Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 118 – Envoy Eudorax

Chapter 117 – Traximuss Death

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Two people were intertwined in a shagging bout.

At the most crucial point, Annas eyes flashed with a touch of cold light before she turned and embraced Traximus. Her cherry lips parted before a black streak of light instantly spurted from her mouth and pierced into Traximus heart.

“Fucking slut! You dare betray me?!!”

Traximus eyes flashed with a touch of astonishment as he roared furiously. The terrifying life energy of a Great Warlock rank erupted in a flash followed by a cluster of incomparably terrifying flames, before a claw dug into Annas heart.

“Save me!!”

Anna faced upwards and issued an extremely mournful shriek. She only had the strength of a pinnacle level-3 Warlock; she was nothing more than a somewhat sturdy little mouse before the Great Warlock Traximus and was unable to stop his wrathful strike.

Traximus pierced Annas heart. Flames erupted in a flash and immediately burned her into a pile of ash.


Suddenly, a black-clothed handsome young man appeared in a corner of the private room. He had the appearance of a twenty one or twenty two year old. The Substitution Wooden Carving in his right hand had shattered and his left hand was holding onto Anna who should be dead.

The young man was graceful, he bowed slightly in salute towards Traximus before saying with a slight smile: “Its the first time that we meet each other Sir Traximus. My name is Bartoleo and Im from a race that you humans call the Hellion Clan. Im pleased to meet you.”

Traximus eyes emitted traces of fire as he covered his chest. He stared at Anna before roaring in extreme rage: “Why have you betrayed me? I was so good to you Anna, so why have you betrayed me?”

“Traximus, I never cared about you. Ive been trying to kill you ever since you burned my beloved Luke to death. I only joined Fire Tower because I wanted to kill you. Ive been waiting for a century for this day to come.”

“With the help of this hellion, I was able to quickly grow into a genius with an inferior level-6 soul aptitude from an average Apprentice Warlock with an intermediate level-4 soul aptitude, before promoting to a level-1 Warlock and catching your attention.”

“I let this hellion in. All the magic nodes in Fire Tower were already destroyed and you no longer can draw support from this Warlock Tower. Youve been poisoned by the Hellion Clans Bone Necrosis Poison. Youll only become wicker and wicker with time. Finally, even your bones will melt slowly before you die.” Anna gave a vicious smile before narrating extremely hatefully.

“Bone Necrosis Poison!!” Traximus felt a chill within before he crazily revolved his spirit force and stimulated his formidable life energy in an attempt to expel the Bone Necrosis Poison from his body.

Bone Necrosis Poison was developed by Hellion Clan and had a high toxicity towards human Warlocks. It was a highly toxic poison refined from the highly toxic heart blood of hellion. Depending on the material used to refine it, then even Great Warlocks who werent poison-attributed would only have a slim chance at survival.

“Too late! If youre given some time, then you might be able to dispel the Bone Necrosis Poison. But I wont give you the chance to do that!” Bartoleo smiled before his body collapsed and he disappeared in a flash.

An extremely sharp bone spike burst out of Traximus shadow in a split second and pierced into his head before twisting hard and directly scrambling his brain.

Fire Towers Master Great Warlock Traximus had such a grievous death, without even getting the chance to display his terrifying battle prowess.

Bartoleo picked up the robe that Traximus had taken off and swept it with a glance before revealing a trace of a smile: “Superior Teleportation, Superior Warping Force Field, Superior Curse Resistance and Superior Wind Control; this Magic Flame Robe is worthy of being a Legend rank secret treasure. Killing him wouldnt be so simple if he hadnt taken off this secret treasure robe.”

A black radiance suddenly rose into the sky from the Flaming Valley.

Suddenly, extremely tyrannical life forces gushed out from around the Flaming Valley, before countless Hellion Clans expert rushed towards the valley. At once, fierce fluctuations of magic and blare from the fighting were transmitted from the Flaming Valley.

The battle finally ceased after one day and one night, only that the Flaming Valley had already transformed into a hell on earth.

Fire Tower was destroyed. Before long, Fire Nation was also quickly conquered by the hellions.

Almost at the same time, Snow White Tower, Blue Bay Family, Fire Heart, Lightning Eye and others; these human Warlock groups with Great Warlocks presiding over them had their Great Warlocks assassinated one after another. What followed was the nearly complete destruction of those forces by the dark elves from the under worlds allied forces with only a few accidents.

A total of 7 Great Warlocks fell under the assassination ploy of the under worlds allied forces, with 3 Warlocks escaping with heavy injuries without leaving any traces.

The entire Turandot Subcontinent was extremely shocked. Black Dragon Empire had only 7 Great Warlocks. Within a short span of less than a month, seven Great Warlocks fall and three Great Warlocks were heavily injured. The terrifying strength displayed by the under worlds allied forces had stunned the entire Turandot Subcontinent.

Those originally aloof human Warlocks, who hadnt payed the under worlds allied forces any heed, had finally put their arrogance aside, before becoming extremely vigilant with regards to this enemy.

Hellion Clans Assassin Bartoleo, Shadow Goddess Mary and Night Hunter Romulaj; the reputation of these three legendary assassins from the allied forces reverberated through the entire Turandot Subcontinent.

Ten venerable Great Warlocks of Turandot Subcontinent were either killed of greatly injured by those three legendary assassins.

Apart from the six great Warlock groups, practically every force with Great Warlocks had already started to pull back their line of defense, focusing their strength on their lairs. They crazily sought to purge the traitorous fuckers among their forces. They didnt dared to send their troops away.

Under such circumstances, the under worlds allied forces were like fish in water, occupying large swaths of land in Turandot Subcontinent. Furthermore, they obtained huge benefits by continuously exploiting all kinds of resources. They also started producing all kinds of weapons and consequentially expanding their forces.

Underneath Giant-Stone City, inside the Portable Fortified Stronghold.

“The current state of affairs appears to be very discouraging. Should I escape to the main continent right away?”

Yang Feng looked at the intelligence reports coming from all over before creasing his eyebrows slightly, the thought of escaping taking root in his mind. He had already finished building his Portable Fortified Stronghold. Moreover, he had stocked the Portable Fortified Stronghold with large amounts of magic stones, steel and power source crystals. Even if he had to leave for the main continent, then he could quickly expand once more.

Within a short span of a month, humans had ten of their Great Warlocks killed or gravely injured. Additionally, Turandot Subcontinents six great forces were still fighting on their own instead of joining forces. Yang Feng though that if human Warlocks continued with this direction, then their chances of success wouldnt be too great. He had already made sufficient preparations for his escape.

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