Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 122 – The Snake Hellion Legion

Chapter 121 – Meeting

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To become a Bloodline Warlock, one required the bloodline essence from a formidable life form as well as the corresponding secret method. In Turandot Subcontinent, it was practically impossible to find the corresponding secret method for the Great Warlock rank extraordinary life form Mofen Demonic Polar Bear. It was precisely because of this that Leimix would so readily give the Yang Feng Mofen Demonic Polar Bears corpse.

Black City, inside a room of a luxury hotel.

“Sir Patriarch, why do you want me to marry that waste Yang Feng?” Jessica said with some puzzlement: “If you want to form an alliance through marriage, then wouldnt it be better for me to marry Steel Citys City Lord instead?”

Jessica was very precocious; she understood that her marriage was not for her to decide. She had chosen not to resist her fate, but rather questioned very rationally.

“Steel Citys City Master Yang Ye is a man that had reigned in his desires and wholeheartedly pursues knowledge and power. He never had a woman in these past two years, but rather hid himself in Black City and carried out all kinds of research. If youd married such a man, than youd be nothing more than a grass widow. You also wouldnt wield any power with him there.”

“The waste Yang Feng is different. Hes greatly cherished by Yang Ye and likes women. As long as you have control over him; then through him, you can obtain Steel Citys tremendous resources and wield tremendous power.” Leimixs eyes flashed with a touch of wisdom and farsightedness as he said in a deep voice.

In these two years, Yang Fengs avatar Yang Ye had all along been hiding in Black City without making a sound. Any conspiracy aimed at Yang Ye was as useless as a rat pulling at a turtle. The assassins who came to kill Yang Ye were all bombarded into sieves, before having their corpses suspended above the city wall as a public demonstration.

Under the circumstances where all the major forces were powerless, they could only choose to infer Yang Yes character through a variety of intelligence that they gathered. In these two years, Yang Ye hadnt favored any woman. Those major forces could only infer that he wasnt good with women. As for Yang Feng and his flower garden; such men were lustful and could easily be corrupted by beauty.

Jessica thought for a moment, before silently nodding her head.

Leimix hesitated for a moment, before saying in a consultative tone: “Jessica, those level-2 mechanical battle golems are of tremendous importance to the family. Could you contribute five of them to the family? In my power as the Patriarch, I can slowly deviate the familys resources towards you and pay you for the five mechanical golems within a century.”

Jessica cast a somewhat surprised look at Leimix. As the Patriarch of Fernandro Family, Leimix was always authoritative. And now he employed a consultative tone with her, which made her very stunned.

But Jessica was also very smart and quickly realized that her identity was somewhat different hence forth. She was already the fiancée of Yang Feng who was the only kin of Steel Citys City Master Yang Ye. Even level-3 Warlocks were afraid of Steel Citys terrifying power; with the backing from such a terrifying power, she wasnt someone that a trifling level-2 Warlock familys Patriarch could slight. Just like an ordinary woman marrying into royalty; that woman wasnt somebody that a minor official could slight.

Jessica looked at her grandfathers grandfathers grandfathers grandfather, before exclaiming slightly within and nodding in agreement: “Alright!”

Fernandro Family had taken good care of this genius Jessica since small and supported her with a huge amount of resources; therefore, she had a very strong sense of identity towards the family. Leimix also had a very good sense of propriety and only asked for five mechanical golems; naturally, she wouldnt reject his request.

Only then did Leimix heaved a slight sigh of relief within. He rejoiced that Jessica wasnt a person that becomes estranged after gaining power.

Narona City, as Fernandro Principalitys capital, was originally a bustling huge city with a population of 1,500,000 people.

After the under worlds allied forces invaded the surface world, the aristocrats and refugees unceasingly poured into this huge city from the four major principalities: Senarus Principality, Poten Principality, Nagyr Principality and Domwether Principality; somewhat overcrowding Narona City and giving rise to one after another refugee camps.

At the same time, as the shadow of the war hovered over Narona City, countless workers reinforced the city. Moreover, inner cities were constructed within Narona City, intended as the next line of defense after the outer city was captured.

In the distance, two kilometers from Narona Citys south city gate. Fernandro Principalitys Archduke and all of the ministers stood there surrounded by 20,000 Fernandro Principalitys royal guards, while looking towards the distance.

“That waste Yang Feng is rather full of himself. Hes actually making so many Fernandro Principalitys people wait for him.” Among a group of gorgeously dressed aristocratic youngsters, a pretentious young man with a handsome appearance said with great displeasure.

Jessica arched her eyebrows before saying harshly: “Elton, you moron, shut your trap. If you dare to once more insult Yang Feng, then Ill tell father to teach you a lesson.”

Elton glared coldly before ridiculing: “Jessica, with his inferior level-1 soul aptitude, of course Yang Feng is a waste. You havent yet married him and are already defending that waste of a fiancé? Youre a woman from the Fernandro Family. Yang Feng is the only kin of Fernandro Familys greatest enemy, Steel Citys Yang Ye. You even dare to scold me because of an outsider? Are you still a member of Fernandro Family?”

Fernandro Familys group of youngsters glared coldly at Jessica.

Yang Fengs Steel City was established by stepping on Fernandro Family and seizing half of Fernandro Principalitys territory. Everyone in Fernandro Family was full of hatred towards Steel City as well as Yang Feng.

A beautiful woman with a head full of short blue hair and a sensual and sumptuous figure, who was about twenty three or twenty four years old and exuded traces of charm belonging to a mature woman said coldly: “Enough. After all, Yang Feng is supporting us. You shouldnt insult him again.”

Eltons eyebrows creased: “Big sister Helena. No one had ever witnessed the battle prowess of Steel Citys mechanized infantry divisions. No matter how strong those golems are, theyre still but trifling Knight rank mechanical golems. Is it really necessary to give them such a grand welcome?”

The performance of Steel Citys mechanized infantry divisions was as of yet unknown; Fernandro Principalitys younger generation didnt believe that those knight rank golems could contend with the under worlds allied forces. After all, it was a terrifying force that had destroyed more than a dozen of Southern States Coalitions principalities in a row.

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