Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1188 – Killing White Tiger Prince

Chapter 1187 – Slaying Successive Holies

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The starmoon sky snake race Holy gave a sign, and a junior Holy rank powerhouse with a goat head and a human body took a step, appeared in front of Yang Feng, and barked: “Human Holy, this isnt a place that a lowly thing like yourself can enter. Get lost, or crawl between my legs!”

When the goat-headed Holy spoke, the majority of Holies in front of statues woke up, looked this way, and showed the shade of ridicule.

Yang Feng frowned and unleashed a punch. His fist evolved into a star, tore the firmament, suppressed everything, and shot towards the goat-headed Holy.

The goat-headed Holys expression changed greatly, and a rune appeared on his forehead. All of a sudden, a cyan halo emerged and formed a halo world that unfolded slowly.

When the star knocked into the cyan halo, it smashed the cyan halo, and then crushed the magic boundaries of the goat-headed Holy. In the end, the star slammed into the person himself and blasted him to pieces.

A black hole instantly appeared, swallowed the goat-headed Holy, and frantically absorbed his life origin.

“The Goat Bones Holy was actually killed by him!”

“This human Holy is so vicious!”

“It appears that the humans gained a ruthless character.”


The spectating Holies narrowed their eyes and looked at Yang Feng with the shade of apprehension.

“Goat Bone! You beast, you dare kill my man! Die!”

A peerless beauty with long, cyan hair, a hot figure, and a dragon tail unleashed a heart-wrenching cry and slammed a 10,000-meter-long dragon bone hammer at Yang Feng.

“Since your man is dead, you can go and join him! Its my gift to you!”

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered coldly, and he punched and smashed the dragon bone hammer. Next, as if a meteor, his fist barreled towards the dragon-tailed female Holy.


With a roar, a Holy with dragon horns, exuding pinnacle Holy rank fluctuations of power, suddenly broke out and slashed at Yang Feng with a dragon bone sword.

Inside the dragon bone sword, countless dragon souls intertwined and released dragon roars capable of tearing peoples souls. The dragon roars ejected from the dragon bone sword and barreled towards Yang Feng.

A torrent of time surrounded Yang Feng, and the flow of time around him became chaotic.

Yang Fengs fist slammed into the dragon-tailed female Holy and blasted her to pieces, and then a black hole appeared and swallowed her.

Almost at the same time, Yang Feng emerged from the torrent of time, and a fist turned into a star and slammed into the dragon bone sword and blasted it apart. Next, the fist slammed into the dragon-horned Holy and blasted him to pieces, and then a black hole appeared and swallowed him.

“Who else wants to die?”

Yang Feng stood proudly in the void and surveyed the Holies, and a terrifying killing intent diffused from him and spread in all directions.

The black hole above Yang Fengs head trembled slightly and ashes emerged and scattered.

The Holies who were comprehending secret methods in front of the Empyrean statues focused their gazes on Yang Feng.

The starmoon sky snake race Holys expression turned unsightly, “Damn it, hes so strong!”

The goat-headed Holy was one of the starmoon sky snake race Holys three Holy subordinates. Now that his subordinate died at Yang Fengs hands, thats equivalent to him losing an arm. The expression of the starmoon sky snake race Holy understandably became unsightly.

The White Tiger Princes eyes flickered with shock: “How is he so strong? His progress really fast.”

“Human, to run wild in Eternal Ancient Road, youre really brave. This isnt…”

A giant Holy surrounded by raging flames and emanating advanced Holy rank fluctuations of power started walking, and stairs made from fire appeared below his feet.

“Go to hell!”

The Xi Shen Armor flashed, and Yang Feng appeared in front of the giant Holy in an instant and unleashed a halberd slash.

A green halberd ray tore the sky and slashed towards the giant Holy.

The giant Holys complexion changed dramatically. Countless mysterious runes appeared all over his body. He spread the fingers of his hand, and a huge shield of fire suddenly appeared. As soon as the shield of fire appeared, it evolved into a world of fire and guarded in front of the giant Holy.

When the green halberd ray knocked into the world of fire, it sliced the world of fire apart, and then cut the giant Holy in two.

A black hole suddenly emerged and swallowed the giant Holy.

