Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1182 – Xi Shen Armors Third Form

Chapter 1181 – Fighting the Young Lightning Empyrean

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The Tyrant Dragon Holys eyes flashed with the shade of shock: “So powerful! A Great Holy was slayed just like that! He reached this degree in only a few years, amazing. Its unbelievable.”

Standing quietly in the void, the Anchaman Great Holy looked at Yang Fengs back with a burning color in his eyes: “How dreadful! He grew to this degree, as expected of my master!”

At the time, the Anchaman Great Holy only chose to become Yang Fengs slave and let him set up a restriction on his soul in order to survive. But as Yang Fengs strength grew, he accepted him as his master more and more in his heart.

Yang Feng glanced at the void. In the void, the Holies full of malice towards humans cast their secret methods and masked their aura, not daring to meet his gaze.

“Firmament Holy, youre here at last!”

A voice sounded on the Voidcloud Holy Battlefield and lightning radiated from the deepest part of the starry sky. In an instant, a terrible lightning storm gushed out from the deepest part of the starry sky.

In the wake of the fearsome lightning storm, all energies were absorbed and turned into lightning.

Hit by the lightning storm, abandoned celestial bodies had their remaining energy drained. They turned into celestial bodies shrouded in lightning and integrated into the lightning storm.

Within the lightning storm that destroyed and assimilated everything, there is a figure standing proudly. While treading in an endless sea of lightning, the figure crossed the void and approached step by step.

The figure exuding a domineering and unrivaled air is Zhao Quan, the reincarnation of the Second Lightning Empyreans soul.

In the world of lightning, every step taken by Zhao Quan spans hundreds of thousands of light-years.

A few steps later, Zhao Quan arrived in front of Yang Feng from millions of light-years away.

“The Young Lightning Empyrean arrived, as well!”

“The Young Lightning Empyrean possesses innate level-9 soul aptitude, and he has been undefeated since his debut. The Firmament Holy is just a pinnacle Holy Spirit Warlock that has yet to promote to a Great Holy. He is not the opponent of Young Lightning Empyrean.”


In the void, when the Holies saw the Young Lightning Empyrean appear, excitement flashed in their eyes. After all, Yang Feng is an outsider who came to the Eternal Ancient Road from the main world. And the Young Lightning Empyrean is a powerhouse born in the Eternal Ancient Road. They naturally desire to see the Young Lightning Empyrean quell Yang Feng.

Exuding an overbearing and unrivaled aura, Zhao Quan glanced at Yang Feng, his eyes flashed with the shade of admiration, and he said, “Firmament Holy, youre pretty good. To be able to practice cultivation to this point in such a short time, you are indeed a most outstanding talent of this era. I admire you. If you swear to serve me, I can treat as if todays fight was never scheduled. As long as you are willing to become my men, even the zhenxu divine race wont dare to touch you.”

Yang Feng smiled, and his eyes flashed with a burning fighting spirit: “I would like to see how capable the reincarnation of the Second Lightning Empyrean is.”

“The Second Lightning Empyrean!”

“It turns out that the Young Lightning Empyrean is the reincarnation of the Second Lightning Empyreans soul. No wonder he possessed level-9 soul aptitude as soon as he came into being.”

“So hes the reincarnation of the Second Lightning Empyreans soul. In that case, hes the reincarnation of an overlord-level powerhouse.”


In the void, the Holies were shocked when they heard of Zhao Quans origin. The Second Lightning Empyrean was an unequaled overlord who suppressed the world and slayed Empyreans.

The Great Holies were unmoved. Evidently, they were already aware of the Young Lightning Empyreans origin.

“What a pity! Firmament Holy, you missed the last chance I gave you! In that case, go to hell!”

A glimmer of regret streaked across Zhao Quans eyes, and he took a step forward and pointed at Yang Feng.

In an instant, endless lightning flashed, and lightning spears appeared inside the endless lightning one after another. A total of 19,300 lightning spears containing immortal Holy might emerged and shot towards Yang Feng.

Within tens of thousands of kilometers, lightning danced like snakes and issued booming sounds. The world filled with endless lightning as if it has become a hell of lightning. As if a Lightning Empyrean descended and adjudicated the destruction of the world, the 19,300 lightning spears shot towards Yang Feng with terrifying might.

The essence of lightning is one of the most formidable essences in the universe. It can restrain many essences and has almost no weakness.

When bombarded by the 19,300 lightning spears, an ordinary Great Holy will be gravely wounded if not killed.

“Lightning Empyreans Adjudication! So this is the Young Lightning Empyreans secret method. With this secret method, he suppressed two Great Holies!”

“So this is the secret method of the Second Lightning Empyrean, no wonder its so incredible! It can suppress all enemies!”


