Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1219 – Advancing to the Great Holy Realm

Chapter 1218 – Michaelia Advances to a Great Holy

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The three eternal relic sites that have effect on Holy rank powerhouses are Zhenxu Divine Pool, Eternal Star, and Shenxu Garden.

In the center of a huge star, there is a pool with a diameter of only 100 meters. The pool is clear and transparent. You can see the bottom of the pool.

The star extracts the power within tens of thousands of light-years and gathers it into the pool, nourishing the pool that is less than 100 meters in diameter. The whole star is devoid of any signs of vitality. All the power is channeled into the pool. This pool is one of the pillars of the zhenxu divine race, the eternal relic site Zhenxu Divine Pool.

Zhenxu Divine Pool has the incredible effect of rebuilding the body, recasting the foundation, and nourishing the soul. Even if its a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse, they can heal wounds dealt to their soul in Zhenxu Divine Pool.

The reason why the zhenxu divine race was able to produce Great Holies one after another was because of the support provided by Zhenxu Divine Pool.

At the moment, an angel egg is floating in the center of Zhenxu Divine Pool. It is absorbing the power of the pool.

Standing aside, Yang Feng pointed with his hand, and countless treasures of heaven and earth flew into a golden Holy grade secret treasure called the Angel Vessel.

The Angel Vessel is a treasure a quasi-Empyrean rank human powerhouse once forged. It is specially used to cultivate angels.

As long as specific treasures of heaven and earth are put into the Angel Vessel, the vessel will produce Angel Sacred Dew. A drop of Angel Sacred Dew can enable a Great Warlock rank angel to evolve into a Moonlight Warlock rank angel.

The Angel Vessel shone with countless runes, and golden Angel Sacred Dew gushed out from the vessel and poured into the angel egg continuously.

As the angel egg absorbed the Angel Sacred Dew, tremendous vitality oozed out from it.


Three days later, a crisp sound sounded and the angel egg cracked.

In an instant, within tens of thousands of light-years, countless wisps of universe energies rushed over, forming a frightening energy vortex.

A stream of power turned into a pillar of light and poured into the angel egg.

“Great Holy! Someone is advancing to a Great Holy!”

“This is someone advancing to a Great Holy!”

“Could it be that Firmament Holy is the one advancing to a Great Holy? How could it be so fast?”


Outside Zhenxu Holy Pool, when the spies arranged by the major forces sensed the changes in the world, their expression changed dramatically and their eyes shimmered with a dignified color.

For any race, the birth of a Great Holy is a major event. Even if its a empyrean eternal race, the birth of a Great Holy is a major event that can affect the ranking of the eternal empyrean races.

After the pillar of light disappeared, the angel egg split open, and Great Holy rank fluctuations of power spread.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with a peculiar shade, and he praised secretly “As expected of variants of heaven and earth. So long as there is enough resources, they can continue to evolve.”

As an angel empress, Michaelia is one of the strongest variants of heaven and earth of the universe. As long as she has sufficient resources, she can evolve to a quasi-Empyrean without running into bottlenecks.

Of course, variants of heaven and earth are also shackled by bloodline and restricted by the universes energy level. It is very difficult for them to evolve into a Warlock Emperor rank being.

Only during the Eternal Sovereign age, where there true spirit level variants of heaven and earth born with Warlock Emperor rank strength. Now its really hard for even a true dragon to promote to a Warlock Emperor.

“Big brother! You saved me. Thats great.”

Michaelia flew out of the angel egg, jumped into Yang Fengs arms, and uttered coquettishly.

When Yang Feng smelled the familiar scent coming from Michaelia, the killing intent in his heart dispersed slowly.

Michaelia looked up, and her eyes flickered with scorching fighting spirit, “Big brother, I advanced to a Great Holy. Shi Yu is definitely not my opponent now. Is she back yet?”

As soon as Shi Yu appeared, she restrained Michaelia. Now Michaelias biggest wish is to teach Shi Yu a good lesson.

Yang Feng sighed slowly, “Not yet! I still dont know about have her whereabouts. The only thing for certain is that she hasnt died yet.”

Starmoon Sky Snake Great Holy admitted that he sent Great Holies to hunt down Shi Yu at the time. But unexpectedly, Shi Yus combat power was not only amazing, but she also possessed a variety of life-saving secret treasures. She escaped from her pursuers.

Even when using the Fate Algorithm, Yang Feng still cant find any traces of Shi Yu. But thanks to the fate force, he can only vaguely feel that Shi Yu is still alive.

Michaelia gritted her teeth and said, “Its that goddamn Divine Imperator! I must kill him to avenge older sister Shi Yu.”

When she sealed herself and became an angel egg, Michaelia could still sense things outside. Zhenxu Great Holy and the other two Great Holes spoke without reservation. As a result, she learned that Divine Imperator had instructed to capture the two girls.