After the giant Holy was killed, the Holies around the Empyrean statues fell silent. No one else dared to step out and provoke Yang Feng.

“White Tiger Prince, so its you! To meet me here, your luck must be pretty bad. You can go and die now!”

Yang Fengs gaze shifted and fell on the starmoon sky snake race Holy and company. He smiled coldly, and his eyes flickered with intense killing intent.

The starmoon sky snake race Holys tone became mild, and he asked, “Human Holy, I am Violetwave Holy, one of the candidate sacred sons of the starmoon sky snake race in this generation. White Tiger Prince is my good friend. Out of regard for me, why dont you guys write off your past enmity with one stroke?”

“Youll be dead soon, so why should I have regard for a dead man?”

Yang Feng smiled coldly. The Xi Shen Armor erupted with countless runes. A torrent of time surrounded him, and the flow of time around him increased hundredfold. In an instant, he appeared in front of a Holy standing beside Violetwave Holy and unleashed a halberd slash, and ten suns sundered the firmament and formed a green halberd ray that sliced the Holys defenses apart and cut the other party in two.

A black hole suddenly emerged and swallowed the Holy.

“Everyone, lets attack together! This human wants to killing us all and devour our life origin. Only in this way will he be able to lay a perfect foundation. Now that he killed, he wont let you guys off, either!”

Violetwave Holys face fell. He silently recited an incantation, and starmoon sky snakes constructed from star force suddenly flew out and rushed towards Yang Feng.

Five Holies beside Violetwave Holy and White Tiger Prince banded together and unleashed offensive spells barreling towards Yang Feng.

“Smelly human, to dare run wild in our Eternal Ancient Road, go to hell!”

A golden crow covered in raging flames and emanating pinnacle Holy Spirit Warlock rank aura suddenly flew out and sent golden flames shooting towards Yang Feng.

A giant Holy engraved with axe runes all over his body hacked at Yang Feng with a huge axe, which contained the essence of power.

A Holy with seven eyes appeared and ejected the powers of curses, freezing, fire, poison, lightning, light, and darkness shooting towards Yang Feng.

An ape Holy filled with tyrannical fighting spirit slashed at Yang Feng with a black halberd.

Humans are being persecuted by countless races in Eternal Ancient Road.

Yang Feng had an overbearing entrance in Myriad Souls Hall. As soon as he appeared, he killed several Holies from Eternal Ancient Road. Feeling threatened, other Holies from Eternal Ancient Road launched an attack against Yang Feng.

“Great, now I can kill you all! Afterwards, Ill destroy your races as the price for you attacking me!”

Yang Fengs eyes glittered with burning fighting spirit. Xi Shen Armor shone, unfurled a pair of mechanical wings, and entered its second form. A tremendous amount of power poured into his body from Kunmo Stone embedded in Xi Shen Armors core.

With a flap of the mechanical wings, Yang Feng appeared behind the ape Holy in an instant, unleashed a green halberd ray, and sliced him in two, and then a black hole swallowed the opponent.

After one shotting the ape Holy, a torrent of time appeared around Yang Feng and distorted time, allowing Yang Feng to extricate himself from the attack spells fired at him by the Holies.

The Empyrean grade secret treasure White Tiger Sword locked on Yang Feng, sliced the torrent of time apart, and slashed at him.

“The sword is indeed excellent! Unfortunately, the same cannot be said about the wielder!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and brandished the Green Yang Halberd, and ten suns sundered the firmament and turned into a green halberd ray that clashed with the White Tiger Sword. The green halberd ray erupted with green sunfire and knocked the White Tiger Sword away.

With a flash of light, Yang Feng appeared in front of the seven-eyed Holy in an instant and slashed at him with the Green Yang Halberd.

“Firmament Holy, forgive me! I know I was wrong! Please stop!”

The seven-eyed Holys complexion changed dramatically, and he begged bitterly.

With a cold smile, Yang Feng brandished the Green Yang Halberd and sliced the seven-eyed Holy in two.

A black hole suddenly emerged and swallowed the seven-eyed Holy.

When they saw this scene, the Holies besieging Yang Feng were terrified.

The golden crow Holy flapped its wings, turned into a golden flame, and fled into the distance.

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