Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1206 – All out War

Chapter 1205 – Subduing the Mask of Fantasy Spirit Emperor

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Bluefy Great Holy hiding in the void watched in shock as Yang Feng crush the dreamland creatures in his way and sighed: “Thats Firmament Holy for you! Hes terrifyingly strong! Sure enough, hes a monster who can compete with primordial Empyreans!”

Yang Fengs battle record is really fierce. He not only quelled Tai Yuan Starfield, but also suppressed and conquered the forces of the golden jade fox race and Young Lightning Empyrean.

Although Bluefy Great Holy sent Huan Jue Queen to escort the other party. But since he was worried that something unexpected might happen, he came in person to keep watch. Worried that it might displease Yang Feng, he hid in the void and watched quietly.

Fantasia is the sacred land of the fantasy spirit race. With the Mask of Fantasy Spirit Emperor as the core, Fantasia is a sacred land a late fantasy spirit race quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse refined from the late Fantasy Spirit Empyreans palace relic site and countless treasures of heaven and earth.

Even if it is a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse, they may be bewildered and suppressed by Fantasias dreamland true dragon and phoenix.

The Phantom Ruler, however, can easily devour the dreamland true dragon and phoenix. This is simply incredible.

This is all thanks to the fact that the Phantom Ruler devoured Nine Eyes Phangasm Emperors Empyrean path traces and discarnate soul and evolved to an unimaginable degree.

Like a fish back in water, the Phantom Ruler legion frenziedly absorbed Fantasias illusion force and constantly evolved.

In the wake of Yang Fengs legion, all illusion force disappeared and all kinds of strange phenomena settled down.

Yang Fengs will echoed in Fantasia: “Mask of Fantasy Spirit Emperor! Come out! If you dont come out, I dont mind destroying Fantasia itself. By then, you will be forced to show yourself!”

Billows surged in Fantasia, and illusion force congregated and formed a 10,000-kilometer-long kunpeng emanating Empyrean might.

The eyes of the Great Holy rank Phantom Ruler, who has transformed into Nine Eyes Phangasm Emperor, flashed brightly, and rays of light shot towards the kunpeng.

When the rays hit it, the kunpeng collapsed into pieces.

The Phantom Rulers eyes flashed and ejected rays that slammed into the kunpeng and devoured its illusion force.

“Pigheaded! In that case, dont blame me!”

Yang Fengs eyes flickered coldly, and he willed. The space around him distorted, and 1 million Phantom Rulers suddenly appeared and pounced at Fantasia.

Mysterious runes appeared on the 1 million Phantom Rulers, and they began devouring Fantasias power.

The Great Holy rank Phantom Ruler twisted, changed int Yang Fengs likeness, and then turned into a black hole that shrouded Fantasia.

Fantasia shook slightly as the Great Holy rank Phantom Ruler devoured a tremendous amount of illusion force.

Shrouded in terrifying devour force, Fantasia shook continuously and began to degenerate bit by bit.

Bluefy Great Holys countenance changed dramatically. His figure blurred, and he appeared beside Yang Feng, and persuaded with a helpless look on his face: “Firmament Holy, please stop! This is the sacred land of my race. Please be lenient.”

Yang Feng turned towards Bluefy Great Holy, his eyes flickered with frigid killing intent, and he said while enunciating each syllable: “Bluefy Great Holy, I shall destroy your races sacred land today. In the future, I will help you rebuild a better one. However, if you stand in my way, you will be my enemy.”

Ever since he learned that Michaelia was suppressed by the zhenxu divine race, Yang Feng was furious. But he is aware that Eternal Star is a tigers den. If he makes a mistake, he might lose and die. This is the reason why hes restraining himself from rushing towards Eternal Star.

The fantasy spirit race is ranked in the top five of the Eternal Starfields forces. But Yang Fengs Phantom Rulers have a great restraining effect against its illusion arts. As a result, if the two sides fight, Yang Feng can easily suppress the other party.

Bluefy Great Holys mind revolved lightning fast. He looked at the Phantom Ruler with apprehension and said with a bitter smile: “Since Firmament Holy has spoken, then so be it.”

The fantasy spirit race is greatly disadvantaged against Yang Fengs Phantom Rulers, which have a great restraining effect against illusions. After thinking of Yang Fengs fierce military record and weighing things, Bluefy Great Holy made a choice.

Its better to have the sacred land destroyed than the race. Furthermore, Yang Feng promised that he will rebuild the fantasy spirit races sacred land after he ascends to the Empyrean throne.

With the power and resources of a Warlock Emperor, it is only a matter of time before Fantasia is rebuilt.

