Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1226 – Jing Yuan Continent

Chapter 1225 – Twisted Hole

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In the center of the Lifeless Starfield, you can see a huge twisted hole suspended in the void. The huge twisted hole gives off a hair-raising feeling.

“Its here! It gives me a sense of danger. The starmoon sky snake race be damned.”

Yang Feng looked at the twisted hole in the center of Lifeless Starfield with a dignified shade in his eyes.

Yang Feng crushed all kinds of strange phenomena, which are extremely dangerous to Holies, that blocked his path until now. Yet the huge twisted hole is the only thing in Lifeless Starfield that gave him a sense of danger.

“There are few danger zones in the universe that can harm me. Let me see whats behind this twisted hole!”

With a cold gleam in his eyes, Yang Feng took a step and entered the range of the twisted hole.

A terrible pressure that can easily crush a Holy into powder shrouded Yang Feng.

Countless mysterious runes appeared on Yang Fengs body, forming magic boundaries around him.

A black hole suddenly emerged and frantically devoured the power of the twisted hole.

A vast force came from the twisted hole and pulverized the black hole, and then assaulted Yang Feng and crushed his magic boundaries one by one.

In just a few breaths of time, the eighteen boundaries shrouding Yang Feng that can withstand the attacks of Holies collapsed, and a crushing force enveloped Yang Feng and crushed his flesh, bones, and soul inch by inch.

After Yang Feng promoted to an intermediate Great Holy, his body has reached infinitely close to the level of a quasi-Empyrean rank powerhouse. However, under the crushing pressure, his bones still cracked bit by bit.

“Impressive! Second form!”

There was a flash of shock in Yang Fengs eyes. The Xi Shen Armor shone and entered its second form at once. Yang Feng relied on the Xi Shen Armor to resist the twisted holes crushing pressure.

Formidable power gushed out from the Kunmo Stone and nourished Yang Fengs body and soul, forcibly resisting the terrible pressure.

Black holes emerged one after another, enveloped the Xi Shen Armor, and devoured the power of the twisted hole in the surroundings.

In this strange, twisted space, power cannot be replenishes. If this continues, Yang Feng will run into a dead end. Only by constantly devouring all kinds of powers can he persist.

Suddenly, the runes around Yang Feng collapsed, the light of the Xi Shen Armor dimmed to the extreme, the small world inside him was sealed, and the laws and essences inside him started to collapse. A distorted feeling shrouded him.

“Whats going on? How come the laws and essences I mastered are collapsing? This is higher level universe laws! Higher level universe laws covered the low-energy universe laws I mastered. Could this be the legendary entrance to the greater universe?”

When he sensed the laws in his body collapse, Yang Fengs eyes flickered with shock. His thoughts revolved lightning fast as he made all kinds of speculations.

When the light of the Xi Shen armor dimmed, a variety of twisted forces seemed to tear its core.

A pure power diffused from the Kunmo Stone and shrouded the Xi Shen Armor, protecting it from the twisted forces.

Power containing twisted laws poured into Yang Feng and crushed his body inch by inch.

Yang Fengs body twisted bit by bit by the fearsome power.

Yang Fengs essence of devour has nearly collapsed, leaving only a core. Despite the unbearable pain, Yang Feng still used the essence of devour and tried his best to devour the high-energy level power.

The high-energy level power restored Yang Fengs body. However, his body was soon distorted by the terrible power and almost shattered.

At the moment when he was about to be torn to pieces by the strange power, Yang Feng exhaled and unleashed a tremendous force. He ejected from the twisted space and flew away.

On the top of a mountain surrounded by mysterious power, there is a pond. In the pond, there is a lotus radiating colorful light.

On both sides of the pond, there stand two groups of people. One of the groups is composed of good-looking men and women with blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin and is led by a tall and burly man with extraordinary aura and a big sword in hand. The other group is composed of young men and women with black hair, black eyes, and oriental features and is led by a gorgeous, tall girl with a sexy figure and a ponytail.

The man holding a big sword carefully examined the gorgeous girl with oriental features, his eyes flashed with greed, and he smiled coldly: “Zhou Yuning, take your people and get lost! Otherwise, we will have to be rude to you guys.”

