask you to dispose of someone! That someone is the Firmament Holy Yang Feng from the main world!”

The man who has his eyes closed and looks no different from a human is called Zhao Quan and is a peerless powerhouse famous in the Eternal Ancient Roads central starfield. He is one of the three strongest freaks of the central starfields younger generation.

“Firmament Holy Yang Feng? For the zhenxu divine race to ask me to take action, it seems that this isnt some small fry.”

A strange rune appeared, and Zhao Quan got information from his channels. He said indifferently: “Lord of the Tai Yuan Starfield; killed Great Holies while himself a Holy; subdued the golden jade fox race upon entering the central starfield. This is a freak with the making of an Empyrean. Interesting, what a nice opponent. However, what price is the zhenxu divine race going to pay for me to kill him?”

The Zhenxu Thunder Great Holy replied with a smile, “A Zhenxu God Tree fruit!”

Zhao Quan smiled coldly and uttered disdainfully, “A Zhenxu God Tree fruit? How can the zhenxu divine race still have such a treasure? Didnt you already consume the last Zhenxu God Tree fruit?”

Zhenxu God Tree fruits are eternal god fruits and are extremely precious. It takes on average 30,000 years to produce one fruit. These god fruits are naturally consumed within the zhenxu divine race. Once a god fruit ripens, it will be used to nurture a Great Holy of the race. It is virtually impossible to have a surplus.

“There is indeed a Zhenxu God Tree fruit left. This one was prepared for the Zhenxu Divine Son to use when attacking the Great Holy realm, so that he could have a perfect promotion to the Great Holy realm. The Zhenxu Divine Son obtained this Zhenxu Divine Tree fruit during an adventure. Have a look.”

The Zhenxu Thunder Great Holy smiled faintly and extended a hand, and a cyan crystal flew into Zhao Quans hand.

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