Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1202 – Fantasy Spirit Race

Chapter 1201: Great Holies Come to Submit

The cosmic eyes tiger race Great Holy asked, “Whats wrong?”

The zhenxu divine race Great Holy answered with an overcast expression, “The starmoon sky snake race Great Holy that went to catch Shi Yu failed. She escaped!”

The cosmic eyes tiger race Great Holy said, “We have one less bargaining chip to use against Firmament Holy. But since we caught the angel empress, it doesnt matter whether Shi Yu was caught or not.”

The zhenxu divine race Great Holy nodded, and then took a step and disappeared.

Lightning Empyrean Star is the star where Young Lightning Empyrean once resided. At this time, the star has become the headquarters of humans in the central starfield.

Outside Lightning Empyrean Star, there are 136 stars. The interior of each star has been transformed into a mechanical fortress.

Even if its a Great Holy rank powerhouse, if they dare barge into Lightning Empyrean Star, they will likely die.

A ray of light flew from afar, performed repeated space jumps, and appeared in the starfield near Lightning Empyrean Star.

“This is the sacred place where where Firmament Holy resides. Outsiders are not allowed to approach unless they were summoned by Firmament Holy. Intruders shall die!”

A frightening voice echoed in the starfield.

The ray of light stopped space jumping. A round warship opened, and a handsome zhenxu divine race Infinity Warlock stepped out.

The zhenxu divine race Infinity Warlock smiled and said, “I am Zhenxu Guang, a messenger sent by the zhenxu divine race! I request an audience with sir Firmament Holy on behalf of the zhenxu divine race!”

“For a mere Infinity Warlock rank ant to request an audience with our lord, youre overestimating yourself. Get lost!”

Holy rank pressure burst out in the starfield. Ripples rose in the void, and the sky dragon emitting endless dragon might slowly emerged, stared at Zhenxu Guang with disdain, and sneered.

Zhenxu Guang uttered with a smile, “I came to tell the mighty Firmament Holy a piece of news. His subordinate from the main world, the angel empress Michaelia, is staying at the zhenxu divine races eternal relic site Eternal Star as a guest. Due to a misunderstanding, miss Michaelia sealed herself in an angel egg. In about thirty days, she will exhaust her power and die. Sir Holy, please tell sir Firmament Holy this!”

The sky dragons eyes burst out with a fierce gleam, and he uttered coldly, “To dare touch my lords subject, the zhenxu divine race is really brave! Does the zhenxu divine race want to go to war with us?”

“The zhenxu divine race has no such intention. It just wants to invite sir Firmament Holy to Eternal Star as a guest! Now that I delivered the message, I will take my leave!”

The Zhenxu Guangs figure fluttered, and he stepped into the round warship.

With a flash of light, the round warship started to space jump and flew into the distance

The sky dragon looked in the direction that Zhenxu Huang left with a fierce flash in his eyes. In the end, he didnt kill the other party.

For an eternal ancient race, an Infinity Warlock is an insignificant character. Even if the sky dragon kills Zhenxu Guang, it wont have any impact on the zhenxu divine race.

“This must be reported to the lord!”

With a dignified flash in his eyes, the sky dragon blurred and flew towards Myriad Souls Hall.

“Sky Dragon Holy, this is the place where the lord has entered closed door cultivation. What are you doing here?”

Amid Myriad Souls Halls Empyrean statues, Anchaman Great Holy suddenly opened his eyes and looked into the distance.

Sky Dragon Holy replied, “Anchaman Great Holy, I have something important to report to the lord!”

Anchaman Great Holy uttered flatly, “The lords soul has just transformed and reached the consummate level. Consequently, the lord is nourishing his soul on the ninth soul mountain. Wait until the lord is done.”

“Anchaman Great Holy, let him in!”

Yang Fengs voice came from Myriad Souls Hall.

Anchaman Great Holy made way respectfully: “Yes, lord!”

A rainbow bridge emerged from Myriad Souls Hall and landed at the feet of Sky Dragon Holy.

After Sky Dragon Holy entered the bridge, he was taken to the peak of the ninth soul mountain.

At the peak of the ninth soul mountain, Yang Feng is sitting cross-legged in the void, submerged in endless soul dew. His whole body exudes a mysterious radiance and emanates wisps of immortal aura..

“The lord has become so strong! Although we are both Holies, but the gap between us is actually this great. The aura alone gives me such a great sense of oppression! He surpassed many Great Holies!”

Sky Dragon Holy changed into a handsome human and looking at Yang Feng with shock in his eyes.

“What is it!”

Yang Feng has his eyes shut tightly, is surrounded by countless runes, and is inhaling a huge amount of soul force with every breath.

Sky Dragon Holy replied respectfully, “Lord! The zhenxu divine race sent a messenger to say that the angel empress Michaelia was captured and suppressed in the eternal relic site Eternal Star. Michaelia has sealed herself in an angel egg. She will run out of strength and die in 30 days at most.”

