Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1195 – Nine Soul Mountains

Chapter 1194 – Devouring the Soul Sea

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“Yang Feng, let me help you!”

Spirit Osta Fortress transmitted a thought.

Xi Shen Armor shone with countless runes and formed a strange Empyrean ghost face.

The Empyrean ghost face opened its mouth and inhaled, and a terrifying vortex erupted and swept towards the soul monsters.

The soul monsters trembled, and then collapsed one after another and turned into pure soul force that was absorbed by the Empyrean ghost face.

The countenance of the soul monster emanating quasi-Empyrean rank aura changed, and it blurred, collapsed, and disappeared.

The soul sea, which can melt Great Holy rank powerhouses, strangely turned from real into illusory. It became blurred and hard to identify.

“The soul sea has turned illusory!”

“The soul seas quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse, which is quite the headache, was actually dealt with! How fearsome!”

“He has a secret treasure that restrains soul monsters on him! Only in this way can the soul seas restriction be broken.”

“This Empyrean grade secret treasure can actually restrain soul monsters, how fearsome!”


When the Great Holies on the nine mountains saw that the soul sea changed from real to illusory, shock shimmered in their eyes.

Myriad Souls Halls soul sea is a fierce place. Even if it is a Great Holy, if they fall into it, they will be melted, and their soul will be devoured, leaving only a pile of bones behind.

Only Warlock Emperors who have formed a perfect grade immortal body can travel inside the soul sea and even seize it and refine it into various treasures.

“You want to escape?! Stay here!”

With a cold flash in his eyes, Yang Feng spread the fingers of his hand and stabbed his hand into the void. Black holes suddenly emerged, plunged into the illusory soul sea, and, while following karma threads, frantically extracted pure soul force from the soul sea.

“Is he attacking the soul sea while its in the state of illusion? What a scary guy!”

“The law of karma, he surprisingly mastered it to such a degree! How dreadful!”

“It is said that human Warlock Emperors have no shortcomings and no weaknesses! It seems to be the case!”


Upon seeing this scene, the eyes of the Great Holies on the mountains flashed with a dignified shade.

The law of karma is really strange and difficult to master. Even among Great Holy rank powerhouses, only powerhouses who have a remarkable talent and are willing to focus on it can master it. Furthermore, they must have special secret treasures and ancient books.

While linked with Yang Feng, Spirit Osta Fortress, Xi Shen Armor, and the Phantom Ruler frantically devoured the soul seas soul force.

For Empyrean grade secret treasures with intelligence and in particular for soul life forms, this pure soul force is not only a great tonic, but also one of the essential forces necessary for their evolution.

“Hes still isnt done. Whats going on? Does he want to absorb the soul sea in its entirety?”

“This is the resource of the next Empyrean. Does he actually want to suck the soul sea dry?”

“This is the soul sea that can nourish an Empyreans soul. Does he want to absorb the entire soul sea? What will the Empyrean of this era do in the future?”

“This is the soul sea, the Empyreans soul sea. Does he want to suck it dry?”


The soul sea in the core area of Myriad Souls Hall is a special existence formed by the former master of Myriad Souls Hall using Eternal Sovereign realm power.

Any Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse can come to Myriad Souls Hall to take away the soul sea and refine it into various treasures.

The soul sea is a resource that Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses need to use. Yet now it is being frenziedly absorbed by Yang Feng. This naturally made the Great Holies green with envy.

If Yang Feng hadnt previously killed several Great Holies, including the advanced Great Holy rank Rashjin Great Holy, the Great Holies on the mountains would have besieged him.

The soul sea is almost endless. But with the help of Spirit Osta Fortress, the absorption force of Yang Fengs black hole exceeded the limit of his body by far. Consequently, the almost endless soul sea began to disappear slowly.

The soul force contained in the soul sea is almost limitless. It was able to form 300 Great Holy and 1 quasi-Empyrean rank soul monsters. Regarding this much soul force, even someone as strong as Yang Feng cannot contain it all. However, the Kunmo Stone inlaid in Xi Shen Armors core has an almost endless capacity. No matter how much soul force Yang Feng channeled into it, the Kunmo Stone is able to fully absorb it. It is becoming more and more bright.

Seven days later, the seemingly limitless soul sea disappeared, only leaving some decaying bones behind.

“Devoured completely! Firmament Holy devoured the soul sea completely!”

