Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1184 – Shocking the Eternal Ancient Road

Chapter 1183 – Devouring Young Lightning Empyrean

Translator: Xaiomoge

The Young Lightning Empyrean Zhao Quans Lightning Empyreans Regalia shone with countless runes and formed a lightning boundary that firmly locked his life origin.

Even so, wisps of life origin still were extracted from Zhao Quans body every breath of time.


Inside the black hole, Zhao Quan shouted and brandished the Lightning Empyreans Halberd, and a lightning halberd ray containing the law of destruction tore the firmament, destroyed everything, and forcibly split open the black hole.

The projection sitting cross-legged in the center of the black hole spread the fingers of its hand, and another black hole appeared and swallowed Zhao Quan.

As if the god of lightning, Zhao Quan roared and brandished the Lightning Empyreans Halberd, slicing apart one black hole after another.

The projection sitting cross-legged spread the fingers of its hand, and one black hole after another emerged, stifling Zhao Quan.

One white hair after another appeared on Yang Fengs head. The third form of the Xi Shen Armor is already Yang Fengs limit. Every breath of time that he stays in this form, 1,000 years of his lifespan are consumed.

In the black hole, with every breath of time, wrinkles and white hair appear on Zhao Quans head.


Zhao Quan spread the fingers of a hand, and a dozen plus Holy grade secret treasures suddenly flew out and exploded inside the black hole.

The fierce explosion shook the black hole, and then had all its force devoured.

With a cold flash in his eyes, Yang Feng took a step, entered the center of the black hole, and fused with the projection.

The fusion of projection and Yang Feng in the center of the black hole opened a hand and extended it towards Zhao Quan.


Zhao Quan bellowed, stimulated the power of bloodline inside him, and unleashed a halberd strike. The Second Lightning Empyreans projection appeared once more, emanated wisps of immortal Empyrean might, and sent a palm flickering with lightning barreling towards Yang Feng.

In the center of the black hole, when Yang Fengs giant projection hand blasted into the Second Lightning Empyreans projection, terrifying devour force erupted and forcibly devoured the Second Lightning Empyreans projection. Taking advantage of this, Yang Fengs giant projection hand slammed into Zhao Quan.

Countless devour runes appeared and shrouded Zhao Quan, and terrifying devour force broke out and frantically devoured Zhao Quans life origin.

Wisps of life origin oozed out from between the small cracks on the Lightning Empyreans Regalia and poured into the devour projection.

“No, how can I lose! I cant lose!”

Wrapped in the Lightning Empyreans Regalia, Zhao Quan roared wildly.

Amid the roars, terrifying devour force shrouded Zhao Quan and turned him into a desiccated corpse.

The unequaled Lightning Empyreans Halberd in Zhao Quans hand strangely radiated bright light, pierced through the black hole, turned into a stream of light, and disappeared into the void.

The Lightning Empyreans Regalia hummed, and then was suppressed by Yang Feng and sealed in a jade box.

In the void, the black hole suddenly disappeared, revealing the white-haired Yang Feng standing loftily by himself.

“Dead! Young Lightning Empyrean Zhao Quan was actually slayed!”

“How is that possible? The Young Lightning Empyrean Zhao Quan was the reincarnation of the Second Lightning Empyreans immortal soul. His fighting strength was incredible and even surpasses that of the Second Lightning Empyrean during his youth. How could such a powerhouse have died?”

“The Young Lightning Empyrean was the reincarnation of the Second Lightning Empyrean, the reincarnation of an unequaled overlord, how could he have died?”


The Holies spectating from afar were flabbergasted, unable believe their eyes.

The Young Lightning Empyrean Zhao Quan was the reincarnation of the Second Lightning Empyrean, was an unequaled existence in the same level in the central starfield. He has not only never been defeated since his debut, but he even slayed more than one Great Holies. He was acknowledged as one of the Eternal Ancient Roads three great monsters with the greatest potential to promote to an Empyrean. Yet such a monster was killed by Yang Feng. This is beyond shocking.

The Scarlet Flame Lotus Holys beautiful eyes flickered with the shade of astonishment, “He actually killed the Young Lightning Empyrean, incredible. As expected of the man my lord favors!”

The Second Lightning Empyrean was an unequaled overlord-level powerhouse who left his mark in history, not inferior to the Second Warlock Imperial Courts Taboo Lord.

The Scarlet Flame Lotus Holy never expected Yang Feng to actually be able to slay an incredible powerhouse such as the Young Lightning Empyrean.

The Bead of Time suddenly appeared, countless runes shone, and a torrent of time flowed out and swept towards Yang Feng.

