Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1218 – Michaelia Advances to a Great Holy

Chapter 1217 – Quasi-Empyrean Bow Their Heads

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Golden Ogre Great Holy narrowed his eyes slightly and said slowly, “The zhenxu divine race is related to countless strong races in Eternal Ancient Road through marriage. Firmament Holy, are you going to kill them all? In this way, you wont be able to take a step in the central starfield without bumping into an enemy.”

Yang Feng uttered coldly, “So what? When I go and destroy their races, some are bound to bow their heads to me. Moreover, although the zhenxu divine race is related to many strong races through marriage, but its only some individuals that are related through marriage. As long as those races hand over the people from the zhenxu divine race, I can let bygones be bygones and pretend that nothing happened.”

“I see!”


“Firmament Holy does have a sense of propriety!”


The wills of Holies immediately relaxed.

The zhenxu divine race is indeed related to many strong races of the central starfield through marriage. But its not like every individual of the strong races is married to a person from the zhenxu divine race. As long as they hand over the people of the zhenxu divine race, Yang Feng will let bygones be bygones. This allowed the strong races of the central starfield release breath a sigh of relief.

Yang Feng swept the wills of Holies that gathered in the void with his gaze, smiled coldly, and said, “Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy, Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy, I want to see Michaelia in three days, alive. Otherwise, I will destroy you just like the zhenxu divine race. By then, your vassals must exchange the heads of Holies and Great Holies of your two races in order to be pardoned, or else Ill destroy and bury them together with Michaelia.”

Even if there are no wills of Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy and Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy hidden among the wills of Holies gathered here, there are definitely wills of their subordinates.

“Stop, Firmament Holy! I surrender! Spare my life!”

A black hole flashed and drew in Flying Locust Great Holy, and the other party screamed bitterly.

After the black hole swallowed Flying Locust Great Holy, it disappeared into the sea of battle robots and proceeded to devour Lying Locust Great Holy.

After dozens of breaths of time, ashes flew out from the black hole.

“How cruel! Firmament Holy wont even let them surrender!”

“Thats the most dreadful genius of the human race for you!”

“Thats the essence of devour. With every Holy he devours, his foundation can become more robust by a fraction. Its not surprising that he wants to kill them all.”


The wills of Holies transmitted fluctuations and commented.

Golden Ogre Great Holy took a deep look at Yang Feng devouring Holies, sighed slightly, and then blurred and disappeared.

At Eternal Star.

Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy stared at the Spirit Osta Fortress with fear in his eyes and said slowly, “Can you resist that secret treasure?”

Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy shook his head slightly: “Not at all! That secret treasure is Firmament Holys trump card! Its terrifyingly strong! Only if four powerhouses with the same cultivation base as us equipped with Empyrean grade secret treasures join forces, may it be possible to deal with it.”

Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy frowned slightly and asked, “Then do we release Michaelia?”

Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy uttered decisively, “Lets release her! We should not offend such a vicious character. As long as Michaelia is not dead, there is still room for turning things around. At most, well pay hundreds of Springs of Immortality and bow our heads to him.”

Yang Feng killed a Great Holy of the cosmic eyes tiger race, forging a great enmity with the cosmic eyes tiger race. But Yang Feng possesses terrifying strength and his methods are vicious, to the point that hes even going to exterminate an eternal empyrean race like the zhenxu divine race. Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy isnt willing to gamble on the fate of his race.

Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy pondered for a moment and nodded.

Two lights flashed, and the two Great Holies disappeared from the star.

Poxrena Stars outer space.

The starry sky is full of debris, parts, and fragments. Spatial rifts are everywhere. If a Holy rank powerhouse comes near the spatial rifts, they will be directly swallowed and torn to pieces.

Countless engineering robots are flying in the void and cleaning up the battlefield.

“Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy and Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy request an audience with Firmament Holy!”

There was a twist in the void, and the two quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses walked out.

Light shone, and Yang Feng appeared in the starry sky.

Behind Yang Feng, there are 10 Great Holies.

With an indifferent look on his face and a glimmer of killing intent in his eyes, Yang Feng asked in a frigid voice, “Whats the matter? Do you want to fight me to the death?”

“Zhenxu Great Holy was demented and attacked your good friend Michaelia. As his good friends, the two of us tried to persuade him against it. But he didnt listen. So we could only step in and barely protect Michaelias safety. Since we were also at fault this time, we are willing to pay you 500 Springs of Immortality each. What do you think?”

Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy pointed with his hand. Ripples rose, and Michaelia, who has incarnated into an angel egg, appeared in the void.