There was a flash of anger in Zhou Yunings eyes, and she shouted, “Jason, this is the territory of our black phoenix race. Since this Seven Color Spirit Lotus is located in our territory, it naturally belongs to us. To break into our territory and try to seize our treasure, youre really a bunch of shameless people.”

With a ferocious smile on his face, Jason barked, “Black phoenix race? Your black phoenix race is no longer one of the three strong races of the past that support the heaven and earth. Now you are just an ordinary lesser race. Zhou Yuning, since you wont leave, then stay and become my prey. To have the No. 1 beauty of the black phoenix race as my pet, it must be quite amusing. Begin!”

The warriors behind Jason took out crystal weapons similar to a rifle and pointed at Zhou Yuning and company.

Blue beams the size of a thumb barreled towards Zhou Yuning and company.

“Incapacitating Guns! Damn bastards!”

Zhou Yunings beautiful eyes flashed with shock. She gritted her teeth and erupted with wild flames, and rushed towards Jason and them like a beautiful black phoenix.

The dozen plus black phoenix race youngsters behind Zhou Yuning erupted with flames as well. But then they were hit by the blue beams the size of a thumb. In an instant, they convulsed and fell limply on the ground.

Much like live ammunition, the blue beams can beat back the enemy. When the blue beams slammed into Zhou Yunings incarnation of a black phoenix, the black phoenix tremble continuously, unable to get close to Jason.

Jason sneered, a scornful smile on his face, “Zhou Yuning, the black phoenix races secret methods have fallen behind by several ages. Now is the age of secret treasures, not the ancient age where you guys proclaimed yourselves hegemons by relying on the power of bloodline. You guys have been phased out. Your only end is to become our prey. Brothels, mines, farms, and arenas, these are the places where you guys from ancient races belong.”

Zhou Yuning gritted her pearl-white teeth and belched Black Phoenix Fire, which turned into a fire dragon and swept towards Jason and his party.

“Black Phoenix Fire? Its no use! Im prepared for that!

Jason revealed a derisive smile and equipped a delicate armor as thin as cicada wings, and white boundaries suddenly appeared and surrounded him.

When the Black Phoenix Fire slammed into the white boundaries, it was easily blocked.

The warriors behind Jason also equipped armors as thin as cicada wings and activated white boundaries that blocked the Black Phoenix Fire.

“Release the net!”

Jason shouted.

Four powerhouses behind Jason took out a silver net and threw it into the sky.

The silver net shone and rolled out towards Zhou Yuning.

The net emitted silver light that completely suppressed Zhou Yunings Black Phoenix Fire, and then shrouded Zhou Yuning.

Once she was shrouded by the silver net, Zhou Yunings power was sealed, and she fell to the ground, struggling.

Jason showed an excited and ferocious smile: “Ha-ha! The No. 1 beauty of the black phoenix race. After were done playing with you, well sell you to Rose Fragrance Parlor for a high price.”

The men and women behind Jason showed excited smiles. If they sell Zhou Yuning, theyll be able to get a huge sum of money.

The shade of despair appeared on Zhou Yunings pretty face.

“Whats that?”

“It looks like a meteor!”

“Its coming this way. The meteor is coming this way!”


A warrior behind Jason inadvertently looked at the sky. All of a sudden, his face changed dramatically, and he shouted. The rest of the warriors looked up and saw a meteor falling down from the sky and flying their way.


Jasons expression changed greatly. He unfurled a pair of transparent wings, flapped them, and flew away in a gust of wind.

The rest of the powerhouses also flew away in a gust of wind, leaving the black phoenix race people behind.


Along with a blast, the meteor hit the mountain and blew open a huge cave.

A small mushroom cloud rose from the mountain.

After the dust settled, Jason and company flew towards the direction of the meteor.

“Theres someone there!”

“Its someone from the tree strong races!”

“Jason, are you going to kill that person from of the three strong race?”


At the bottom of the hole, a ragged humanoid creature was revealed. It is Yang Feng.

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