Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1183 – Devouring Young Lightning Empyrean

Chapter 1182 – Xi Shen Armors Third Form

Translator: Xaiomoge

The Young Lightning Empyrean Zhao Quan brandished the Lightning Empyreans Halberd, endless thunder light shone, and the Lightning Divine Domain that can destroy everything spread wildly and covered the void.

When the Lightning Divine Domain reached Yang Feng, lightning flashed, and Zhao Quan appeared in front of him in the blink of an eye and slashed at him with the Lightning Empyrean Halberd.

Boom! Boom!

As endless lightning flashed and huge explosions sounded incessantly, black holes emerge one by one, and then were sliced to pieces by Zhao Quans Lightning Empyreans Halberd that contains terrifying lightning force.

Frightening lightning halberd rays slashed Yang Feng, split the Xi Shen Armor open, and left deep gashes on his body.

Countless lightning runes appeared in the wounds and radiated dazzling lightning, hindering the healing of his wounds.

Every time the Green Yang Halberd clashed with the Lightning Empyreans Halberd, it emitted wailing ripples, and its green suns were completely shrouded by endless lightning and blasted to pieces.

The Green Yang Halberd and the Lightning Empyreans Halberd are both Empyrean grade secret treasures. However, one was an ordinary Empyreans secret treasures, while the other was an unequaled Empyreans secret treasure. In addition, the Lightning Empyreans Halberd is a secret treasure that the Young Lightning Empyrean Zhao Quan refined in his past life and thus it perfectly matches his path. It completely suppressed the Green Yang Halberd.

“Thats the Second Lightning Empyrean for you!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a cold gleam, and the Xi Shen Armor erupted with countless runes and grew a pair of mechanical wings. The Kunmo Stone embedded in the armors core burst out with brilliant light and poured tremendous power into his body.

Next, the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Devour Yuan Bead appeared on the Xi Shen Armor and erupted with countless runes, and tiny black holes emerged inside Yang Fengs body and frantically devoured the lightning runes.

The lightning runes containing immortal Holy might were completely devoured by the black holes, and Yang Fengs wounds healed in an instant.

As if a lightning god that descended from a higher plane of existence, Zhao Quan brandished the Lightning Empyreans Halberd, and worlds of lightning suddenly appeared one by one. A total of three worlds of lightning containing destructive lightning rays barreled towards Yang Feng.

As if they have a life of their own, the three worlds of lightning swallowed the energies within millions upon millions of kilometers and ejected chains formed from countless lightning runes shooting towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng waved his right hand, and a golden horn extended from the part of the Xi Shen Armor covering his right hand and fired a golden beam barreling towards the worlds of lightning.

A true spirit-level direbeast golden horn rhinoceros suddenly appeared and violently slammed into the worlds of lightning, and the three world of lightning collapsed.

Yang Feng took a step, crossed the three worlds of lightning, appeared in front of Zhao Quan, and unleashed a halberd strike, and 10 green suns sundered the space, radiated dazzling green sunlight, and swept towards Zhao Quan together with black holes.

Zhao Quan unleashed a halberd strike, and countless lightning flashed and turned into lightning dragons shooting towards Yang Feng.


Along with a heaven-shaking explosion, the void cracked, the space collapsed, the time turned chaotic, and terrifying shock waves spread in all directions.

In the terrifying storm, Zhao Quan was blasted thousands of kilometers away. There is a gash extending from his right shoulder all the way to the abdomen.

The Xi Shen Armor on Yang Fengs body has a huge gash, as well. A large amount of blood spilled out of the wound.

“The Young Lightning Empyrean was blown away!”

“Whats going on? How can the Firmament Holy be so strong?”


The spectating Holies looked at Zhao Quan, who was sent flying, unable to believe their eyes. In the past, the Young Lightning Empyrean Zhao Quan was an overlord-level Empyrean invincible in the same realm, who suppressed the world and slayed Empyreans.

Since the Second Lightning Empyrean reincarnated in this period, he has naturally left numerous fallbacks and various treasuries in order for his reincarnation to grow rapidly and surpass his previous self. Only in this way might he be able to climb to the top and reach eternity.

Yet the formidable Zhao Quan was blasted away by Yang Feng. This is incredible.

“Firmament Holy, so this is the Empyrean grade secret treasure you refined! Its really extraordinary! Unfortunately, however, you met me and thus are destined to die here!”

Zhao Quans eyes burst out with a burning fighting spirit, and lightning flashed all over his body. Shrouded by the lightnings force of life, he instantly recovered to his peak condition.

Lightning also contains the power to give birth to new life. Many basic life is born from lightning before continuing to evolve into intelligent life.

Only peerless powerhouses who deduced the essence of lightning to the limit can grasp the mysteries of the power of life created from lightning.

