Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1204 – Shocking the Fantasy Spirit Races Geniuses

Chapter 1203 – Fantasy Jue Queen

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“Interesting, this lasss illusion art is really exquisite. She already mastered the essence of illusion and established her own path. Amazing. Unfortunately, shes not my opponent.”

Yang Feng smiled flatly and flicked his finger, and the rune in his hand rotated and burst into strange light, yet it didnt emit any fluctuations of power.

The rune on Huan Mingyan shone, flew out, and, while following the spells karma threads, shot towards Huan Keren.

“Not good!”

Her countenance changed. She tapped with her fair finger repeatedly, and illusion art runes formed a blade of illusion that slashed towards the strange illusion rune.

The blade of illusion is the embodiment of Huan Kerens path. It possesses infinite power and can severe all kinds of illusion secret methods. Thanks to the blade of illusion, she defeated the prodigies of the fantasy spirit race and obtained the first place in the genius competition.

When the blade of illusion slashed the strange rune that doesnt emit fluctuations of power, it raised ripples and forcibly sliced the strange rune apart.

Yang Fengs eyes revealed the shade of surprise, and he praised: “Ah, it actually sliced my rune apart. Thats amazing!”

Although Yang Feng hasnt mastered the essence of illusion. But as a pinnacle Holy rank powerhouse, he mastered the law of illusion a while ago. Although it was an illusion rune he formed casually, but even some Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses wont be able to break it.

Ripples suddenly emerged from Hua Mingyan, and runes appeared one by one and swept towards Huan Keren.

“You sore looser!”

At the sight of this scene, Huan Kerens expression flickered, and she shouted and slashed at the runes with the blade of illusion.

After slicing apart three runes, Huan Keren was shrouded by a rune. Her eyes blurred, her body heated up, and she fell softly on the ground and issued bewildering cries.

When Huan Huo heard the voice coming from the boundary, his expression flickered: “Not good! Keren lost, as well! What is the origin of that person? His illusion attack even defeated Keren. Besides, it didnt have any fluctuations of power.”

Huan Bingjue uttered coldly, “Who cares about his origin! Lets just go there and teach him a lesson! Although we are not his opponents in a one-on-one fight. But we have so many people here. Unless he is a Monarch, he is bound to lose at our hands.”


The eyes of the young fantasy spirit race geniuses flashed with determination, and they walked towards the other party.

Huan Huo came to in front of Yang Feng and said, “Huan Feng, Mingyan offended you. Please forgive her. Please undue the spell you placed on her.”

“Huan Feng, shut up! Huan Mingyan dared to offend sir Huan Feng. This is her just desert. Youre not allowed to plead for her!”

A voice sounded in the area and a Warlock Monarch rank pressure shrouded the area.

A stunning beauty with shoulder length, blue hair and a hot a sexy figure, dressed in red leather armor, exuding astonishing charm, appeared aboard the ship, emanated a formidable aura, and berated Huan Huo and them.

“Huan Jue Queen!”

“Thats Huan Jue Queen, the No. 1 expert of a previous genius competition. The most outstanding genius of the fantasy spirit race in the last 100,000 years.”

“Monarch realm! She advanced to a Monarch in just 1,000 years! Thats amazing! Shes the most outstanding genius of the fantasy spirit race for a reason!”


The young fantasy spirit race geniuses aboard the warship gazed at Huan Jue Queen with envy and admiration in their eyes.

The fantasy spirit race has 100 plus Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses. These Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses are resources the fantasy spirit race accumulated over the years.

Most of the Warlock Monarch rank powerhouses of the fantasy spirit race have advanced to the Monarch realm at about 8,000 years of age. Hun Jue Queen, however, was able to advance to a Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse at about 2,000 years of age. She is a peerless genius.

“Greetings, Huan Jue Queen!”

Huan Huo and the other young fantasy spirit race geniuses saluted Huan Jue Queen.

Huan Jue Queen came to Yang Feng, looked at the young fantasy spirit race geniuses next to him, raised her slim eyebrows, and barked, “Why havent you apologized to sir Huan Feng yet! Do you want me to throw you all into Aberrant Prisons sixth floor?”

Huan Bingjue protested coldly: “Huan Jue Queen, Huan Feng cast a spell on Mingyan and Keren. Why should we apologize to him?”

“Do you think that, as Fantasy Spirit Genius Competitions geniuses, you can ignore everything? That you can contradict me, the warden of Aberrant Prison? Huan Bingjue, since you refuse to obey, you shall be sent to Aberrant Prisons sixth floor for three years!”

With a dangerous smile in her eyes, Huan Jue Queen pointed with her fair finger. The lily-white finger erupted with countless mysterious runes, radiated enticing charm, and shot towards Huan Bingjue.

