Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1215 – Zhenxu Great Holy Takes Action

Chapter 1214 – Sweep

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After reaching the Holy Spirit Warlock realm, it is extremely difficult to make further advancements. Feng Xuanzhen had many fateful encounters and thus doesnt lose to Yang Feng in terms of cultivation. At the same time, he still subdued two Great Holies.

If it was in the past, Feng Xuanzhens feat of subduing two Great Holies while in the Holy realm would shock the world. During their time, few of the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race have subdued two Great Holies while in the Holy realm. However, when comparing Feng Xuanzhen and Yang Feng, the gap between the two is as big as a chasm.

At this time, Feng Xuanzhen has the strength to defeat Great Holies. But he doesnt dare to provoke a quasi-Empyrean, let alone defeat an eternal empyrean race.

A Great Holy uttered, “Lord, Firmament Holy is only a step ahead of you. As long as you ascend the Empyrean throne in the future, everything can be easily solved.”

Although Star Lord was a peerless prodigy, but he was stifled by others of the same realm. Nevertheless, he ultimately ascended the Empyrean throne and suppressed all enemies at one stroke. After he ascended the Empyrean throne, he used the resources of the universe to repair his foundation and finally became an invincible Warlock Emperor.

“I understand! Looks like I have to accelerate my pace!”

There was a cold gleam in Feng Xuanzhens eyes. His figure shook slightly, and he disappeared.

The central starfield, Jidarini Star. This is one of the Holy stars under the control of Zhenxu Divine Kingdom.

There was a ripple in the void, and a huge interstellar fleet emerged.

As soon as the huge interstellar fleet appeared, countless lights rained down on Jidarini Star.

Under the bombardment of the rain of light, zhenxu divine race powerhouses on Jidarini Star were blasted to pieces.

Countless 6th generation battle robots flew to Jidarini Star and started slaughtering zhenxu divine race powerhouses.

After Zhenxu Divine Kingdom was conquered, Yang Fengs mechanical legions swept the Holy stars occupied by zhenxu divine race one after another and annihilated powerhouses of the zhenxu divine race and its vassals.

The zhenxu divine race powerhouses could only abandon the stars and flee into the universe helter-skelter.

Yang Fengs mechanical legions ran rampant in the central starfield, chasing after zhenxu divine race powerhouses.

Zhenxu divine race powerhouses took action as well and destroyed the mechanical legions pursuing them from time to time.

Every time Yang Feng occupied a Holy star of the zhenxu divine race, countless munitions factories appeared on the Holy star. They frantically collected resources and manufactured all kinds of battle robots.

On stars in Tai Yuan Starfield and central starfield, many munitions factories produced rumbling noise. Countless 6th generation battle robots were produced and thrown into battle.

Poxrena Star is the mother star of the gloweye race in the central starfield. The gloweye race is an empyrean race of Eternal Ancient Road. It has an Empyrean grade secret treasure the Gloweye Crown.

Ripples rose in the void, and a huge interstellar fleet appeared in the outer space of the gloweye races mother star.

“Gloweye Great Holy, come out and greet me!”

Covered by the Arcane Battle Armor on which Yang Feng spent countless resources to create, Arcane Battle Great Holy emerged from the huge interstellar fleet and shouted loudly.

Light shone, and a handsome Great Holy with closed eyes and a mystical vertical eye on the forehead flew out of Poxrena Star and said slowly: “Arcane Battle Great Holy, I didnt expect you to join Firmament Holys camp. He is just a Holy. To take the initiative and join his camp, thats a loss of face for a Great Holy.”

Arcane Battle Great Holy uttered coldly, “My lord is wise and powerful and has the making of an Empyrean. He is bound to become an Empyrean of this era. As such, it is only natural for me to join his camp. Gloweye Great Holy, hand over the zhenxu divine race people the gloweye race is harboring. This is my lords order.”

Gloweye Great Holy said coldly, “Xu Yan Holy is my wife. For you to ask me to hand over my wife, isnt that too much? What if I dont hand her over?”

“If you dont hand he over, youll be regarded as an accomplice of the zhenxu divine race! I will destroy your gloweye race. Even if you escape to the edge of the universe, when I ascend the Empyrean throne, I will exterminate you all!”

Lights emerged from the flagship and condensed into Yang Fengs form. With a cold gleam in his eyes, he looked at Gloweye Great Holy and uttered frigidly.

Gloweye Great Holy is a pinnacle Great Holy rank powerhouse. Hes stronger than Cloud Dragon Great Holy and Silver Brilliance Great Holy. However, when Yang Feng glanced at him, he felt his blood run cold.

Gloweye Great Holy was silent for a long time, and then said, “Sir Firmament Holy, can you give me face? I am willing to pay you 300 Springs of Immortality. Please give me face and leave my wife alone!”

