Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1200 – Divine Imperator

Chapter 1199 – Shocking the Central Starfield

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A look of regret flashed in Yang Fengs eyes: “This is the gathering point of soul force in Eternal Ancient Road. Even if I become the master of Myriad Souls Hall, I cant move it to another location. What a pity!”

The core of this eternal relic site is Myriad Souls Hall. It is Myriad Souls Hall, which extracts soul force drifting in Eternal Ancient Road, that sustains this eternal relic site full of miracles.

If Yang Feng takes Myriad Souls Hall away, the eternal relic site will lose its miraculous properties and become an ordinary ruin.

“Firmament Holy reached the peak of Myriad Souls Halls ninth soul mountain, upgraded his soul aptitude to superior level-9, and received the recognition of Myriad Souls Hall and became its new master!”

When the Holies left Myriad Souls Hall, a shocking piece of news exploded in Holy Forum.

“Firmament Holy reached the peak of Myriad Souls Halls ninth soul mountain? How is that possible? Thats a place that only top characters among quasi-Empyreans can reach!”

“He entered Myriad Souls Hall less than ten years ago. How could he reach the peak of the ninth soul mountain already?”

“Consummate soul aptitude! That is to say, if Firmament Holy doesnt die, he is destined to reach the top in the future. He is destined to become an Empyrean!”

“The humans will give birth to another Warlock Emperor?”

“Consummate soul aptitude before the advancement to the Empyrean realm. Even if it is Divine Imperator and Darkglare Emperor, they are not Firmament Holys opponents!”

“Although Divine Imperator and Darkglare Emperor are the soul reincarnations of Empyreans, neither of them has a consummate soul aptitude. Firmament Holy is really terrifying!”


On the Holy Forum, countless Holies commented one after another. The Holies who are in a friendly relationship with the humans were naturally elated. As for Holies who are in a hostile relationship with the humans, their comments were full of pessimism.

The neutral Holies secretly prepared to change their stance.

Lupine Star.

“Reached the peak of Myriad Souls Halls ninth soul mountain! Truly dreadful! Fortunately, I didnt make him my enemy! Otherwise, the skycrack wolf race might be in danger of extinction.”

As Hallowed Wolf Great Holy browsed the Holy Forum, his eyes flashed with shock, his back broke out with cold sweat, and his heart filled with lingering fear.

At the time, Hallowed Wolf Great Holy wanted to gather all his forces to fight Yang Feng. After all, the skycrack wolf race is a greater race in Eternal Ancient Roads central starfield and has many allies and friends. However, after weighing things again and again, he finally gave up the idea of fighting Yang Feng.

A tall and sturdy Great Holy with a wild temperament appeared in this space and said with an excited laugh: “Big brother! I have good news for you! The zhenxu divine race, the cosmic eyes tiger race, and the starmoon sky snake race are willing to support our race in the fight with Firmament Holy! Each of them will send three Great Holies and an Empyrean grade secret treasure to help our race to contend against the humans! With the help of the three eternal empyrean races and the golden jade fox race as a mole, the destruction of the humans is just around the corner!”

The expression of Hallowed Wolf Great Holy suddenly turned fierce, and he shouted, “Wolfir, you fool! Go catch the messengers sent by those guys immediately and give them to Firmament Holy!”

Wolfir Great Holy frowned slightly: “Big brother? Why? If we do this, we will offend the three eternal empyrean races! If you really dont want to offend Firmament Holy, then lets just have those messengers leave.”

Hallowed Wolf Great Holys eyes shimmered coldly. With a wave of his hand, a screen appeared in front of Wolfir Great Holy: “Look for yourself!”

Wolfir Great Holys expression changed greatly, and he cried out, “What! Reached the peak of the ninth soul mountain! Consummate level soul! How is this possible? Firmament Holy is just a Holy. Even if he advanced to a Great Holy, its still impossible to reach the peak of the ninth soul mountain! Only quasi-Empyreans can reach the peak of the ninth soul mountain. There has never been an exception.”

Hallowed Wolf Great Holy shouted sternly, a gloomy expression on his face: “With superior level-9 soul aptitude, as long as he doesnt die, he will be able to become the ninth Warlock Emperor of the human race in the future. With Firmament Holys ruthlessness and merciless character, if he finds out that we colluded with the three eternal empyrean races, will the skycrack wolf race have a path to survival? That person is a ruthless character that didnt hesitate to wipe out golden bones race and dozens of other races of Tai Yuan Starfield!”

Wolfir Great Holy said decisively, “Big brother, I was wrong! Ill go catch those people and offer them to Firmament Holy.”

Shen Le Star, is in a secret room.

A cosmic eyes tiger race Holy with short, blond hair and a king character rune on the forehead smiled and said, “Golden Fox Great Holy, Firmament Holy has been in Myriad Souls Hall for four years already! Half of his underlings are guarding him in Myriad Souls Hall. If you help us and join forces with us, we will be able to uproot Firmament Holys forces in the central starfield.”

