Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1203 – Fantasy Jue Queen

Chapter 1202 – Fantasy Spirit Race

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Waveroot Great Holy smiled and said, “In a secret realm in the central starfields Ethereal Star Sea, there dwells the fantasy spirit race. They are the descendants of Fantasy Spirit Emperor and have the Mask of Fantasy Spirit Emperor. My good friend is the guardian of the fantasy spirit race. If you can persuade him to lend the Mask of Fantasy Spirit Emperor, I am willing to sneak into the zhenxu divine race and rescue lady Michaelia.”

Yang Feng asked, “How do I contact him?”

“Just a moment, please!”

Waveroot Great Holy spread the fingers of his hand and a multi-colored scale suddenly emerged and radiated multi-colored light, which gave rise to a flower.

The flower bloomed. In the center of the flower, a handsome Great Holy with short, blue hair appeared.

The handsome Great Holy looked around and asked calmly, “What can I do for you, Waveroot Great Holy?”

Waveroot Great Holy answered, “Bluefy Great Holy! This is my lord Firmament Holy. He has something he wants to discuss with you.”

Bluefy Great Holys eyes flashed with enigmatic light, and he saluted Yang Feng: “Well met, Firmament Holy!”

Yang Feng uttered, “Bluefy Great Holy, I wish to borrow the fantasy spirit races Mask of Fantasy Spirit Emperor. After Im done with my business, Ill pay you 20 Springs of Immortality as compensation.”

Blue Spirit Great Holy smiled helplessly and said, “Since its sir Firmament Holy, I cannot reject the request. However, the Mask of Fantasy Spirit Emperor is hidden in my races sacred land Fantasia. If it doesnt wish to show itself, we fundamentally have no way to find it.”

Empyrean secret treasures with spirit like Xi Shen Armor, Green Yang Halberd, and White Tiger Sword, if they wish to hide, then even Great Holy rank powerhouses wont be able to find their tracks.

Yang Feng frowned slightly and asked, “Fantasia? Can I go in and look for the Mask of Fantasy Spirit Emperor?”

“You can! This is the location of Fantasia. Sir Firmament Holy, if you dont wish your true identity to be exposed, you can use this identity to enter Fantasia!”

Bluefy Great Holy tapped with a finger. Ripples rose and the void distorted, as if something wants to cross an endless distance and appear here.

However, there is a fearsome barrier in Myriad Souls Hall. The projection of the thing has already appeared here, yet the thing itself cant appear.

Yang Feng willed, and the barrier shrouding Myriad Souls Hall disappeared.

Ripples rose in the void, and a dark green leaf appeared and radiated fluctuations of the essence of illusion.

Countless mysterious runes appeared in Yang Fengs eyes. He took a deep look at the dark green leaf and analyzed it in an instant. Then, with a wave of his hand, the dark green leaf disappeared.

In the deepest part of Ethereal Star Sea, in Bluefy Secret Realm.

“Finally caught up!”

A beautiful woman with shoulder-length, blue hair and a sexy figure, wearing blue tights that highlight her perfect figure, emerged from a blue light and appeared in front of a 3,000-meter-long ship engraved with mysterious runes.

“This is the ship leading to the races sacred land Fantasia. Identify yourself.”

A soldier radiating Glorious Sun Warlock rank fluctuations of power stepped forward and stated coldly.

The beautiful woman in blue tights smiled and flicked her wrist, and a dark green leaf suddenly appeared and radiated brilliant green light.

The soldiers expression changed slightly and his eyes shimmered with reverence, and he stepped aside, “Huan Keren, the No. 1 expert of Fantasy Spirit Genius Competition! Please come in!”

Fantasy Spirit Genius Competition is a grand competition the fantasy spirit race holds every 100 years. Only geniuses of the fantasy spirit race who are below 1,000 years of age can participate.

If they dont die prematurely, the No.1 expert of Fantasy Spirit Genius Competition will promote to a Warlock Monarch or even a Holy Spirit Warlock.

50% of fantasy spirit race Holies have once taken the spot of the No. 1 expert of Fantasy Spirit Genius Competition. This further demonstrates the dignity of the No. 1 expert of Fantasy Spirit Genius Competition.

“All old acquaintances!”

Huan Keren boarded the ship that is going to fly to Fantasia, came to a vast hall, and looked around. She saw many young geniuses of the fantasy spirit race standing in the hall.

“Huan Keren, she came, as well!”

“The top 100 geniuses of this times Fantasy Spirit Genius Competition have all come.”


The fantasy spirit race geniuses focused their gazes on Huan Keren, and their eyes flickered with envy and admiration.

“Huan Keren, youre really arrogant. You actually made us wait a whole hour for you. Thats the person ranked first in Fantasy Spirit Genius Competition for you.”