Countless lightning shone, and Zhao Quan appeared in front of Yang Feng in a blink, brandished the Lightning Empyreans Halberd, and unleashed a halberd strike with a mysterious trajectory and enveloped by myriad lightning slashing towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng unleashed a stabbing strike with the Green Yang Halberd, and ten suns sundered the space, turned into a green halberd ray, and shot towards the myriad lightning , together with black holes.

Boom! Boom!

The void shook constantly as if a supreme lightning god and a peerless god of war have clashed. As the two terrifying existences fought, various powerful offensive spells emerged one after another and barreled towards the other party.

Every time the Young Lightning Empyrean Zhao Quan was wounded, lightning containing the power of life shone and healed him. Surrounded by a torrent of time, every time Yang Feng was injured, time flowed back, and he regained his peak condition.

The Tyrant Dragon Holy looked at the void, and his eyes flashed with a dignified shade: “To be able to push Yang Feng to this degree, the Young Lightning Empyrean Zhao Quan is really formidable! Even Feng Xuanzhen didnt pressured him this much back then. As expected of the reincarnation of an unequaled overlord-level powerhouse.”

Feng Xuanzhen is the person who defeated the Dawn Lord, the person who was prophesied as the strongest peerless prodigy of the human race in this era. Yet this peerless prodigy was easily defeated at Yang Fengs hands. Seeing the Young Lightning Empyrean Zhao Quan force Yang Feng to go all out, the Tyrant Dragon Holy realized the weight of the three prodigies of the Eternal Ancient Roads central starfield.

The Scarlet Flame Lotus Holys beautiful eyes flickered with shock: “Yang Feng is really a monster. The Young Lightning Empyrean is the reincarnation of the Second Lightning Empyrean and hes even stronger than his former self. Yet hes able to fight the Young Lightning Empyrean to a draw. If he had been born in another era, he would have easily crushed everyone in his way and become a Warlock Emperor.”

The void collapsed and the space turned chaotic.

Where Yang Feng and Zhao Quan passed, stars were blasted to pieces and meteorite belts were erased.

There are many strange phenomena that can curse to death even Holy Warlock rank powerhouses on this Holy battlefield. Lightning flickered and purified the strange phenomena one by one.

A terrible storm of destruction filled this holy battlefield for three days.

There was a fearsome impact, and Yang Feng and Zhao Quan were blasted away. The two are covered in bloody wounds.

After three days and nights of fierce fighting, both Yang Feng and Zhao Quan have reached their limit. They can no longer cast recovery secret methods freely.

“Firmament Holy, youre really amazing. None of my rivals from back then could match you. Unfortunately, you are destined to lose at my hands, destined to die at my hands. Because I am an ancient Lightning Empyrean, I am the person who is bound to set foot in eternity!”

After coughing up a mouthful of blood, Zhao Quans eyes shimmered with a cold glint, and he erupted with countless runes. The Lightning Empyreans Halberd in his hand awoke.

An ancient, desolate, sacred, and imposing projection constructed from countless lightning runes emerged from the Lightning Empyreans Halberd and emanated terrifying pressure that spread in all directions.

“The Second Lightning Empyrean!”

“Its the Second Lightning Empyrean!”


When the projection appeared, the spectating Holies felt uncomfortable from the terrifying pressure that emanated from it. They understood the origin of the projection in an instant.

As if the embodiment of the law of lightning and lightning itself, the projection pointed with an index finger, and countless lightning obeyed and formed a thunderbolt halberd blasting towards Yang Feng.

“The Second Lightning Empyrean? Let me slay you! Third form!”

Yang Fengs eyes flickered with a frenzied shade, and the Xi Shen Armor flickered with countless runes. The Devour Yuan Bead broke out with countless runes and flew into his black hole.

As soon as the Devouring Yuan Bead flew into Yang Fengs black hole, it fell into the hand of a projection with an indistinct appearance.

When the projection with an indistinct appearance gripped the Devour Yuan Bead, it blurred, and then its features became distinct. It looks just like Yang Feng.

The strange projection spread the fingers of its hand, and a black hole that can devour everything suddenly emerged, suppressed the void, and flew towards the thunderbolt halberd.

When the thunderbolt halberd that contains a trace of the ancient Lightning Empyreans will stabbed into the black hole that devours everything, it detonated.

The ancient Lightning Empyrean containing a trace of power detonated in the void, and a terrifying force tried to completely blow up the black hole.

The black hole suddenly extended and directly devoured the Lightning Empyrean projection that can destroy a world. Taking advantage of the situation, the black hole drew in the Young Lightning Empyrean Zhao Quan, erupted with countless runes, and refined him frenziedly.

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