Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1211 – Breaking Through Tianxu Shrine

Chapter 1210 – Internecine

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“How can this be?”

“Tianxu Shrine is guarded by three Great Holies! Even if a quasi-Empyrean attacks, they wont be able to break through!”



Zhenxu divine race powerhouses looked at the collapsing Tianxu Shrine with horror in their eyes.

Tianxu Shrine is the sacred land of the zhenxu divine race. After countless years, the zhenxu divine race has placed countless boundaries on it. Even if a quasi-Empyrean attacked it, they would have to return without any achievements.

Yet now Tianxu Shrine is collapsing. Thats something beyond incredible.

The zhenxu divine race powerhouses who went out felt uneasy, and their morale dropped to the limit.

Anchaman Great Holy said with a cruel smile, “Whats strange about this? One of your Great Holies is our man!”

Upon hearing this, the eyes of the seven Great Holies flashed with enigmatic light.

Xu Lun Great Holy turned his head and looked at Night Tiger Great Holy and the other two Great Holies, and his eyes glimmered with the shade of apprehension.

Only a Great Holy rank insider can quietly sneak into Tianxu Shrines core area and wreck Tianxu Shrine. The easiest way to break through a fortress is from within.

Xu Ming Great Holy uttered coldly, “Anchaman Great Holy, your attempt to stir up discord is in vain! Night Tiger Great Holy and them are our best friends and closest brothers. You have no idea how formidable the zhenxu divine race is. Once Zhenxu Great Holy returns, it will be easy to kill you!”

Anchaman Great Holy smiled coldly and uttered, “Zhenxu Great Holy? The quasi-Empyrean realm powerhouse of the zhenxu divine race? My lord made arrangements to deal with him. The anthunder race owes our lord a favor. Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy will block Zhenxu Great Holy for us!”

As soon as he said this, the expression of the several Great Holies changed greatly.

The anthunder races Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy is also a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse. If he takes action, he can indeed stop Zhenxu Great Holy in his tracks. Once Zhenxu Great Holy is stopped, Zhenxu Divine Kingdom will be in danger.

Xu Ming Great Holy said with a firm expression: “Night Tiger Great Holy, Multi-colored Butterfly Great Holy, and Three Jue Golden Cicada Great Holy, please stay here and deal with Anchaman Great Holy. Tie him down! Well go back and deal with Firmament Holy. He is a vicious character who wants to exterminate our four races. Please work together with us to resist him. After we defeat him, we will equally divide everything of his.”

Originally, with its strength, the zhenxu divine race would hog all of Yang Fengs forces and leave only the scraps for the vassal races. However, at this critical juncture, Xu Ming Great Holy has no choice but to share the future benefits with the three vassal races.

“Xu Ming Great Holy, dont worry! The night tiger race is a most loyal ally of the zhenxu divine race!”

Night Tiger Great Holys eyes shimmered fiercely, and he roared, erupted with countless runes, and changed into a 100-meter-long primordial night tiger with a black horn, a pair of dragon wings, and a dragon tail. The primordial night tiger appears to have fused with darkness.

After Night Tiger Great Holy turned into a primordial night tiger, he raised his head and roared.

Countless night tiger race powerhouses within Zhenxu Divine Kingdom cast a secret method, gathered the power of their race, and channeled the power into Night Tiger Great Holy. Night Tiger Great Holy, who possesses intermediate Great Holy cultivation base, jumped all the way to the pinnacle Great Holy realm.

Xu Ming Great Holy praised, “Great! Night Tiger Great Holy, you are indeed a good friend of the zhenxu divine race. The zhenxu divine race wont mistreat the night tiger race in the future!”

After Night Tiger Great Holy changed into the primordial night tiger, he opened his mouth, and a black nail emitting strange ripples ejected and shot towards Xu Ming Great Holy like a meteor.

Xu Ming Great Holys face fell. A series of magic shields appeared around him, and he flew towards a side.

The black nail contains ripples of the law of karma. It ran through Xu Ming Great Holys magic shields, stabbed into the person himself, and erupted with countless runes. 12 curses broke out and plunged into Xu Ming Great Holy.

“Xu Ming Great Holy, I hope you can understand. We night tigers have no grievances or enmity with Firmament Holy and dont want to be exterminated by him. After thinking things through, I can only borrow your head in order to avoid a disaster for the night tiger race. If you have to blame someone, blame the zhenxu divine race for being too weak.”

Night Tiger Great Holy smiled ferociously. All of a sudden, a giant net appeared, swept towards Xu Ming Great Holy, drew him inside, and separated him from the rest of the zhenxu divine race powerhouses.