Without Divine Imperators guidance, even a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse wouldnt be able to find top Holies such as Michaelia and Shi Yu.

When Yang Feng swept away the forces of the zhenxu divine race in the central starfield, several zhenxu divine race Holies fled the central starfield and disappeared. Consequently, even thought its Yang Feng, he cant find them.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with intense killing intent, and he uttered in a cold voice: “Divine Imperator! Ill deal with him sooner or later!”

Divine Imperator, Darkglare Emperor, and Young Lightning Empyrean are the three most incredible prodigies of Eternal Ancient Roads central starfield. Each one of them is the reincarnation or a fallback of an Empyrean. Naturally, they are far stronger than other powerhouses of the same realm.

When Yang Feng killed Young Lightning Empyrean, Divine Imperator and Darkglare Emperor were greatly alarmed. However, he didnt expect that Divine Imperator would be this vicious. If Yang Feng made the slightest mistake, he might have become a pile of bones on Eternal Star already.

Yang Fengs eyes flickered coldly, and he said slowly, “But before that, the most important thing is to upgrade our strength.”

As the overlord of an era, Divine Imperator is extremely powerful and possesses unfathomable underlying strength. Yang Feng doesnt dare to strike at him rashly.

Zhenxu Divine Kingdom is the nest of the zhenxu divine race. After Yang Feng defeated the zhenxu divine race, Zhenxu Divine Kingdom fell into his hands.

The whole Zhenxu Divine Kingdom has now become a huge fortress filled with all kinds of mechanical towers and munitions factories, manufacturing all kinds of weapons.

In the center of Zhenxu Divine Kingdom, a beautiful and luxurious palace has been built. The palace is the core of Zhenxu Divine Kingdom and is constantly extracting elemental particles from the surroundings.

Sitting in the center of a shrine, Yang Feng pointed with his hand. The Xi Shen Armor shone, erupted with countless runes, turned into a black hole, and swallowed the Empyrean grade secret treasure the Gloweye Crown.

After the Xi Shen Armor swallowed the Gloweye Crown, it shone with countless runes and vibrated.

The Gloweye Crown exuded immortal Empyrean might and resisted the Xi Shen Armors swallowing.

The Gloweye Crown is a secret treasure that has been passed down in the gloweye race for countless years and has birthed a spirit. Naturally, it is unwilling to be devoured by the Xi Shen Armor.

Yang Feng looked at the struggling Gloweye Crown with a cold glimmer in his eyes. He erupted with countless runes, took a step, and integrated with the Xi Shen Armor.

The Xi Shen Armor glittered with countless runes, changed into a black hole, and swept towards the Gloweye Crown.

Terrifying devour force shrouded the Gloweye Crown and frantically devoured it.

After persevering for only four hours, the Gloweye Crown began to collapse and integrate into the Xi Shen Armor.

The black hole disappeared, revealing the Xi Shen Armor. There is now a vertical eye containing infinite mysteries on the Xi Shen Armor.

After the Xi Shen Armor devoured the Gloweye Crown, tremendous pure power and countless bodies of information poured into Yang Feng.

Feeling the changes in his body, Yang Feng raised the corners of his mouth into a smile: “The Xi Shen Armor bears my path. The more Empyrean grade secret treasures it can devour, the stronger I will become. Unfortunately, every Empyrean grade secret treasure has a master. Its hard to get one.”

Empyrean grade secret treasures are really rare. The Zhenxu Divine race had only the Zhenxu Divine Sword as its Empyrean grade secret treasure. But the Zhenxu Divine Sword was refined by the Spirit Osta Fortress.

In this war, Yang Feng only harvested the Gloweye Crown.

In the central starfield, there are many empyrean races, each of which has one Empyrean grade secret treasure. However, the relationship between the empyrean races in the central starfield is really close.

This time, Yang Feng went crazy for the sake of Michaelia and destroyed the gloweye race that harbored people from the zhenxu divine race. He had a valid enough excuse to destroy an empyrean race. But if he tries to eliminate an empyrean race without rhyme or reason, the empyrean races and eternal empyrean races of the entire central starfield will no longer put up with him.

Yang Feng spread the fingers of his hand, and a Zhenxu God Tree fruit appeared in his hand. He consumed the fruit and closed his eyes.

The Xi Shen Armor shone, and the Kunmo Stone embedded in the core of the Xi Shen Armor channeled a tremendous amount of power into Yang Feng.

In an instant, a mysterious law was triggered, and, within millions of light-years, a tremendous amount of universe energies frantically surged towards Zhenxu Divine Kingdom.

The Xi Shen Armor turned into a black hole that frenziedly devoured the universe energies within millions of light-years.

Terrifying energy storms surged within millions of light-years.

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