Golden Fox Great Holy sat silently in place, as if hes mind is wandering.

The cosmic eyes tiger race Holy continued: “This time, three eternal empyrean races have joined forces, namely the zhenxu divine race, the cosmic eyes tiger race, and the starmoon sky snake race. No matter how powerful Firmament Holy is, it will be impossible for him to resist the combined might of three eternal empyrean races. And as long as we destroy Firmament Holys foundation in the central starfield, as if a river without a source and a tree without roots, he will no longer be able to rise in the central starfield.”

Golden Fox Great Holy asked lightly, “Violet Moon Tiger Holy, what about the restriction Firmament Holy placed on my soul?”

Violet Moon Tiger Holy smiled and answered, “The zhenxu divine race has the eternal relic site Zhenxu Tower! On the 36th floor of Zhenxu Tower, any rune and spell can be broken. Even runes set up with soul force can be broken.”

Golden Fox Great Holy went silent again.

A ring on his hand suddenly glimmered with faint light. Golden Fox Great Holy glanced at the ring. All of a sudden, derision surged in his eyes, and he uttered, “Violetmoon Tiger Holy, there is a very interesting piece of news on the Holy Forum. Why dont you go take a look?”

Violetmoon Tiger Holy frowned slightly, and then logged onto the Holy Forum.

“Firmament Holy reached the peak of Myriad Souls Halls ninth soul mountain, upgraded his soul aptitude to superior level-9, and received the recognition of Myriad Souls Hall and became its new master!”

“How is that possible? Firmament Holy is not even a Great Holy, so how could he reach the peak of the ninth soul mountain? Thats impossible!”

“Superior level-9 soul aptitude. This signifies that if he doesnt die, he is likely to promote to an Empyrean in the future! Furthermore, hell be ranked at the very top among Empyreans! Sh*t, if Golden Fox Great Holy knows about this, he wont let me go!”

Billows rose inside Violetmoon Tiger Holys heart.

“Violetmoon Tiger Holy, Ill have to offended you! Please dont resist and wait for my lord!”

Countless runes shone, and then a huge hand emitting Great Holy rank fluctuations of power suddenly shot towards the distracted Violetmoon Tiger Holy.

Holy auras broke out outside and firmly locked on Violetmoon Tiger Holy.

Violetmoon Tiger Holy weighed things in his mind, and then smiled bitterly, gave up resistance, and let Golden Fox Great Holy hit him and seal him.

Golden Fox Great Holys eyes flashed with a complex color, and he said with a bitter smile: “Violetmoon Tiger Holy, sorry for offending you!”

If he had a choice, Golden Fox Great Holy would never have offended a messenger sent by an eternal ancient race. However, since Yang Feng has revealed his terrifying potential and strength, Golden Fox Great Holy can only make this choice.

As Yang Feng stayed in Myriad Souls Hall for four years, countless forces in Eternal Ancient Road began to stir, wanting to attack his forces. But after the news about his achievements broke out on the Holy Forum, the countless undercurrents quieted down.

Eternal Ancient Road, central starfield, in the eternal relic site Brilliant Divine Domain filled with dazzling light.

If an ordinary person was illuminated by the dazzling light, if they could withstand it, they would be able to advance to the Moonlight Warlock realm in one go.

A handsome Great Holy with blue hair stepped into Brilliant Divine Realm. When the dazzling light shone on him, it was directly absorbed.

The Great Holy crossed countless barriers and came to the deepest part of Brilliant Divine Domain.

A huge blue mountain appeared in front of the Great Holy. At the top of the blue mountain, there lies a majestic, brilliant temple.

In the center of the temple, in the void, there sits a handsome man with long, blue hair and a mysterious air about him.

Nine mysterious halos emerged behind the man, setting him off like a sacred and inviolable being.

Nearly endless brilliant light coming from all directions is being absorbed by the nine halos behind the man, strengthening his aura at all times.

The man with the mysterious air about him asked flatly, “Azure Great Holy, is something the matter?”

Azure Great Holy replied respectfully, “Lord, Firmament Holy Yang Feng reached the peak of Myriad Souls Halls ninth soul mountain and was recognized by Myriad Souls Hall as its master a day ago!”

“Firmament Holy Yang Feng? Is that the Yang Feng who killed my subordinated Holies and foiled my plan to capture Jade Sound Music Holy?”

The man with a mysterious air about him opened his eyes slowly, and his eyes flashed with countless runes, as if they contain two worlds. A supreme and invincible aura diffused from his body.

Azure Great Holy answered respectfully, “Yes, thats him!”

The mysterious man sighed in admiration, “No one below the quasi-Empyrean realm has ever reached the peak of the ninth soul mountain. Since he was able to reach the peak, his soul aptitude should have advanced to superior level-9. Truly amazing. This era actually has such a peerless prodigy. If he had been born in the same era as I, I might not have been his opponent.”

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