When the spectating Holies saw the 19,300 lightning spears containing terrifying destructive power, their expressions became dignified. It was this terrifying offensive secret method that killed two Great Holies. In the Eternal Ancient Road, it can be ranked in the top 10 among offensive secret methods.

“As expected of the reincarnation of the Second Lightning Empyrean, truly powerful!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a scorching color. He flashed with countless runes, and a black hole that seems to be able to devour all things in the world suddenly appeared.

The terrifying black hole that seems to be pregnant with a black figure shook slightly. It appears to the incarnation of the law of devour.

The 19,300 lightning spears that can wipe out Great Holies fell down and slammed into the terrifying black hole.

Endless lightning flashed and tried to destroy everything, purify everything, and blast everything into charcoal.

The black hole engulfed, absorbed, and refined the lightning, turned into into pure power, and channeled it into Yang Feng.

Under the bombardment of the fearsome lightning spears, the originally large as a star black hole shrank bit by bit. When it reached a radius of ten meters, the black hole stopped shrinking, and its devour force became more terrifying.

In a breath of time, the 19,300 lightning spears were devoured by the black hole without being able to harm Yang Feng.

“Amazing! To be able to easily receive Lightning Empyreans Adjudication, thats the Firmament Holy for you! Truly formidable!”

“He actually cultivated the essence of devour to such a degree, what a monster.”


In the void, the eyes of the Holies shimmered with a dignified shade. Many Great Holies stared at the black hole enveloping Yang Feng with the shade of apprehension in their eyes.

Many Great Holies would have to use secret treasures or racial innate abilities in order to be able to resist the Lightning Empyreans Adjudication. But Yang Fengs essence of devour manifested and easily blocked the Lightning Empyreans Adjudication, showing how truly terrifying it is.

“To cultivate the essence of devour to such a degree, truly amazing! If it wasnt for me, maybe you would be able to reach the pinnacle of this era and step into the ranks of Empyreans. Unfortunately, you are destined to die here today!”

Zhao Quan took a step, endless lightning roiled, and the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Lightning Empyreans Regalia composed of countless golden armor leaves and exuding immortal Empyrean might appeared on him.

Endless lightning flashed, and the Lightning Empyreans Halberd emanating an ancient, desolate, and sacred aura suddenly emerged from the void and flew into Zhao Quans hand.

“Thats the Lightning Empyreans Halberd, the Second Lightning Empyreans unequaled secret treasure!”

“The Lightning Empyreans Regalia is a secret treasure the Young Lightning Empyrean refined in this life, while the Lightning Empyreans Halberd is the unequaled secret treasure he refined in his previous life. With two Empyrean grade secret treasures that completely fit his path, who can be his opponent?”

“Even the Divine Imperator and the Dark Glare Emperor may not be the Young Lightning Empyreans opponents. No wonder the overbearing Divine Imperator and the domineering Dark Glare Emperor havent come forward to challenge the Young Lightning Empyrean.”


The spectating Holies looked at the Young Lightning Empyrean with his two Empyrean grade secret treasures as if they were seeing the invincible Second Lightning Empyrean resurrect from the river of time, descend on the world, and suppress all enemies.

“Lets begin the second round! I already witnessed your ability, Firmament Holy! You can die now!”

Zhao Quans eyes flashed coldly. Endless lightning flickered all over his body and formed a pair of lightning wings on his back. The lightning wings flapped, and booming thunder sounded. He crossed a distance of thousands of kilometers, appeared in front of Yang Feng in a flash, and unleashed a halberd strike, which contains terrifying light that can destroy a world, slashing towards Yang Feng.

When the halberd strike emerged, lightning flickered within thousands of kilometers and formed a Lightning Divine Domain. Inside the Lightning Divine Domain, Zhao Quan looks like a god of lightning that dominates lightning and controls thunder.

Yang Feng extended his hand, and the Green Yang Halberd suddenly appeared. He stabbed with the halberd, and ten green suns sundered the firmament and shot towards the Lightning Divine Domain.

The ten green suns smashed the Lightning Divine Domain and collided with the lightning halberd ray. After just a moment, the ten green suns exploded.

In the middle of the heaven-shaking blare, Yang Feng was blasted thousands of kilometers away. He was covered with lightning. As if they have a life of their own, countless bolts of lightning rushed frantically towards him and blasted the blood he coughed up into ashes.

The Young Lightning Empyrean Zhao Quan, on the other hand, stood proudly in place, exuding an unrivaled and domineering aura.

“The outcome is out! The Firmament Holy lost!”

“After all, the Young Lightning Empyrean is the reincarnation of the Second Lightning Empyrean. is only a matter of course for the Firmament Holy to be defeated at the hands of a former unequaled overlord.”

“Once the Firmament Holy is defeated, there wont be a reason to fear the humans!”


When the Holies saw this scene, they discussed wildly, and the eyes of many of them shimmered with killing intent.

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