Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1213 – Shocking Eternal Ancient Road

Chapter 1212 – Slaving Great Holies

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Yang Feng looked into the void and spoke in a frigid tone full of killing intent: “Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy, Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy, you two better make sure that nothing happens to Michaelia. Otherwise, I swear that I will destroy your races, as well. No matter where you escape to, I will find and kill you and your people!”

“Fuck! Firmament Holy is really bloodthirsty! Hes even more vicious than the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race.”

Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy suddenly felt a chill run down his spine.

When ordinary prodigies fight over the Empyrean throne, even if they wipe out a race, its only in order to plunder resources. As long as members of said race escape, they wont hunt them down.

The golden bones race is an enemy of Yang Feng and many of its people have fled to different parts of the universe. Yet Yang Feng didnt send anyone to pursue them. After all, the time and energy spent on that would be too huge and the losses would outweigh the gains.

But once Yang Feng vows to wipe out the the zhenxu divine race and the other two eternal empyrean races, he wont stop until they have become fully extinct.

The eight Warlock Emperors of the human race suppressed the world in their days and had countless enemies, but they rarely made such a decision. Only after someone they really cared about was killed, would the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race do something so crazy.

After hearing Yang Fengs words, Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy inhaled a breath of cold air, and a chill welled up in his heart.

If it was an ordinary person threatening him, Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy would just shrug it off without taking it to heart.

But since Yang Feng breached the headquarters of the zhenxu divine race and killed countless zhenxu divine race powerhouses, his threat is likely to be realized one day.

Zhenxu Great Holy said menacingly, “Firmament Holy, dont you want Michaelia to live? Stop the attack at once, or Ill kill Michaelia right now!”

“I, Yang Feng, have never let myself be threatened. If you want me to give up resistance and die obediently, thats not happening. If you dare to kill Michaelia, I will exterminate the zhenxu divine race. At the same time, I will also exterminate the cosmic eyes tiger race and the starmoon sky snake race. Any race that dares to get itself involved in this matter will be exterminated. Even if I have to wipe out all the races in Eternal Ancient Road, I will not stop!”

Yang Fengs eyes surged with killing intent, and he spoke in an icy tone. His eyes flickered with countless runes and shone with strange light. He activated the law of karma and looked at Eternal Star.

“Follow me! Lets kill these zhenxu divine race Holies to the last person!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed cold as he looked at the starry sky. The Xi Shen Armor suddenly shone, erupted with countless runes, and entered its second form. With a flap of the Xi Shen Armors mechanical wings, Yang Feng turned into a stream of light and flew into the starry sky.

Almost in an instant, Yang Feng appeared behind Xu Kuang Great Holy and brandished the Green Yang Halberd, and ten suns tore the firmament and a black hole appeared amid the ten suns as they slashed towards Xu Kuang Great Holy.

Xu Kuang Great Holy has destroyed more than 100,000 6th generation battle robots and consumed a lot of strength. But even so, he still managed to react at the first moment. Countless runes shone, and 168 crystals emerged around him and formed a cyan boundary.

When the green halberd ray slammed into the cyan boundary, it forcibly sliced the cyan boundary open, and then severed the right arm of Xu Kuang Great Holy.

“Go to hell!”

Silver Brilliance Scorpion Spear roared furiously. All of a sudden, the Silver Brilliance Scorpion Spear appeared in his hands, erupted with dazzling silver light, and stabbed at Xu Kuang Great Holy like a viper.

Silver light burst out and blasted Xu Kuang Great Holy apart.

A black hole suddenly emerged and swallowed Xu Kuang Great Holy.

Waveroot Great Holy, Arcane Battle Great Holy, and Blue Ridge Great Holy took action and attacked Xu Lun Great Holy and Three Jue Golden Cicada Great Holy.

Three Jue Golden Cicada Great Holys expression changed greatly, and he shouted loudly, “I surrender! Firmament Holy, I am willing to surrender and serve you! Spare my life!”

Xu Lun Great Holys countenance changed dramatically, and he gnashed his teeth and bellowed: “You damn traitor!”

“Surrender? What qualifications do you have to surrender? Do you have the head of a zhenxu divine race Great Holy? Since you dont have one, you are still my enemy! The three jue golden cicada race will be eliminated alongside you!”

Yang Fengs eyes surged with killing intent, and he slashed down with his halberd. A torrent of rime suddenly appeared and swept towards Three Jue Golden Cicada Great Holy.

Three Jue Golden Cicada Great Holys expression changed greatly, and he radiated golden light and shattering the torrent of time.

At this moment, the green halberd ray slammed into Three Jue Golden Cicada Great Holy and sliced him in two. A black hole suddenly emerged and drew Three Jue Golden Cicada Great Holy inside.

“Firmament Holy, stop! If you want Michaelia to stay alive, then stop it!”

Upon seeing this scene, Zhenxu Great Holy roared madly, a ferocious look on his face.

