Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1222 – Warbringer Hegemon Blade

Chapter 1221 – Fighting Divine Imperator

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Eternal Duel Arena is a huge star with a surface area comparable to Zhenxu Divine Country. Unless they are Warlock Emperor rank powerhouses, once anyone enters Eternal Duel Arena, they can only come out alive after meeting the duel rules.

“So many Holies!”

A radiance shone, and Jade Sound Music Holy appeared in the void. She looked into the distance, a dignified gleam in her eyes.

She saw sacred mountains, giant trees, stars, warships, and other kinds of vessels, each of which emanate frightening fluctuations of power, outside Eternal Duel Arena.

They all belong to Holies!

Almost half of the central starfields Holies have gathered near Eternal Duel Arena.

Jade Sound Music Holy vaguely felt fearsome auras far beyond the Holy realm hidden in the void.

“Younger sister Jade Sound Music Holy, you came as well. As far as I remember, you dont like watching such fights.”

A bright voice sounded abruptly. Jade Sound Music Holy turned her head and saw the smiling Lightless Sacred Maiden approach her.

Jade Sound Music Holy smiled and uttered, “Older sister Lightless Sacred Maiden. Since this is a duel related to the birth of this eras Empyrean, I naturally cant miss it.”

Jade Sound Music Holy is a Holy. In addition to her outstanding talent, she has experienced countless struggles and killed countless enemies. But after she promoted to a Holy, she realized that she is far weaker than peerless prodigies of the same realm and that there is no hope of her promoting to an Empyrean. Thereupon, she avoided struggles and started making friends everywhere.

Lightless Sacred Maiden smiled and said, “Divine Imperator or Yang Feng, who do you think has better chances of winning?”

Jade Sound Music Holy sighed: “Divine Imperator! After all, he is the reincarnation of an Empyrean that was once unequaled in the world. Moreover, he has promoted to a Holy 3,000 years ago and has reached the pinnacle Holy realm 1,500 years ago. He has cultivated in Brilliant Divine Domain for 1,500 years. With his talent, 1,500 years is enough to reach a terrifying degree.”

Lightless Sacred Maiden smiled and uttered, “I think so as well. Firmament Holy was too impatient. If he kept his composure and cultivated for another several hundred years, even Divine Imperator may not be his opponent.”

Ripples suddenly rose in the void, and three vajra elephants emanating Holy rank fluctuations of power, pulling a spirit mountain, emerged.

At the top of the spirit mountain, there sits a handsome, tall and burly man with with three ogre horns and a pair of eyes with double pupils. His double pupils are shining with countless runes and are filled with the air of mystery.

“Darkglare Emperor!”

“Darkglare Emperor has come!”

“Hes here!”


As soon as the man appeared, everyones eyes focused on him and filled with apprehension and awe.

Darkglare Emperor is one of the three freaks of the central starfield. As the reincarnation of an Empyrean, he possesses incredible combat strength. He is among the strongest beings in the Holy realm and can kill Great Holies. Even quasi-Empyreans arent willing to offend such a monster.

In the void, ripples appeared, and the handsome Divine Imperator with an extraordinary temperament stepped out of the void.

Behind Divine Imperator, there are 6 Great Holies and 28 Holies.

“Divine Imperator!”

“So this is Divine Imperator! Hes truly strong and unfathomable!”

“If he can kill Yang Feng, he will surely be able to ascend the Empyrean throne.”


The Holies in the void looked at Divine Imperator in shock. They can faintly detect wisps of Empyrean might emanating from Divine Imperator.

Darkglare Emperor took a deep look at Divine Imperator and uttered slowly, “I didnt expect you to choose Eternal Duel Arena to fight Yang Feng!”

Divine Imperator replied indifferently, “Our universe doesnt have much time. Nothing good will come from delaying. Either I kill Yang Feng town and become stronger, or I die and become a stepping stone for Yang Feng, making him stronger. Our universe must give birth to an Eternal Sovereign, or else everyone will become prey for Gumana Universe.”

Darkglare Emperor fell silent for a while, closed his eyes, and said slowly, “Im not as considerate as you!”

The void twisted, and warships appeared one after another. A total of 36 Holy Spirit Battlestars appeared in the void.

Atop a giant warship, there is a person sitting. It is Yang Feng.

“Firmament Holy!”

“Thats Firmament Holy!”

“He is Firmament Holy, the person who took down Zhenxu Divine Kingdom!”


The eyes of Holies focused on Yang Feng and filled with wary.

Zhenxu Divine Kingdom was an eternal empyrean race in the central starfield. Yet the formidable eternal empyrean race was taken down by Yang Feng. This naturally left the Holys wary.

Yang Feng said unhurriedly, “Divine Imperator, where is the Blue Mirror of Fate?”