“Thats not enough! In addition, you have to help me procure materials on this list. Each one of you has to find at least three materials. If you are short on a material, youll have to compensate me with a Great Holy.”

When Yang Feng saw Michaelia, a soft shade flashed in his eyes. He flicked his finger, and two radiances entered the hands of the two quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses.

Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy sighed a slight sigh of relief and said with a light smile, “No problem!”

Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy frowned slightly and replied decisively, “Okay!”

The materials Yang Feng asked for are all rare and precious materials needed to refine the level-7 stronghold. Only eternal empyrean races are able to take out such rare materials so readily.

Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy waved his hand, and the angel egg flew towards Yang Fengs side.

Yang Feng hugged the angel egg and heaved a sigh of relief.

These days, Yang Feng killed countless powerhouses for Michaelias sake. If he had not eliminated Zhenxu Great Holy, Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy would not have handed Michaelia over that easily.

Two radiances shone. Yang Feng grabbed two spatial treasures, scanned them with his soul force, and revealed a pleased smile, “This matter is over. I will only attack the people from the zhenxu divine race.”

“Thank you, Firmament Holy!”

Cosmic Eyes Tiger Great Holy and Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy smiled faintly, turned into streams of light, and disappeared.

Yang Feng held Michaelias incarnation of an angel egg, blurred, and disappeared.

“The gloweye race was wiped out! Zhenxu Great Holy was slayed!”

A piece of information appeared in the Holy Forum and the forum exploded again.

“Firmament Holy slayed Zhenxu Great Holy? How is this possible?”

“Zhenxu Great Holy was a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse and had an Empyrean grade secret treasure. How could Firmament Holy slay him?”

“As a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse, even if Zhenxu Great Holy was defeated, theres no way he could be killed that easily. How is this possible?”

“Impossible! This is absolutely impossible!”


When that news appeared, the Holies and Great Holies in the Holy Forum were shocked and couldnt believe it.

As an empyrean race, the gloweye race was really strong. Ordinarily, the destruction of an empyrean race is a major event that would stir Eternal Starfield.

However, the news that the gloweye race was wiped out is far less shocking than the news that a quasi-Empyrean was killed.

Every quasi-Empyrean is an old monster in Eternal Starfield, the backbone of an empyrean eternal race, an invincible existence.

As long as a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse is willing to pay the price, they can fight two empyrean races to a draw.

A quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse is incredibly strong. If they come across any danger, they can directly get away. In Eternal Ancient Roads central starfield, for the past 100,000 years, there hasnt been any news of a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse being killed. There has only been some news of quasi-Empyreans running out of lifespan and dying.

At Anthunder Star.

“Firmament Holy Yang Feng is really formidable. Even Zhenxu Great Holy died at his hands. It turns out he was still hiding such a card. Fortunately, I didnt make an enemy of him.”

When Cyan Thunderbolt Great Holy saw the news on the Holy Forum, he felt his blood run cold.

At a secret place in the central starfield.

The devastatingly beautiful Phoenix Princess looked at the Holy Forum, her beautiful eyes shimmered with unwillingness, and he murmured, “Even a quasi-Empyrean died at his hands. Firmament Holy Yang Feng is becoming more and more dreadful. Can I compete with him?”

A commotion rose in the central starfield.

Yang Fengs mechanical legions attacked Holy stars occupied by the zhenxu divine race without stop. Everywhere they passed, they were invincible. The vassal races of the zhenxu divine race betrayed it one after another, offered Yang Feng the severed heads of zhenxu divine race powerhouses, and became his subordinates.

In the central starfield, countless powerful races directly drew a line with them and the zhenxu divine race, killed all zhenxu divine race people among them, and offered their heads to Yang Feng.

As an eternal empyrean race, the zhenxu divine race has tremendous forces hidden in the central starfield. Similarly, these forces fled to the depths of the universe.

Many zhenxu divine race powerhouses also tried to attack the stars captured by Yang Feng. But as soon as they appeared at those stars, they were surrounded and killed by the battle robots stationed at there.

Yang Fengs mechanical legions leveled anything in their way, captured all the celestial bodies occupied by the zhenxu divine race and its vassals, and then stopped the expansion.

The 13 eternal relic sites controlled by the zhenxu divine race fell into Yang Fengs hands.

Among the 13 eternal relic sites, 10 were specially used to cultivate powerhouses below the Holy rank. Only three relic sites have an effect on powerhouses at Holy rank or above.

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