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Chapter 1186 – Myriad Souls Hall

Chapter 1185 – Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy

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When the Anchaman Great Holy saw the being that appears to be the embodiment of lightning, his expression suddenly became ugly.

A quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse is only one step away from being able to advance to the Empyrean realm, engrave their path in the universe, and become an invincible being.

Quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses far stronger than Great Holies. Even if five Great Holies work together, they are fundamentally not the opponents of a quasi-Empyrean.

The Scarlet Flame Lotus Holys expression changed and her eyes flickered with a dignified shade, “Quasi-Empyrean! The anthunder race still had such a powerhouse hidden! Theres no mention of this in the intelligence.”

The Tyrant Dragon Holy smiled bitterly and uttered, “Quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse. Thats a quasi-Warlock Emperor rank monster. For us to meet such a monster, how unlucky.”

All the Holies in the fleet have unsightly expressions. Only the Cloud Dragon Great Holy, the Silver Brilliant Great Holy, and other Holies who witnessed Yang Feng suppress the Abaddon Emperors corpse appear to unperturbed.

The quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse said with a smile, “I am Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy! Well met, Firmament Holy!”

Although quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses are incredibly strong, but they are still essentially Great Holies. Most such powerhouses will call themselves Great Holies.

Yang Feng got up from the flagship, looked directly at Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy, and greeted calmly, “Well met, Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy!”

Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy asked with a smile, “What brings you to the anthunder race?”

Yang Feng answered flatly, “Young Lightning Empyrean Zhao Quan who comes from the anthunder race challenged me. After I slayed him, I came to destroy the anthunder race and take over all of Young Lightning Empyreans forces.”

The Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy asked with a smile, “Firmament Holy, now that you have seen me, wont change your mind?”

Yang Feng said, “Even though the anthunder race has you standing guard, but things havent changed fundamentally. Its only a question of how large of a price I will have to pay. Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy, Im afraid that you alone wont be able to block my way.”

Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy pondered for a while and said, “Young Lightning Empyrean is indeed from the anthunder race. But as you know, he was a chess piece laid by that person. We had no leeway to refuse. The anthunder race doesnt wish to get involved in the fight over the Empyrean throne. I am willing to offer you 100 Springs of Immortality and an Immemorial Star Lightning Core, so how about we sweep this matter under the rug?”

Yang Feng pondered for a moment and said decisively, “Alright! Out of respect for you, Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy, I will let this matter rest at this.”

Each quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse is only half a step away from reaching the summit and becoming an invincible Empyrean. Besides, they each have their own means. Although the Spirit Osta Fortress claims to be able to suppress a quasi-Empyrean, but if it meets a quasi-Empyrean with tyrannical strength, it may not be reliable.

“This is the entrance key to an eternal relic site. If you are interested, you can go there with the key. But I have to warn you that this eternal relic site is very dangerous. Even if its you, you may be in grave danger.”

Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy smiled and flicked his finger, and a cyan jade and a storage ring turned into a stream of light and flew into Yang Fengs hand.

As soon as Yang Feng grabbed the cyan jade, he felt a trace of eternal immortal aura transmit from the cyan jade along with countless pieces of information.

Just as Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy said, the cyan jade is the entrance to an eternal relic site. However, that is not an ordinary eternal relic site, but one full of killing intent and danger.

This eternal relic site is said to be a treasury built by an Eternal Sovereign called Disease Eternal Sovereign. This eternal relic site is filled with murderous intent and restricted areas. Previously, an Empyrean who entered it lost their life. It is one of the most terrifying danger zones in the central starfield.

This eternal relic site appears every 100,000 years to absorb the power of the universe to maintain its operation.

In three months, this eternal relic site will emerge to absorb the power of the universe.

Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy smiled and said, “This eternal relic site is very dangerous. Its up to you to decide whether you will go there or not. But Firmament Holy, I hope our two races can be friends, we can be friends. My motto is — the more friends the better. There arent many people qualified to be my friends. However, you are one of them.”

Yang Feng smiled: “I hope we can be friends, as well.”

Yang Feng waved his hand, and the huge fleet turned and flew to the depths of the starry sky.

Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy stood quietly in the void and watched Yang Fengs fleet disappear into the vast starry sky.

“Father, why didnt you attack and suppress Firmament Holy? After all, he came knocking at our door. As long as you give an order, the 18 Holies of the anthunder race will follow you and suppress him!”

With a flash of light, an anthunder race beauty with long, black hair and a fiery figure, emanating Warlock Monarch rank fluctuations of power, flew to beside Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy and said with an unwilling look on her face.

Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy shook his head and responded unhurriedly, “Muyue, suppress him? Firmament Holy saw me, yet he didnt panic. He clearly has the confidence to deal with me. Even if the anthunder race uses its strength to fight him, our odds are only at 50%. Moreover, Firmament Holy has the making of an Empyrean. Even if he loses today, if he reaches the top in the future, who of the anthunder race will be able to contend against him?”

Muyue asked curiously, “Father, you are already a quasi-Empyrean, only one step away from reaching the top and becoming an Empyrean. Why dont you take that step?”

Quasi-Empyreans and Empyreans are two completely different concepts. The body of a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse has already evolved into a perfect immortal body. As a result, powerhouses who are below the Holy rank and dont have the support of Empyrean grade secret treasures fundamentally cannot harm an Empyrean.

Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy answered with a bitter smile, “Its not that simple to take that step. I have currently reached the end of the road. Unless those people really die and all traces of them disappear from the universe, or if I dont change roads, I wont be able to go further.”

The reason why many quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses are unable to take that step is because there are many Empyreans who havent truly died. Traces of their roads still remain in the universe, making the roads narrower and narrower. Consequently, it gets more and more difficult for latecomers to set foot in that field.

Thunder Hound Star — outside the andokra starry thunder hound races home celestial body, ripples appeared in the outer space, and a huge fleet suddenly emerged.

The Anchaman Great Holy snapped: “Lord Firmament Holy has arrived. Powerhouse of Thunder Hound Star, come out and greet him.”

Along with a flicker of light, an andokra starry thunder hound race Holy with a tall and sturdy figure and a pair of dog ears, engraved with countless mysterious runes on the forehead, appeared in the starry sky.

“Star Hound Holy greets Firmament Holy!”

The Holy saluted Yang Feng respectfully.

The Anchaman Great Holy said coldly, “Young Lightning Empyrean Zhao Quan has died, and his forces now belong to lord Firmament Holy. Will the andokra starry thunder hound race submit or die?”

The Star Hound Great Holy sighed, bowed his head, and said respectfully, “If lord Young Lightning Empyrean were still alive, the andokra starry thunder hound race would naturally have fought to the last person for his sake. But since lord Young Lightning Empyrean has died, the andokra starry thunder hound race has become ownerless and is willing to serve Firmament Holy. The andokra starry thunder hound race will remain loyal to you just like it was loyal to Young Lightning Empyrean.”


Yang Feng gave a short reply, and then a swarm of battle robots swept towards Thunder Hound Star like a tide.

After the surrender of the andokra starry thunder hound race, most of the vassal races originally belonging to Young Lightning Empyrean in this starfield surrendered to Yang Feng one after another. However, 30 plus races loyal to Young Lightning Empyrean abandoned their mother celestial bodies and fled into the vast universe.

Although the world where Eternal Ancient Road is located is only a part of the world of Warlockss universe, but it is also vast. While under the protection of Holies, it is very difficult for even Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses to pursue them.

Yang Feng didnt send his forces to chase after the races that fled, but instead occupied their mother celestial bodies and exploited their various resources.

The 136 Holy stars that originally belonged to Young Lightning Empyrean Zhao Quan were thus swallowed up by Yang Feng, greatly increasing his influence.

Countless munitions factories were built on those celestial bodies. While working around the cloak, each munitions factory can produce hundreds of thousands of 6th generation battle robots every day.

With the support of the 136 Holy stars, Yang Fengs level-6 optical computer network has swelled up by countless level-6 optical computers, greatly upgrading its computing power.

Originally, if outsiders entered the central starfield and wished to gain a footing, they would have to go through countless battles. But after Yang Feng killed Young Lightning Empyrean Zhao Quan, none of the surrounding forces dared to compete with him. They could only watch Yang Feng swallow up Young Lightning Empyreans forces and become more powerful.

In just one month, Yang Feng completely took over the 136 Holy stars, fortified them, and mercilessly killed all spies sent by the major forces.

The major forces near Yang Fengs sphere of influence sent envoys to make friends with him.

The eternal relic site Myriad Souls Hall is a public place in the central starfield. It isnt controlled by anyone.

The area within tens of light-years of Myriad Souls Hall is in a strange, distorted state. Once beings below the Holy rank enter this area, their soul will be extracted, and they will die.

At the same time, once quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses enter Myriad Souls Hall, subjected to the strange, twisted state, their soul will vibrate and their strength will drop sharply. By then, they will be in danger of being killed by Holies. Consequently, even eternal ancient races cannot take control of Myriad Souls Hall.

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