Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1209 – Attacking from Within

Chapter 1208 – Decision

The mechanical legion formed from Blade Rulers rushed into the midst of the vassal races like a dagger and unleashed a massacre.

In the void, one powerhouse after another was cut into pieces, dyeing the starfield red.

Spatial ripples rose, and the void was completely sealed by Space Rulers.

When the vassal race powerhouses knocked into the void, they bounced back, and then were cut into pieces.


“Dont kill me!”

“Surrender! We surrender!”


Countless vassal race powerhouses screamed bitterly.

“Its not impossible to surrender! If you want to surrender, you must kill five zhenxu divine race people and bring their heads. Only if you do that can you survive!”

With a flash of light, Anchaman Great Holy appeared on a flagship of the fleet and smiled ferociously, and countless eyes covering his body opened and frantically absorbed the souls and flesh of the vassal race powerhouses.

“Ill fight you!”

A Warlock Monarch rank powerhouse roared and changed into a 1,000-meter-long direbeast with a dragon head, a crocodile body, and bat wings and emanated a fierce aura.

The direbeast had just appeared, when a swarm of Blade Rulers flew over and cut it into pieces along with flashes of light.

The vassal races that were forced to stay outside are lesser races without the protection of a Holy. Their strongest powerhouses are only quasi-Holy rank powerhouses. Naturally, they cannot resist the slaughter of Yang Fengs mechanical legion.

Wailing, shouts, and cries echoed in the starfield as bodies piled up into mountains and rivers of flood formed, dyeing the starfield red.

“So cruel!”

“Firmament Holy is so cruel! He wants to kill us all!”

“There are billions of life forms there. Yet Firmament Holy doesnt allow them to surrender. It seems that he is really angry.”

“Even if its an enemy, as long as they surrender, Firmament Holy generally wont make things difficult. Seeing how he doesnt give them a chance to surrender, it appears that his bottom line was touched. He wants to wipe out the zhenxu divine race!”


Inside Zhenxu Divine Kingdom, many vassal race powerhouses watched what is going on outside with fear and trepidation.

“My lord said that the zhenxu divine race cannot be pardoned. As for the rest of the races, as long as you bring the heads of five zhenxu divine race powerhouses of the same cultivation base as yourselves, you will be able to survive. If you kill a zhenxu divine race Holy, you can use their head to redeem your life. Otherwise, when we break through Zhenxu Divine Kingdom, we will wipe all of you out. Even the remnants left on you home stars wont be able to escape with their lives!”

Anchaman Great Holy glanced at Zhenxu Divine Kingdom and smiled ferociously, and his voice containing endless killing intent transmitted and sounded in Zhenxu Divine Kingdom.

Upon hearing this, the vassal races in Zhenxu Divine Kingdom were moved, and they started to entertain peculiar thoughts.

The way Zhenxu Divine Kingdoms powerhouses looked at the vassal race powerhouses changed and now contains traces of vigilance and alarm.

If Zhenxu Divine Kingdoms forces can defeat Yang Fengs expeditionary army, the vassal races will naturally rush over and tear Yang Fengs remaining forces to pieces. But if Zhenxu Divine Kingdom shows signs of defeat, the vassal races will tear Zhenxu Divine Kingdom to pieces.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Bells sounded inside Zhenxu Divine Kingdom and lights shone. The Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses inside Zhenxu Divine Kingdom flew towards Tianxu Shrine.

Yang Feng smiled. The white jade scepter in his hand shone, and a teleportation beam shrouded him and Xu Huang Holy standing beside him, and they disappeared.

With a flash of light, Yang Feng appeared in a hall.

In the hall, there stand 85 Holies. On a small platform in the center of the hall, there are 15 golden thrones, nine of which are already occupied by Great Holies.

Among the nine Great Holies, six are from the zhenxu divine race and three are from vassal races. The three vassal race Great Holies are the night tiger races Night Tiger Great Holy, the multi-colored butterfly races Multi-colored Butterfly Great Holy, and the three jue golden cicada races Three Jue Golden Cicada Great Holy.

The six zhenxu divine race Great Holies are Xu Feng Great Holy, Xu Qing Great Holy, Xu Hai Great Holy, Xu Ming Great Holy, Xu Lun Great Holy, Xu Kuang Great Holy.

When Yang Feng entered the hall, he went to a golden throne, sat down, and looked at the Holies in front of him.

