Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1223 – Devouring Divine Imperator

Chapter 1222 – Warbringer Hegemon Blade

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Boom! Boom! Boom!

Huge explosions rang incessantly in Eternal Duel Arena.

Mountains collapsed, the earth cracking, seas overturned, stars fell, and other disasters broke out in Eternal Duel Arena.

If Eternal Duel Arena werent resilient enough, it would have been smashed by the aftermath of the fight between the two freak-level prodigies.

Countless heroic spirits of powerhouses who left their names in history emerged one after another, shouted, and attacked Yang Feng.

The heroic spirits are Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses, and there are even Great Holy rank powerhouses among them.

Divine Imperator used the power of the Warbringer Halberd to summon the incredibly strong heroic spirits from the long river of history and attack Yang Feng.

The battle skills of each heroic spirit have been tempered countless times. In terms of battle skills alone, they have even surpassed Yang Feng. The countless heroic spirits can even kill a quasi-Empyrean.

Black holes continuously emerged and swallowed the heroic spirits.

Even so, the heroic spirits of powerhouses from different times still used all kinds of incredible battle skills to leave wounds on Yang Fengs body.

Yang Feng brandished the Green Yang Halberd and slashed apart heroic spirits from different eras one after another. Every time a heroic spirit was killed, the power of his strike was exhausted, making it so he cannot harm Divine Imperator.

“As expected of Divine Imperator! Although Yang Feng is dreadful and can slay Great Holies, but in front of Divine Imperator, he doesnt stand a chance.”

“Although Yang Feng is very strong, but he is still far from being Divine Imperators match.”

“After all, there is a difference of an era between the two! If they were born in the same era, Firmament Holy would be able to stifle Divine Imperator. Unfortunately for Firmament Holy, Divine Imperator has lived an era longer than him.”


Wills of pity and delight echoed in the area.

The central starfields powerhouses cannot but admit that Yang Feng is despairingly strong. Except for reincarnations of overlords of an era such as Divine Imperator and Darkglare Emperor, no one in the central starfield can compare with him. But when it comes to this fight, nearly 90% of the people are more optimistic about Divine Imperators chances.

“Awesome! As expected of Divine Imperator! What a great opponent. He deserves for me get serious. Second form!”

Yang Fengs eyes shimmered coldly. The Xi Shen Armor shone with countless runes, and a pair of mechanical wings suddenly unfurled and erupted with countless mysterious runes.

A steady stream of power poured into Yang Feng from the Kunmo Stone, making his aura rise from the pinnacle junior Great Holy rank to the advanced Great Holy rank.

The heroic spirit of a quasi-Empyrean walked over and brandished a giant sword, and a sword ray sundered the firmament and slashed towards Yang Feng.

“Just a vestige! Break!”

Yang Feng smiled coldly and brandished the halberd, and a green halberd ray slammed into the heroic spirit and sliced him apart together with several heroic spirits behind him.

Green halberd rays surrounded by black holes slashed towards Divine Imperator.

Under the attacks of the halberd rays, tyrannically strong heroic spirits were sliced to pieced.

After the halberd rays sliced apart the heroic spirits, they slashed towards Divine Imperator from all directions.

The Warbringer Armor shone with countless runes and protected the core parts of Divine Imperators body. The rest of his body was cut by the halberd rays, leaving countless wounds.

“He cut Divine Imperator.”

“Divine Imperator was hurt!”

“This is the first time Divine Imperator was wounded!”


Outside Eternal Duel Arena, the eyes of Holies and Great Holies shimmered with shock.

Since his debut, Divine Imperator has never been defeated nor injured. This is the first time that someone has injured him.

“Amazing, Firmament Holy! I havent been injured since I slayed three Empyreans. Its amazing that you were able to injure me! But thats as far as you go.”

With a glimmer of admiration in his eyes, Divine Imperator sighed, and then silently recited an incantation and pointed with a hand.

A blade full of cracks, looking like it will turn into dust by wind alone, emanating wisps of Eternal rank aura, appeared and slashed towards Yang Feng.

As soon as the blade appeared, Yang Feng felt his blood run cold, and a strange premonition that he is destined to die here surged in his heart.

“Eternal grade treasure!”

Yang Fengs expression changed dramatically. He willed, and a rune appeared. The Spirit Osta Fortress emerged from the void at once.

