Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1209 – Attacking from Within

em legion is really dreadful. Its even slightly better than Golem Lords mechanical legion. However, their number is still too small. Its not difficult to persevere for three days!”

Xu Hai Great Holy smiled and said, “Thats right. We still have some trump cards we havent used. Even though Firmament Holy is tyrannically strong, but once we use these trump cards, we will definitely be able to persevere.”

Yang Fengs incarnation of Xu Ning Great Holy raised the corners of his mouth into a mocking smile. He took a step forward and unleashed a punch. A torrent of time, a black hole, a falling star, and spatial portals, four visions emerged and shot towards Xu Feng Great Holy.

Xu Feng Great Holy was caught off guard. The eighteen trigger boundaries that appeared around him were crushed, and Yang Fengs fist landed on his body and erupted with terrifying force that disintegrated his internal organs and sent him flying like a broken rag doll.

Blue Ridge Sacred Daughter, who has transformed into Xu Huang Holy, suddenly erupted and stabbed Xu Feng Great Holy with a dagger. Countless runes appeared and suppressed the seriously injured Xu Feng Great Holy.

“Xu Ning Great Holy, what do you think youre doing? No, youre not Xu Ning Great Holy! Youre Firmament Holy! How did you sneak in here? How?”

Xu Hai Great Holys face fell, and he cried out.

Tianxu Shrine is a heavily guarded place enchanted with countless illusion breaking spells. Even if its a first-rate fantasy spirit race powerhouse, if they enter Tianxu Shrine, they will be discovered. It is impossible for Yang Feng to sneak into Tianxu Shrine without any warning.

The Phantom Ruler suddenly appeared and formed Nine Eyes Phangasm Emperors face on its chest, and the faces nine eyes swept Xu Hai Great Holy.

A jade pendant appeared on Xu Hai Great Holy and emanated cyan light. All of a sudden, a Fantasy Spirit Chrysanthemum appeared and tried to resist the erosion of illusion force.

The Fantasy Spirit Chrysanthemum is a mystical extraordinary plant that, once refined into a secret treasure, can resist illusion arts unleashed by Great Holies.

When the nine beams containing Nine Eyes Phangasm Emperors path swept the Fantasy Spirit Chrysanthemum, the Fantasy Spirit Chrysanthemum wilted and collapsed.

Xu Hai Great Holy gained a moment of respite.

Just then, the Bead of Time suddenly appeared, and a torrent of time emerged and swept towards Xu Hai Great Holy.

The flow of time around Xu Hai Great Holy became chaotic at once.

“Eternal empyrean race Great Holy, die!”

With a flash of light, Cloud Dragon Great Holy appeared, smiled ferociously, and stimulated the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Cloud Dragon Snake Tortoise Shell. A cloud dragon suddenly flew out and formed a cloud dragon blade slashing towards Xu Hai Great Holy

The cloud dragon blade sliced apart the energy shields around Xu Hai Great Holy, and then sliced Xu Hai Great Holy himself in two.

With a flash of silver light, Silver Brilliance Great Holy suddenly appeared and stabbed at a zhenxu divine race Holy with the Silver Brilliance Scorpion Spear.

With a flash of brilliant silver light, the spear ran through the zhenxu divine race Holy.

“Firmament Holy! Yes, its Firmament Holy!”

“How can this be?”

“Firmament Holy! How come hes here?!”


When the Holies in the shrine saw this scene, their complexion changed dramatically. Some tried to escape, while others unleashed spells and attacked Yang Feng.

“You all, go to hell!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed fiercely. The Xi Shen Armor shone and entered its second form. He turned into a black hole, shuttled within a torrent of time, and devoured one zhenxu divine race Holy after another.

Countless Space Rulers suddenly emerge, activated space boundaries, and sealed the void.

With each passing breath of time, countless teleportation beams shone, and swarms of Devour Rulers appeared and flew towards every corner of Tianxu Shrine.

These Devour Rulers are first generation ruler series battle robots that followed Yang Feng and evolved continuously. Consequently, the devour force they can unleash is unparalleled. They rushed into Tianxu Shrine and began to devour everything.

Tianxu Shrine, which was constructed from countless treasures of heaven and earth, continuously collapsed and was devoured by the Devour Rulers.

Blue Ridge Great Holy, Cloud Dragon Great Holy, Silver Brilliance Great Holy, and the many Holies Yang Feng recruited constantly emerged from the small world inside him and frantically attacked the Holies inside the shrine, killing zhenxu divine race Holies one by one.

The zhenxu divine race Holies that wanted to escape knocked into a space barrier, and then were devoured by Yang Feng one by one.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Bell ringing spread all over Zhenxu Divine Country.

As soon as Xu Ming Great Holy heard the bell, he looked at Tianxu Shrine: “Enemy attack! There are enemies in Tianxu Shrine! Whats going on?”

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