Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1198 – Superior Level-9 Soul Aptitude

Chapter 1197 – Climbing the Eighth Soul Mountain

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“To climb the seventh soul mountain in only 49 days, hes gotten faster!”

“What a monster! Only quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses are able to surpass this speed.”

“His name will be engraved in Myriad Souls Hall for the second time! This will bring him great benefits!”


The Holies in Myriad Souls Hall looked in the direction of the core area with admiration in their eyes.

A large amount of soul dew poured into Yang Fengs body and nourished his soul, making his soul evolve and transform.

A trace of negligible soul aura diffused from Yang Fengs body, joined together with pure soul force, and disappeared into the name Firmament Holy Yang Feng in Myriad Souls Hall.

A mysterious connection emerged between Myriad Soul Hall and Yang Feng.

An understanding rose in Yang Fengs mind: “I see. So this is the greatest benefit of leaving a name in Myriad Souls Hall. As long as this soul aura exists, even if you die in the future, you can be reborn with the help of eternal breath in Myriad Souls Hall. Nine Eyes Phangasm Emperor should have relied on the name in Myriad Souls Hall to attempt rebirth. Arrangements set up by Eternal Sovereigns are indeed marvelous and incredible.”

A rainbow bridge appeared at Yang Fengs feet and took him to the foot of the eighth soul mountain.

The eyes of the beautiful female Holy on the seventh soul mountain flashed with enigmatic light as she stared at Yang Fengs back: “He has gone to the eighth soul mountain! That is a soul mountain that only quasi-Empyreans can climb!”

“The eighth soul mountain! According to legend, apart from quasi-Empyreans, only peerless monsters with the making of an Empyrean, only at the Great Holy realm, can climb this mountain.”

“Back in the day, the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race have challenged the eighth soul mountain only after promoting to the Great Holy realm. Yet Firmament Holy is going to challenge it while in the Holy realm! Its really reckless!”


The minds of Great Holies on the Nine Soul Mountains surged with strange thoughts.

Yang Feng took a rest for a day and adjusted his condition, and then proceeded to climb the eighth soul mountain.

As soon as Yang Feng stepped onto the eighth soul mountain, a 10-meter-tall soul monster with a single eye and strange runes engraved on its body suddenly emerged and stabbed at Yang Feng with the pitchfork in its hand.

A black hole suddenly emerged, swept towards the soul monster, and drew it inside.

“No good!”

Yang Fengs expression changed slightly, and he retreated briskly.

A black pitchfork pierced the black hole and stabbed towards Yang Feng.

A torrent of time suddenly emerged and rolled out towards the black pitchfork.

The black pitchfork erupted with countless runes, smashed the torrent of time in one blow, and, with its momentum not diminished, stabbed towards Yang Feng.

Countless mysterious runes appeared on Yang Fengs body, and he unleashed a punch. A falling star, a spatial portal, a black hole, a torrent of time, a total of four visions appeared and barreled towards the black pitchfork.

The four visions formed from four essences blasted the black pitchfork to pieces.

At the same time, a large hole appeared on Yang Fengs right hand, unable to be healed. Furthermore, his soul was injured slightly, as well.

“Amazing! The eighth soul mountains soul monsters are something else! If I hadnt made great progress before, this strike would have dealt great damage!”

Yang Feng looked at the Great Holy rank soul monster with excitement in his eyes, and then blurred and welcomed the soul monster.

A river of time, a falling star, a spatial portal, and a black hole, four visions emerged. Yang Feng used all the secret methods he learned to fight the soul monster.

Three days later, the black hole swallowed the seriously battered soul monster and frantically devoured its power.

Standing underneath the black hole, Yang Feng is drenched in blood and covered in holes.

“Is that it?”

“These soul monsters can slay pinnacle Great Holies. The injuries caused by them can only be treated with soul force.”

“The eighth soul mountain, not bad, this should be his limit!”


When the Great Holies saw this scene, many felt a little relieved. Although they have acknowledged that Yang Fengs talent and potential are far above theirs, but they still dont want to see him climb to the top of the eighth soul mountain and create a miracle again. This would further hurt their confidence and pride.

Yang Feng stood quietly in place. Runes emerged, and a tremendous amount of pure soul force poured into him from the Kunmo Stone.

Yang Fengs previously nearly depleted soul became more formidable after absorbing the tremendous amount of pure soul force.

A tremendous amount of soul force swept Yang Feng and repaired all the injuries caused by the soul monster.

