Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1216 – Slaying Zhenxu Great Holy

Chapter 1215 – Zhenxu Great Holy Takes Action

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Gloweye Great Holy was heavily injured by two Empyrean grade secret treasures and his origin was damaged, and then was swallowed by the black hole. His life origin gushed out from his wounds and was devoured by Yang Feng.

“You runt! Die!”

A cold voice erupted and ripples appeared in the void. Zhenxu Great Holy suddenly emerged, emanated quasi-Empyrean rank fluctuations of power, and slashed at Yang Feng with the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Zhenxu Divine Sword.

In an instant, a terrifying sword ray tore the firmament and slashed towards Yang Feng.

Cloud Dragon Great Holys expression changed greatly. All of a sudden, he cast a spell, and the Cloud Dragon Snake Tortoise Shell flew out of his hand. A true spirit level cloud dragon snake tortoise suddenly appeared, erupted with countless runes, and evolved into a nearly endless world of clouds.

The Zhenxu Divine Swords sword ray slashed the world of cloud, radiated bright light that purified and crushed everything, split open the world of clouds, and slammed into the tortoise shell.


Amid a heaven-shaking blare, Cloud Dragon Great Holy was blasted away together with the Cloud Dragon Snake Tortoise Shell and spewed out a mouthful of blood.

Silver Brilliance Great Holy thrust the Silver Brilliance Scorpion Spear forward, and a 10,000-kilometer-long silver brilliance scorpion emanating Empyrean aura suddenly appeared and sent its two pincers barreling towards Zhenxu Great Holy.

Zhenxu Great Holys eyes flashed with a cold ray, and he brandished his sword again.

A sword ray containing the law of karma pierced through the void, slammed into the Silver Brilliance Scorpion, and sliced it apart, and then lopped off Silver Brilliance Great Holys right arm at the shoulder. A large amount of blood spilled out.

“Zhenxu Great Holy!”

“He finally appeared!”

“Zhenxu Great Holy has taken action! Firmament Holy is finished!”


The wills of Holies gathered i the void. They were really excited to see Zhenxu Great Holy appear.

Zhenxu Great Holy is the most formidable trump card of the zhenxu divine race. A quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse equipped with an Empyrean grade secret treasure is enough to suppress an empyrean race.

A torrent of time appeared in front of Yang Feng, swept towards Cloud Dragon Great Holy and Silver Brilliance Great Holy, drew them inside, and fled into the distance.

Countless ruler series battle robots rushed towards Zhenxu Great Holy like a tide at once.

“Firmament Holy, today is the day you die!”

Zhenxu Great Holys eyes flashed ferociously. Lights shone, and huge zhenxu divine race warships appeared one after another behind him.

The four legions of the zhenxu divine race that went to suppress Yang Feng finally appeared.

8 Great Holy and 23 Holy rank auras emanated from the zhenxu divine races warships.

The four legions are the most powerful force of the zhenxu divine race. They are an invincible spear of the zhenxu divine race.

Even if its a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse, if they dont have the protection of an Empyrean grade secret treasure, they can fight the four legions of the zhenxu divine race to a draw at most.

Ever since Zhenxu Divine Kingdom was conquered by Yang Feng, the four legions of the zhenxu divine race have vanished without trace. And now they finally reappeared.

With eyes shot with blood, zhenxu divine race powerhouses flew out from the warships and, without regard for their life, rushed towards Yang Feng.

When Yang Feng conquered Zhenxu Divine Kingdom, who knows how many zhenxu divine race people died at his hands. These zhenxu divine race powerhouses are seething with rage.

Zhenxu Great Holys eyes flickered with a ruthless shade, and he uttered coldly, “Firmament Holy, youre really ruthless and cruel. You actually killed countless people of the zhenxu divine race. Today is the day you die. Ill kill all your people. Even if they escape to the edge of the universe, I will never leave them alone.”

“So it was a trap!”

“If it was Zhenxu Great Holy alone, Firmament Holy might still be able to escape with his life! But if the four legions are thrown into the mix, Firmament Holy is done for!”

“No, there are still others!”

“There are still others!”


The wills of Holies were suddenly looked into the void in surprise.

In the void, ripples rose, and a 1,000-meter-tall demonic ape covered in black fur walked out. There are 8 100-meter-tall demonic apes behind it. The 1,000-meter-tall demonic ape is a Great Holy, while the other 8 demonic apes are Holies.

With a ferocious gleam in its eyes, the 1,000-meter-tall demonic ape uttered coldly, “Firmament Holy, I am Black Meteor Ape Great Holy! My woman is from the zhenxu divine race! I came here to kill you!”

There was a ripple in the void.

Countless flames flashed, and a Great Holy rank fire giant shrouded in flames walked out from the void. Behind the fire giant, there is a fire dragon, a fire crow, and a fire snake. The three are all Holies.

