Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1225 – Twisted Hole

Chapter 1224 – Advancing to Intermediate Great Holy

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“Divine Imperator fought Firmament Holy in Eternal Duel Arena and died!”

As soon as this explosive news appeared on the Holy Forum, the forum exploded.

“Divine Imperator died! How is this possible?”

“Now that Divine Imperator died at his hands, is there anyone in the world who is Firmament Holys match?”

“With Divine Imperator dead, his treasures and forces fell into Yang Fengs hands. Firmament Holys rise is inevitable!”

“This era is destined to be Firmament Holys era.”

“It seems that the humans are going to give birth to a ninth Warlock Emperor.”


Holies appeared one after another in the Holy Forum and commented. The Holies who are close with the humans were naturally overjoyed. Conversely, the Holies who are enemies of the humans were really dismayed.

Countless forces went to Zhenxu Divine Kingdom one after another to express their goodwill to Yang Feng. Many greater races with Holies came forward one after another and declared their desire to become Yang Fengs vassals.

Yang Fengs battle robots poured into Divine Imperators sphere of influence like a tide and took hold of the Holy stars under his control.

The rumbling of machinery sounded incessantly on the stars. On each star, countless munitions factories were built, which produced a stream of 6th generation battle robots. Yang Fengs forces increased with each passing day.

Myriad Souls Hall, ninth soul mountain, in the soul pool.

Yang Feng is sitting in the soul pool. Countless streams of pure soul force are pouring into him and nourishing his soul.

In the fight with Divine Imperator, Yang Fengs soul suffered serious injuries. Even though he is proficient in countless secret methods, he still has to recuperate in Myriad Souls Hall.

Yang Feng suddenly opened his mouth, and light containing the law of war ejected from his mouth. Countless projections of heroic spirits emerged from the light, collapsed, and disappeared in the void.

“Thats Divine Imperator for you! If Xi Shen Armor hadnt evolved to the fourth form, I would be the one who died.”

Yang Feng opened his eyes, and his eyes radiated brilliant light. He sighed lightly and said slowly.

Divine Imperator was the strongest enemy Yang Feng has ever met. Young Lightning Empyrean was slightly weaker than Divine Imperator. The reincarnation of Dawn Lord and the genius Feng Xuanzhen cant compare to Divine Imperator.

“The Xi Shen Armor is the secret treasure that bears my path! Lets devour them!”

Yang Feng willed, and the Warbringer Halberd surrounded by countless runes appeared. Countless mechanical tentacles ejected from the Xi Shen Armor, stabbed into the Warbringer Halberd, and enveloped it.

The Warbringer Halberd shone, erupted with countless runes, and emanated immortal Empyrean might.

The Xi Shen Armor erupted with black holes that shrouded the Warbringer Halberd and devoured it bit by bit.

A mysterious force emerged from the Kunmo Stone and supported the Xi Shen Armors devouring of the Warbringer Halberd.

As soon as the Warbringer Halberd was devoured, a rune representing the essence of heroic spirits appeared on the Xi Shen Armors left hand.

Yang Feng pointed with his hand, and the Warbringer Armor flew out and landed next to the Xi Shen Armor.

Countless tentacles emerged from the Xi Shen Armor, enveloped the Warbringer Armor, and forcibly devoured it.

“Although it became much stronger, but regrettably its essence hasnt transformed yet. Its not so simple for essence to transform.”

Since the Xi Shen Armor is connected with Yang Feng, he can clearly feel that it has become much stronger after devouring the two Empyrean grade secret treasures. Unfortunately, its essence hasnt transformed yet.

“As expected of Divine Imperator, he has an astonishing amount of treasures.

Yang Feng spread the fingers of his hand, and the box storing Divine Imperators treasures appeared in his hand.

In the box, there are treasures Divine Imperator has gathered from all over the universe, each of which is extremely precious. Even Great Holies would be tempted by them.

Yang Feng willed, and a blue bead, the Shen Ning Bead, suddenly appeared. The Shen Ning Bead split open, and pure and vibrant power diffused from it and swept towards Yang Feng.

Nourished by the Shen Ning Beads power, Yang Fengs aura soared, countless runes shone, and he broke through the pinnacle junior Great Holy rank and stepped into the intermediate Great Holy rank.

Divine Imperator was a powerhouse with superior level-9 soul aptitude. After Yang Feng devoured him, he absorbed Divine Imperators pure life origin and laid a solid foundation. It is thanks to this that he was able to break through so easily and promote to an intermediate Great Holy.

