Mechanical God Emperor

Chapter 1227 – Four Heavenly Monarchs

Chapter 1226 – Jing Yuan Continent

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Jasons eyes flashed with killing intent, and he uttered coldly, “Kill him! We cant keep him alive.”

The warriors shot at Yang Feng with their guns.

Blue beams the size of a thumb barreled towards Yang Feng.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

Sharp noise rang incessantly as the blue beams slammed into Yang Feng and crumbled.

“What is this?”

“How could this be? The blue crystal guns can quell even Monarchs. How come they cant even break his skin?”

“What kind of monster is this? Even the defense of the scarlet dragon race of the three strong races isnt this unreasonable.”


While the eyes of the warriors were flashing with horror, Yang Feng suddenly opened his eyes.

Jason shouted and fired at Yang Fengs eyes: “Eyes, his eyes are his weakness! Attack his eyes!”

Blue beams shot towards Yang Feng like raindrops.

“A bunch of ants dare to attack me? How reckless!”

Yang Fengs eyes flashed with cold killing intent. Countless runes shone slightly in his eyes, and then collapsed. He couldnt use a trace of extraordinary power.

“I cant use spells? The universe laws here are completely different from those of the world of Warlocks. No, this is higher universe energy level. The universe laws here are broken. Its between high universe energy level and low universe energy level. This is similar to a universe rift.”

While Yang Feng was distracted, the blue beams slammed into his eyes and collapsed.

“Fine? We shot him in the eyes, yet hes still fine? How can this be?”

“Who the hell is he? This monster! How can his eyes be so formidable?”


When the soldiers saw that the blue crystal guns couldnt even hurt Yang Fengs eyes, they felt their blood run cold.

“Fall back!”

With a cold gleam in his eyes, Jason waved his hand, and a large silver net flew out and extended towards Yang Feng.

“Although I cant use the power of laws, but my physical strength is still there! A strong body is the key to be able to run amok in different universes. No, the soul can achieve the same, as well. But in order to be able to run amok in different universes thanks to the soul, you need an Eternal soul at the least.”

Yang Feng had a realization. He extended his hand, easily dug out a rock harder than steel, and threw it.

The rock crumbled into several pieces that shot like artillery shells towards Jason and company.

When the stones hit the silver net, they tore through it easily, and made a beeline for Jason and them.

Thin magic shields covered Jason and company at once.

The stones blasted the magic shields to pieces with ease, and then ran through through the bodies of Jason and them, shooting them down.

Zhou Yunings beautiful eyes flashed with incredulity: “Hes so strong! Who is this person? How could he be so strong! He can easily wipe out the most elite White Night Corps warriors of Thorny Growth Federation?”

Yang Feng flicked his finger, and a stone flew out, slammed into the silver net covering Zhou Yuning, and smashed it apart.

Yang Feng said indifferently, “Kill them, and then come here. I have things I want to ask you.”

“Yes! Sir!”

Awed by Yang Fengs momentum, Zhou Yuning responded respectfully, and then looked at Jason and them full of hatred.

“Zhou Yuning, stop! I am the only son of Gu Lie, the commander of White Night Corps as well as the first successor of the Jared Family. If you kill me, Thorny Growth Federations White Night Corps will come to exterminate you guys.

Jason has a large wound on his abdomen. However, he still didnt die. He stared at Zhou Yuning and threatened.

“Even if I dont kill you, the White Night Corps will come to eradicate us all the same. If that is case, then go to hell!”

With a gleam of resentment in her beautiful eyes, Zhou Yuning belched Black Phoenix Fire, which swept towards Jason and his party.

Burned by the Black Phoenix Fire, Jason and company issued shrill screams. They were ultimately burned to ashes.

After Zhou Yuning dealt with Jason and his party, she hesitated for a while, and then walked towards Yang Feng.

Yang Feng uttered flatly, “I have things I want to ask you!”

Zhou Yuning replied respectfully, “Yes, sir. I will answer you to the best of my ability.”

Yang Feng learned about this world from Zhou Yuning.

This world is called Jing Yuan Continent. In ancient times, it was ruled by the black phoenix race, the scarlet dragon race, and the golden roc race. Later, for some unknown reason, a great calamity befell Jing Yuan Continent.

A giant hole appeared in the middle of Jing Yuan Continent.