With a flash of light, a tall and sturdy demonic ape projection appeared and uttered unhurriedly, “Firmament Holy, many empyrean races are related to the zhenxu divine race through marriage in the central starfield. Give us face and leave the people from the zhenxu divine race married into our races alone. We wont take part in your conflict with Zhenxu Great Holy.”

The zhenxu divine race, which has dominated a corner of the central starfield for countless years, has countless connections by marriage. Many empyrean races are connected with it by marriage, forming a huge network of relationships.

“When I, Firmament Holy, make up my mind, nothing can change it. Gloweye Great Holy, since you wont hand her over, then the gloweye race shall be buried together with the zhenxu divine race!”

Yang Feng waved his hand, a cold gleam in his eyes.

The artillery of the interstellar fleet shone, and pillars of light ejected and barreled towards Poxrena Star.

Under the bombardment of the pillars of light, the earth cracked and mountains collapsed. Countless gloweye race powerhouses were wiped out.

Teleportation beams shone, and a swarm of battle robots covered the void and flew towards Poxrena Star

“Firmament Holy, you dare attack the gloweye race? Do you want to be the enemy of the entire central starfield?”

Upon seeing this scene, Gloweye Great Holys eyes bulged from anger, and he roared madly.

“Gloweye Great Holy, since you block my path of revenge, you are my mortal enemy. Whoever gets in my way shall die! Whether it is the zhenxu divine race, the three san golden cicada race, or the gloweye race, theres no exception.”

Light shone, and Yang Feng, with Cloud Dragon Great Holy and Silver Brilliance Great Holy at his left and right sides respectively, flew out of the flagship.

As soon as Yang Fengs group of three appeared, they attacked Gloweye Great Holy.

Night Tiger Great Holy, Multi-colored Butterfly Great Holy, Waveroot Great Holy, and Blue Ridge Great Holy appeared at once and took 13 Holies subordinated to Yang Feng to attack Poxrena Star.

2 Great Holies, 13 Holies, and countless other powerhouses of the gloweye race emerged from Poxrena Star and engaged Yang Fengs subordinates.

When the two formidable forces engaged, the gloweye race powerhouses suffered heavy casualties.

The swarm of undaunting 6th generation battle robots unleashed a massacred on gloweye race powerhouses.

Poxrena Star shone with countless runes. A mountain split open, and a mountain giant emanating pinnacle Great Holy rank aura emerged.

The Great Holy rank Phantom Ruler suddenly appeared. A face with nine eyes appeared on its chest and looked at the mountain giant.

Although the mountain giants body is tyrannically strong, but its soul is quite weak. It was eroded by the illusion art at once. It brandished its enormous hands and squashed countless gloweye race powerhouses.

Light rained down from the sky and, as if divine punishment, killed gloweye powerhouses in droves.

Another mountain of Poxrena Star split open, and an extraordinary life form three-headed eagle dragon beast with three dragon heads and six pairs of eagle wings appeared and emitted a fierce aura.

The mountain giant strode forward and started fighting the three-headed eagle dragon beast.

The Great Holy rank Phantom Ruler is accompanied by countless Phantom Rulers. The countless Phantom Rulers erupted with countless runes, resonated with each other, and sent countless phantom ripples sweep in all directions.

Swept by the phantom ripples, gloweye powerhouses became bewildered and began attacking their companions.

“Stop it, Firmament Holy! Ill give you Xu Yan Holy! Stop it!”

Gloweye Great Holy is equipped with the Gloweye Crown. Divine light emanated from the Gloweye Crown. While contending against Yang Feng, Cloud Dragon Great Holy, and Silver Brilliance Great Holy, Gloweye Great Holy roared with grief and indignation on his face.

At this time, Poxrena Star has become hell on earth. Countless powerhouses have died. The gloweye race has already lost two Holies and shown signs of defeat.

Yang Fengs mechanical legion kept pouring towards Poxrena Star and killing gloweye race powerhouses.

“Too late! If I let you go now, wouldnt that lead to future troubles for myself? Since you are my enemy, then go to hell!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a fierce shade. The Xi Shen Armor shone with countless runes and entered the third form, and a black hole suddenly appeared. Inside the black hole, a projection extended its hand. The extended hand turned into a black hole and swept towards Gloweye Great Holy.

The Gloweye Crown on Gloweye Great Holys head shone, and dazzling divine light slammed into the black hole and deadlocked with it.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Silver Brilliance Great Holy stabbed with the spear in his hands. As if a silver poisonous dragon, the spear instantly stabbed Gloweye Great Holy, radiated silver light, and ran through the other partys body.

Cloud Dragon Great Holy shone with countless runes and condensed a cloud dragon blade that sliced Gloweye Great Holy in two.

A black hole suddenly emerged, swept towards Gloweye Great Holy, and drew him inside.

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