Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1208 – Decision

Chapter 1207 – Attacking Zhenxu Divine Kingdom

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An enigmatic ray streaked across Xu Huang Holys eyes: “The cosmic eyes tiger race and the starmoon sky snake race?”

Xu Huang Holy gritted his teeth, saying, “What is Zhenxu Great Holy thinking? Why does he insist on offending Firmament Holy? Since Zhenxu Divine Son died, then so be it. But why should we offend Firmament Holy, who has the making of an Empyrean because of him? Even if we win this war, we will have to pay a bitter price.”

Although only four Holies of the zhenxu divine race died. But coupled with the 19 Holies of the vassal races that died, it is a heavy blow to the zhenxu divine race.

By relying on a large number of vassal races, the zhenxu divine race can dominate Eternal Starfield, expand its influence to most corners of the starfield, collect countless resources, and cultivate a large number of Holies and Great Holies.

If it had no vassal races, the prestige of the zhenxu divine race would drop by at least 70%.

For so many Holies to die at once, this is a great blow to the zhenxu divine race.

Xu Yan Holy smiled bitterly and said, “Everyone has their own selfish motives. After all, Zhenxu Divine Son was Zhenxu Great Holys sole descendant that promoted to a Holy as well as the sole descendant with the potential to advance to a Great Holy. His death naturally made Zhenxu Great Holy go mad.”

The stronger the life form is, the more difficult it is for them to give birth to strong pure blood offsprings. Prior to advancing to a Holy, powerhouses can generally have many descendants. However, once they advance to a Holy, in order to give birth to offsprings, they must use many precious treasures as well as employ some secret methods.

For Zhenxu Great Holy, who is a quasi-Empyrean rank old monster of the zhenxu divine race, it is difficult to have children. It is even more difficult to produce a child who can evolve into a Holy Spirit Warlock.

Zhenxu Divine Son was extremely proud and arrogant because he had Zhenxu Great Holy backing him. Since he died at Yang Fengs hands, it naturally made Zhenxu Great Holy go mad.

Xu Huang Holy sighed slightly and uttered, “Forget it! Anyway, I have something important to discuss with Xu Ning Great Holy. Ill take my leave first.”

Xu Yan Holy nodded, “Okay!”

With a flash of light, Xu Huang Holy flew towards Tianxu Shrine at the center of Zhenxu Divine Kingdom.

Although Tianxu Shrine is called a shrine, but it is a series of shrines. There are halos emanating from the shrines, making them look like divine countries of gods.

A ray flashed and descended in front of a towering and magnificent shrine in the center of Tianxu Shrine.

On the gate of the magnificent shrine, there is a bohuan dragon head inlaid. The bohuan dragon is an almost extinct heaven and earth variant whose eyes can see through all illusion arts. Even if it is a quasi-Empyrean, they wont be able to bypass the bohuan dragons gaze.

Xu Huang Holy stopped in front of the gate and said coldly, “I have something important to discuss with Xu Ning Great Holy!”

The bohuan dragons eyes flickered, and two beams ejected and enveloped Xu Huang Holy.

Shortly after, the two beams disappeared, and the boundary at the gate shone and opened.

Xu Huang Holy took a step and entered Tianxu Shrine.

In a hall inside Tianxu Shrine, there is a handsome young man enjoying the beautiful dance of gorgeous women from different races.

When Xu Huang Holy entered the hall, he saluted the young man sitting in the center of the hall: “Well met, Xu Ning Great Holy!”

Xu Ning Great Holy said indifferently, “Xu Huang Holy, you came. Take a seat.”

Xu Huang Holy uttered, “Great Holy, I have something important to tell you. Please have them take their leave.”

Xu Ning Great Holy frowned slightly and said coldly, “If you have anything to say, wait until the dance performance is over.”

Xu Huang Holy uttered, “Its really important. Great Holy, please have them take their leave.”


Xu Ning Great Holys face sank slightly. He waved his hand, and the gorgeous dancers left.

Xu Ning Great Holy asked coldly, “What is it?”

Xu Huang Holy answered, “There is a spy within the zhenxu divine race! Furthermore, the spy is of high status! It is a Holy! They were bribed by Firmament Holy.”

Xu Ning Great Holys expression changed and his heart surged with shock: “How is this possible? Firmament Holy entered the central starfield less than 100 years ago. How could he have bribed a Holy of our race?”

“The Holy Firmament Holy bribed is me!”

All of a sudden, Xu Huang Holy turned into a stream of light and stabbed at Xu Ning Great Holy with the God Slayer Dagger.