Divine Imperator smiled and spread the fingers of his hand, and the Blue Mirror of Fate emanating the aura of fate appeared and radiated mysterious light.

“So thats one of the three great fate treasures of legend!”

“So thats a great fate treasure containing mysteries of the Eternal!”


Gazes of greed focused on the Blue Mirror of Fate. Even if its a Warlock Emperor, they would be tempted by this great fate treasure.

Yang Feng got up and walked towards Eternal Duel Arena, crossing thousands of kilometers with each step. After a few steps, he appeared outside Eternal Duel Arena.

Yang Feng silently recited an incantation and pointed at Eternal Duel Arena, and countless runes shone and disappeared into Eternal Duel Arena.

Eternal Duel Arena erupted with countless runes, and a contract containing Eternal force suddenly appeared in front of Yang Feng and Divine Imperator.

Divine Imperator glanced at the contract and swiped with his hand, and the words Divine Imperator appeared on the contract.

Yang Feng swiped with his hand, and the words Firmament Holy appeared on the contract.

Brilliant light shone, and Divine Imperator and Yang Feng were drawn into Eternal Duel Arena.

Divine Imperator said calmly, “Firmament Holy, if I die today, all my subordinates will be handed over to you. I hope you can treat them well. After all, we have only one enemy, that is, the powerhouses from Gumana Universe.”


All of a sudden, Yang Feng equipped the Xi Shen Armor and the Green Yang Halberd and pointed at Divine Imperator with the halberd, looking like an incredible god of war.

“You deserve to be called a peerless prodigy of this era! Firmament Holy, if you were born in another era, you would be able to become invincible in the world. Unfortunately, you are destined to die here!”

Divine Imperator took a step forward. Brilliant divine light surrounded him, and he equipped two Empyrean grade secret treasures, the Warbringer Armor and the Warbringer Halberd.

Vast advanced Great Holy rank pressure emanated from Divine Imperator and spread in all directions.

“Advanced Great Holy! How is this possible?”

“Divine Imperator just broke through to the Great Holy realm, how could he have promoted to an advanced Great Holy already?”

“How could this be? Advanced Great Holy! How did he get promoted to an advanced Great Holy? Its only been fifteen days.”

“Thats Divine Imperator for you! In the span of fifteen day, he promoted to an advanced Great Holy! Truly incredible! Firmament Holy stands no chance!”


As soon as the Holies sensed the advanced Great Holy rank aura coming from Divine Imperator, their expression changed greatly, and they exclaimed in astonishment.

Cloud Dragon Great Holys expression became unsightly: “Advanced Great Holy! Thats Divine Imperator for you!”

Silver Brilliance Great Holys expression became unsightly as well: “He promoted to an advanced Great Holy. Apart from true spirits in Eternal Sovereign age, no one has ever been able to advance from a junior Great Holy to an advanced Great Holy in a span of 15 days. Thats Divine Imperator for you!”

Upon seeing this, Darkglare Emperors eye constricted, his aura rippled, and he said slowly: “Advanced Great Holy! Thats Divine Imperator for you!”

“Thats Divine Imperator for you!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with burning fighting spirit. He erupted with countless runes, took a step forward, and brandished the Green Yang Halberd, and ten green suns appeared, merged into one giant green star, and slashed towards Divine Imperator.

“Firmament Holy, die!”

Divine Imperators eyes shimmered with frenzied fighting spirit, and he brandished the Warbringer Halberd.

In an instant, countless heroic spirits of powerhouses that fought endlessly in their lifetime were summoned from the long river of history, gathered together, roared, and launched attacks.

Thanks to the essence of war, the attacks of the countless heroic spirits fused together, tore the firmament, and barreled towards the giant green sun.


An earth-shaking explosion erupted, and the void collapsed, the space crumbled, and a terrifying shock wave spread in all directions.

Both Divine Imperator and Yang Feng were blasted 1,000 kilometers away.

“Theyre equally strong!”

“How can this be?”

“Firmament Holy and Divine Imperator are equally strong? How is this possible?”

“Firmament Holy is just a junior Great Holy. How can he and Divine Imperator be equally strong?”


When the spectating Holies saw this, they were struck dumb, and their eyes flashed with shock.

“Amazing! Truly amazing! Firmament Holy, Im really impressed. If I were born in the same era as you, Im afraid the one to become an Empyrean would be you. Unfortunately for you, I lived an era longer than you. You are doomed to lose this fight.”

Divine Imperators eyes flashed with a burning color. He took a step forward, and 365 clones appeared and stabbed at Yang Feng with the Warbringer Halberd

Yang Feng also took a step forward, and 365 clones appeared and engaged with Divine Imperator.

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