“The zhenxu divine race is really brave!”

Yang Feng opened his eyes, which shone with countless runes, and terrifying anger oozed out of him and reverberated in the void.

Fearsome soul pressure emanated from Yang Fengs body and swept in all directions.

Subjected to the consummate level soul pressure, Sky Dragon Holy trembled slightly.

Anchaman Great Holy said respectfully, “Lord, the zhenxu divine race must have set up a comprehensive ambush on Eternal Star. Lord, if you go there, you will be besieged. This old slave requests that you abandon Michaelia! Thats the best course of action. When lord ascends to the Empyrean throne in the future, it wont be too late to destroy the zhenxu divine race. At that time, this old slave is willing to be the vanguard and attack the zhenxu divine race to avenge lady Michaelia!”

Yang Feng looked at Anchaman Great Holy coldly, and his eyes surged with icy killing intent.

When Yang Feng looked at him, Anchaman Great Holy broke out in a cold sweat from his back and lowered his head, not daring to say a word.

Silence pervaded in the hall, as if a storm was brewing.

Sky Dragon Holy lowered his head, not daring to say a word.

“Just as you said, that is indeed the best course of action!”

After a long time, Yang Fengs voice sounded in the hall.

Anchaman Great Holy breathed a sigh of relief, his back drenched with cold sweat.

Anchaman Great Holy is not a good person. Countless life forms died at his hands. He sold himself, voluntarily became Yang Fengs slave, and worked hard, all for the sake of not being devoured by Yang Feng.

Yang Fengs eyes surged with endless killing intent, and he said coldly, “Unfortunately, I have to save Michaelia. No matter the price. As for the zhenxu divine race, if they dare block my way, I shall destroy them.”

Anchaman Great Holy frowned slightly, but he remained silent.

“Waveroot Great Holy requests an audience with Firmament Holy!”

“Arcane Battle Great Holy requests an audience with Firmament Holy!”

Two Great Holy rank auras rose outside Myriad Souls Hall, and two voices echoed in the area.

Yang Fengs gaze moved towards the outside, and he saw the two Great Holies at the edge of Myriad Souls Hall.

“Please come in!”

Yang Fengs voice echoed in the void. Two bridges extended from Myriad Souls Hall and landed at the feet of the two Great Holies.

Waveroot Great Holy and Arcane Battle Great Holy stepped onto the two bridges.

The two bridges sent the two Great Holies to the ninth soul mountain.

“Well met, Firmament Holy!”

When the two Great Holies saw Yang Feng, they saluted him.

Yang Feng asked, “Great Holies, what brings you here?”

Arcane Battle Great Holy smiled boldly and said frankly: “Im here to join your command, become your subordinate, and fight for you, sir Firmament Holy! You reached the top of the ninth soul mountain as a Holy and thus showed infinite potential. I wish to put myself under your command and help you ascend the Empyrean throne. When you ascend the Eternal throne in the future, I hope you can give me some support!”

Waveroot Great Holy smiled and said, “I and Arcane Battle Great Holy are good friends. Our thoughts align on this.”

Yang Feng responded decisively, “Okay. When I ascend the Eternal throne, I will look after you two.”

Each Great Holy can suppress a starfield. Even if its a Warlock Emperor, they will respect the Great Warlocks that joined their camp.

Since the two Great Holies took the initiative to join his camp, Yang Feng naturally cant shut them out.

Yang Feng said, “The zhenxu divine race captured my good friend Michaelia and sealed her on Eternal Star. She has only one month left. I want to save her. Do you have any good ideas?”

The two Great Holies are advanced Great Holy rank powerhouses. In terms of strength alone, they are not inferior to Cloud Dragon Great Holy without using Empyrean grade secret treasures. They have a wide network of connections in the central starfield and naturally may be able to provide good advise.

Arcane Battle Great Holy frowned slightly and said, “Eternal Star, thats a danger zone. Thirty thousand years ago, the zhenxu divine race killed a quasi-Empyrean powerhouse there. Its not that easy to come out of there! Lord, although I have some good friends, but I am the only one willing to fight to the death for you. When the time comes, I can attack Eternal Star as the vanguard.”

Yang Feng looked at Waveroot Great Holy, declining to comment.

Waveroot Great Holy pondered for a while and said, “Our primary task is to rescue lords good friend Michaelia. Barging into Eternal Star is not advisable. After all, even if lord can break into Eternal Star, but once lords good friend Michaelia dies, it will be all for naught.”

Waveroot Great Holy asked, “Lord, have you heard of the Mask of Fantasy Spirit Emperor?”

Yang Feng answered, “No, I havent! What is it?”

Waveroot Great Holy smiled and said: “The Mask of Fantasy Spirit Emperor is an Empyrean grade secret treasure an Empyrean called Fantasy Spirit Emperor refined from countless rare treasures during the Eternal Sovereign age. Once you put it on, you will be able to transform into another powerhouse. By then, even an Empyrean wont be able to distinguish you from the original.

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