In the torrent of time, Yang Fengs wounds quickly rewound.

The essence of time is extremely mysterious. Although it cant regenerate the lifespan Yang Feng consumed, but it can heal the wounds he incurred in the fight with the Young Lightning Empyrean.

“Firmament Holy, you have defeated the Young Lightning Empyrean, but did you have to kill him?! You think theres no one in the central starfield beside you?”

A pinnacle Holy rank powerhouse with a pair of goat horns and covered in twisted light came out of the void and rebuked Yang Feng.

“You dare to challenge me, you trash? Thats courting death!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, Yang Feng brandished the Green Yang Halberd, and ten suns sundered the space, turned into a green halberd ray, and slashed towards the pinnacle Holy rank powerhouse.

“Firmament Holy, please be lenient! Please give me, Brilliant Void Great Holy, face!”

A handsome Great Holy dressed in white, with long, cyan hair, came out of the void and waved his hand, and a jade plate suddenly flew out and burst out with brilliant light. Nine flowers flew out, broke apart, and changed into a flower boundary filled with countless petals.

When the green halberd ray slashed the flower boundary, green sunfire broke out, burned the countless petals, and crushed the flowed boundary. Next, the green halberd ray slammed into the Brilliant Void Holy and severed his right hand.

A black hole suddenly emerged and swallowed the Brilliant Void Great Holy.

In the center of the black hole, the strange projection sitting cross-legged opened its hand and unleashed a palm strike at the Brilliant Void Great Holy.

“Stop! Firmament Holy! Stop!”

In the black hole, the Brilliant Void Great Holys face twisted with fear, and he bellowed wildly. Following flashes of light, three Great Holy rank defensive boundaries appeared around him.

When the huge projection hand struck, the defensive boundaries around the Brilliant Void Great Holy shattered. Next, Countless devour runes flashed and frantically devoured the opponents life origin.


The expression of the Holy with goat horns changed dramatically, and he cast a secret method and escaped into the distance.

“You beast, you dare to challenge my Lord! Thats seeking death!”

With a fierce flash in his eyes, the Anchaman Great Holy appeared in front of the Holy with goat horns and turned over his hand full of eyes. The eyes radiated light that swept towards the other party.

“What are you waiting for? Do you want to watch as these outsiders run rampant in the Eternal Ancient Road? After fighting with the Young Lightning Empyrean, the Firmament Holy is seriously injured. Now is the best time to deal with him. As long as we deal with him, well have nothing to fear from the humans! The Eternal Ancient Road is ours. In this era, only powerhouses from our Eternal Ancient Road are qualified to set foot on the peak!”

While resisting the Anchaman Great Holys attack with all his might, the Holy with goat horns roared loudly, his voice shaking the firmament.

Moved by the shouts of the Holy with goat horns, the Holies and Great Holies in the void looked at the place where Yang Feng and his party are located, their eyes filled with malice.

The Eternal Ancient Roads major races are full of malice towards humans. Human powerhouses suffer discrimination and persecution in the central starfield.

The Holies and Great Holies in the void are naturally full of malice towards Yang Feng.

All of a sudden, Yang Fengs huge fleet opened countless hatches, and swarms of battle robots flew out.

Before long, 300 million 6th generation battle robots covered this area.

After unifying the Tai Yuan Starfield, Yang Feng scraped the resources of the starfield and threw them all into the production of 6th generation battle robots. Now the number of 6th generation battle robots at his disposal has reached 700 million. He deployed 300 million at once. Even if all of them are destroyed, the remaining battle robots are enough to protect the Tai Yuan Starfield.

From among the warships, the fluctuations of power of three advanced Great Holy rank powerhouses and more than 20 Holies spread in all directions.

“Four Great Holies and 20 Holies, what a fearsome force. So this is the underlying strength of the Tai Yuan Starfield.”

“The Firmament Holy deserves his reputation! There are no flaws in his arrangements! Theres basically no opportunity to take advantage of!”

“So this is the Firmament Holys mechanical golem legion that conquered the Tai Yuan Starfield?”

“There are no flaws!”


When they saw this scene, the Holies and Great Holies in the void gave up on the idea of taking action. If the Holies and Great Holies unite, they are fully capable of wiping out Yang Fengs mechanical legion. But thats easier said than done. They all have their own agenda. Naturally, they wont easily take action, not until the distribution of interests is set.

Dark light shone, and the black hole disappeared. Yang Feng walked out of the void, appeared behind the Holy with goat horns in one step, and sliced the other party in two with the Green Yang Halberd.

A black hole suddenly emerged and swallowed the Holy with goat horns.

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