The Great Holy rank giant covered in flames stared at Yang Feng, and his eyes shimmered with killing intent, “Firmament Holy, I am Overblaze Great Holy! Im here to kill you!”

A meteorite flew over from afar, stopped, and split open. In the center of the meteorite sits a stunningly beautiful woman. Beside the stunning beauty, there sits an extremely handsome zhenxu divine race man.

The stunning beauty in the center of the meteorite sighed gloomily: “Firmament Holy, I am Yue Ning Great Holy. I didnt want to oppose you. But my husband is a member of the zhenxu divine race. Since you want to exterminate all people of the zhenxu divine race, then I am forced to kill you.”

The extremely handsome zhenxu divine race man glared at Yang Feng and said, his eyes full of resentment, “Yue Ning, why bother talk with him? Hes going to die anyway.”

“Ha-ha! Firmament Holy, you are really domineering. Have you ever thought that today will be the day you die?”

A handsome Great Holy with a domineering air came out of the void and stared at Yang Feng with a ferocious smile.

“This space has been sealed off by us. Firmament Holy, surrender. If you surrender, I will plead with Zhenxu Great Holy to spare your race.”

Ripples rose in the void, and a 1,000-kilometer-long extraordinary life form starry roc suddenly appeared. Behind the Great Holy rank starry roc, there are tens of thousands of starry rocs.

Starry rocs are born with the ability to freely control the law of space. Starry Roc Great Holy is among the top 10 Great Holies in the central starfield in terms of the mastery of the essence of space.

“Firmament Holy, you are too overbearing. The zhenxu divine race has friends all over Eternal Starfield. How can a mere human contend against it? If you had ascended the Empyrean throne and become the ninth Warlock Emperor of the human race, you would be qualified to say these words. But you arent qualified yet!”

Gusts of intense wind blew, and Gale Great Holy formed from strong wind suddenly appeared. He stared at Yang Feng coldly, a gleam of ridicule in his eyes.

Ripples rose as Hollies appeared one by one and stared at Yang Feng with intense killing intent.

“Black Meteor Ape Great Holy, Overblaze Great Holy, Flying Locust Great Holy, Yue Ning Great Holy, Starry Roc Great Holy, and Gale Great Holy! Six Great Holies have taken action!”

“Black Holy, Green Holy, Jixuan Holy, Taixing Holy… Fengxu Holy. A total of 36 Holies. 36 greater races. This time Firmament Holy is dead.”

“The zhenxu divine races underlying strength is really terrifying. Even though it suffered successive blows, yet it can still summon so many Great Holies and Holies. Firmament Holy is done for.”


When the wills of Holies saw these powerhouses appear, they inhaled a breath of cold air. Even if its a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse, if they were besieged by these formidable race, they would die without a doubt.

Upon seeing this scene, Waveroot Great Holy inhaled a breath of cold air: “An eternal empyrean race really deserves its reputation!”

Arcane Battle Great Holy licked his lips, and his eyes flashed with burning fighting spirit: “So many enemies. It will be quite the fight. However, things arent too encouraging.”

When Night Tiger Great Holy and Multi-colored Butterfly Great Holy saw the Great Holies and Holies, their complexion changed dramatically and their eyes flashed with the shade of regret. However, Night Tiger Great Holy and Multi-colored Butterfly Great Holy have zhenxu divine race blood on their hands. They cant turn back now.

The Holies that submitted to Yang Feng turned pale and felt uneasy. If it had not been for the soul restriction Yang Feng placed on them, they would have betrayed him and surrendered now.

All eyes focused on Yang Feng.

Yang Feng glanced at the void, looked at the Great Holies and Holies, and said with a cold smile, “Its only you trash?”

“Trash? Firmament Holy, you really have a big mouth! If you ascend the Empyrean throne in the future, we naturally wont be your opponents. But now, youre just an ant! Kill!”

Zhenxu Great Holy roared and brandished his sword, and a resplendent sword ray slashed towards Yang Feng.

The other powerhouses took action, as well. They cast spells and hurled attacks at Yang Feng.

With a cold gleam in his eyes, Yang Feng operated the Eternal grade treasure the Spirit Osta Fortress.

Countless runes shone, and the Spirit Osta Fortress inlaid with the bones of countless Holies, emanating Eternal rank fluctuations of power, covered in cracks, suddenly appeared.

In the center of the Spirit Osta Fortress, there is an Empyrean corpse, which emanates wisps of immortal Empyrean might.

The Empyrean corpse opened its eyes, stood up from the throne of bones, took a step, and unleashed a punch, and visions of the void collapsing, stars crumbling, and all kinds of other apocalyptic scenes suddenly emerged. The punch crossed a great distance and smashed the sword ray.

After smashing the sword ray, the Empyrean corpse, took another step and extended a hand towards Zhenxu Great Holy. Countless strands of corpse qi surged, suppressed the void, distort everything, and erode everything.

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