Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1189 Devouring Great Holies

Chapter 1188 – Killing White Tiger Prince

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The Bead of Time suddenly appeared and shone with countless runes, and a torrent of time swept towards the golden crow Holy.

Swept by the torrent of time, as if time flowed back, the golden Crow Holy returned to its previous location.

Yang Feng brandished Green Yang Halberd and unleashed a green ray slashing towards the golden crow Holy.

“Stop! Firmament Holy, I am the fifth son of the golden crow races Golden Crow Great Holy. If you kill me, my father, Golden Crow Great Holy, wont let you get away with it!”

With a terrified look on its face, the golden crow Holy surged with flames and erupted with countless runes, and a shield of Golden Crow Fire suddenly flew out and suppressed the void.

“If your father comes to me, then Ill have him reunite with you!”

Yang Feng surged with killing intent, and a green halberd ray slashed the shield of Golden Crow Shield apart. Green Yang Halberd erupted with a fearsome attractive force and absorbed the Golden Crow Shields Golden Crow Fire, and then slashed at the golden crow Holy with greater momentum.

“Stop! Firmament Holy, out of regard for me, please spare his life!”

A Great Holy rank aura rose from the depths of Myriad Souls Hall and a giant hand surrounded by lightning extended towards Yang Feng.

“True Night Storm Great Holy!”

“A Great Holy rank powerhouse finally stepped in!”

“A Great Holy took action. Firmament Holy wont dare not give a Great Holy face.”


The spectating Holies felt relieved when they saw this scene. As a mere Holy, theres no way Yang Feng can contend against a Great Holy.

“The people I want to kill must perish!”

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered coldly. He suddenly accelerated, and a green halberd ray cleaved the golden crow Holy in two. A black hole suddenly appeared and swallowed the other party.

A torrent of time surrounded Yang Feng. Shrouded by the torrent of time, he instantly recovered to his peak condition. He turned around and slashed the giant lightning hand unleashed by a Great Holy rank powerhouse with Green Yang Halberd. Then, he operated the law of karma and launched a halberd strike along a karma thread.

In the depths of Myriad Souls Hall, the countenance of a Great Holy sitting cross-legged on the ground, surrounded by lightning, changed drastically, and he surged with countless runes from all over his body. His right hand fell on the ground, and blood spilled.

“How brazen! This lowly human actually dared to wound me!”

Furious, True Night Storm Great Holy erupted with violent lightning, turned into a bolt of lightning, and flew out of the depths of Myriad Souls Hall, He arrived at the area with the hundreds of Empyrean statues in a flash.

In this area, Violetwave Holy and the remaining several Holies, with Tiger Sword as the core, unleashed various secret methods and resisted Yang Fengs attacks.

“Firmament Holy, you smelly human Holy! Golden Crow Great Holy is my close friend! How dare you kill the son of my close friend! Youre going to die today! No one can save you!”

True Night Storm Great Holy is surrounded by endless lightning and shrouded by boundless killing intent, and intermediate Great Holy rank aura emanates from him and spreads in all directions.

“True Night Storm Great Holy is going to fight!”

“True Night Storm Great Holy mastered the essence of lightning and defeated three Great Holies.”

“Firmament Holy is done for!”


The eyes of the spectating Holies shimmered with excitement and expectation, wishing to see Yang Feng lose.

“At your hands? You only deserve to be my stepping stone!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a cold gleam. Xi Shen Armor shone with runes and flapped its mechanical wings, and he appeared in front of True Night Storm Great Holy in an instant and unleashed a halberd strike. Ten green suns sundered the firmament and a black hole appeared amid the ten green suns and devoured everything.

True Night Storm Great Holys expression flickered. He beckoned with a hand, and a thunderbolt blade refined from quasi-Empyrean bones appeared. He brandished the thunderbolt blade, and a thunderbolt blade ray strengthened by the essence of lightning and containing the power to destroy and purify everything slashed towards Yang Feng.

When the green halberd ray clashed with the thunderbolt blade ray, the thunderbolt blade ray was sliced apart in an instant, and then had its power devoured by the black hole.

Due to that strike, True Night Storm Great Holy was blasted thousands of kilometers away, and his blood danced in the sky.

“True Night Storm Great Holy was defeated just like this?”

“How is that possible? Thats True Night Storm Great Holy were talking about! An intermediate Great Holy rank powerhouse!”

“Firmament Holy isnt even a Great Holy, so how can he so easily defeat True Night Storm Great Holy?”


When the spectating Holies saw this scene, they inhaled a breath of cold air.