Huan Bingjues expression changed dramatically. He broke out with countless mysterious runes. But in the next moment, the countless runes all over his body fell into a state of disarray. Next, Huan Jue Queen tapped him on the forehead with her finger, and he lost all strength and fell to the ground.

Huan Jue Queen said grimly, “Throw him into Aberrant Prisons sixth floor!”

“Yes! Queen!”

Illusion ripples rose, and two fantasy spirit race powerhouses dressed in blue suddenly appeared, saluted Huan Jue Queen, and then grabbed Huan Bingjue like a dead dog and disappeared.

“So strong! She one shotted Huan Bingjue!”

“As expected of Huan Jue Queen, the Monarch of our race most hopeful to promote to a Holy!”


Gazes full of admiration focused on Huan Jue Queen.

Huan Huo saluted Yang Feng decisively and uttered respectfully: “Sir Huan Feng, everything was our fault. Mingyan shouldnt have cast that spell on you! If we offended you in any way, please forgive us.”

“Sir Huan Feng, we were at fault! Please forgive us!”


Seeing the determination in Huan Jue Queens actions, the fantasy spirit race geniuses bowed their heads and apologized to Yang Feng.

Aberrant Prison is the place where criminals of the fantasy spirit race are punished. After being thrown into this place, you will be disabled even if you dont die. Since Huan Bingjue was thrown into Aberrant Prison, hes future will likely be ruined. It will be hard for him to get ahead again.

Yang Feng said coldly, “The spell placed on your companions was undone! Now leave!”

“Thank you, sir!”

Huan Huo and them breathed a sigh of relief, as if they were pardoned, and then left in embarrassment.

Radiating astonishing charm and aura, Huan Jue Queen sat on a sofa in front of Yang Feng and said apologetically: “Sir, Im sorry, the kids of our race have always been arrogant. I ask for your forgiveness for any offence.”

Yang Feng asked, “Do you know my identity?”

Huan Jue Queen smiled and said in reply, “I do! Sir, although your identity is top secret. However, in order to avoid misunderstandings, Bluefy Great Holy ordered me to come as your personal guard.”

As soon as Yang Feng stepped into the central starfield, he found an excuse to suppress the golden jade fox race and almost emptied the races treasury.

Since Bluefy Great Holy doesnt want anyone of his race to have a conflict with Yang Feng, he arranged the genius of the race with the greatest charm and potential, Huan Jue Queen, to serve as Yang Fengs personal escort.

Yang Feng said indifferently, “Bluefy Great Holy is thorough. Apart from you, does anyone else know who I am?”

Huan Jue Queen answered with a smile, “Dont worry, sir. No one knows your identity except for Bluefy Great Holy and me.”

Yang Feng nodded: “Thats good!”

Huan Jue Queen smiled and said, “Keren and Mingyan are both pretty good girls. However, Mingyan is a little arrogant. Sir, would you like to call them over and teach them a lesson?”

Yang Feng bent his body slightly, his eyes radiated a wild gleam, and he stared at Huan Jue Queen and asked with a light smile, “I want to teach you a lesson. How about it?”

Huan Jue Queens pretty face flushed, and she lowered her head like a shy and adorable girl: “If its a command, then I will naturally comply.”

Yang Feng closed his eyes, leaned against the sofa, and uttered slowly, “What great acting skill. You are a great woman. Unfortunately, however, I havent been in the mood lately. “

Huan Jue Queen hesitated for a moment and asked, “Is it because of lady Michaelia?”

A terrifying pressure surged and shrouded the surroundings, making Huan Jue Queens bones issue crisp sounds. As if she was pressed down by a mountain, she practically couldnt move.


After a while, a voice sounded in this space. The pressure dissipated. Huan Jue Queen felt like she got a new lease on life.

A storm was set off in Huan Jue Queens heart: “That was scary! So this is Firmament Holy! A peerless powerhouse who can contend against Divine Imperator and Darkglare Emperor. He is incredibly strong just like rumored. The pressure he gives off is even greater than that of Bluefy Great Holy!”

The ship was quite fast. After hundreds of space jumps, it appeared outside a huge star radiating mysterious light, and then landed in a harbor on the star.

“So this is Fantasia! It is a bit similar to Dream World. But its of a higher grade. After all, Dream World is only the gathering place of dreams. At most, it can bear one or two Holy Spirit Warlocks. It is far from being on Fantasias level.”

When Yang Feng walked out of the starship, he saw that there is a powerful boundary set up. Outside the boundary, there roam all kinds of strange existences, just like in Dream World.

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