Yang Feng restrained the killing intent in his eyes and looked coldly at Fantasia.

“Stop! Ill work for you.”

All of a sudden, there were ripples in the void, and a liquid-like sphere flew out of the void and appeared in front of Yang Feng. It extended and took the form a delicate mask as thin as a cicadas wings. On the mask, there are countless runes containing the mysteries of illusions, flickering intermittently.

Yang Feng took a deep look at Bluefy Great Holy, smiled faintly, and waved his hand.

Ripples rose, and the Phantom Ruler legion flew into spatial portals and disappeared.

Fantasia was shrouded in illusion force. But compared to before, its power has decreased by more than 50%.

Yang Feng extended his hand and grabbed the Mask of Fantasy Spirit Emperor. Next, his figure fluttered, and he disappeared.

Everbright Star is one of the 1,365 Holy stars controlled by the zhenxu divine race. It can produce a specialty product called Everbright Crystal, which is a treasure of heaven and earth that can be used to refine Springs of Immortality.

Everbright Star has Xu Huang Holy from the zhenxu divine race and Shimmering Holy from a vassal race standing guard.

In a hall. There are numerous beautiful dancers dancing in the hall.

In the center of the hall, there sit the very handsome Xu Huang Holy and Shimmering Holy, whose whole body looks like a mass of twisting light.

Shimmering Holy opened his mouth and inhaled, and the wine in his cup poured into his mouth. He asked with a worried look on his face, “Xu Huang Holy, do you think Firmament Holy will go to Eternal Star?”

Xu Huang Holy smiled coldly and said in reply, “Since Divine Imperator has claimed it, then the angel empress Michaelia must really be a most important person to Firmament Holy. With his character, he is bound to go to Eternal Star. If he enters Eternal Star, he wont be able to come out again!”

Shimmering Holy uttered with a worried look on his face, “What if Firmament Holy doesnt enter Eternal Star? With his talent, as long as he is given time, he is bound to become an invincible overlord in the future.”

Xu Huang Holys eyes flickered with icy killing intent: “Time? If he doesnt enter Eternal Star, we will kill Michaelia. Afterwards, several races and Divine Imperator will unite and besiege Firmament Holy. He wont be given any time to grow stronger.”

“Not good!”

All of a sudden, Xu Huang Holys countenance changed dramatically. Countless mysterious runes appeared all over his body and formed magic boundaries around him.

A Holy Slaying Artillery beam fell from the sky and hit the hall.

The Holy Slaying Artillery beam smashed the halls defensive boundaries and destroyed everything.

Two rays of light flashed and flew out of the ruins.

“Thats Firmament Holys mechanical golem legion! How come its here?”

As soon as Xu Huan Holy flew out of the ruins, he saw battle robots flying towards Everbright Star.

In the void, interstellar warships are firing a rain of light at Everbright Star.

Under the barrage of light, the zhenxu divine races powerhouses are being turned into ashes.

“Damn it! Why is this happening? Firmament Holy dares to attack the zhenxu divine race! The zhenxu divine race is an eternal empyrean race! Curses, this beast! This damn beast!”

Xu Huang Holys eyes shimmered with the shade of anger. The zhenxu divine race is always the one who actively attacks others. For the zhenxu divine race to be the target of an attack and destruction, it naturally infuriated him.

“Firmament Holy. Damn it, its Firmament Holy. What a fierce character! He actually dares to attack an eternal empyrean race!”

Upon seeing this scene, Shimmering Holy couldnt help but shudder inside. Without nay hesitation, he cast a secret method, turned into a stream of light, and fled into the distance.

Although Shimmering Holy is a vassal of the zhenxu divine race, but that doesnt mean that he is willing to lose his life for the sake of the zhenxu divine race.

“Go to hell!”

A giant hand fell from the sky, evolved into a huge black hole, and swept towards Shimmering Holy.

Shimmering Holys complexion changed greatly. He looked at the sky and shouted madly: “Firmament Holy, I am Shimmering Holy. Spare my life. I am willing to serve you!”

“Too late! Everyone here is going to die!”

A callous voice came from the void. A black hole appeared at once and swallowed Shimmering Holy.

Xu Huang Holys figure flickered, and he turned into 360 avatars containing his aura and fled in different directions.

The 360 avatars are a secret method Xu Huang Holy spent a great price to cultivate. Even among Great Holies, few would be able to see through the avatars.

In the void, Yang Feng revealed a smile of derision. All of a sudden, the Phantom Ruler appeared behind him, opened one eye after another, and fired phantom rays at the avatars.

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