Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 121 – Meeting

Chapter 120 – Mofen Demonic Polar Bear

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Yang Feng thought for a moment before making a prompt decision: “Very well, I agree!”

Producing a Great Warlock rank mechanical battle beast would greatly upgrade Yang Fengs overall strength. It would be one more trump card for Yang Fengs rapid expansion.

After he annexed several principalities, Fernandro Principality would no longer be important to Yang Feng.

After all, there werent many resources within Fernandro Principality. A trifling marquisdom like Satsuma Marquisdom had several times the resources of Fernandro Principality.

Leimix gave Yang Feng a bronze ring: “The corpse of the Mofen Demonic Polar Bear is within this space ring.”

This level-3 secret treasure space ring was an extremely precious treasure that belonged to Fernandro Family for more than a millennia.

Space treasures were always rare in Turandot Subcontinent. Basically all of them were in the hands of formidable beings such as level-3 Warlocks and above. Fernandro Family only had this space ring because it previously also had level-3 Warlocks.

Yang Feng received the space ring; he swept it with his spirit force and sensed that it was a mid-sized space ring with 10*10*10 cubic meters of space. There was a huge white-furred Mofen Demonic Polar Bears corpse inside the space ring.

The Mofen Demonic Polar Bears corpse was clearly quite well preserved. Even though it was unknown when it died, but it still emitted formidable fluctuations of power that couldt be underestimated.

“Good stuff!” Yang Feng praised. His mind moved and released the Mofen Demonic Polar Bears corpse, before pressing on the dimensional crest on his chest and collecting the corpse.

Eudoraxs pupils contracted slightly after seeing this scene. Space treasure, even a level-2 Warlock with a prestigious background like himself didnt had one. And now even Yang Ye had one. He couldnt help but be full of astonishment.

“Have it back!” Yang Feng casually threw the space ring and returned it to Leimix.

Leimix only heaved a long sigh of relief after receiving his spare ring back. It was one of Fernandro Familys heirlooms. He would had never offered Yang Feng such a treasure were it not for Fernandro Family being at the juncture of life and death.

Yang Feng casually threw a dimensional crest towards Jessica: “Ill gift you this treasure now that youre my nephews fiancée! Inside, there are 10 mechanical golems with battle prowess comparable to level-2 Warlocks. Remember to release them to protect yourself.”

After receiving the dimensional crest, Jessica swept it with her spirit force. Her pretty face immediately surged with a trace of delight after discovering that the space within the dimensional crest was huge, before bowing towards Yang Feng in salute and saying deferentially: “Many thanks Sir for bestowing this treasure upon me.”

Eudorax swept Jessica with a glance and a trace of envy flashed trough the depths of his eyes. Mechanical golems with battle prowess comparable to level-2 Warlocks, every one of them would be greatly useful to a level-2 Warlock like himself.

“Eudorax, my nephew Yang Feng had received your care in Warlock College Antalya. I hope you like this mechanical golem.” Yang Feng waved his hand. A level-2 mechanical bladed robot immediately walked out of a corner, before stopping beside Eudorax.

A red light flashed past the eyes of that bladed robot, before instantly erupting with a formidable force field comparable to that of a level-2 Warlock and simultaneously activating an encompassing level-2 protective cover.

“Terrific! This mechanical golem even has a defensive force field that is comparable to that of a level-2 Warlock! Its truly perfect!” Eudorax stared unwaveringly at the level-2 protective cover; his eyes flashed with fervor as he praised repeatedly.

For Warlocks, defensive power was more important than offense power and defensive spells were by far more valuable than offensive spells. Eudorax could sense that the level-2 protective cover of the bladed robot was even more tyrannical than every one of the level-2 defensive spells that he had. Coupled with the bladed robot being a golem, it was immune to most curses and other wicked spells as well as unafraid of death. Even Eudorax might not be this bladed robots match.

“Good stuff, truly good stuff!” Leimixs eyes flashed with incandescence as he stared at the bladed robot, then his gaze brimming with excitement fell onto the dimensional crest on Jessicas chest: “Our Fernandro Family can definitely become one of the strongest level-2 Warlock families with ten of these level-2 Warlock rank mechanical golems.

Jessica felt Leimixs gaze and she tightly gripped the dimensional crest, before loosening her grip and releasing it. She had been attached with great importance and had been carefully groomed by Fernandro Family. She was very clear what those ten level-2 mechanical golems meant for Fernandro Family.

Yang Feng said lightly: “Well, you can leave now that theres noting more to talk about!”

“Yes!” Eudoraxs group of three could only leave.

Yang Feng operated another level-2 Liquid-Metal Robot and quickly brought the Mofen Demonic Polar Bears corpse to the Portable Fortified Stronghold below Giant-Stone City for analysis and modulation.

Yang Feng revealed a hint of a delighted smile: “Great! Like this, Ill have two primary battle robots with battle prowess comparable to Great Warlocks. Even if I run into a genuine Great Warlock rank enemy, Ill be able to contend against him.”

In Turandot Subcontinent, any Great Warlock rank expert represented a peak existence. They could control a Warlock group and found a kingdom. Moreover, Great Warlock rank experts were known as Legend rank experts in other planes. They were legendary people that left their mark in history. The strongest experts of many lower planes were only at the Great Warlock rank.

Every Great Warlock rank expert was extremely prideful and were basically loners. With 2 Great Warlock rank primary battle robots, Yang Feng could defeat many lone Great Warlock rank experts.

Yang Feng thought somewhat regretfully: “Unfortunately, I dont have the Mofen Demonic Polar Bears secret method; otherwise, Id soon have more than one Bloodline Warlock family under my control.”

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