Yang Feng looked at Divine Imperators collection, and his eyes shimmered with admiration, “Divine Imperators collection is something else! If he didnt care about laying a solid foundation and promoting to an Eternal Sovereign in the future, he would have already become a quasi-Empyrean.”

As the reincarnation of an unparalleled Empyrean, if it were not for the fact that Divine Imperator wanted to lay a solid foundation and advance to an Eternal Sovereign in the future, then with his strength and resources, he would have already promoted to a quasi-Empyrean.

Of course, if Divine Imperator had chosen to become a quasi-Empyrean, he would not be able to promote to an Empyrean for the rest of his life, let alone an Eternal Sovereign.

“Blue Mirror of Fate, tell me, where is Shi Yu?”

Yang Feng willed, and the Blue Mirror of Fate suddenly flew out, suspended in the void, and radiated dazzling light.

A river of fate churned inside the Blue Mirror of Fate, making it seem like the fate of countless life forms is reflected in it. Runes suddenly flew out of the mirror and formed an image in the void.

Shi Yu has turned into a stone statue, embedded into a huge mountain, and fell into eternal sleep. If no one wakes her up, she will sleep forever, until the day when she gets enough energy by chance.

The image trembled and twisted, and then finally collapsed, leaving a set of coordinates.

“So this is the power of fate. Its really mysterious and magical. Its much more magical than my Fate Algorithm. However, the Fate Algorithm should be a secret method created by an Empyrean or even an Eternal Sovereign that mastered fate. With this secret method as foundation, I can pry into the essence of fate.”

Yang Feng operated the Fate Algorithm and pried into the essence of fate contained within the Blue Mirror of Fate, and his understanding of fate increased greatly.

The power of fate is incredibly mysterious. In the world of Warlocks, excluding Eternal Sovereigns, there have been less than five Warlock Emperors who have mastered the essence of fate.

The eight Warlock Emperors of the human race were peerless prodigies invincible in the same realm, but none of them has mastered the essence of fate. Of course, this is just what was recorded in historical books. No one knows whether the eight Warlock Emperors of the human race have mastered the essence of fate in their later years or not.

Initially, Yang Feng had no clue about the essence of fate. But after mastering the Fate Algorithm and obtaining the Blue Mirror of Fate, he became able to pry into the essence of fate.

Lifeless Starfield is a lifeless, desolate starfield. It is said that it was used as a battlefield by Eternal Sovereigns. It is filled with all all kinds of terrifying strange phenomena.

In this starfield, universe storms rage, the void collapses, and space cracks everywhere. Even if its a Warlock Monarch, they will be easily torn to pieces by the terrifying environment here. Only Holy Spirit Warlock rank powerhouses can barely survive here.

In the deepest part of the Lifeless Starfield, even Great Holy rank powerhouses will die if careless.

Light shone, and Yang Feng appeared in the Lifeless Starfield.

“So this is Lifeless Starfield, one of the most dangerous danger zones in Eternal Ancient Road. Its a battlefield where Eternal Sovereigns fought. Its really dangerous. But since there isnt much to gain, no one comes here. Its the best place to avoid pursuit.”

Yang Feng glanced at Lifeless Starfield, narrowed his eyes slightly, and stepped inside.

As soon as Yang Feng stepped into Lifeless Starfield, hurricane like universe storms that can easily slay Monarchs surged towards him.

Among Yang Fengs battle robots, except for ruler series battle robots, the rest of battle robots will be torn to pieces by the universe storms.

A black hole suddenly emerged around Yang Feng and devoured the fearsome universe storms.

Boom! Boom!

All of a sudden, silver lightning thundered in the void, tore the firmament, and barreled towards Yang Feng.

Even if its a Holy, if they are hit by this lightning, they will be blasted to ashes.

The black hole expanded, erupted with crazy attractive force, devoured the lightning within 10,000 kilometers, and turned it into pure power.

When he crossed the lightning area, a rainstorm fell down like a waterfall and swept towards Yang Feng. The rainstorms raindrops contain terrible corrosive force. Even if its a Great Holy, they will be corroded until only bones are left when hit by the rainstorm.

A black hole suddenly emerged, swept towards the rainstorm, and swallowed the rainstorm together with the rain clouds, creating a clearing 10,000 kilometers in radius.

Yang Feng turned into a black hole, crushed the strange phenomena of Lifeless Starfield in his way, and absorbed a lot of power.

For other powerhouses, Lifeless Starfield is a deadly place. But for Yang Feng, who has promoted to an intermediate Great Holy, its just somewhat troublesome.

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