“Fortunately, I devoured the soul sea. Otherwise, I would be able to climb the top of the eighth soul mountain only after promoting to a Great Holy.”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with elation, and he continued to walk towards the top of the eighth soul mountain.

“He moved!”

“He proceeded to climb again. Is his soul endless?”


Shock flickered in the eyes of the Great Holies when they saw Yang Feng walk towards the top of the eighth soul mountain.

With the help of an almost endless supply of soul force provided by the Kunmo Stone, Yang Feng fought with soul monsters without stop. Every time he devoured a soul monster, he would gain an extra understanding of the mysteries of the soul, and his soul would progress by a fraction.

Three years later, at the summit of the eighth soul mountain.

Yang Feng stepped onto the summit of the eighth soul mountain.

The void cracked, and a huge amount of soul dew poured down like an ocean.

“Firmament Holy, reached the top of the eighth soul mountain in thee years, one mouth, and seven days! Ranked first of all times!”

Myriad Souls Hall appeared again, and a tremendous immortal will echoed in the area.

A great amount of soul dew and soul force nourished Yang Fengs soul, and the eighth soul rune formed in his spirit sea.

In Myriad Souls Hall, Yang Fengs name became bright, moved up, and appeared above the names of many Empyreans.

Yang Feng looked at his name in Myriad Souls Hall and mused, “A chance for rebirth! If I die now, I can be reborn in this universe by using Myriad Souls Hall. But that doesnt make any meaning. If I die once, I wont have any chance to reach the top and advance to an Eternal Sovereign.”

In this era of the universe great tribulation, there are countless prodigies and powerhouses. Many Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses who have dominated an era are waking up slowly in the river of time.

If Yang Feng doesnt reach the top before those Warlock Emperors wake up and gain the power to compete with them, he will never have a chance to reach the very top and advance to an Eternal Sovereign.

“The eighth soul mountain! He even climbed it!”

“Thats amazing!”

“Firmament Holy is really incredible!”


Admiration and envy shimmered in the eyes of the Great Holies on the Nine Soul Mountains.

Waveroot Great Holy exhaled a long breath and said slowly, “Amazing! Firmament Holy is really amazing! Do you think he will climb the ninth soul mountain?”

Arcane Battle Great Holys eyes flashed with a complicated shade, and he sighed: “Of course he will! However, he is doomed to fail! The ninth soul mountain can only be climbed by a powerhouse with a superior level-9 soul aptitude, with a consummate level soul. In addition, only Empyreans and strongest quasi-Empyreans who have opened a path with absolute strength can climb to the top.”

Waveroot Great Holy smiled and uttered, “You really dont want to be his subordinate.”

Arcane Battle Great Holy replied flatly, “If he cant create miracles, how can he become the lord of I, Arcane Battle Great Holy?”

Waveroot Great Holy said with a smile, “Right! For a Holy to become our lord, its natural that they must be beyond amazing and create all kinds of miracles that even Empyreans couldnt achieve. However, Firmament Holys potential is unfathomable. I will never become his enemy. Even if you die at his hands, I wont avenge you.”

Arcane Battle Great Holy said indifferently: “I wont be his enemy, either. In the future, if he can reach the top and become an Empyrean, I will naturally come under his command and work for him.”

On the Nine Soul Mountains, many Great Holies who are hostile with the human race started to entertain peculiar thoughts. Before Yang Feng is defeated by another prodigy, they dont have the courage to be his enemy.

A bridge leading to the ninth soul mountain emerged, and Yang Feng stepped on the bridge and flew towards the ninth soul mountain.

After resting at the foot of the ninth soul mountain for a day, Yang Feng stepped onto the ninth soul mountain.

As soon as Yang Feng set foot on the ninth soul mountain, it felt like a huge force came crushing on his soul.

Subjected to the crushing force, Yang Fengs soul sustained an injury. He spewed out a mouthful of blood, flew out of the ninth soul mountain, and fell at the foot of the mountain.


“Firmament Holy failed!”

“Sure enough, no matter how formidable he is, it is impossible for Firmament Holy to climb the ninth soul mountain while in the Holy realm.”


The Great Holies on the Nine Soul Mountains filled with thoughts of elation and schadenfreude. Yang Fengs ascent to the top of the eighth soul mountain as a Holy was already a never before seen miracle. If Yang Feng could also climb to the top of the ninth soul mountain with Holy rank strength, it would be rated as heaven-defying, surpassing any Empyrean currently known in the universe. Only invincible Eternal Sovereigns of legend, who were unfathomably powerful, could surpass this miracle.

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