Anchaman Great Holy uttered with a vicious smile, “Well done! Night Tiger Great Holy, as long as you can kill Xu Ming Great Holy and bring his head, you will be considered a good friend of our lord. Our lord wont touch the night tiger race!”

The 6th generation battle robots covering the sky unleashed attacks, and a rain of light shot towards the zhenxu divine race powerhouses, forcing them to attack and destroy 6th generation battle robots.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Inside Tianxu Shrine, terrifying explosions sounded incessantly.

Battle robots swarmed out of Tianxu Shrine and began to slaughter any living creature that appeared before them.

The vassal race and zhenxu race powerhouses, who fought desperately with the help of Tianxu Shrines boundary, were still killed like ants.

Wherever the battle robots passed, whether men, women, young, or old, all intelligent life forms were killed, turning the place into hell.

Countless engineering robots appeared, collected the remains of the zhenxu divine race and vassal race powerhouses, and threw them into biochemical furnaces.

Countless half mechanical half living creature monsters poured out of the biochemical furnaces. With the impulse to destroy everything, while acting as cannon fodder, the monsters frantically rushed to all corners of Zhenxu Divine Kingdom and killed all living creatures before them.


“How can this be?”

“My people!”

“Firmament Holy, leave my people alone! Please leave my people alone!”


In the void, the countenance of the 50 plus Holies changed dramatically, their eyes shimmered with despair, and they pleaded.

With a ferocious smile, Anchaman Great Holys figure fluttered, and he plunged into the depths of the mechanical legion: “Our lord mainly wants to exterminate the zhenxu divine race! As long as you bring the head of a zhenxu divine race Holy, you can prevent the annihilation of your race. Otherwise, once our lord ascends the Empyrean throne, even if you ants escape to the edge of the universe, our lord kill you all!”

Despite how strong Anchaman Great Holy is, he is not the opponent of 50 plus Holies. However, if he hides within the mechanical legion, the 50 plus Holies wont be able to do anything to him.

“Xu Jin Holy, lend me your head!”

The eyes of a Holy with a dragon tail flashed fiercely, and he suddenly brandished the scimitar in his hand and sliced a zhenxu divine race Holy, who was caught off guard, in two.

The Holy with a dragon tail spread the fingers of his hand, and chains flew out and stabbed into the zhenxu divine race Holy. The Holy with a dragon tail grabbed the other party and flew towards the outside.

After witnessing this, the other vassal race Holies began attacking zhenxu divine race Holies.

Countless lights shone as zhenxu divine race Holies were blasted apart one after another.

6th generation battle robots attacked the remaining Holies in waves.

“You traitors! Im going to kill you all!”

Xu Lun Great Holys eyes shimmered fiercely. He howled, and a wheel containing an ancient and sacred aura appeared and radiated light that illuminated 6th generation battle robots.

The 6th generation battle robots illuminated by the wheels light crumbled.

He just opened a path, when countless 6th generation battle robots flew over and blocked it.

Although the several Great Holies are incredibly strong, but due to the 6th generation battle robots tying them down, they cannot attack the rebellious Holies.

The beautiful Multi-colored Butterfly Great Holy suddenly turned around. With a flash of light, a blade emanating colorful light appeared in her hand, and she slashed at the towering tree Xu Qing Great Holy transformed into.

“Multi-colored Butterfly Great Holy, what are you doing?”

The towering tree unleashed a rattan that stabbed the multi-colored blade and knocked it away. At the same time, the angry voice of Xu Qing Great Holy transmitted.

“The multi-colored butterfly race has no grievances or enmity with Firmament Holy. I want to borrow your head to calm Firmament Holys anger. Xu Qing Great Holy, if you want to blame someone, blame the zhenxu divine race for being too weak.”

Multi-colored Butterfly Great Holy smiled coldly and turned into countless colorful butterflies that flew towards the towering tree Xu Qing Great Holy has transformed into.

The battle robots that originally besieged Multi-colored Butterfly Great Holy rushed towards the other three Great Holies.

The gazes of Xu Lun Great Holy and Xu Kuang Great Holy fell on Three Jue Golden Cicada Great Holy, filled with vigilance.

Three Jue Golden Cicada Great Holy said with a bitter smile, “Xu Kuang Great Holy, we are the closest of allies. My daughter has even married you. Dont you trust me? The three jue golden cicada race will never betray the zhenxu divine race.”

Xu Lun Great Holy shouted, “Okay! Then come with us to save Xu Qing Great Holy! Use all your strength, Three Jue Golden Cicada Great Holy! I know that youre still hiding your strength. Use the trump card of your race!”

Three Jue Golden Cicada Great Holy smiled bitterly and spread the fingers of his hand. Countless runes shone, and a 10,000-meter-long golden giant ox emanating immortal Empyrean might suddenly emerged.

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