“How is that possible? This soul sea can easily form 300 Great Warlock and 1 quasi-Empyrean rank soul monsters. A soul sea of such scale, it might be able to form four quasi-Empyrean rank soul monsters at the same time. Even though Firmament Holys essence of devour is formidable, but hes only a Holy! How did he devour the whole soul sea? His soul cant contain so much soul force!”

“He actually devoured it all! How fearsome! Thats a monster with the making of an Empyrean for you!”

“Even if its the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race, they came here to take away the soul sea only after promoting to the Empyrean rank! But Firmament Holy is still a Holy!”

“Warlock Emperor! Firmament Holy is very likely to become the ninth Warlock Emperor of the human race and dominate the universe!”


When the Great Holies, who watched Yang Feng intently, saw him devour the almost endless soul sea, shock flashed in everyones eyes.

Bluewater Great Holys eyes also flashed with shock: “Firmament Holy, what a formidable being! This era, is it really going to the era of humans?”

It is extremely difficult for any race to produce a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse. The human race, which was merely a slave race during the archgod age, has given birth for eight Warlock Emperors in a row, dominated the modern age, and created eight prosperous Warlock Imperial Courts. This naturally aroused the envy of many races.

In Eternal Ancient Road, due to the joint suppression of countless races, the humans practically have no footing. But now that Yang Feng emerged, it reminded those Great Holies of the terror of the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race recorded in ancient books.

After devouring the soul sea completely, Yang Feng stepped into the bottom of the soul sea and walked towards the 99-meter-tall mountain.

There are powerful boundaries around the nine mountains. Even Great Holy rank powerhouses cant fly here and cross the space. As such, he can only walk.

The boundaries around the mountains were set up by an Eternal Sovereign. As such, unless this world is destroyed, even Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses can only walk in here.

Yang Feng soon arrived in front of the 99-meter-tall mountain and looked up.

The the 99-meter-tall mountain has countless runes engraved on it. Each rune expounds on a mystery of the soul.

To refine the body isnt too hard, but the same cannot be said about the soul.

The bodies of Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses have reached perfection. As long as they dont suffer any damage, their bodies wont decay with the passage of time. However, their souls age with the passage of time and eventually decay. Only Eternal Sovereigns can have the body and soul completely immortal. As long as the universe exists, they will continue to exist along with the universe.

The various runes covering the 99-meter-tall mountain arent something powerhouses below the Holy rank can comprehend. But for Holies and Great Holies, they are treasures.

As soon as Yang Feng stepped on the 99-meter-tall mountain, the countless runes covering the mountain shone. A Great Holy rank soul beast with three heard and six arms suddenly appeared and stabbed at him with a spear.

Yang Feng unleashed a punch, and his fist smashed the void and turned into a black hole that devoured the Great Holy rank soul beast.

After Yang Feng devoured the Great Holy rank soul beast, he didnt receive any soul force. Instead, knowledge and mysterious pertaining to the soul flowed into his mind.

Yang Fengs eyes brightened: “I see. These mountains are the core of Myriad Souls Hall. If you practice cultivation here, you can obtain mysteries pertaining to the soul. No wonder they attracted so many Great Holies to come here.”

The mountains soul monsters become stronger the further you climb. Yang Feng devoured all the soul monsters along the way as he climbed the 99-meter-tall mountain.

When Yang Feng reached the peak of the 99-meter-tall mountain, a mysterious soul rune emerged in his spirit sea.

A colorful bridge leading to the foot of the 999-meter-tall mountain emerged from the top of the 99-meter-tall mountain.

The void split open, and pure soul dew coming from who knows where dropped down, landed on Yang Feng, and nourished his soul.

“Amazing! He climbed a mountain in one day!”

“Thats a monster with the making of an Empyrean for you! He reached the peak of the first mountain in one day! Yet here we are, still so far away from the peak of the first mountain! This monster is really despairing!”


The ten Great Holies halfway up the first mountain looked at Yang Feng, who already reached the peak, with envy and admiration in their eyes.

Of the ten Great Holies, the person who stayed in this place the longest has been here for more than 3,000 years. For 3,000 years, soul monsters barred their way up the mountain and blocked them from reaching the top.

Although Yang Feng is still a Holy, yet he reached the peak of the first mountain in one day. This naturally made the ten Holies envious.

After Yang Feng absorbed the soul dew, he spread the fingers of a hand, and a black hole appeared and followed the rift towards a mysterious place with soul dew.

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