Xu Feng Great Holys eyes flashed with killing intent, and he said, “Everyone is here. Firmament Holys main forces came while our four strongest legions are away. It will take them at least three days to return. We only need to persevere for three days and wait for the return of the four legions. When that time comes, we can make a coordinated attack and wipe out Yang Fengs fleet in one fell swoop. If we destroy Yang Fengs main forces, well be able to crush all his other forces. Without a foundation, no matter how powerful he is, it will be difficult for him to gain a foothold in the central starfield.”

Xu Qing Great Holy said: “Thats right. If we dont give him time and resources to grow, then when sir Divine Imperator ascends the Empyrean throne in the future, he will surely be able to quell Yang Feng!”

The reason why the zhenxu divine race dares to offend and oppose Yang Feng is because it has the support of Divine Imperator. Once Divine Imperator promotes to a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse, Yang Feng will die without a burial place.

At this time, Holy Slaying Artillery beams dropped down from the sky and barreled towards Tianxu Shrine.

Tianxu Shrine shone and erupted with countless runes, and a giant boundary suddenly appeared outside Tianxu Shrine.

When the Holy Slaying Artillery beams slammed into Tianxu Shrines boundary, they couldnt damage it all all.

Countless lights shone and a rain of light shot towards the ordinary zhenxu divine race people inside Zhenxu Divine Kingdom.

As if a scene from the end of the world, countless zhenxu divine race people were turned into ashes by the artillery fire.

One after another, cities inhabited by zhenxu divine race people activated boundaries and blocked the interstellar fleets artillery fire.

Super atomic bomb pillars of light blasted into Zhenxu Divine Kingdom, and terrifying mushroom clouds rose, erasing thousands of zhenxu divine race people.

Zhenxu Divine Kingdom was reduced to a hell shrouded in artillery fire.

Yang Feng has hardened his heart. Even if he has to destroy the entire star, he will wipe out the zhenxu divine race people in Zhenxu Divine Kingdom.

By wiping out the zhenxu divine race, he will be able to intimidate the other races in the central starfield.

Xu Feng Great Holys face twisted, and he shouted miserably, “Damn it! This Yang Feng is really vicious! Hes even firing at our ordinary people! Activate the Divine Kingdom Boundary!”

Lights shone, countless runes emerged, and a boundary covering the whole star appeared.

The fierce light beams fired by Yang Fengs fleet exploded on the boundary and set off ripples. Even when Holy Slaying Artillery beams slammed into the giant boundary, they couldnt damage the boundary at all.

The Divine Kingdom Boundary is part of Zhenxu Divine Kingdoms underlying strength. Once it is fully activated, even if it is a Warlock Emperor rank powerhouse, they will have to go all out and attack for an entire day in order to break through the boundary. This is how fearsome the underlying strength of an eternal empyrean race is.

Teleportation beams shone, and a swarm of Devour Rulers appeared and shot towards the star boundary.

When the Devour Rulers jumped on the star boundary, they started to devour its power. At the same time, they split and increased in number.

After some Infinity Warlock rank Devour Rulers swallowed enough power, they evolved into Warlock Monarch rank Devour Rulers.

The number of Devour rulers on the star boundary increased geometrically.

Countless engineering robots flew over and delivered the Devour Rulers rare minerals in order to speed up their proliferation.

Three hours later, the star boundary was covered in a layer of Devour Rulers, giving off a creepy feeling.

Inside Zhenxu Divine Kingdom, magic crystals stocks disappeared at a crazy speed.

In the hall, a Holys expression changed abruptly, and he said to Xu Feng Great Holy: “Great Holy, the Divine Kingdom Boundarys consumption is tremendous. If this continues, the Divine Kingdom Boundary will last for two days at most. But by that time, the resources of Zhenxu Divine Kingdom will be depleted, and our combat power will be reduced by more than 60%

Xu Feng Great Holy looked around and asked with a dark expression on his face, “In order for the Divine Kingdom Boundary to persevere, we must engage in a bloody battle with Firmament Holy. Who is willing to command the Spiritfang Army and fight Firmament Holy to the death?”

Xu Ming Great Holy uttered, “Firmament Holy is terrifyingly strong. None of us can contend against him. Only when one person is left to preside over the Divine Kingdom Boundary and everyone else takes action, only then can it be possible to defeat Firmament Holys fleet.

Xu Feng Great Holys eyes flickered with killing intent, and he said coldly: “In that case, I will take charge of the Divine Kingdom Boundary, while you will go out and take action. As long as you delay them for three days, they will die without a burial place.”

The other Great Holies nodded. They arent certain that they can defeat Yang Fengs fleet. But if its to delay it for several days, thats much simpler.

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