Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1217 – Quasi-Empyrean Bow Their Heads

Chapter 1216 – Slaying Zhenxu Great Holy

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Zhenxu Great Holys eyes glimmered with a dignified shade, his blood burned, and the Zhenxu Divine Sword in his hand recovered and slashed at the Empyrean corpse with.

A collapsed ruin suddenly emerged, and an Empyrean skeleton inside the ruin opened its eyes, extracted its spine and turned it into a demonic sword, and slashed at the Empyrean corpse.

Corpse qi surged, suppressed the heaven and earth, and crashed down. The ruins shattered with one blow. Next, bone chains ejected from the Spirit Osta Fortress, crossed the void, and stabbed Zhenxu Great Holy.

When the bone chains stabbed Zhenxu Great Holy, countless runes shone, the law of karma launched, and Zhenxu Great Holy appeared on the throne of bones in the center of the Spirit Osta Fortress in an instant.

Bone chains pierced into Zhenxu Great Holy, shone with countless runes, and frantically eroded Zhenxu Great Holy.

Zhenxu Great Holy roared and madly cast various spells, yet the bone chains quelled everything.

A large mouth full of sharp teeth emerged from the Spirit Osta Fortress, engulfed Zhenxu Great Holy, and made hair-raising chewing sounds.

Amid the chewing sounds, Zhenxu Great Holy screamed miserably, and his aura weakened. In the end, everything became quiet.

“Whats that?”

“What is this secret treasure?”

“Whats this secret treasure? Its actually able to kill a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse?”

“Zhenxu Great Holy was a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse. How could he be killed that easily?”

“Is this Firmament Holys trump card? How fearsome!”


When the Great Holies and Holies saw the Spirit Osta Fortress swallow Zhenxu Great Holy, fear took root in their hearts and they were filled with shock.

Countless flames surged, and Overblaze Great Holy cast a spell, turned into a stream of light, and escaped towards the outside. He didnt even care about the Holies of his race.

When the Great Holies and Holies saw this scene, everyones expression changed dramatically, and they cast spells and escaped into the distance.

“Its too late to escape!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and waved his hand. A swarm of battle robots swept towards the Great Holies and Holies like a tide.

Yang Feng incarnated into a black hole, erupted with a terrifying devour force, and devoured one Holy after another.

The endless swarm of battle robots slaughtered the other race powerhouses. In the wake of the mechanical legion, large tracts of blood mist mixed with fragments floated in the void.

Blue Ridge Great Holy, Arcane Battle Great Holy, Waveroot Great Holy, as well as other Great Holies stepped in and killed the opposing Holies one after another.

“Starry Roc Great Holy, open the boundary!”

“Hurry up and open the spatial boundary!”


When the Great Holies and Holies knocked into the boundary set up by the Starry Roc Great Holy, they bounced back, and then shouted in horror.

“Sh*t! The space is sealed! Curses! No, stop! Firmament Holy, stop!”

Starry Roc Great Holys face fell, and it roared in despair.

A swarm of Dazzling Light Units resonated and fired a pillar of light at the area where Starry Roc Great Holy is located.

When it was swept by the pillar of light, half of Starry Roc Great Holys body was erased.

“Ill fight you! Firmament Holy! You bastard! You…”

Starry Roc Great Holy just let out a roar of grief and indignation, when a black hole riding a torrent of time knocked into it.

A green halberd ray tore the firmament and cleaved Starry Roc Great Holy in two, and then the black hole swallowed the other party.

“Kill him, kill Firmament Holy!”

“Kill him and well have a way out!”


When the Holies and Great Holies saw the black hole, their eyes glimmered fiercely, and they cast spells and attacked Yang Feng.

A torrent of time instantly appeared, the flow of time around Yang Feng accelerated one hundred-fold, and he flew towards the mechanical legion.

Thousands upon thousands of Vajra Rulers suddenly emerged, raised their giant shields, resonated with one another, formed a fortresses, and rushed towards the attacks of the Holies and Great Holies.

When the torrent of spells formed by the attacks launched by the Holies and Great Holies hit the Vajra Rulers, blinding light shone. 10,000 plus Vajra Rulers were directly blown to pieces.

The Holies and Great Holies were too focused on Yang Feng, giving the ruler series battle robots a chance.

A dozen plus Blade Rulers suddenly erupted and slashed at a Holy.

Since the Holy had just destroyed hundreds of 6th generation battle robots and cast a powerful offensive spell to attack Yang Feng, he was momentarily not able to exert any strength.

A Blade Ruler suddenly erupted with pinnacle Warlock Monarch rank power, sliced apart the Holys magic shields, and then left a gash on the other partys body.