A stunningly beautiful woman with long, blue hair and a bulging chest, wearing a white dress, emanating a coquettish charm from all over, came forward with a cold smile and sneered.

Huan Keren apologized, “Im sorry for being late, Huan Mingyan. Im sorry for making you wait, everyone!”

A tall, handsome man with short, blue hair came over with a refreshing smile on his face and said, “Forget it, Mingyan, Keren didnt do it on purpose! Besides, theres still time left until departure.”

A fat man with short, blue hair, who looks like a ball, came over and asked, “Since Keren has arrived, why hasnt the ship set out yet?”

A handsome man with an expressionless face came over and said coldly, “Are we still waiting for someone? But only the top 100 experts of the genius competition can enter Fantasia.”

Huan Keren, Huan Mingyan, Huan Huo, Huan Luo, and Huan Bingjue are the top five peerless talents of the genius competition. They are far stronger than the other participants of the competition.

With the five people at the center, eight fantasy spirit race geniuses walked over, formed a small circle, and started talking about the mysteries of all kinds of illusion spells.

Three hours later, Yang Feng stepped into the hall unhurriedly.

“Whos that?”

“The ship, which should have departed two hours ago, was waiting for this guy?”

“Is he the son of some bigwig?”


As soon as Yang Feng entered the hall, he attracted the gazes of many people and gave rise to speculations.

Under the gazes of many people, Yang Feng came to an inconspicuous corner and sat down. He picked up a glass of wine, which is a specialty product of the fantasy spirit race, and tasted it quietly.

“Since everyone has arrived, the ship will depart soon. Please get ready!”

Soon after Yang Feng entered the hall, a voice sounded in the hall. Countless runes shone, and the ship took off and flew in the direction of Fantasia.

“Who are you? To let us wait two hours for you?”

Accompanied by a fragrance, Huan Mingyan walked to in front of Yang Feng, looked at him arrogantly, and asked coldly.

Huan Mingyan is ranked third in the genius competition. Furthermore, shes the descendant of a Holy. If she finds a reason, she will criticize the other party.

Huan Keren and several geniuses of the fantasy spirit race came over along with Huan Mingyan.

Huan Huo said with a helpless, wry smile: “My friend, Im sorry. This is just how Mingyan is. She bears no ill will. If you were offended in any way, please forgive her.”

Every genius has their pride. Although Huan Huo is also proud, but his pride is concealed deep in his heart. He is cultured and refined when dealing with people.

Yang Feng smiled faintly and asked them to leave tactfully, “My name is Huan Feng. Im sorry, I want to be alone.”

When he heard this, Huan Huo pulled Huan Mingyan away from here: “Were disturbing him!”

Huan Mingyan glared at Yang Feng fiercely and whispered, “Damn it, that guy is so arrogant, to the point that hes ignoring us. I must teach him a lesson.”

“Dont go overboard!”

Aware of Yang Fengs hidden disregard for them, Huan Huo is displeased, as well. He warned Huan Mingyan.

“Dont worry, Ill just have him lose some face!”

Huan Mingyan smiled, walked to another corner, silently recited an incantation, and spread the fingers of a hand, and an illusory flower suddenly appeared in her hand.

Countless runes radiated from the illusory flower and reflected Yang Fengs figure.

Huan Mingyan smiled sweetly and erupted with amazing charm. Except for Huan Huo, Huan Luo, and Huan Bingyue, the other fantasy spirit race geniuses looked away, not daring to look at her for fear of being ensnared by her charm.

Huan Mingyan pointed at the illusory flower with her fair hand, and illusory ripples rose, pervaded the hall quietly, and rolled out towards Yang Feng.

The illusion spell fluctuations are stealthy and exquisite. Even if its a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse, they wont notice them if they dont pay attention.

“This lass cast a spell on me. Overconfident! Fine, Ill have some fun with you.”

The corners of Yang Fengs mouth rose into a slight smile. He operated the law of illusion and flicked his finger, and a rune containing the law of illusion suddenly appeared in his hand.


Huan Mingyans eyes suddenly blurred and her pretty face flushed bright red, and she fell softly on the ground, curled up into a ball, and issued bewildering cries.

“Illusion backlash? He is an expert! So strong! Dont look!”

Huan Kerens countenance changed. With a wave of her fair hand, a ripple flashed, separating her and Huan Mingyan from the young men of the fantasy spirit race.

Huan Keren silently recited an incantation and pointed with her finger, and multicolored light shone and formed runes that entered Huan Mingyans body.

The mysterious runes shone brightly and fought against Yang Fengs illusion spell, trying to remove it from Huan Mingyans body.

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