In the center of the Spirit Osta Fortress, the Empyrean corpse opened its eyes and extended a hand shrouded in countless wisps of corpse qi towards the blade.

The blade shone with countless runes and unleashed a blade ray. The blade ray grew more formidable at a frenzied pace. Almost in an instant, it grew to the extent that it was enough to cut a world apart.

As hand of the Empyrean corpse extended towards the blade ray, countless wisps of demonic qi surged and pressed towards the blade ray.

The blade ray easily slashed the corpse qi apart and slammed into the Empyrean corpse.


Along with a deafening blare, the Empyrean corpse and the Spirit Osta Fortress were sliced in two by the blade ray.

“Firmament Holys Eternal grade treasure was broken!”

“The secret treasure that can slay quasi-Empyreans was broken!”

“Firmament Holy is done for.”


When the spectating Holies saw this scene, their eyes flickered with excitement.

The Spirit Osta Fortress, which is an Eternal grade secret treasures that can slay quasi-Empyreans, is a thorn in the flesh of the Holies. Now that this treasure was broken by Divine Imperator, the Holies became excited.

The quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouses hidden in the void were a little relieved when they saw this scene.


Along with crisp sounds, countless more cracks appeared on the blade, and countless fragments fell from it.

The blade dimmed, lost all vigor, and returned to Divine Imperators hand.

Divine Imperator smiled and pointed with a finger, saying: “This is the Warbringer Hegemon Blade, an Eternal grade secret treasure War Eternal Sovereign refined. Currently, I can use it only once. Firmament Holy, in this world, there are no invincible secret treasures, there are only invincible people. Your cultivation base is the basis. If you advance to an Empyrean, such dilapidated Eternal grade secret treasures wont be able to harm you.”

Yang Feng nodded and said, “I understand!”

Dilapidated Eternal grade secret treasures are incredibly powerful and can slay quasi-Empyreans. But they fundamentally cant deal with Empyreans.

A Warlock Emperor can smash dilapidated Eternal grade secret treasures one by one with his bare hands.

“Since your Eternal grade secret treasure has been broken, you can die!”

Divine Imperator smiled and erupted with countless runes. All of a sudden, his aura soared, and he pointed at Yang Feng with the halberd.

Countless heroic spirits of people who left their names in history walked out of the long river of history and disappeared into Divine Imperators body.

When the heroic spirits entered his body, Divine Imperators aura rose, and he stabbed at Yang Feng with the halberd.

In an instant, the halberd sealed off the void and stabbed towards Yang Feng with exquisite skill.

After absorbing the strength and fighting instincts of the countless heroic spirits, the halberd strike Divine Imperator unleashed was not something that Yang Feng could escape.

“Third form!”

The Xi Shen Armor shone. All of a sudden, a black hole appeared. In the center of the black hole, a distorted and fuzzy projection emerged, and the Devour Yuan Bead flew into its hand.

The projection erupted with endless devour force and extended a hand towards Divine Imperator.

A black hole appeared in the projections hand and shrouded the halberd.

One after another, wisps of war qi containing the essence of war battered the black hole and tore it apart bit by bit.

The black hole erupted with countless runes and devoured the wisps of war qi one after another.

The two terrible forces are at loggerheads in the void.

Yang Fengs eyes flashed coldly. All of a sudden, a vertical eye appeared on the Xi Shen Armor, erupted with countless runes, and fired a beam that tore the firmament, turned into a blade, and stabbed towards Divine Imperator.

Divine Imperator erupted with countless runes, boundaries appeared around him.

When the blade stabbed into the boundaries, it pierced through them, and then stabbed Divine Imperator in the head.

After his soul received serious damage, the countless wisps of war qi conjured by Divine Imperator collapsed.

Yang Feng turned into a black hole, swallowed Divine Imperator, and frantically extracted his life origin.


A shocking roar sounded in the black hole, and the Warbringer Halberd condensed the power of countless heroic spirits into a halberd ray that tore the firmament, pierced through the black hole, and stabbed towards Yang Feng like a shooting star.

The Xi Shen Armor shone and broke out with countless runes, forming one defensive boundary after another. Nevertheless, the halberd ray pierced through the boundaries and stabbed Yang Feng.

Terrifying war qi erupted and blasted open a large hole in Yang Fengs body.

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