Xu Ning Great Holys countenance changed. He became furious, and countless mysterious runes appeared all over his body: “Xu Huang Holy, you dare attack me! What benefits did Firmament Holy offer you?”

At this moment, the Great Holy rank Phantom Ruler suddenly emerged from Xu Huang Holy, and the face of Nine Eyes Phangasm Emperor appeared on its chest.

Nine beams containing the essence of illusion shot towards Xu Ning Great Holy.

Xu Ning Great Holy erupted with all kinds of lights. All of a sudden, a mirror flew out, grew an eye, and attempted to block the nine beams.

Hit by the beams, the mirrors eye twisted, turned, and looked at Xu Ning Great Holy, and light of illusion slammed into Xu Ning Great Holy.

Xu Ning Great Holy fell into a dreamland for a moment.

At this moment, the God Slayer Dagger in Xu Huang Holys hand stabbed into Xu Ning Great Holys abdomen.

Countless runes extended from the God Slayer Dagger and sealed the power of Xu Ning Great Holy.

Xu Ning Great Holy glared angrily at Xu Huang Holy: “Why, Xu Huang Holy? Why did you side with Firmament Holy and betray our race?”

“Naturally, its because I want to destroy your zhenxu divine race!”

Xu Huang Holy smiled, and the Phantom Rulers countless tentacles stabbed into Xu Ning Great Holy.

Xu Ning Great Holy fell into a state of confusion.

Xu Huang Holy asked coldly, “Where is Michaelia?”

Xu Ning Great Holy answered dully, “Michaelia is locked up on the ninth floor of Star Underworld. That place is guarded by Zhenxu Great Holy, Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy, and Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy.”

Yang Fengs incarnation of Xu Huang Holy said with a cold smile: “These three are either pinnacle Great Holies or quasi-Empyreans. It looks like they think quite highly of me.”

Zhenxu Great Holy, Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy, and Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy are named after their race and are the strongest experts of their race. They are either pinnacle Great Holies of quasi-Empyreans.

Zhenxu Great Holy is a quasi-Empyrean. As for Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy and Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy, they are extremely mysterious individuals. They havent been active for tens of thousands of years. As a result, no one knows how strong they are.

“Read his memory!”

Yang Feng glanced at Xu Ning Great Holy and spread the fingers of a hand, and a tube emerged from the Xi Shen Armor, stabbed into Xu Ning Great Holy, erupted with countless runes, and frantically absorbed his memories.

The Xi Shen Armor quickly filtered out most of the other partys memories and selected all the information Yang Feng wanted.

Yang Feng rubbed his face slightly, and his body twisted and turned into Xu Ning Great Holys likeness.

Unless he unleashes attacks, it is impossible for even quasi-Empyreans to see through this disguise.

Yang Feng smiled coldly and looked at the void: “Zhenxu Divine Country has heavy defenses. Even though I have disguised myself as Xu Ning Great Holy, I cant do it for too long. Thankfully, I dont need to disguise myself for too long.”

In Zhenxu Divine Kingdoms outer space, the void suddenly rippled, and a huge fleet emerged.

Resplendent lights shone, and beams of light barreled towards the fleet that flew towards Zhenxu Divine Kingdom.

Bombarded by the beams of light, the interstellar warship turned into fireworks that bloomed in the starry sky.

“Firmament Holy! Firmament Holys mechanical legion is here!”

“Let us in! Let us in!”

“Firmament Holys mechanical legion is here. Let us in!”


The other race powerhouses who were forced to stay outside Zhenxu Divine Kingdom roared and tried to enter Zhenxu Divine Kingdom.

Warships flew towards the Zhenxu Divine Kingdom.

Inside Zhenxu Divine Kingdom, countless runes shone, and giant halberds suddenly emerged and shot towards the warships.

The warships that flew towards Zhenxu Divine Kingdom were blasted to pieces by the halberds.

Under these circumstances, the zhenxu divine race cant let the other race powerhouses, who have not been completely examined, enter Zhenxu Divine Kingdom. If there are traitors among them, the zhenxu divine race will be jeopardized.

As an eternal empyrean race that has gone through many battles, zhenxu divine race naturally is ruthless and decisive.

Seeing this scene, the vassal races of the zhenxu divine race lost their fighting spirit. They operated their warships and ran away like crazy.

The huge fleet shone brightly, and a rain of light blasted the warships of the vassal races to pieces.

With a flash of light, numerous powerhouses emerged from the warships, cast various secret methods, and escaped in different directions.

Booming sounds rose. The hatches of Yang Fengs warships opened, teleportation beams flashed, and countless 6th generation battle robots and ruler series battle robots flew out and formed a torrent of steel flying towards these powerhouses.

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