Although there is no essential difference between Great Holies and Holies, but the former are much stronger than the latter. Furthermore, True Night Storm Great Holy isnt regarded as week among Great Holies. Yet such a being was blasted away by Yang Feng. This is ridiculous.

White Tiger Princes eyes flickered with astonishment: “A Great Holy, thats a Great Holy rank powerhouse, he was defeated just like this. How did Yang Feng become so formidable?”

White Tiger Prince is a peerless prodigy who has been asleep since ancient times and is all but guaranteed to promote to the Great Holy rank. However, Yang Fengs progress is far faster than what he imagined. At first, he was only slightly weaker that Yang Feng. But now Yang Feng can seriously injure Great Holies. Understandably, White Tiger Prince is filled with of envy.


The eyes of White Tiger Prince flashed coldly. He stimulated the power of the bloodline inside him, turned into a 100,000-meter-long white tiger, and channeled endless killing intent into White Tiger Sword.

White Tiger Sword buzzed continuously and emanated tyrannical aura. All of a sudden, White Tiger Sword tore the firmament and slashed towards Yang Feng.

White Tiger Sword slashed apart the torrent of time around Yang Feng, making it so he cant instantly move towards True Night Storm Great Holy and slay him.

“White Tiger Prince, since you want to die, let me oblige you!”

Yang Feng turned around. His eyes burst out with cold killing intent, and he brandished Green Yang Halberd and slashed White Tiger Sword.

Ten green suns suddenly broke out and crushed the tyrannical sword ray unleashed by White Tiger Sword.

When White Tiger Swords sword ray was crushed, a quasi-Empyrean grade secret treasure Violetwave Holy operated together with several other Holies burst out with brilliant light, and a starmoon sky snake the size of a star, emanating primordial aura, suddenly flew out.

As soon as the starmoon sky snake flew out, it shone with countless runes, operated the power of 1,365 stars, and sprayed starmoon sky spears barreling towards Yang Feng.

Each starmoon sky spear has the power to slay a Holy and is hard even for a Great Holy to resist.

Thanks to White Tiger Prince, Violetwave Holy, and several other Holies tying him down, it became hard for Yang Feng to kill anyone.

Whether it is White Tiger Prince, Violetwave Holy, or the several other Holies, none of them is weak. Furthermore, with them working together in rapport, despite how strong Yang Feng is, its not that easy for him to kill them.

There was a cold flash in Yang Fengs eyes. Xi Shen Armor shone, and countless runes suddenly appeared on Devour Yuan Bead.

A black hole seemingly capable of devouring heaven and earth and suppressing everything suddenly emerged. Inside the black hole, there is a projection sitting cross-legged.

Devour Yuan Bead entered the projections hand in an instant, and the projection gradually assumed Yang Fengs appearance.

The projection spread the fingers of its hand, slapped the star-like starmoon sky snake, and, as if the embodiment of the law of devour, devoured it.

Violetwave Holy and the several other Holies were instantly swallowed by the black hole, had their life origin extracted, and wizened.

The Violetwave Holy shouted madly, a terrified look on his face: “Stop! Firmament Holy, I am a candidate sacred son of the starmoon sky serpent race! You cant kill me! If you kill me, the starmoon sky snake race will never forgive you.”

Inside the black hole, the projection sitting cross-legged extended a finger and, as if crushing an insect, touched Violetwave Holy.

All of Violetwave Holys life origin was extracted, and he turned into dust that wafted out from the black hole.

Violetwave Holys companions also had their life origin extracted, and turned into dust.

The black hole that devoured the several Holies swept towards the huge white tiger White Tiger Prince turned into and drew him inside.

In just one breath of time, 10% of White Tiger Princes life origin was devoured.

“Damn it!”

White Tiger Princes complexion changed greatly. He burned his blood essence like crazy. White Tiger Sword burst out with brilliant light, and a sword ray tore the firmament and slashed towards the black hole.

White Tiger Sword, which is an invincible Empyrean grade secret treasure that can break everything, sliced apart the black hole and pulled White Tiger Prince outside

All of a sudden, Green Yang Halberd fell from the sky and slashed White Tiger Sword, and then ten green suns sundered the firmament and blasted White Tiger Sword together with White Tiger Prince back into the black hole.

“No! Yang Feng, stop! Dont kill me! Stop…”

White Tiger Prince unleashed miserable screams as his life origin was extracted and his body shriveled, and then he turned into dust.

White Tiger Sword buzzed and tried to tear the void. The projection sitting cross-legged inside the black hole pointed with a finger and touched White Tiger Sword. All of a sudden, countless runes erupted and suppressed White Tiger Sword.

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