Yang Fengs eyes surged with killing intent. With an expressionless look on his face, he appeared behind Xu Lun Great Holy in a flash and brandished his halberd.

Besieged by Arcane Battle Great Holy and Waveroot Great Holy, Xu Lun Great Holy was only able to condense a strange wheel to block behind him.

When Yang Fengs halberd landed on the wheel, it crushed the wheel, and a terrifying force erupted and blasted Xu Lun Great Holy away.

“Ha-ha! Go to hell!”

With a ferocious smile, Arcane Battle Great Holy took a step forward, brandished his axe and channeled the power within 10,000 kilometer into the axe, and a blade ray appeared and mercilessly slammed into Xu Lun Great Holy, who just suffered heavy damage. The blade ray smashed the nine wheels protecting Xu Lun Great Holy and opened a large gash on his body.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, countless Blade Rulers flew out, brandished their blades, and opened countless wounds on his body.

A black hole suddenly emerged, swallowed Xu Lun Great Holy, and frantically devoured his life origin.

“Multi-colored Butterfly Great Holy, open the boundary and let us kill Xu Qing Great Holy. I shall pardon your multi-colored butterfly race!”

Yang Feng swept Multi-colored Butterfly Great Holys boundary with his gaze and uttered coldly.

The boundary opened, revealing Multi-colored Butterfly Great Holy and Xu Qing Great Holy.

Multi-colored Butterfly Great Holy is covered in wounds and her face is deathly pale, looking lovely and pitiful. Xu Qing Great Holy, on the other hand, was not hurt.

As someone who came from an eternal empyrean race, Xu Qing Great Holy is far stronger than other powerhouses of the same rank. Multi-colored Butterfly Great Holy is naturally not his opponent. However, for the sake of the multi-colored butterfly race, Multi-colored Butterfly Great Holy still tried her best to hinder Xu Qing Great Holy.

“Firmament Holy, stop! Stop it!”

A tremendous vibration erupted in the void as Zhenxu Great Holys roar of anger sounded.

Each Great Holy is the trump card of a race. Even within an eternal empyrean race, there are not many Great Holies. An eternal empyrean race may be able to give birth to a Great Holy in 10,000 years. The death of each Great Holy is a heavy blow to an eternal empyrean race.

“Kill him!”

Yang Feng waved his hand, and Waveroot Great Holy, Arcane Battle Great Holy, Silver Brilliant Great Holy, and Multi-colored Butterfly Great Holy cast offensive spells and attacked Xu Qing Great Holy.

Xu Qing Great Holys countenance changed greatly. His body shone with countless runes, and then collapsed and turned into a green ray that frantically shot into the distance.

If it was a one-on-one fight, Xu Qing Great Holy would not be afraid of anyone. However, faced with four Great Holies and countless battle robots, he has absolutely no chance of winning.

“You want to escape? Not so fast!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and pointed with his hand, and the Bead of Time suddenly appeared. A torrent of time swept towards Xu Qing Great Holy. The flow of time around Xu Qing Great Holy turned chaotic at once, and he stopped for a moment.

The spells cast by the four Great Holies submerged Xu Qing Great Holy and dealt him serious damage.

A black hole suddenly emerged and swallowed Xu Qing Great Holy.

“Night Tiger Great Holy, open the boundary!”

After devouring Xu Qing Great Holy, Yang Feng ordered coldly.

Night Tiger Great Holy opened the boundary he cast.

Inside the boundary, Night Tiger Great Holy and Xu Ming Great Holy are both covered in wounds. But Night Tiger Great Holys wounds are more severe. There are bone deep injuries strewn all over his body.

“Kill him!”

Yang Feng pointed at Xu Ming Great Holy, and the five Great Holies launched attacks at the other party.

“Firmament Holy, you will die a miserable death!”

Xu Ming Great Holy unleashed a rancorous curse, and then turned into a ray of light and flew away into the distance.

The Bead of Time suddenly appeared and shone with countless runes. A torrent of time emerged and shrouded Xu Ming Great Holy. Consequently, Xu Ming Great Holy flew back.

The spells of the five Great Holies barreled towards Xu Ming Great Holy.

“Stop! I told you all to stop!”

An angry and miserable voice sounded. The void distorted and the flow of time turned chaotic. A rift emerged in the void, and a large hand emitting quasi-Empyrean rank fluctuations of power appeared from the void and extended towards the spells fired by the five Great Holies.

The void collapsed and energies twisted. Under the cover of immortal force, the attacks of the five Great Holies were directly crushed by the large hand.

“Third form!”

Yang Fengs eyes surged with killing intent. The Xi Shen Armor entered the third form at once. The devour projection appeared, assimilated the Devour Yuan Bead, and extended a hand, and a black hole appeared, shrouded Zhenxu Great Holys right hand, and frantically devoured the other partys life origin.

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