Once the giant, twisted hole appeared, the whole world changed. The power of bloodline of the three strong races degraded continuously. At the same time, the power of all kinds of extraordinary forces became incredibly low.

During the change, the strength of the three strong races declined and their powerhouses died of old age continuously. At the same time, people suddenly appeared from the giant, twisted hole. These people brought secret treasures far beyond this era and launched an attack against the three strong races.

After a long war, the three strong races were finally defeated and became prey. They had to hide deep in the mountains and forests.

At this time, Jing Yuan Continent has been occupied by these people with formidable secret treasures. These people established three nations, namely Thorny Growth Federation, Anman Federation, and Light Empire.

The three empires fought endlessly with each other, giving the three strong families room to breath.

Yang Feng examined the blue crystal gun in his hand, and his eyes shimmered with a peculiar shade, “This kind of secret treasure, Its really exquisite! Its not a secret treasure from the world of Warlocks. Furthermore, there are no secret treasures of this style in Gumana Universe. This is a secret treasure made by using higher universe energy level power.”

After mastering xizu technology, Yang Feng has become a top most Alchemist in the world of Warlocks. Besides, he obtained the Blasteel Scripture while infiltrating the blasteel race. He possesses extensive knowledge.

The refinement level of the blue crystal gun far exceeds that of the civilizations that Yang Feng knows about.

“The laws of this world are different from those of the world of Warlocks. It will take a lot of time to analyze the laws of this world. And the most important thing is that my injuries havent healed yet.”

Yang Feng looked at his body and frowned slightly. At this time, his body is distorted and full of wounds. The laws in his body have collapsed and the small world inside him was sealed.

Originally, with Yang Fengs body that is close to that of a quasi-Empyrean, no matter how wounded he was, as long as the wounds didnt have law force attached to them, they could be healed quickly. But now, although his injuries are healing, yet they are doing so at a really slow pace.

Yang Feng took a deep breath, stood up from the ground, endured the sharp pain, and walked towards the Seven Color Spirit Lotus.

Zhou Yuning glanced at the Seven Color Spirit Lotus, restrained the burning shade in her eyes, and uttered, “Sir, the Seven Color Spirit Lotus has a guardian beast…”

A little golden snake ejected from the pool and bit Yang Fengs arm. A terrible force transmitted, breaking the little golden snakes teeth.

Yang Feng extended his hand and squashed the little golden snake.

“… the golden light viper is extremely poisonous. It can poison a Monarch to death.”

Zhou Yuning just finished speaking, when she saw that the golden light viper was squashed to death by Yang Feng.

The golden light viper they were so wary of was squashed to death by Yang Feng like an ant. This fact left Zhou Yuning with at a loss.

Yang Feng took the Seven Color Spirit Lotus and stuffed it into his mouth.

Bursts of colorful light immediately erupted and nourishing Yang Fengs body and soul, making his wounds heal at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“This Seven Color Spirit Lotus is second only to eternal god tree fruits in terms of value. Its really amazing. Moreover, it contains the mysteries of this world. If I can consume more such lotuses, I will be able to get more information about this world and analyze this worlds laws faster.”

Yang Feng sensed the changes in his body, and the corners of his mouth rose into a light smile.

Even though the universe laws have changed, but Yang Fengs body is still comparable to that of a quasi-Empyrean and his soul aptitude is superior level-9. As long as he is given a certain amount of time, he can quickly analyze the laws here and regain formidable extraordinary power. This is what makes a Great Holy rank human Warlock so terrifying.

Once Great Holy rank extraordinary life forms from the world of Warlocks enter this world, they will only be left with their physical strength. They wont be able to regain their Great Holy rank power in this world. But human Warlocks are different. No matter the environment, they can quickly analyze its laws. This is the most fundamental difference between Great Holy tank extraordinary life forms and human Warlocks.

Since the rise of the human race, it has produced powerhouses in endless succession and given birth to eight Warlock Emperors that suppressed the universe one after another, all because of this.

Zhou Yuning uttered with a look of expectation, “Sir Yang Feng, could you please come to our tribe as a guest?”

Yang Feng pondered for a while and said, “Okay!”

The black phoenix race is scattered in Jing Yuan Continent in large and small tribes, for a total of more than 1,000 tribes. Zhou Yunings tribe is one of its largest tribes and holds the races legacy secret treasures.

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