The rest of the Blade Rulers brandished their blades wildly and hacked the Holy into pieces.

After the Holy was killed, the first Blade Ruler erupted with countless runes and absorbed the surrounding Blare Rulers.

The energies within 10,000 kilometers surged and poured into the Blade Ruler, enabling it to evolve into a Holy Spirit Warlock rank Blade Ruler.

After the Spirit Osta Fortress quelled Zhenxu Great Holy, the Empyrean corpse took another step, appeared in front of Overblaze Great Holy, and extended a hand towards the other party.

With a fierce gleam in his eyes, Overblaze Great Holy roared, shone with countless runes, and belched a fire dragon constructed from Fire of Purification. The fire dragon flew towards the Empyrean corpse.

That Fire of Purification is a treasure Overblaze Great Holy spent 100,000 years to refine and it can purify all evil and dark forces. Even if it is a quasi-Empyrean rank Empyrean corpse, it will receive serious damage when burned by the Fire of Purification.

The Empyrean corpse emanated corpse qi from its hand that swept towards the fire dragon. Countless wisps of black smoke emerged as the corpse qi was burned and the fire was extinguished by the corpse qi.

The two sides were deadlocked for a moment. Then the Empyrean corpse extended its hand, grabbed Overblaze Great Holy, stuffed him into its mouth, and started chewing.

“Firmament Holy, give me a way out! I wont oppose you ever again. Ill do anything you want, including killing this man. I will kill all zhenxu divine race people that have married into my race! Spare my life!”

When she saw this scene, the exceptionally beautiful Yue Ning Great Holy shivered. She spread the fingers of her hand and stabbed her hand into the zhenxu divine race Holy beside her, and countless lights twisted and crushed her husband.

“Now that you have seen my trump card, you all have to die. If you dont die, I wont be able to advance further.”

Yang Fengs incarnation of a black hole suddenly appeared, swept towards Yue Ning Great Holy, drew her inside, and frenziedly devoured her life origin.

Gale Great Holy shouted madly, eyes shot with blood, “Kill him! Kill Yang Feng! Only by killing him can we live!”

The Spirit Osta Fortresss Empyrean corpse took a step forward, extended a hand, erupted with countless wisps of corpse qi, and shattered the magic shields around Gale Great Holy. Then the Empyrean corpse grabbed Gale Great Holy, stuffed him into its mouth, and chewed.

The zhenxu divine race Holies and Great Holies cast spells and attacked the Spirit Osta Fortress.

Under the siege of the zhenxu divine race powerhouses, the Spirit Osta Fortress activated a magic boundary containing wisps of Eternal might. When the spells of the zhenxu divine race powerhouses slammed into the boundary, they set off ripples.

The huge mechanical legion fought frenziedly with the zhenxu divine race powerhouses. Except for Holies and Great Holies, the other zhenxu divine race powerhouses died continuously to the battle robots.

Yang Feng incarnated into a black hole, trod a torrent of time, and devoured Holies one after another, weakening the forces of the zhenxu divine race.

The camp of the zhenxu divine race suffered countless casualties. It is showing signs of defeat.

The Holies and Great Holies cast spells and hurled attacks at the spatial boundary.

The spatial boundary was a boundary Starry Roc Great Holy set up with the power of its race. Even when using an Empyrean grade secret treasure, it will be difficult to break it. Furthermore, Yang Fengs Space Rulers reinforced the spatial boundary, making it even more resilient.

While being besieged by countless battle robots, the Holies and Great Holies cannot utilize their full strength to destroy the spatial boundary.

“Firmament Holy, stop! They are powerhouses of the Eternal Ancient Roads central starfield. They are the essence of our universe. Each Holy is an asset in the fight against the other universe. For the sake of the big picture, please stop! Dont damage the vitality of our universe.”

There was a ripple in the void, and a handsome and burly young man with a golden ogre horn and white hair slowly walked out, looked at the hell like battlefield, and sighed slightly. He emanated quasi-Empyrean rank fluctuations of power.

“Golden Ogre Great Holy!”

“Golden Ogre Great Holy, help us.”

“Golden Ogre Great Holy, please help us!”


On the other side of the spatial boundary, miserable cries erupted. While struggling to hold on, the Holies and Great Holies cried madly for help.

Golden Ogre Great Holy is a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse of the empyrean eternal race the golden ogre race. He is one of the top ten bigwigs of the central starfield and has the potential to attack the Empyrean throne.

Yang Feng replied coldly, “Thats impossible! Since they came to ambush me together with the zhenxu divine race, they must be ready for their races to be exterminated. Golden Ogre Great Holy, does the golden ogre race want to be my enemy?”

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